Chapter 221: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 221 I Am Your Boyfriend

Doris had a bad memory about Barr last night, so she asked in displeasure, “Why do you come here? I don’t know you.”

Barr smiled slightly, “I know, Doris. You don’t remember me but it’s okay. You can get to know me again. My name is Barr Martin. I’m your college classmate and your boyfriend.”

What is a college classmate and boyfriend? She was really clueless.

Doris faintly nodded, “Are you here for me?”

“Right” Barr was happy with Doris’ response and handed the red rose to her, “This is for you.”

Doris blinked at the large bouquet of red roses, they were big and red. Even if she was a five-six-year-old child, she would’ve liked such beautiful roses.

But Doris didn’t receive it, because she didn’t know Barr. Moreover, she sensed that he wasn’t a good person.

“Uncle said that I can’t receive something from a stranger,” Doris replied seriously. This was indeed what Colin had told her. Colin was also afraid if someone would trick her with something, so he put an end to this possibility.

Barr’s smile froze, “Uncle? Which uncle is he?”

Doris didn’t reply as she intended to close the door, “Uncle will be home soon. I’ll close the door.”

Barr held the door and stopped Doris from closing it, “Wait, is your uncle Colin Ward?”

Doris saw that Barr’s hand was there, so she couldn’t close the door and replied, “That’s right. Do you know my uncle?”

Barr’s eyes lit up, “I know him. Of course, I know him. Your uncle is the one who asks me to come here for you. These roses are the present for our first meeting.”

Doris was uncertain, “Really?”


Barr was secretly happy about it. Roses represent love. Although Doris didn’t know about it now, if Doris accepted his roses, he would have the chance to be with Doris properly.

“Here, they are for you.” Barr continued with a coax.

At this time, the group of people outside made a fuss upon seeing this. They didn’t know that Doris was a five-six-year-old now.

“Accept him!”

“Accept him!”


Doris blinked at the group of people who made the fuss. She didn’t really understand what they’re talking about, but she refused it in the end, “No, I will listen to Uncle!”

Barr’s face froze. He couldn’t wait to cut Colin to death. Even in this state, Doris still listened to Colin’s words!

Just when Barr took a deep breath and was about to say something with a smile, a clear female voice was heard.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Everyone followed the voice upon hearing it. it was a woman in hoodies and jeans. She had a ponytail and a backpack, looking at them with a pair of smart-looking eyes.

When Barr saw her, his eyes lit up. This woman’s appearance was comparable to Doris. She’s also a pretty lady and even she looked smart. But he only took a few more glances at her, since he likes Doris the most.

Vanessa approached them. She looked at Barr and the roses in his hand as she could guess the whole story, then said, “Are you here to propose to her?”

And Doris spoke after seeing Vanessa, “You’ve come, Sister?”

Vanessa nodded with a smile and put Doris behind her back, as she looked at Barr vigilantly.

Barr glanced at both of them and wondered, when did Doris know such a pretty lady? He remembered that there’s no such person in Doris’ circle.

“Pretty lady, you are….”

Vanessa flicked her hair, “I am Vanessa Liu, Doris’ best friend.”

Barr smiled like a gentleman, “So, you’re Doris’ best friend. It’s an honor to know you. I am Barr Martin, Doris’ college classmate.”

This time, he didn’t introduce himself as Doris’ boyfriend. After all, she’s an ordinary person and also Doris’ friend. She must’ve known about Doris’ condition.

Vanessa looked at Barr from head to toe. She felt that although this man dressed brightly, his eyes looked gloomy and made someone felt uncomfortable.

“A college classmate is here to give red roses?” Vanessa raised her brows and asked.

Barr smiled slightly, not feeling awkward at all, “You probably don’t know, Ms. Liu, I had been pursuing Doris in college. I’m still in love with Doris now. Today, I’m just here to express my love and there’s no other intention.”

Vanessa sneered, “If you have no other intention, what’s with these people?”

Barr’s gaze slightly flashed. This woman wasn’t easy to deceive, “I don’t know. They are the residents here. Perhaps, since I brought roses, they felt it’s fun to watch!”

Vanessa didn’t quite believe it, but she didn’t express it clearly and just said lightly, “Doris has a husband already, and yet, you come to her house to send roses. Isn’t this inappropriate?”

Barr replied, “I’m here just to deliver the flowers, why is it inappropriate?”

Vanessa curled her lips. This man is really shameless. After thinking for a while, she took out her phone to call Colin and gave it to Doris. She quietly told Doris, “Tell your uncle that someone is harassing you.”

Doris nodded ignorantly and took the phone inside to make the phone call.

Barr couldn’t help but sneered when he saw Colin’s phone number. Colin was being kidnapped by Da Song right now. Even if the phone was connected, nobody would answer it, except for Da Song and his men.

He didn’t know that the woman who was kidnapped together with Colin was Vanessa. If he knew about it, the first time he saw Vanessa, he would’ve realized that Colin was also released.

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