Chapter 220: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 220 You’re Not Fake, Right?

Not only that, but she’s also Bald Liu’s sister. Although he was skeptical of her, she’s still a young woman. So it’s didn’t matter to take her home. Tomorrow morning, he would take her to find Bald Liu.

Bailee was an easy-going person and she didn’t feel wrong at that moment, so she took it for granted.

Vanessa pouted and snorted.

One hour later, Colin sent Vanessa back to Nina’s house then took Bailee and Gerd back to Lanbo Port villa.

Colin got off the car and said to Bailee, “You can find a guest room to sleep in. I still have something to do.”

After speaking, he walked directly to Baker’s villa.

Bailee was frozen in the spot while looking at Gerd, and asked softly, “Brother, do you want to find the room together?”

Gerd looked at Bailee lightly in silence, then turned around to leave.

Bailee shouted, “Hey, brother, don’t you sleep here?”

Gerd didn’t even look back.

Bailee curled her lips and smiled happily, “It’s Lanbo Port villa! I’ve actually stayed in Lanbo Port villa!”

She took a few steps forward, walked into the villa, and wandered around.

Over there, Colin reached the door and Baker opened the door for him.

“You’re back, Uncle?” Doris ran over happily after seeing Colin.

Eva snorted upon seeing this, “You’re back this late. I wonder if you’re really that busy?”

Colin smiled helplessly, “Mom, the company’s affair is indeed a lot.”

When Flora saw Colin returned, she stood up, and said, “Uncle, Auntie, it’s been so late. I have to return.”

“Let Colin send you,” Eva said, “It’s been so late and you’re a woman. It’s not safe.”

Baker nodded in agreement, “Let him send you home!”

Flora didn’t want to bother anyone in the first place but she couldn’t reject the persuasion from both the elders, so she had to trouble Colin.


In another villa at Lanbo Port.

Barr hung up the phone and let out a smile.

He just learned that Doris had turned into a child. It was unexpected but also surprised him pleasantly.

It would be easy for him to get a child who doesn’t remember anything.

Colin was distracted because of his men now so he wouldn’t consider Doris, so he would have the chance to get Doris properly.


In the morning, Colin was the one who woke up first and went to wake Bailee up. Both of them cleaned up and left.

“Call your brother and ask where he is?” Colin told Bailee while driving.

Bailee sternly said, “I won’t!”

Colin was dumbfounded, “If you don’t call him, how can I send you back?”

Bailee looked at Colin pitifully, “Big Brother, don’t send me home, okay? My brother will scold me to death! I beg you!”

Colin looked at her pitiful expression but he didn’t want to have big trouble around him, “No, if you don’t return to your brother, what if someone eyes on you again?”

“No, I’ll just follow you. Don’t you have that big guy beside you? It’s absolutely safe.” Bailee said with a smile.

Colin was speechless, “He’s protecting me not protecting you.”

“If he’s protecting you, then he’s protecting me too!” Bailee said shamelessly.

Colin pressed on the brake suddenly and stopped by the roadside, “Tell me, are you really his sister? You’re not fake, right?”

Bailee paused and shook her head, “I’m definitely not fake. I’m real!”

“Then call your brother now,” Colin said lightly.

Bailee said with a bitter face, “Can’t I refuse?”

“If you won’t call, I’ll do it.”


Today, Doris happily finished her breakfast and was about to watch TV when she heard the doorbell.

“Who is it?”

Doris opened the door suspiciously then saw Barr in a white suit with his hair combed neatly and Barr was holding a large red rose bouquet in his hand.

A group of men that she didn’t know were standing behind him.

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