Chapter 223 – 224: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 223: Golden Scale Society

“I am Kris, something I can help you with?” Kris stood up and looked at the man and asked so.

At this time, the man took off his sunglasses and walked in. With a box in his hand, he smiled at Kris and said, “Hello Mr. Chen, I am a pharmacist from the Ancient Medical Association. My name is Xian Lyu, and I came here specially to award you the Medal of Pharmacist.”


Medal of Pharmacists?

Rou Wen frowned with a dazed expression. What is this, and why did the Ancient Medicine Association give Kris the Medal of Pharmacists?

At this time, the students in the class were all dumbfounded.

What the hell was going on? Why did the Pharmacist Association give Kris the Medal of Pharmacists?

He is just an apprentice of a pharmacist. Why did he get the Medal of pharmacists?

Kris was also a little confused, Medal of Pharmacist?

What was it?

Seeing Kris didn’t seem to understand this, he smiled lightly. He explained, “This is proof of joining the Ancient Medicine Association. With this Medal, you are a member of the Ancient Medical Association now!”

What? Member of the Ancient Medical Association?

Rou Wen was shocked and looked at Kris in disbelief: When did he join the Ancient Medical Association?

In fact, she is also a member of the Association, and her Medal is the Fourth Grade Medal.

Hearing what Xian Lyu said, Kris frowned. Didn’t he tell Wantong Qin that he would go to the headquarters of the Ancient Medical Association to apply for a membership? Why did Wantong send someone to his place?

Sensing Kris’s doubts, Xian Lyu said, “That’s right, President Qin has been out on business during this period of time, and he is afraid that you will not be able to find him when you come to the headquarters, so he specially asked me to send the medal to you as a token of membership!”

With that, he handed the box to Kris: “Please put it away!” Kris took the box and opened it. There was a gold medal with the logo of the Ancient Medical Association in it. There was also a traditionally Chinese character under the logo, “Seven” be written on it.

What was it?

This turned out to be the Seventh-Rank Gold Medal!

Rou Wen was shocked, and the level certified by the Ancient Medicine Association to Kris was actually a seven-rank pharmacist.

As we all know, martial arts can be divided into several stages according to their Kungfu, and pharmacists also have different levels.

Ranks 1 to 3 are junior pharmacists, Ranks 4 to 6 are intermediate pharmacists, and Ranks 7 to 9 are advanced pharmacists.

The higher the grade, the higher the pharmacist’s realm, and the higher the level of recipes that can be used for the refinery.

At this time, Rou Wen was speechless in surprise. Could it be that Kris is a senior pharmacist?

How could this be possible, didn’t the marrow-cleansing soup he experimented fail the other day?

Could it be…

Could it be possible that he be arranged to attain such a high level of pharmacist?

After thinking of this possibility, Rou Wen’s heart suddenly stormed with indescribable emotions. After Kris received the Medal, Xian Lyu took out a matchbox-sized box from his pocket and handed it to Kris: “This is a gift from President Qin. You can give it to your teacher!”

As he said that, he took a deep look at Kris and left without explaining anything to this inexplicable sentence.

The people in the class were confused. Only Kris laughed after hearing this sentence.

So Kris cried to Xian Lyu: “Bring my regards and thanks to President Qin. I own him this favor.”

Rou Wen, who was standing on the podium, her slender body suddenly trembled somehow. She seemed to have guessed something and immediately looked at Kris with incredible eyes.

The classroom at this time was also quiet, and everyone looked confused.

What was going on here?

The president of the Ancient Medical Association personally sent someone to give Kris the Medal?

Kris is merely a live-in son-in-law. How could he receive such favorable treatment?

Fei Lin and Jiaojiao Lin looked at Kris with incredibility.

Only Tianba Li looked at Kris with excitement: what a guy, really awesome!

At the same time, Rou Wen walked to Kris, biting her lip, and said, “Kris, could it be that you…”

As a result, before she finished speaking softly, Kris said, “Teacher, this is for you.”

While talking, he put the small box into Rou Wen’s hand, then blinked gently, and returned to his seat. Taking the box gently and dumbly, there was a feeling of dreaming.

What Xian Lyu said just now was obviously addressed to her. What did it mean? It meant that this was a gift from President Qin to her.

She was almost being in a dream. She still had some doubts in her heart, and she would find some time to ask Kris face to face.

Thinking of this, she put the box away and resumed the lecture. After realizing the Medal was given to her, the depression between her eyebrows disappeared.

It’s a pity that few of the students took the class seriously, and they discussed secretly what happened just now.

Only Yanru Sima looked at Kris thoughtfully.

Yesterday she had something to do, so she could not go to the Pharmacist Competition to watch the game. But before coming to school today, I also heard a lot about the game.

Among them, the hot discussion was the failure of Kris’s helping Rou Wen refine medicine.

Just now, everyone was criticizing Kris. She did not believe it because she had a pretty good impression of Kris after the last “mobile phone theft” incident.

He shouldn’t be the kind of person at all. Basically, he is a gentleman.

After that, Xian Lyu from the Association came to give Kris the Medal of Alchemist, which she gradually understood. There was probably an inside story in the Pharmacist Competition the day before yesterday.

Thinking of this, Yanru turned her head and asked softly: “Kris, are you free tomorrow.”

Kris thought for a while and said, “Yes, I’m available.”

“Well, at eight o’clock tomorrow night, I invite you to my house to join the party!” Yanru said.

“Yeah,” Kris nodded.

For he could not decline Yanru this time, for he had already refused her twice before.

“Ok!” Yanru nodded, then she turned around and started to listen to the Rou Wen’s lecture intently.

Tianba Li sitting next to him, was envious, what an awesome brother. Miss Sima invited Kris to her house for a party!

Apart from Kris, in the whole Westriver City, there should be no guys have such a good opportunity to join to Sima family’s party. Thinking about it, Tianba Li said to Yanru, “Hey, Yanru, can I go join the party with Kris tomorrow?”

Yanru didn’t even turn her head, so she refused aloud: “No!”

FXck, this was too ruthless, right?

Tianba was downcast, he was rejected by Yanru!…

Eight p.m., Kris came to Tianshan Club. Kris sat in the first seat, Kuizi sat beside him, and the six deacons below were solemnly seated there.

What’s different from last time was that this time everyone had some cuts on their bodies. Even Kuizi had two new scars on his face, which made him look more hideous.

What saddened Kris most was that the Holy Dragon Cult probably lost more than 30 disciples this time while carrying off the operation to destroy the Shen family.

Looking at Kuizi’s report, Kris said with grief: “Give each deceased brother five million as pension and the money must be paid to their families. If they have parents, the cult shall take good care of them till they die. If they have children, we will help raise them. Kris will never let my brothers die in vain.”

After speaking, Kris said again: “From now on, this will be a common practice.” As soon as the voice fell, everyone knelt on the ground, grateful for Kris’s decree: “Thank you, Sub-Branch Leader! The kindness of the Sub-Branch Leader is unforgettable.”

They joined the Holy Dragon Cult with some dread as if walking on the tip of a knife all day. Now Kris formulated this pension system as a rule. Even if they die someday, their families will be protected with that amount of money.

“Get up, everyone, get up!” Kris helped Kuizi up from the ground, then looked at everyone and said: “This time we have wiped out the Shen family, everyone did a good job, and then we are now starting rewarding according to each one’s feats.”

“Zhao Si, kill two of Shen’s people, come get two million.”

“Li San, kill the three of the Shen family, the reward is three million…”

“Award five million…10 million…”

Every disciple, whose name was called by Kris, couldn’t help being filled with ecstasy. At this moment, they became Kris’s loyal soldiers.

Especially there was one of the disciples who killed the family head of the Shen family, as a recompense, Kris directly announced that he would be rewarded with 100 million!

And what made everyone ecstatic was that as each person’s name been called, Kris directly made the financial transfer immediately. Everyone was overjoyed and crazy.

Of course, the money was paid by Kris himself. Kris did not use the 3 billion cash that he got from the Shen family. He had other plans for that money.

An hour later, everyone’s rewards were all received, and each of them looked ruddy as if they were drunk.

The expressions they looked at Kris were full of enthusiasm, even Kuizi was no exception.

He had been in the Holy Dragon Cult for so long, which was the first time he saw Kris being such a generous boss who showed generosity to his subordinates. The Holy Dragon Cult’s former Sub-Branch Leaders can’t wait to take all the money to his own pocket, a huge contrast.

But Kris is different. When he promised to reward everyone, he really did it. He would give the amount of money as he promised. He even made the rewarding rule as common practice.

He felt that with such a Sub-Branch Leader, he would definitely be able to stand out.

Thinking of this, Kuizi stood up from his position, clasped his fists, kneeled on one knee, and said to Kris: “Lord, this time we have wiped out the Shen family. We have collected 3 billion cash from the cellar of the Shen family, and Some antique calligraphy and paintings, if they being cashed, there would be about 2 more billion. There are also thousands of stores and three commercial office buildings, including Internet cafes, KTVs, clubs, and casinos, which are worth about 50 billion.”

Oh, gosh!

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help taking a breath. This was a huge amount of money!

Even Kris was taken aback.

He originally thought that the Shen family’s assets would only be 10 billion or 20 billion, but he did not expect it to be far beyond his expectation.

“Lord, please decide!” Kuizi said.

Kris pondered for a moment, and a thought suddenly came into his mind: “Well, let us rent out all the real estate and collect the rental. All the places that violate the law shall be closed. From today on, we will be doing good business. But I warn all of you first, If you oppress the people and commit crimes, I will not spare you.”

Hearing Kris’s words, everyone nodded. Now that everyone had money, they did not need to fight and kill.

To live a decent life under the sun, then, who would like to live in a dark corner?

“Yes, please follow the order of the Sub-Branch Leader.”

“Good.” Kris nodded and said, “In order to ensure financial clarity, I decided to set up a company called Golden Scale Society. I will be the chairman, Kuizi will be the vice-chairman, and six deacons will be the directors. I will give out 50% of the profits to everyone as dividends!”

Chapter 224: Mountains in a Sea of Clouds

Associated with the events that had happened during these days, Kris Chen felt it’s needed to develop his own forces. After the Holy Dragon Cult had gone through this battle, it could be said that the vast majority of people had become Kris’s devotees.

Even if there was a mountain of swords and a sea of flames, they would rush there without hesitation. It was already midnight when Kris returned home after arranging matters about the Golden Scale society.

Mary Su was already asleep at this moment. Kris did not disturb her but went to the bedroom.

However, his phone rang when he just lay down. Kris took out his phone and checked, it was a message from Xiaorou Xu, “Kris, are you asleep?”

It had been half a month since Kris had seen her, and he didn’t know how she was doing lately.

“Just lay down, what’s wrong?” Kris replied to her.

On the other side, Xiaorou Xu was hiding under the blanket, sending a message to Kris with a blushed face, “You… Are you free tomorrow? Can you come to the Treasure Court? I have something want to ask you for help!”

Got another treasure to appraise?

Kris thought for a second and replied, “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow morning after school.”


Turning off her phone, Xiaorou Xu buried her face in the blanket. Seriously, she really missed Kris…

The next morning, Kris arrived at the Treasure Court on time after school. As soon as he entered the door, Xiaorou greeted him, she looked at Kris with a joyful face, “Kris, you’re here.”

It had been half a month, Xiaorou was even more gorgeous, and she really dressed herself judging by her makeup. He was about to say something when a man in a suit with golden glasses walked over beside Xiaorou and extended his hand, “Hello, you must be the treasure connoisseur that Xiaorou said, right?”

Kris frowned and shook hands with him, looking towards Xiaorou, “Who is this?”

Xiaorou pointed at the man beside her and introduced him to Kris, “Kris, his name is Qiankun Ye, he’s also a treasure connoisseur.”

Actually, this man was a date that her father had introduced to her, but her heart had already been occupied by Kris. There was no room for anyone else.

She had rejected him before, but the thick-skinned Qiankun Ye came to find her instead.

According to her father, Qiankun Ye was the disciple of Yige Zhao, the Southeast City’s premier treasure connoisseur. He had inherited a legacy from Yige Zhao and mastered brilliant appraising ability.

It’s said that he has already obtained a senior treasure connoisseur certificate issued by the state, and there are no more than twenty people acquired this certificate in the whole country, which shows how deep his treasure connoisseurship is.

Qiankun’s quite excellent, but she’s just not into him, and she felt so restrained when they stayed together, she didn’t like that feeling. But Jianguo Xu didn’t think so, he and Yige Zhao have been good friends, so he also admired Qiankun very much.

Didn’t his daughter like Kris just because she thought he has a bit of ability to appraise treasures?

Qiankun has obtained a senior treasure connoisseur certificate at so young an age, he has a bright future!

Kris hasn’t received any formal training. Maybe he couldn’t even get a junior treasure connoisseur certificate. How could he compare with Qiankun?

He didn’t even think about it and sent Qiankun directly to the Treasure Court to find Xiaorou.

“Xiaorou, did you call me over today to appraise any treasures?” Kris said.

Hearing Kris calls herself this way, Xiaorou was delighted. It was still the first time Kris had called her so intimately.

“Xiaorou, ask me to appraise antiques would be enough, why bother Kris?” As he said this, Qiankun looked at Kris and said, “How about this, you take out the antique, I’ll appraise it for you, and we’ll go on a date, okay?”

“Qiankun, when did I promise you that we would go on a date…” Before Xiaorou finished speaking, Qiankun smiled and said, “You are just shy, aren’t you? Uncle Xu said that he would give you to me in the future…”

When he said this, he looked at Kris.

Kris frowned and did not speak.

“Kris, don’t get me wrong, I really don’t have anything to do with him…” Xiaorou was anxious, she was busy explaining to Kris.

“It’s fine, let’s take out the antique and appraise it,” Kris said.

“Okay… Alright!” Xiaorou nodded, then she told Jun Yang to call the treasure owner. After about forty minutes, a middle-aged man in his forties walked in.

He was followed by two young men. They should be fathers and sons judging by their appearances.

The middle-aged man also held a painting scroll in his arms.

“Mr. Zhao, this is our chief treasure connoisseur, Master Chen, you can take out your painting now.” Jun Yang introduced him to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man surnamed Zhao frowned when he saw Kris, who was so young and dressed cheaply.

“Seriously, he’s the chief treasure connoisseur?” At this moment, a young man behind the middle-aged man surnamed Zhao pointed at Kris and said with an unbelieving face. With his shabby appearance, could he also appraise treasures?

He’s not going to smudge his painting, was he?

“Hey, you guys are not deceiving us, aren’t you?” The other young man said, “Can we have someone older?”

“This…” Jun Yang was stunned, and he looked at Xiaorou subconsciously.

“Sir, don’t worry, his treasure connoisseurship is definitely…”

“Let me do it!”

Without waiting for Xiaorou to finish her speaking, Qiankun stepped forward directly. He took out his senior treasure connoisseur certificate and handed it to the middle-aged man, “I am a national senior treasure connoisseur, this is my certificate, if you don’t believe me, you can inquire my qualification!”


As soon as his words were spoken, customers who were picking out antiques at the Treasure Court all looked over there.

Was it true, such a young man could be a senior treasure connoisseur?

Hearing the admiration of the people around him, Qiankun was so proud of himself.

The middle-aged man took a look at the certificate and nodded after he and his two sons looked at each other with consent, “Okay, only a senior treasure appraiser like you is qualified to appraise my treasure!”

Said that he handed the painting scroll to Qiankun.

Qiankun opened the scroll carefully after he wore white gloves.

As soon as the scroll was unfolded, a historical atmosphere spread right away, then it was seen a line of postscript, Emperor Huizong’s (an ancient Chinese emperor in Song Dynasty during 1082-1135) authentic picture, Mountains in a Sea of Clouds.

There are also scattered collection seals on the scroll such as holy goods, a treasure of the retired emperor, ancient appraisal, the ancient and rare celestial treasure of five generations and five blessings, the treasure of Emperor Qianlong, elder emperor, the only royal brush in the world…. And so on.

Throughout the whole picture, ink dripped profusely, and people can feel the magic of the clouds and rain as well as skies and mountains.

Oh my god!

The moment he saw the picture, Qiankun gasped and said, “Ji Zhao the Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, his painting the Mountains in a Sea of Clouds, this… This is authentic work.”

As soon as his words were spoken, everyone in the Treasure Court gathered around, and someone in the crowd shouted at the door, “Come and see, here is the authentic painting of Emperor Huizong, come and see…”

In an instant, some owners of antique shops next to the Treasure Court rushed out from their shops immediately.

There were also quite a few antique lovers crowding in, all of them wanting a block of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty’s authentic artwork.

It’s well known that Emperor Huizong was a famous emperor of a conquered nation, the protagonist of the Shame of Jingkang (In 1127, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty was conquered by the Jurchen people). During his reign, he was greedy for pleasure, and the infamous Huashi Transportation (a special transportation network in ancient Chinese history that transported exotic flowers and stones to satisfy the emperor’s preferences) was made by him.

However, although the Emperor Huizong was incapable of ruling the country, he created his own Showjinti (one of the regular scripts, beautiful and slender calligraphy) which has been used ever since he particularly loved painting, so he was a rare artistic emperor.

The Mountains in a Sea of Clouds!

This was actually the authentic work of Emperor Huizong, oh my god, this was definitely the painting deserved to be called a national treasure.

Kris’s eyes moved, he frowned slightly. And at this time, everyone’s eyes were also filled with excitement.

This painting was absolutely authentic! Mountains in a Sea of Clouds, this was a great gem!

They didn’t expect that the painting was still so well preserved after eight or nine hundred years.

The owners of other antique shops stretched their necks. They were eager to see the painting. But the antique shop’s rule was that outsiders were not allowed to interfere when others were appraising the treasure.

Especially since it was still in the Xu family’s territory, the Xu family would definitely buy the painting.

Thinking of this, several antique shop owners couldn’t help but sigh. They really envy Xu, family. How come there were always good treasures knocking on Xu’s door.

At this time, Qiankun smiled and said to Xiaorou, “Xiaorou, looking at the strokes and ink on this painting, the strokes are sharp and vigorous, it is definitely the genuine handwriting of Ji Zhao, Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty, and only he, the founder of Shoujinti, could write such delicate calligraphy. “

Hearing Qiankun’s words, Xiaorou did not speak but looked at Kris.

However, at this time, Kris did not say anything, instead, he examined the painting carefully.

“Not bad, good taste, this is indeed the authentic handwriting of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty.” The man surnamed Zhao smiled confidently, “It was handed down from my ancestor, my ancestor was born in a royal family, and this painting was rewarded to my ancestor by the emperor at that time.”


As soon as the middle-aged man’s words were spoken, the whole place was in an uproar, so it turned out that this lank middle-aged man’s ancestor was royal.

Deep rivers run in silence, shallow brooks are noisy.

It seems that the Mountains in a Sea of Clouds was authentic. Many people took out their phones and started taking pictures, sharing to their twitter pages to show off.

This was a national treasure, they were so excited to witness the birth of a national treasure.

“Mr. Zhao, name a price.” At this time, Xiaorou said.

The man surnamed is Zhao, and his two sons looked at each other and said, “Not much, 50 million dollars!”


50 million?

Hearing this, everyone was stunned, it was too scary. “50 million is too much, isn’t it?” Xiaorou frowned and said.

“Xiaorou, what do you think, Mr. Zhao’s offered 50 million to this painting.”

In fact, it’s really not that expensive!

Ten years ago, Caltex auctioned the Sketching the Rare Birds of Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty for 25 million dollars.

What did that mean?

25 million in ten years ago, and considered the inflation rate, 50 million really wasn’t expensive!

In particular, this Mountains in a Sea of Clouds was much more precious than the Sketching the Rare Birds, 50 million’s expense wouldn’t be a loss by any means.

If it was sent to an auction house, it could at least double the price!

You could make 50 million dollars by selling it to another buyer, it’s faster than printing money, so why not.

Seeing Xiaorou couldn’t decide at this moment, the owners of other antique shops couldn’t help but speak up, “Miss Xu, do you want this painting? We’ll fight for it if you don’t want it!”

They were all veterans who had invaded the antique industry for dozens of years, so naturally, they could tell the painting was authentic at a glance.

Even if there was only a one percent chance of winning this kind of treasure, they wouldn’t miss it.

“That’s right, Miss Xu, give us your answer!”

Facing the pressure of several antique shop owners together, Xiaorou also felt vexed, but 50 million was too much. Her family only has 50 to 60 million dollars in liquidity currently. She was not that capable of making the decision yet.

Thinking of this, Xiaorou said, “Wait a moment, everyone, I’ll ask for my father’s opinion!” Saying that, she stepped aside and dialed her father, Jianguo Xu’s number.

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