Chapter 221: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 221 The Romance He Gave Me (1)
“Province capital?” Kerry was taken aback. How did Mu’s Group get involved with the province?

“I can’t reveal too much about this… Mr. Ye, I’m really sorry. When there’s a better opportunity next time, we’ll definitely leave it to you. And, I have a meeting to attend, so I have to hang up.”

Kerry stood in front of the transparent glass. The expression on his face was obscure. Who was really backing Mu’s Group up?

In the afternoon, Venus got the good news that she made it to the second round with her work. She happily bounced on her chair for a long time, and decided to invite all her colleagues from the design department to dinner in the evening.

“Congratulations,” Several colleagues gathered around to celebrate. After this period of time, everyone found that she was unassuming and easy to get along with.

“I heard that there were ten thousand people participating in this preliminary competition, but only fifty people were able to enter the rematch, so you can see how ferocious the competition is. Yan, you’re amazing,”

Venus said modestly, “And thank you all for your usual help and advice. Where do you want to go for dinner tonight? Any restaurant is fine. It’s my treat.”

“Yeah-” cheered Mrs. Li, who was about to speak, and immediately shut up when she saw Meiling He coming in.

Meiling’s expression was as cold as ever, but there was appreciation in her eyes, “Congratulations, Yan. It’s the greatest affirmation to you to enter the rematch.”

Venus said, ” I didn’t do it alone. Mr. He, you have helped me a lot and given me a lot of inspiration and ideas. Thank you very much. It’s my treat tonight and you must come.”

“You’re welcome. You’re excellent in your own right. Where are you guys going for dinner?”

Mrs. Li immediately actively said, “It’s not decided yet. Mr He, what do you want to eat? You’re our boss so it’s up to you.”

Meiling smiled a rare smile. She was much more refreshed since she had been promoted to the design manager, especially when she saw Manager Li from the other team who had once competed with her in every way had to force a smile.

“You guys decide it. Let me know when it’s ready.”

In the end, the unanimous decision was to go for Korean BBQ.

At the president’s office.

“Foreign funding?” Kerry was a bit surprised.

“Yes, I just found out that there was a large amount of foreign money injected into Mu’s Group some time ago. Thus, they are so wealthy and bold.” Secretary Liu said with a serious expression.

Kerry frowned tightly, “What about the provincial government? Who is Mu’s Group connected to?”

Secretary Liu didn’t know it, shaking his head and saying, “Official contacts are the most secretive. I don’t have a clue yet.”

“I see. You can leave now.” Kerry said indifferently.

“Yes, Mr. Ye.”

As the team of managers in Mu’s Group was plucked back from abroad by Tianye Mu, it wasn’t unusual to have foreign funds flowing in, but it was quite bold to invest so much at one stroke.

He always felt that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. Who on earth was behind all this?

At this time, the man he talked about was carrying his luggage and his beloved woman in search of wild Datura in the south of Caiyun Province. This trip was unplanned. Xiran Xiao was bored in Sky City. When she was watching the replaying The Condor Heroes, it happened that Yang Guo was poisoned by love flowers. Xiran found it interesting so she checked this kind of flower on her mobile phone. It turned out that such flowers did exist, while its scientific name was Datura. Suddenly she wanted to see with her own eyes what the flower looked like.

When she told it to Tianye, he didn’t ask anything, just threw down the document in his hands and started packing his bags.

Xiran leaned on the door and said with a smile, “You’re so busy. I can go alone.”

Tianye joked, “How can that be? If you’re like Little Dragon Maiden and a valley master takes a fancy to and detains you, what should I do?”

“I can’t be her for my personality. but I can be Mochou Li.” In fact, she was just reporting where she would go, and didn’t mean for him to accompany her. She didn’t expect him to be so straightforward. Honestly, she was touched.

Tianye folded and packed their clothes into the bag, and found a small bag to put all of Xiran’s usual skin care products and cosmetics, “Do you want to be a Daoist nun? But you’re too beautiful to be accepted by Daoist temples as you will affect others’ cultivation.”

Xiran watched his every move. She walked over and hugged his waist from behind, with her face pressing against his strong back, “Don’t spoil me. I feel like I’m going to be an invalid.”

Tianye put down the bag in his hands, turned around and picked up her chin. He looked at her fondly, “My girl, if I don’t spoil you, am I going to let others do it? I can’t bear it.”

Xiran stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips, “What a sweet mouth. Then keep packing. I’ll book the tickets and we’ll leave right away.”

“Why do I feel like we’ve reversed our jobs?” Tianye’s eyes followed her.

Xiran chuckled, “No, no, it’s fine.”

The two of them came to the long-renowned Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake that afternoon.

The wide water was like a heavenly mirror. Spring was with the mountain all the year round.

Many locals said artificially planted Datura could be seen at the monastery here, but the only way to find wild ones was to head to the top of Cangshan Mountain.

Tianye looked at the sun and said, “It’s already afternoon. It will be dark when we climb to the top and it’s not safe to go down. Let’s stay one night here and go up tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” In the past, it was Xiran who made her own plans for the trip, but now she found that it was simply great to follow the arrangements of routes and accommodation made by others.

They found a nice looking inn at the foot of the Cangshan Mountain. Whne standing on the balcony, they could have a panoramic view of the Erhai Lake.

There was still some time after getting a room, so Tianye asked her, “Do you want to go to the lake for a walk?”

“No, I don’t. it’s quite beautiful to sit here and look at it. It’s like a mirror dropped on earth from the Heavenly Palace.” Xiran was lying in a lounge chair on the balcony.

Tianye sat down next to her, looking out. The lake was serene, and occasionally fishing canoes appeared. Their figures reflected in the afterglow of the setting sun, which was as beautiful as a painting.

“Tianye, don’t you think it’s preposterous and unworthy of me to go through all this effort just to find a flower?”

Tianye shook his head, “No, it’s worth it as long as you like it.”

Xiran smiled, thinking why was he much to her taste?

Tianye turned his head to look at her and said, “Actually, we’re all the same, but the standards are different. You feel happy coming all the way to see a flower while I feel happy making a lot of money. Then a flower and a lot of money mean the same thing. So it’s all worth it.”

“But I’m delaying you from making money.” Xiran teased.

“There is no end to making money. And you have to wait another year if the flowers wither. Besides, traveling with a beautiful woman is much more interesting than making money.”


Nightfall. In Sky City.

Kerry received a call from Venus, who said she’s going to invite her colleagues from the design department to dinner tonight and was going home late.

He was afraid of her getting drunk and asked, “Can you take me with you? You should thank me, the big boss, too, if you’re celebrating.” He had learned his lesson from last time.

Venus thought about it and said, “It’s fine. But if you come, you are the one to pay.”

“My pleasure.”

“Alright, come down when you’re done. I’ll wait for you in front of the office.”

The bustling room was silent because of the appearance of Kerry and Venus. Kerry swept a glance at the crowd and said calmly, “Am I disturbing you?”

“No…” the crowd came back to their senses and immediately became enthusiastic again.

Venus was a bit embarrassed and explained, “I invited Mr. Ye to come. Thanks to Mr. Ye, I can learn from you all, so…”

“Sure, it is proper.” A colleague flattered and quickly added a seat next to the main seat.

After the last earthquake, Kerry had gained a lot of prestige in the hearts of the employees, especially the female employees, who loved desperately.

“Mr. Ye, please sit over here with Yan.” Meiling got up to greet with a light smile.

Kerry didn’t decline and walked straight over.

Venus had to sit next to him under the watchful eyes of the people.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 211 The Romance He Gave Me (2)
Colleaguees in the design department seemed to have reached a consensus secretly. When Kerry and Yan Chu appeared at the same time, they treated it as if they have seen nothing and wouldn’t’ mention Venus.

They all have knew how Kerry treated Yan. Although they were a bit sorry for Venus, but it was Kerry’s private business, so they as employees should just keep their mouths shut.

The atmosphere was very good. Kerry was very good at making grilled meat, and soon Venus’s plate was piled with all kind of grilled meat, like grilled fish, shrimp, pork and so on.

“Don’t give me too much meat or I will gain one kilo at night.” Venus whispered.

Kerry gave another piece of grilled fish to her and said, “You won’t if you eat fish. And it’s good if you get fat because it’s comfortable for me to touch.”

Venus glared and put a piece of pork into his plate, “I think you’re doing it on purpose.”

“I don’t dare,” Smiling gently, Kerry took a piece of lettuce, rolled it up with the meat and stuffed it into his mouth, “Hmm, I’m getting better and better at grilling.”

They were whispering, while the ambiguous interaction between them was seen by people present. Understanding without saying, everyone looked at each other and then continued to eat.

If Venus didn’t come back, Yan from Hong Kong would be their boss’s new wife.

As Venus lost interest in eating meat, Kerry grilled a few vegetables for her. When turning the food, his phone rang.

“Pull it out for me and see who it is?” Kerry was cooking with both of his hands.

The phone was in the pants pocket on the other side. Venus stretched out from his back, as if she were holding him. She took out the phone and saw a word on it: Nighthawk.

Kerry glanced at it and his face changed slightly. He gave his chopsticks to Venus, wiped his hands and whispered, “Turn it over. Don’t burn it. I’ll get a phone call.”


Walking outside the booth, Kerry answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Boss, something’s wrong.” Nighthawk’s voice came over.

Kerry’s eyes went cold, “What’s going on?”

“Xiao Xie, Master Xie, was dead.”

Kerry was surprised, “How did he die?” Who could kill Xiao, a person with such keen instincts and quick movements?

“I’m not sure exactly. It was a message from one of our people. It’s said that Master Xie waged a battle with someone over territory, and they fought at sea. His body was recovered from the sea this morning.”

Over territory? That reason was too implausible.

“Who owns his territory now?”

“A guy surnamed Su. No one knows his last name and they call him Boss Su. Besides, our eyes have been cleared out of the Xie’s house.”

Su? Chinese?

“Check out his background immediately, and the reason for the firefight between the two sides again. I don’t think it’s that simple.”

“Got it, boss. What else?”

“No, be safe.”


Hanging up the phone, Kerry stood in the aisle and lit a cigarette irritably. It was hard to get a clue, but it became now useless. Yet, there were only forty days left until the deadline.

A cigarette burned out. Kerry returned to the booth. His plate had on it several pieces of baked potato chips which was slightly charred. He could tell who cooked them.

When he sat down, Venus smelled of tobacco. Did he smoke?

He rarely smoked in front of her as he knew she didn’t like it. So it was evident that something bad must have happened so that he needed a cigarette to calm his nerves.

Venus asked silently with her eyes about what had happened.

Kerry looked at her with a faint smile and said softly, “It’s fine. There’s some trouble at work.”

Venus doubted it and guessed that the person who made the call was the one called Nighthawk.

Kerry couldn’t bear her scrutinizing gaze and shook her small hand under the table, “I will tell you when we go back.”

The woman’s heart was disturbed, but she tried to keep a smile on her face.

Some bold ones came to toast Venus while Kerry said, “She can’t drink for the next two days.” His words made people dismiss the same idea.

It also fully proved that the relationship between Kerry and Yan was by no means ordinary.

The party ended until almost eleven o’clock. Venus was tired so as soon as she got into the car, she leaned on Kerry’s shoulder and weakly asked, “What happened?”

Kerry was silent for a moment and said, “Xiao Xie is dead.”

Venus was stunned, “Who is Xiao Xie?”

“It’s him whom I was looking for the last time I went to the island for information.”

Venus remembered, “He’s dead? Then the eyeliner you arranged…”

“It’s useless.” Kerry said in an upset voice.

Venus was also very depressed. She had originally thought that if she could slow down here and that side could speed up the progress, but now the road had been cut off.

“By the way, how tall and young is that silver-faced man?” Kerry suddenly asked.

Venus carefully recalled, “About the same height as you, around 1.82 meters. A young man. And from his voice and behavior, he should be between thirty and thirty-five years old. Why do you ask?”

“Nighthawk said that Xiao was killed in a firefight by someone who was trying to wage a turf war, but I don’t think it was that simple. I’m guessing that it could be because Xiao found this silver-faced man and tried to steal the treasure map. Then, he got into a firefight, and killed by the man?” Kerry got more and more excited as he spoke and his eyes was glowing.

Venus questioned, “Why do you think so? Why do you think it’s not a turf war?”

Kerry speculated from his own experience, “Xiao is already the boss of a dozen islands. If it’s a firefight, he, someone of high status, wouldn’t do it in person. I believe one of the things that would let him do so is the treasure map. By the way, Nighthawk said that the person who stole Xiao’s territory is surnamed Su and is Chinese. Do you have any ideas about it?”

Venus shook her head, “When I was caught, I only knew they called that man the boss. I don’t know his last name.”

“Anyway, that’s a clue. What if I’m right?” Kerry took out his phone and sent a message to Nighthawk about the features of the silver-faced man that Venus said.

Kerry hugged her in his arms, “Don’t worry, I’ll get our child back.”

The sun rose in the east.

While Kerry and Venus were still sleeping, Tianye Mu and Xiran Xiao, who were far away at the foot of Cangshan Mountain, were ready to the high hill. While the weather was cool in the morning, they climbed at a fast speed as the sun would be very harsh by noon.

Climbing was easy for Xiran, not to mention for Tianye. There was still a road at the beginning of the ascent, but it turned into a dirt, uneven mountain one on the halfway.

“Wow, look, it’s beautiful.” Xiran said, pointing at the Erhai Lake not far away.

“Yes, it is.”

Xiran exclaimed, “I used to like mountains and rivers as well as adventure and excitement, but now I suddenly find that this tranquil scenery is also beautiful and refreshing.”

Tianye took a deep breath, “The air is also fresh.”

“Yes, it’s much better than that in the city.” Xiran continued to climb upwards, asking, “What’s your ultimate ideal life?”

“Returning to an idyllic home.” Tianye said concisely.

Xiran didn’t quite understand as she studied abroad and was unfamiliar with traditional ancient poetry, “What does it mean?”

Tianye explained, “It’s a state of life. Funnily enough, I bought a villa in a mountain of S City. There is a small two-story building with fruits and vegetables planted in the backyard. In front of it runs a stream flanked by many willow trees. There is also a large pasture with various wild flowers. The air is very good. I used to think that when I was old, I would live the rest of my life there. But now, I’ll go wherever you are. This is my ideal life. “

Xiran’s heart was warmed by his depiction because her ideal life was also like this. When she was too old to run around, she would settle in a city, sunbathing in winter and fishing in summer. What a wonderful life!

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 211 The Romance He Gave Me (3)
After climbing for four hours, the two of them finally reached the top of the mountain, but unfortunately, they didn’t see any Datura along the way.

There was a big rock at the top of the mountain, white and smooth, just under the shade of the trees again. Tianye Mu led Xiran Xiao over, “Sit here and have a rest. I’ll go to the side.”

“Be careful.”

“I won’t go far. I’m around here.”

Tianye explored along the winding path, and soon disappeared from Xiran’s sight.

It was quiet in the mountains, and the sun was shining very brightly. Fortunately, she had brought a hat and wore long pants and long sleeves, or else she would get a sunburn.

Three minutes later, Tianye’s voice came over, “Xiran, come on, I seem to have found it.”

Xiran was overjoyed and ran in his direction. After walking more than ten meters, she saw his figure.

“Over here.”

Xiran strode up and saw the flowers she had seen on the TV. It’s even more beautiful than that on the TV.

On a huge tree, dozens of large golden flowers, like a small trumpet, blossomed on green branches emitting a fragrant aroma in the sunlight.

“Tianye, don’t get so close. This flower is poisonous. You will easily get dizzy and see visions after smelling it for a long time.”

Tianye was taken aback and backed up a few steps to walk to her side, “Is there really such a magical flower?”

Xiran nodded, “Well, I didn’t believe it at first, but I do when I looked it up on the Internet. It is indeed poisonous, especially its green leaves and fruit.”

Tianye joked, “No wonder Guo Yang can be so deeply poisoned.”

Xiran took out her phone to take a few pictures, then quietly admired them, “It’s really beautiful and worth climbing for four hours.”

Tianye was taller than her, so he stood in front of her to shield her from part of the scorching sun.

Maybe it was because she was looking too carefully, or the Datura paralyzed people little by little. She didn’t notice a small coral snake that wrapped around the flower branch coming close to her calf.

“Ah-” Feeling a stabbing pain, Xiran subconsciously looked down. She was so scared that she almost jumped up.

At this time, Tianye also saw the small snake. With a stern action, he pulled out the dagger at his waist, and the head of the snake fell into the grass.

“Don’t move, I’ll carry you out.” Then, Tianye lifted Xiran in his arms and went quickly away. Putting her on the big rock, he tore off her trouser leg with force.

A drop of blood came out on her calf, and the surrounding area was already swollen.

Xiran was biting his teeth in pain. Without saying a word, Tianye lowered his head to suck out the venom.

“Tianye, don’t do that. You will be poisoned.” Xiran stopped him in a hurry. The small snake was coiled around the Datura flower and must be highly poisonous, as it inhaled the flowers’ toxins for years.

Regardless of Xiran’s words, Tianye continued. The only thing on his mind now was that she could not die.

“Tianye, stop it!” Xiran finally cried out.

Tianye still ignored her. After the skin near the wound became a little more normal, he took out a bottle of water from his bag to rinse her wound.

After rinsing the entire bottle of water, Tianye took out another bottle, drank and gargled the water out, but there was still the taste of blood in his mouth.

“What are you doing?” Xiran asked as he took off his t-shirt, tore it into strips of cloth, and then tied them over the wound.

“It hurts a little. Hold on.” Tianye said to her.

Xiran nodded with tears in her eyes.

Tianye tightened so hard that it was as if the lower part of the calf had been strangled short.

“The blood flows slower and the toxins spread slower in this way.” Tianye carried his bag in front of him, then squatted in front of her and said, “Come, I’ll carry you down the mountain.”

Tears rolling down, she rarely cried, but she was touched by this man today.

“Hurry up, we found each other after so many things. I don’t want to die and don’t want you to die.” Tianye turned his head and looked deeply at her.

Xiran no longer hesitated and climbed onto his bare, strong back.

She didn’t want him to carry her, but it was the quickest way to get down the mountain.

The scalding water burst forth from her eyes, falling on his back.

Tianye walked quickly and comforted her, “Do not cry. Your tears make my heart broken.”

As a result, the woman burst out even more tears.

“Be good. Don’t cry. Keep your strength.”

Hearing these words, Xiran bit her lip and tried to calm herself down.

Seizing every minute and second, Tianye was not so much walking as running. He almost tripped several times, but kept steady with his good balance.

The sweat rolled down in large droplets. Xiran could not care about the sun and took off her hat to fan him.

“Tianye, take a break.” Xiran said in distress.

Although she was as light as 45 Kilo, he would become tired even with the physical strength of an athlete as he had carried her for such a long time.

“No need.” Tianye’s legs were tired, but he couldn’t stop. The more seconds he delayed, the more danger his woman faced.

The four-hour journey just took Tianye over an hour to reach the bottom.

In the mountain pass, Tianye met a villager driving a tricycle. He rushed to stop it, asking, “Where is the hospital?”

The villager was shocked at first. But his expression changed dramatically when he was Tianye’s face, “Have you been poisoned by a snake?”

Tianye shook his head, “Not me, it’s my girlfriend.”

“You are also poisoned as your lips are purple. Hurry up and get in the car. There is a clinic ahead. I will take you there.” The villager said kindly.

Tianye put Xiran on the vehicle, and then jumped into it himself.

When Xiran saw his purple-black lips and reddened face, she knew that it’s because he sucked out the poison. She grabbed Tianye’s hand tightly and anxiously asked the villager, “Is there any medicine at the clinic that can treat snake venom?”.

The villager said loudly, “Yes, there are many snakes in our area, and every clinic and house have the antidote serum, as well as some old prescriptions.”

Xiran put her mind at ease and looked back at Tianye who was observing her calf.

The place bitten had swollen greatly. the small half of the leg below the strip of cloth was green but the rest of it was fine.

He hoped it was not too late.

After a respite, Tianye found that he was dizzy and saw double.

He shook his head to try to stay awake, but it’s getting worse.

“Tianye, what’s wrong with you? Please hurry up, my friend is going to faint.” Xiran anxiously urged the villager.

“Look, it’s just ahead. Hold on for a while. We’ll be there soon.”

The bumpy, small vehicle was running at fast speed and making great noise, but it became their savior.

It took them half a minute to arrive. Before the car stopped, the villager shouted in the local dialect at the clinic, “Dr. Bai, Dr. Bai, some people have been poisoned by a snake. Come out quickly.”

Tianye bit his tongue to make himself awake and got off the car. He also wanted to get her out of the car, but was refused by Xiran’s pat. How could she let him do so as he’s feeling bad. With tears in her eyes, Xiran sat on the side of the carriage and jumped down on one foot

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Out ran a middle-aged man in a white lab coat, who was dark skinned and wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses.

“Dr. Bai, these two people were poisoned by snakes.”

The middle-aged man looked at Tianye and Xiran, and said, “Come in quickly. Wangwa, come help me.”

Tianye helped Xiao Xiran to enter. But he blacked out and fell down after he walked a few steps.

“Ah-Tianye-” The woman’s terrified scream rang out.

“Wangwa, quickly help the man up.” Dr. Bai shouted again, “My dear, come quickly.”

A middle-aged woman ran out. She dressed in local ethnic clothing, with a round face and a friendly look.

“Well, girl, come here.” Auntie Bai helped Xiran to walk inside, while Dr. Bai and Wangwa worked together to lift up Tianye.

They put both of them on the bed, and then Xiran said, “Doctor, you save him first. I’m fine right now.”

Dr. Bai measured Tianye’s blood pressure and temperature, and asked, “Where were you bitten? What does the snakes look like?”

“Next to a Datura flower at the top of Cangshan Mountain. It’s a small coral snake.”

Dr. Bai’s face went cold, “What color is the Datura?”


Dr. Bai rolled Tianye’s eyelids again, “His heart is beating fast and he’s passed out. Go and bring the medicine from the first drawer in the second row of the medicine cabinet.”


Dr. Bai continued to ask, “Where was he bitten?”

“I was bitten, and he helped me suck the venom out.” Xiran replied with a trembling voice.

Dr. Bai looked back and could see how worried she was. So he couldn’t help but comfort her, “Lady, don’t worry. Although the medical condition here is poor, there are more than a dozen prescriptions for snake venom. He won’t die.”

When Xiran heard this, tears fell down her eyes. The most wonderful words she had ever heard were: “He won’t die.

Dr. Bai was busy disinfecting, cleaning, giving injection and dosing them…

Dr. Bai wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “Lady, we could save you as the treatment of your wounds was on time, the venom was squeezed out of most of them, and the delay of time was short. If I’m right, the snake biting you is called Gloydius strauchii, which mainly lives in mountains 3,000 meters above sea level. Its toxicity is not strong originally, but if it lives near a Datura all year round, the toxicity will be much stronger. If you don’t take serum and get your wound cleaned within two hours, you will die soon. “

Xiran was frightened and looked at the still unconscious Tianye, asking, “Doctor, what about my boyfriend?”

“He sucked some of the venom, and with the overexertion, the venom quickly spread throughout his body. So, although, it was you who was bitten, he was more severely poisoned than you. Now his blood pressure and heartbeat are normal, but the toxicity of the Datura put him into a coma. He’ll be fine with two bottles of drip.”

“Thank you so much.” Xiran said.

Dr. Bai said with emotion, “You have a good boyfriend as he tried hard to save you. You are lucky.”

Xiran smiled through tears, thinking that her luck was good.

When the sun set over the western mountains, Tianye woke up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Xiran sleeping in the bed next to him.

Tianye was so scared that he struggled to get up from the bed. He said with his burning throat “Xiran. “

Xiran was in a light sleep. When she heard the sound, she woke up immediately and got up in a hurry, saying in surprise, “Tianye, it’s great you wake up.”

Tianye was relieved, and he had thought she…

“I’m glad you’re okay. You scared me to death.” Tianye smiled, “Let me take a look at your wound.”

Xiran stretched her calf out in front of him. Except for a slight swelling, the color had returned to normal.

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