Chapter 221 – 222: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 221: It comes naturally

Kris Chen didn’t intend to talk nonsense with the saleswoman, he turned his head to look at the store manager, “Did they pay the down payment? Did they pay?”

“No.” The store manager shook her head.

“Then sell it to me!”

Kris didn’t say anything more, he threw the Violet Gold Regal Card on the table and said impatiently, “Just swipe the card quickly and pack it up for me, I’m in a hurry.”

The shop saleswomen were all stunned, and the saleswoman with the POS machine in her hand said with a frowned face, “Gentleman, the price of this bracelet is 6 million dollars! Not 600 dollars, are you sure you can pay with this card?”

At this time, Yongfei Wu came up and sneered, “Brother, don’t be over-exaggerate when you pretend to be a rich guy, don’t puff yourself up at your own cost!”

So stupid that Kris laughed in anger.

“Just swipe the card, what’s all that nonsense for!”

“Shut up and swipe the card!” At this moment, the store manager became anxious in an instant, this… This is actually the Violet Gold Regal Card, she had seen the president of Huaxia Gold Group had such a card when she went to the headquarters for training before. At that time, the president of Huaxia Gold Group even specifically explained that people had to deposit 300 billion dollars at the bank to obtain the Violet Gold Regal Card!

300 billion dollars of deposit, the person in front of them, couldn’t be a loser, he’s obviously a low-profile tycoon.

These short-sighted saleswomen were ridiculous.

“Manager…” The saleswoman wanted to say something, but she held it back by manager’s stern gaze.

“Oh, let’s see what you’ll do if you can’t pay successfully.” The saleswoman muttered quietly, then she picked up the card reluctantly and swiped it on the machine.

Beep! Payment is successful!

The machine beeped, and the receipt was printed automatically!


6 million dollars. Paid! At this moment, all the saleswomen couldn’t help but gasp, unable to utter a word!

Especially the saleswoman who had been so sarcastic before, she even felt she’s too weak to walk now!

He actually paid successfully by swiping the card! Wasn’t he a live-in son-in-law?

What the… What’s going on here?

At this time, the beautiful store manager walked over quickly and handed over the bank card with a respectful face, “I’m sorry sir…”

Without waiting for the store manager to finish her apology, Kris interrupted impatiently, “Okay, hurry up and get my product wrapped, I’m in a hurry!”

The manager nodded hastily and said at the stunned saleswoman, “Help this gentleman pack his bracelet now.”

That saleswoman returned to her senses and quickly took out the bracelet and packed it up.

The manager then took out a golden card and handed it to Kris, “Gentleman, this is our store’s supreme VIP card, it’s valid in the whole country, please accept it as a small token of my appreciation.”

“Mm.” Kris took the golden card and nodded.

At this time, Yongfei Wu and Ping Wang were completely dumbfounded.

What was going on here? Didn’t people say that Mary Su’s husband a live-in son-in-law?

Could it be that he embezzled money from Mary’s company? Right, that’s the only possibility!

Thinking of this, Yongfei Wu snorted coldly and said, “You wouldn’t have embezzled Mary’s company, would you?”

He knew that Mary was the president of a company, but what he didn’t know was that Mary had been expelled from the family.

Kris glanced at him coldly and did not speak.

“Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear my husband talking to you?” At this time, Ping Wang came over and looked at Kris with a face of disgust, “Poor manner, I don’t know how Mary could have fallen for you, a man like you can be really disgusting, who pretend to be a magnate by embezzling from company funds, do you know that is against the law?”

Kris didn’t answer her question, instead he looked at her with a seeming smile, which made Ping Wang hug her chest subconsciously, “Rascal! What are you looking at?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you, but I’m quite interested in the Heavenly City that you’re wearing.” Kris sneered and said, “If I’m right, this necklace of yours should be a fake.”

“What? You’re talking bullshit!” Ping Wang was furious, she pointed at Kris and said, “This is bought by my husband, how could it be a fake.”

Kris smiled and shrugged his shoulders without saying anything. Ten seconds later, the saleswoman wrapped the bracelet and handed it to Kris respectfully.

Kris took the gift box and left the jewelry store without even looking back. “You stop right here, don’t leave!” Ping Wang shouted at Kris’s back.

“Okay, wife, he’s gone.” At this time, Yongfei pulled Ping Wang and said, “Don’t be angry, let’s go home.”

Looking at Yongfei, doubts appeared in Ping Wang’s heart. She beckoned the jewelry store manager over and said to her, “Can you appraise jewelry here?”

The beautiful saleswoman nodded and said, “Yes, we can.”

“Well then, help me appraise if the necklace I’m wearing is real.” Ping Wang took off the Heavenly City and handed it over to the manager.

At this time, Yongfei was so worried that he even sweated, “Wife, how could you take off such a valuable bracelet, what if it breaks …”

“Madam, this necklace of yours is a fake.”

Wow! As soon as the shop manager’s words were spoken, the whole place was in an uproar, all of them pointed at Ping Wang and couldn’t help but laugh.

At this moment, Ping Wang’s face was so red that she wanted to hide into the cracks of the ground! This Heavenly City was sent by Yongfei, but it was a fake!

When he gave it to her, he swore it was real!

If it’s not the case, she wouldn’t have married him, but he actually sent a fake to her.

Yongfei also laughed embarrassedly, now that he had been debunked for sending fakes, Yongfei had to tell the truth, “Wife, I’m sorry, this necklace is indeed faked. But it also cost me tens of thousands of dollars, I really didn’t lie to you…”

“You get out of here!”

Ping Wang cursed at Yongfei, then stepped on her high-heels and fled amidst the crowd’s jeers.


After returning home, Mary looked at herself in the mirror with a joyful face.

At this time, Kris hugged her from behind and said with a smile, “Silly wife, you’ve been looking in the mirror for half an hour, and you haven’t seen enough.”

Mary was so delighted that she kissed Kris on his face, “My husband, thank you.”

From the Heavenly City to Venus’s blessing, to Hold My Hands.

There were also Juliet’s roses, Kris had already given her so many gifts without even notice.

She couldn’t say how sweet she felt in her heart.

But she was also a little ashamed that she hadn’t given Kris any decent gifts after they got married for so long.

“Husband, am I a very incompetent wife.” Mary turned around and hugged Kris’s neck, she said with a guilty face, “I haven’t even given you a decent gift during the two year.”

Kris touched Mary’s nose gently, “Silly wife, you are the best gift for me. What gift can be as precious as you.”

Kris’s words touched Mary so much that she felt completely fallen for Kris.

At this moment, her body and mind were occupied by Kris.

“Husband… Love me!” Mary groaned and took the initiative to kiss him.

Kris was so excited that he carefully took Mary’s face between his hands and pressed the kiss.

His tongue knocked on Mary’s teeth and began to absorb her sweetness.

Although she had already given her first kiss to Kris, yet they only kissed superficially before, there was no such a deep kiss at all.

Mary is both shy and nervous, she is ready. She intended to give her whole heart and soul to this man.

Two of them embraced each other and kissed and rolled onto the bed, Kris gently stroked on her back as if he felt the tension of the person in his arms.

“Kris, I’m a little scared!” Mary’s eyes were dim as she looked at Kris, her hands gripping Kris’s clothes tightly.

“Then… Next time, when you’re ready…” Seriously, Kris had been waiting for almost three years, it didn’t matter if he waited for a few more days.

“No… No need, you can do it now.” Mary said with her eyes closed, she looked like she was ready for anything that Kris would do to her, even Kris’s mouth felt dry.

“Really?” Kris attached himself to Mary’s ear and said softly.


The hot breath reached Mary’s earlobe, itching and numbing, she couldn’t help but yell out.

That sexy sound made Kris’s heart tremble, and that glistening red earlobe was beautiful. Kris lowered his head and leaned over.


Mary’s body completely stiffened, then softened like a puddle of water under Kris’s action.

At this time, Mary felt the coldness, and she opened her eyes fiercely. She already took off anything in front of Kris, but Kris didn’t know when she does that. That perfect body was presented in front of Kris’s eyes, and it was breathtakingly beautiful.

One pound fatter would be too much, one pound less would be not enough, her white skin looked hazy under the soft light.

Slightly parted red lips, seductive soft humming emitted from her nose, eyes were filled with agility and seemed to be covered with a layer of mist.

“Baby, you… Are you ready, I’m ready…” Mary gripped on Kris’s arm so hard that she was extremely tense.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Just as Kris was about to pound straight into the garden, his phone suddenly rang. The once tender atmosphere dissipated instantly.

Mary shyly pulled the blanket to cover her delicate body, hid her head in the blanket and did not dare to come out. FXck it, who was it, calling him at this critical moment!

Kris was so angry that he was about to curse. He took out his phone and looked at it. It was actually a call from Changkong Yin.

He answered the call without even thinking, and before Changkong could speak, Kris said with an unkind tone, “Tell me, why are you calling me at such a deep night…”

“Branch leader, where are you?”

“I’m at home, what’s wrong, say it quickly!” Kris was now pissed off, damn it, Changkong Yin didn’t call him before or after, he called him at this moment!

“Branch leader, next weekend is the birthday of the Bishop, you are now the Saint, you have to congratulate Bishop on his birthday personally, don’t forget it, brother, you have to prepare a gift!” Changkong Yin said.

“Shit, are you calling me just for this?”

“Yes, Branch leader!” Changkong Yin didn’t sense the unkindness in Kris’s tone and said rightfully.

“Next week’s birthday, why are you calling me now? You are dumb who spoils everything!” Said Kris fuming and hung up the phone.

“Hello… Hello Branch leader…” Listening to the busy tone from the phone, Changkong Yin looked confused. Was it wrong to call and inform the Branch leader?

Chapter 222: Gossip

After hanging up the phone, Mary Su covered herself with quilt and wouldn’t come out no matter what Kris Chen said.

Kris had no choice but to hold Mary with the quilt together while sleeping.

However, he is not a saint, how could he resist Mary’s charm while holding her in his arms.

He went to the bathroom and took cold showers twice so that he could calm down, but he didn’t dare to touch Mary anymore.

Just when Kris was about to fall asleep, the phone rang again, and he was instantly woken up.

Fuck, who was it this time? Can these people let me have a good rest in the middle of the night?

Kris was angry, he picked up the phone before he spoke, he heard Kuizi’s excited voice, “Sub-branch Leader, the Shen family, has been completely wiped out!”


The Shen family was over?

After hearing this, Kris became greatly excited. Then Kuizi sent a photo that was too bloody, so Kris deleted it immediately.

Quizi was really efficient and capable. He only took 3 days to destroy the Shen family.

“Good, very good!” Kris was overjoyed, he said, “Right, record all the meritorious brothers who participated in this project. Let’s gather at Tankou at 8 o’clock tomorrow night!”

“Copy that, Sub-branch Leader!”

Then Kuizi began to report on the process of this operation.

As Kuizi’s plan worked, he successfully provoked the struggle between the four brothers of the Shen family. Since Lang Shen had been disabled, the Shen family’s struggle kept heating up and became white-hot finally.

Especially, about ten days ago, Xiaoxiong Shen brought dozens of family elites to attack Kris, but they were all defeated. This event had become the trigger, which caused the discontent of Tianxia Shen and others.

This time, Xiaoxiong Shen, Tianxia Shen, Tianying Shen, and Tianqi Shen, the four brothers, were slaughtered. Except for a few disciples from collateral branches, the Shen family’s direct disciples were all exterminated.

Those small families who were attached to the Shen family now had joined the Holy Dragon Cult.

This time, the Holy Dragon Cult’s strength increased a lot in Westriver City. Not only did they stretch out their hand to Southeast City, they also benefited a lot. After annihilating the Shen family, they found more than three billion dollars in Shen’s cellar, as well as some cultural antiques and dozens of books of bills, which all became their property.

At this point, Kuizi sighed, “Sub-branch Leader, this Shen family is really a black sheep to Southeast City. Those dozens of books of bills recorded all the illegal profits of the Shen family over the years.”

Kris nodded, “After taking over the Shen family, we must not break the law and rules, understand? Illegal industries are strictly prohibited!”

“Yes, Sir!”


The next day, Kris woke up early. After making breakfast and having a nice time with Mary, he went to The Academy of Six Major Schools.

Having destroyed the Shen family and taken revenge for his wife and Tianba Li, Kris was in a good mood.

As soon as he entered the classroom, Kris felt that something was wrong. Everyone was staring at him, with sarcasm or derision, and even aversion.

Kris realized that it was definitely because of yesterday’s Pharmacist Competition. What had happened yesterday had been spread to the school.

In fact, Kris didn’t know that the gossip that he was dating with 3 different girls had been spread all over the Academy.

Many people called him “animal” or “scum” in private, of course, some people even called him “the model of men”, which was also a derogatory term.

Many people started whispering after seeing Kris.

Kris just pretended that he didn’t notice their discussion and lowered his voice, said to Tianba, “Tianba, I have good news to tell you.”

“Haha, what a coincidence! I also have good news for you!” Li Tianba said with a smile.

Hearing this, Kris immediately knew that Tianba had known the thing about the Shen family, and he smiled: “Wow! You’re really well-informed!”

“Of course!” Tianba laughed, he was super excited: “I don’t know who it is, but this group must be so powerful that it can destroy the Shen family overnight. It’s said that no one is kept alive in the Shen family, so ruthless!”

Tianba paused, with a hint of regret on his face, “It’s a pity that I can’t take revenge on my own. It would be cooler if I could destroy the Shen family with my own hands! However, if I find out who destroyed the Shen family, I will definitely invite him to dinner!”

Kris was secretly pleased in his heart when he heard it, but of course, he would not tell Tianba that he was the one who exterminated the Shen family.

The two of them chatted for a while longer, and then the bell rang. After that, a beautiful woman in a white lab coat walked in, it was Rou Wen!

When she came in, the eyes of the entire class turned to her. Their eyes were filled with adoration.

Many boys even cast a lamentable look at her. What a pity! Such a beautiful teacher had an affair with that married man, Kris!

Entering the classroom, Rou felt the students’ strange gazes, she couldn’t help feeling nervous.

Since she returned from the Pharmacist Competition, there were rumors between Kris and her spreading in the Academy.

Some people said that she had gone against the morals of teachers and messed up with Kris, which made her pretty upset.

She was already sad enough because of yesterday’s failure, but now she was burdened with the scandal.

It was too much for her.

Seeing the melancholy of Rou, Kris sighed. It was his fault; if he didn’t refine medicine yesterday, nothing would have happened, and Rou wouldn’t have been affected.

It looked like he needed to find a chance to comfort her. “Class begin, today I will continue to teach you the acupuncture points!” Rou stood on the podium, her voice was gentle, but the fatigue in her voice could be easily sensed.

At this moment, Shou Yan suddenly said, “Ms. Wen, you went to the Pharmacist Competition yesterday, can you tell us what happened in the competition?”

The other students in the class also started talking.

Pan Wang was the first to speak up, “Yes, Ms. Wen, you went to the competition without telling us. As your students, we should have gone to cheer for you.”

“Yeah, Ms. Wen, I heard that Kris also participate in the competition with you yesterday?”

“We see, it must be Kris, who dragged you down!”

In fact, the students who had watched the competition yesterday had sent videos of the competition to various class chatting group.

The students had already known that Rou failed while refining medicine. But everyone believed that it was Kris who had influenced Rou, otherwise, how could Rou failed!

Rou stiffened. This was what she was afraid of, the video of yesterday’s competition has been edited into various short videos and uploaded to the school forum.

She was now the celebrity of The Academy of Six Major Schools, which was really humiliating.

Especially the video of Qingyuan saying in public that Rou had an affair with Kris, was the most popular video in the Academy. She originally didn’t want to come to school today because she didn’t know how to face Kris.

Rou subconsciously looked towards Kris, once their eyes contacted, Rou turned her gaze. It was really embarrassing for her.

Seeing Rou’s embarrassment, Pan Wang comforted, “Ms. Wen, we all know that you had a chance to hit the top three in the competition. It was Kris who caused your failure! He’s the one to be blamed.”

As he finished talking, many people in the classroom agreed on what he said.

“That’s right, it’s all Kris’s fault. Ms. Wen would have succeeded without him. Kris! Apologize to Ms. Wen, you jerk,” Shou Yan shouted.

“Hurry up and apologize…”


Seeing that the crowd had been blaming him for Rou’s failure, Kris shook his head, feeling ridiculous. These people knew nothing about the fact but kept picking on him.

Seeing that everyone was blaming Kris, Rou was anxious and tried to stop them, “Everyone! Be quiet! My failure has nothing to do with Kris. It’s my own fault. I didn’t perform well yesterday.”

At this time, Jun Tong, who had been silent, suddenly stood up and said, “Ms. Wen, we know you are kind-hearted and don’t want to blame Kris. But he is a man, he has to be responsible for his mistake!”

Saying this, he asked Kris. “Am I right? Kris!”

Be responsible? Go to hell!

These people, with few talents, were enthusiastic about making trouble.

Kris’s good mood brought by the annihilation of the Shen family instantly disappeared.

After Jun finished speaking, Fei Lin also stood up and looked at Kris in disgust, saying, “Kris, you’re a jerk. You’re married already, why are you still harassing Ms. Wen? I have never thought that you are such an impudent person!”

“That’s right! I suggest that Kris should be expelled from the Academy!” At this time, Jiaojiao Lin shouted.

Such a stupid idea, but there were actually quite a few people supporting Jiaojiao.

“Right, expel Kris!”

“Get this black sheep out of here.”

“Expel him…”

“That’s enough! Shut up!” Tianba couldn’t help but slap the table and looked at the crowd viciously, saying, “Have you done? Did Kris dig up your ancestors’ graves or slaughter your family? Stop harassing Kris with your unreasonable demand! If you continue talking these fucking nonsenses, I’ll fuck you up.”

Tianba said to them with a murderous stare, the students stopped talking and didn’t dare to say anymore.

Seeing this, Tianba laughed contemptuously and said to Kris: “Kris, you don’t need to persuade these idiots through reasoning. If they offend you, just fight back! These bullying shit, shame on them!”

Jun and the others were angry but didn’t dare to refute. Tianba Li was crazy in their eyes, talking about fighting and killing all day.

Rou rubbed her head painfully and said, “Alright, stop talking, let’s start our lesson.” She was worried about the gossip. She could do nothing to stop the rumor from spreading. It was already spreading like wildfire. Yesterday’s failure was caused by her own mistake, she didn’t listen to advice but insisted on her own thought. Actually, Kris did nothing wrong; instead, he should be rewarded.

But she didn’t expect that Qingyuan of Emei School slandered her of having an affair with Kris in public.

Just as Rou’s heart was in turmoil, there was a knock on the door. A man, wearing a black suit and sunglasses, was standing at the door, “Excuse me, is Kris Chen here?”

Instantly, everyone’s eyes turned to Kris.

Kris frowned. Who was this man? He didn’t know him at all!

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