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Chapter 222: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 222 I’m Here to Show My Concern

At this time, Colin just finished his phone call with Bald Liu and was planning to send Bailee to Paradise Bar, where Bald Liu was.

But he received another call from Vanessa.

“It’s still early in the morning. What happened?”

Doris paused and said carefully, “Is this Uncle?”


Doris nodded and said as Vanessa instructed, “Sister asked me to tell you that, someone hara.ssed me.”

Colin’s eyes turned cold upon hearing that. Bailee, who was sitting beside him, subconsciously leaned against the car door.

“I’ll return soon.”

Colin knew that Doris couldn’t say who hara.ssed her. It’s better if he went home personally. As for Vanessa, since she asked Doris to call him, perhaps she’s still dealing with the person that hara.ssed Doris.

Colin started the car and said to Bailee, “Let’s return first and I’ll send you back to your brother later.”

Bailee didn’t plan to meet her brother, so she immediately nodded, “Okay, I don’t mind.”

At the Lanbo Port villa, Doris returned after making the phone call and said to Vanessa, “Uncle said that he’ll return soon.”

Vanessa took back her cellphone and nodded, then said to Barr, “Colin is coming back soon. I advise you to leave.”

Barr knew that Colin was kidnapped by Da Song and he didn’t believe Vanessa and thought that she was bluffing at him deliberately, so he said with a smile, “Colin is coming back? Are you sure?”

Barr turned to look at Doris, “Doris, did you really call Colin? Did he personally tell you that he’ll return soon?”

Vanessa sensed that Barr was a bit strange, why should he ask that?

Doris replied obediently, “Yes, Uncle said that he’ll return soon.”

Barr frowned after hearing it. it’s impossible. Colin was still being watched over by Da Song. It’s impossible for him to be released. Could it be that Da Song let him answer the phone, then in order to not worry Doris, he said that he’ll return soon.

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Yes, it’s possible. Although he didn’t want to admit it, Colin cared for Doris so much. It’s reasonable for him not to tell Doris about his current situation.

Barr thought by himself and said with a confident smile, “Okay, I’ll accompany you together and see when he’ll return.”

Vanessa looked at Barr, “I say, why are you so thick-skinned? Her husband is coming back and you still want to stay here. Are you afraid that nobody would know that you planned to steal someone’s wife?”

“You!” Barr gritted his teeth, “Ms. Liu, you spoke eloquently.

Vanessa didn’t care, “I am always eloquent. You don’t need to admire me. After all, you’re such a thick-skinned person, perhaps you don’t even understand the meaning of eloquent.”

At this time, the people who were watching outside became less interested. They were brought by Barr to cheer on him to let Doris accept Barr’s love.

They didn’t expect Vanessa to come and Barr had been talking on the door. They didn’t have much chance to speak. Barr also didn’t say anything, so they’re unable to leave even if they wanted to.

Vanessa actually didn’t intend to speak nonsense with Barr but she had no choice. Barr was shameless and didn’t leave, she could only wait for Colin to come and settle it.

At this time, Doris’s eyes lit up, “Uncle has returned.”

At the same time, a BMW was driven into the villa courtyard. The crowd slowly scattered.

Colin and Bailee got off the car together.

“Barr Martin!” Colin saw Barr and the roses in his hand in a glance.

He still thought about who hara.ssed Doris on the way. It turned out to be Barr Martin, who had disappeared for a long time!

As soon as Barr saw Colin, his eyes widened in shock.

“How come?”

Aren’t Da Song and the others watching over him? How could he show up here?

Could it be that Gerd rescued him?

Barr gulped. He’s slightly terrified. It’s not yet enough for him to confront Colin now. If he didn’t know that Colin was kidnapped, he wouldn’t be so b.rave to come for Doris.

Doris directly went past Vanessa and ran to Colin, “Uncle, you’ve come home!”

“Yes, I’m home.”

Colin immediately took Doris’s hand, stood there, and glared at Barr, “Barr, I remember that I’ve warned you not to disturb Doris anymore. What happened? Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?”

Barr pretended to be calm, “I know that Doris isn’t in good condition now. As her college classmate, I’m here to show my concern. What’s wrong with it?”

“Show your concern?” Colin sneered, “You’re so concerned to the point that you bring red roses here, huh? And you still brought a group of idiots to witness it?”

“Who are you calling idiots?” The crowd was displeased.

“We’re here to watch the fun, not because he paid us.”


Colin sneered again, “If you’re not idiots, then what are you? Just because he gave you a little money, you come here to witness this little tramp steal someone’s wife?”

“It can’t be, right?”

“Does she already have a husband?”

“We don’t know….”

They only knew that Barr was here to pursue her and didn’t know that she already has a husband.

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