Chapter 223: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 223 Who Put Daisies on My Parents’ Graves? (1)
“I …… I just arrived this afternoon.” Xiran Xiao was a little uneasy. She rarely lied and had never lied to her friends.

“I’d like to ask you out for dinner tonight. I’m very sorry about last time, I ……” said Venus.

Xiran interrupted her, “Tonight I have a date. But this time I’ll stay longer in Sky City. I’ll call you in a couple of days.”

Venus was happy. She was not as disappointed as before. “Fine, you must remember to call me.”

“Sure.” said Xiran. When the salesperson gave Venus a small gift box, she asked curiously. “What do you buy?”

“Chestnut cake. How about you?”

Xiran looked at the various desserts in the glass case. They all looked delicious. She didn’t know which one to choose. “Can you give me some suggestions?”

Venus knew a thing or two about desserts. She pointed to the cake inside and said,” This is a chocolate truffle cake. It’s sweet and a little bitter. This is a cheesecake, it’s very smooth. This one is a fruit muffin. It’s layered with strawberries and mango cherries and cookies…..”

Venus introduced five kinds of cakes. Xiran and even the shop owner were surprised.

“Well, which one do you want?” Venus asked.

“I want chocolate truffle cake and fruit muffins. I’ll take them away.” Xiran said.

“Yes, please wait a few minutes.” said the waiter.

Xiran looked at Venus, surprised. “You know so much about desserts.”

“I just love desserts, so I know a little about them.” Venus smiled and said.

“What have you been up to lately?” Xiran asked.

“I entered a national fashion designer’s competition and then I made it to the finals. So I’ve been busy thinking of design ideas lately.”

“Congratulations,” Xiran said sincerely.

The cake was soon ready. Xiran paid for the cake and walked out of the bakery with Venus.

“I’ll leave now.”Xiran waved at her. “I’ll call you later.”

Venus saw a black car parked on the side of the road and asked with a smile, “That friend of yours is waiting for you in the car?”

Xiran nodded.

“Can I meet him? I’m dying to know what your boyfriend looks like.” Venus took her arm and asked.

“I’m afraid that won’t work. He doesn’t like meeting strangers. He’ll be angry if I let you appear in front of him suddenly.” Xiran said.

Venus looked at her in surprise, “Xiran, you will care if a man is mad at you. It’s not like you.”

Xiran smiled and then patted her on the shoulder, “Alright. When the time is right, you’ll meet him.”

Venus shrugged, “I’ll wait for your call then. Bye.”

Back in the car, Xiran placed two cakes in the back of the car. Tianye Mu started the car and asked her, “Sky city is so small. I can’t believe you can even meet her here.”

Xiran laughed, “Yeah, I thought it was quite a coincidence. She wanted to come over and see you, but I turned her down.”

“Why did she want to see me?”

“Because you’re handsome.” Xiran reached up and picked at his chin, teasing, “After all, I save you because of your good looking.”

“Then I really have to thank my parents for giving me a good appearance that attracts you.”

“So you need keep it well. If you are not looking good, maybe I’ll find someone else.” Xiran teased.

Tianye smiled faintly, “You just give up. I won’t give you the chance to find someone else.”

Not far away, Venus watched the car leave. She suddenly remembered the car she’d seen the day of the heavy rain. Then she suddenly shook her head. “The streets are full of black cars like this one.” She thought.

Back at the Ye family villa, Kerry had returned from work. She had found nothing on her trip, which Kerry had predicted. He had sent someone to look at every property in the house the night it rained. The reason why he let her see it in person was that he didn’t want her to misunderstand him.

The strange thing for Kerry was that her expression was not as disappointed as he thought it would be. After asking her about it, he knew that she had met Xiran.

Kerry didn’t say anything.

“What is this annoying woman doing in Sky City again?” he thought.

After five months of construction, the city’s largest amusement park was nearing completion. To ensure a perfect finish, Kerry and Xuan Chu stayed at the construction site almost every day. However, Kerry’s fear happened.

A worker fell from a high shelf and died on the spot.

Kerry and Xuan was informed of this matter and then rushed to the scene. There was blood all over the ground, which was horrible.

Kerry made a quick decision. He called the worker’s construction team, and said to the leader of these workers, “Contact the family of the worker immediately. Tell your men not to mention the matter to anyone. If the media knew about this, we can’t explain it clearly.”

“Yes, Mr. Ye.”

Then Kerry said to Kai Chen, the Engineering Manager, “Seal off the site and don’t let anyone in. Also notify the funeral home and take the dead worker away.”

Xuan waited for him to make all the arrangements and asked, confused, “Shouldn’t the police be notified first?”

Kerry glanced at him, “The police are busy, and we’d better not give them any trouble.”

“But, after all, it’s a matter of human’s life.”

Kerry said coldly, “Mr. Chu, you may not be familiar with the way things are done there. If we can solve the problem privately, we’d better not inform the police. People didn’t notify the police when a patient dies in the hospital, right? The amusement park will be completed in three days, and I don’t want any bad news about it at this time.”

Xusn was silent. It was true that he didn’t understand these ways of dealing with problems. But he and Kerry had the same goal of not having any negative news about the amusement park before it opened.

Kerry stood at the site for a while, and then he called his friend from the police station.

“Mr. Wei, a worker at my construction site died in an accident. If someone ever go to the police station and ask about it, let me know it ahead of time.”

“How did he die?” asked Mr. Wei.

Kerry looked at the ten-meter high shelf and said, “He fell off the high shelf and died instantly.”

“Okay, I got it.”

The dead worker was not a local. His family had rushed to Sky City from the rural areas after learning the news. Kerry didn’t show up, but sent Kai Chen to talk to his family. No matter what they offered, Kerry demanded that Kai agree to all of them.

Kerry and Xuan sat at the construction site waiting for news. Three hours later, a call came from Kai.

“Mr. Ye, his family is demanding one million two hundred thousand in compensation and they’re asking for a job for his child.”

Kerry frowned.

“Tell them I can compensate them for a million and a half. But I’m not responsible for his kid’s job.”

After a long time, Kai finally called and said the family agreed to the terms.

“Let them cremate him immediately, and then send his family back overnight. Ask them for an account, and I’ll have the money transferred to them today.”

It only took ten hours from the accident to the matter being dealt with, and then the worker seemed to have evaporated, leaving no trace of him.

Kerry thought the matter was settled like this. But the next morning, the news that a worker at the newly built amusement park died due to a fall exploded on the internet, along with a photo

Kerry saw the news while eating breakfast, and lost his appetite because of anger.

“Henry,” Kerry shouted. Henry rushed in.

“Go find out who leaked the news.” Kerry yelled.

Venus didn’t know much about the incident. All she knew was that there had been an accident at the construction site and a worker died and Kerry had taken care of this matter.

“Could it be that someone deliberately hyped it up” Venus asked.

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My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 223 Who Put Daisies on My Parents’ Graves? (2)
Kerry’s eyes were cold, “This amusement park will take business away from many people’s. Of course they want it to get a bad reputation before it opens. There are too many people who want to set me up.”

“So what are you going to do about it?” asked Venus.

“The families of the dead have been sent back to their home overnight. Without them coming out to cause trouble, there won’t be much trouble. They’re trying to ruin my amusement park business with a picture. It’s ridiculous.” Kerry said calmly.

“So, have you picked an opening date yet?”

“Not yet. The amusement park staffs are in training. Now this is happening suddenly. I need to get someone to figure out a good date to open it.”

Venus was silent for a few seconds and said, “Can you postpone its opening for a month?”

“Why?” Kerry asked.

Venus looked serious, “In a month, my agreement with the man with the silver mask will expire. We can’t let Xuan leave now, just in case the man with the silver mask will play tricks on us. If this amusement park opens, there will be no need for Xuan to stay here. Once he leaves, we’ll lose one bargaining chip.”

Kerry had almost forgotten about this. After Venus mentioned it, he remembered the importance of Xuan Chu.

“You’re right. Since Xuan is here, we can’t let him get away.” said Kerry.

“And with the extra month you can decorate the amusement park properly. After it’s been decorated more perfectly, then you can present it to the customers.” said Venus.

Kerry looked at Venus with a strange look. He felt like she’d suddenly matured a lot.

Venus saw his gaze and smiled, “Don’t look at me like that. It’s actually the same as making clothes; a dress that takes three days to make is definitely not as good as one that takes a month to make.”

“You’re right,” Kerry said leaning in close to her and staring into her eyes, “I’ve noticed that you seem to have changed a lot.”

“People always have to grow up.” Venus continued to eat the porridge from her own bowl.

She became mature, but she paid a price for it. If she could, she would have preferred to remain an infantile child forever.


The car was still on its way to the office when Secretary Liu’s call came in. She said there were more than ten people blocking the entrance to the office to interview Kerry, and she asked Kerry to enter the office through the elevator in the underground garage.

“Are these journalists free every day? I’ve been in the headlines many times this year,” Kerry complained.

“It’s not that they want to pay attention to you, it’s that the people behind them pay attention to you. They listen to whoever pays their salaries. Now that you’re a talking head again, news about you will be more attractive to the public. That’s all they small journalists can do to make money.” Venus explant.

Kerry looked at her in amazement, “You know so much about it?”

“My teacher used to be a journalist. He mentioned his experience in class.”

At the office, Kerry called the head of publicity department. “Get those reporters into the conference room. I’ll be there at 9:30 for an interview.”

“Mr. Ye, you said before that you would prevent this news from spreading. Why will you respond to the matter?” he asked, surprised.

Kerry said flatly, “When the news didn’t leak, of course I had to take measures to prevent the news from spreading. Now that it’s leaked, I’d rather respond to the matter, lest someone continue to hype it later.”

“I understand.”

Too many things can happen in a month. In today’s society, the death of a migrant worker is like a gust of wind. It blows today, and tomorrow it’s gone. And avoiding the matter will only allow the people behind it to hype it.

At 9:30 a.m., Kerry arrived at the conference room, cameras and microphones all pointed at him.

Kerry looked around with a smile on his face and said, “I heard that you reporters came here this morning without eating. You guys are so dedicated!”

As soon as the reporters heard what he said, they knew that he was mocking them.

“Mr. Ye, can you tell us more about the accident at the construction site yesterday afternoon?” A female reporter was the first to ask.

Kerry looked at her with a cold expression, “That’s why I’m here. Have a seat, everyone. It’s the same story you’ve been hearing. A worker fell off the building and died. We immediately contacted his family, and offered them a generous compensation. His family was very pleased.”

“Does this mean that there is a loophole in the safety measures at your site?” Another reporter asked.

Kerry said with ease, “I can assure you that there are no problems with the safety measures at our amusement park. If you have any questions, you can go to the construction site and check out.”

“If so, why did this tragedy happen?”

“I’m sorry about this incident as well. According to his family’s description, the worker had severe high blood pressure. Perhaps he just happened to be unwell before the tragedy occurred,” Kerry said.

The reporters looked at each other. How could there be a hidden story?

“Then I’d like to ask Mr. Ye if you could disclose the contact information of the family, we’d like to interview them.” A reporter continued to ask.

Eventually, Kerry turned cold. “I respect your spirit of seeking the truth, but there is a bottom line to everything. Their loved one has just died and they are very sad, yet you go to their homes and ask questions. I want to ask you, do you think this is appropriate?”

The reporter who asked the question lowered his head in embarrassment. But some journalists kept asking, “But that’s your side of the story. We can’t just believe what you say.”

Kerry smiled coldly, “You came to my office early in the morning to ask about this very thing. Now I’ve made it clear, and you say that’s my side of the story. I don’t understand why you have to bother with me when it was just an accident. Are you here to find the truth, or are you helping others to deliberately make things difficult for me?”

“And if the family had any objections, they would have gone to the media, or to the authorities, to complain. Now they haven’t said anything. They just want to go home quietly and have a funeral, and that’s their attitude.” Kerry continued.

There was silence in the room, and Kerry looked at everyone with indifference for a moment before asking, “Is there anything else you’d like to ask?”

No one said anything, just shook their heads.

“I have work to do, so I’ll leave,” Kerry looked at the head of the publicity department and said, “Please see the reporters off for me.”

“Yes, Mr. Ye.”

Kerry strode out of the meeting room, and the head of the publicity department took out more than ten red envelopes from his bag and handed them out to each of them in turn.

Everyone smiled, and took the red envelopes and left.

Because of Kerry’s explanation and the red envelope, most reporters were much more cautious when writing their articles. So after the afternoon reports came out, the bad opinion about Kerry gradually became less.

At that time, Henry also got the news. It was true that one of the other amusement parks had told the media about the incident, and that other companies that had had problems with the Yehuang Group were deliberately involved, and it was Mu’s Group that had contributed the most.

Kerry laughed. Before, there was Hao Nangong wherever there was something wrong and now he was no longer out to get him in trouble, and Mu’s Group started to get him in trouble again. He was really curious if it was Tianye Mu behind this.

“If it’s him, how did he survive? How could he be willing to hide in the shadows for so long? It’s so unlike him.” Kerry thought.

Xuan Chu grew accustomed to the way things were done here, and admired Kerry’s tactics. But when Kery offered to postpone the opening date, Xuan disagreed.

“Why postpone it? Aren’t things settled now?” asked Xuan.

“Something just happened at the construction site, and it’s too bad to open it now. Besides, our staff training is still immature, and some of the facilities inside are not yet complete. If the amusement park opens now, it won’t be good for its long-term development.” Kerry made up excuses.

After a few moments of silence, Xuan asked, “How long are you going to postpone the opening?”

“Now, It’s the end of August and it’ll open on September 30th.”

“A month later?”

Kerry smiled casually, “Yes, the day after we open is the National Day. Many people will be there. There are many things we need to do before then, such as a lot of pre-publicity, checking all the equipment, etc., to make it perfect.”

Xuan thought for a long time on the phone.

Kerry picked a good date, but that meant he would have to stay in the city for another month.

As soon as the job site was finished, Venus had a problem.

Kerry was in his office reading the file of the day, and Venus ran into his office in a panic.

He was shocked and ran over to help her, “What’s wrong?”

Venus cried before he spoke, “He wants to hurt the baby.”

“Did he call you? Take your time.” Kerry helped her to the couch.

Venus trembled and handed him the phone.

Kerry opened the phone and saw a video. The video was opened and the child’s cute smiling face appeared. He was then carried by a pair of hands to a bathtub full of water, and then, with a thud, the child was thrown into the tub.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 223 Who Put Daisies on My Parents’ Graves?(3)
Kerry’s breathing stopped sharply and his eyes widened. He watched the child struggle and plop in the water. After a few seconds, the hands grabbed the child by one of his legs and pulled him out of the water, patting him on the back a few times. The child spat out a few mouthfuls of water and cried out.

The sound of the crying entered Kerry’s ears through the phone and tore at his heart. His eyes turned completely red and he gripped the phone tightly. He wanted to chop the owner of those hands into pieces.

Then a man’s voice came out, “Mrs. Mu, this is just a little punishment for you. You still have a month, but my patience is limited.”

“Bastard! Bastard!” Kerry was furious and almost slammed the phone in her hand.

Venus’ tears flowed freely and her heart ached.

“Give him the treasure map, please. I don’t know how this pervert will torture my child,” Venus begged him in tears.

Kerry was furious. His temples were throbbing. He wanted to shout and to vent his anger, but now he needed to calm down. He rushed into the restroom and washed his face with cold water.

The pain he felt was no less than Venus’s when he saw his child in the water begging for his life

Letting out a heavy breath, Kerry walked out of the room, took out a tissue and wiped Venus’s tears. Then he hugged her and said quietly, “ I’ll give the treasure map to him.”

Venus was startled and looked at Kerry, whose eyes were also red.

He nodded and said firmly, “I mean it. I’ll give it to him. But I’ll ask him to let you deliver the treasure map to him personally. You will give it to him after you see the child.”


Kerry said, “Half a month later. If you can’t bring the baby back, I have at least half a month to figure out how to find the man with silver mask. As long as I know where he lives, I will save the child even if it costs me my life.”

Even if his secret was exposed, he didn’t care in the slightest.

After Venus heard his words, tears fell again and she choked out, “Kerry, thank you.”

Kerry touched her head, “Why did you thank me? He’s my child, too.”

Venus leaned into his arms and grew calm.


The temperature was still high in September.

Tianye Mu brought Xiran Xiao to the cemetery. He was stunned when he saw the two bunches of dried flowers and partially dried offerings in front of his parents’ tombstones.

“It looks like someone has come to visit them,” Xiran said.

Tianye bent his knees and squatted down to examine the two bouquets of flowers, surprised.

“What’s wrong with them?” Xiran squatted down and asked, confused.

“Look at these two bouquets of flowers, can you tell who has been here?” she asked, then continued, “This one is carnations, and this one seems to be daisies.”

“Are they really daisies?” Tiaye asked.

Xiran pinched off a dried flower and sniffed it and said, “They are daisies. Chrysanthemum petals are curled and long, but daisy petals are straight and short.”

“Daisies?” Tianye was talking to himself, and the expression on his face was a bit odd.

Xiran turned her head to look at him and asked, puzzled, “What’s the story of the daisies?”

Tianye’s eyes fell on a photo of his mother, “Daisies were my mother’s favorite flower. When she was alive, she planted many of these flowers in the garden.”

“But who put daisies on my parents’ graves?” Tianye was puzzled.

“Maybe your relatives used daisies to visit your parents.” said Xiran.

Tianye shook his head, “No. When my parents were still alive, they would still come to my family and ask my parents to help them, but after my parents passed away, they started to hate my sister and me. They won’t come to visit my parents.”

Xiran listened to him talk about his family matters, but she could not interrupt and silently stayed by his side.

His mother in the photo was so beautiful, and But she didn’t look as serious as Tiany described. Rather, she looked like a lady from high society, with a kind of gentleness and elegance.

“It happened to be the anniversary of my parents’ death some time ago. Could it be that Venus came to visit them?” Tianye said.

Besides Venus, he couldn’t think of anyone else who could visit his parents.

Xiran gazed at him, “Didn’t Venus disappear? Why is she here?”

“Maybe she’s living somewhere like me, and I just haven’t found her.” At this point Tianye paused, and then denied his thoughts, “That’s not true either. If she is alive, she has to live a life. But she hasn’t used a penny of the money in her account.”

Xiran patted his shoulder, “Don’t think about that now. We came here today to pay respects to your parents. We’ll think about this afterwards.”

Then Tianye’s knelt in front of his mother’s tombstone. “Mom, I’ve come to see you. This one next to me is Xiran Xiao. She is my girlfriend.”

Xiran knelt next to him. “Hello, Mrs. Mu.” she said.

Tianye’s tone was very low, “Mom, I’m sorry. You and father asked me to take good care of Venus but I didn’t. Now I don’t know where she is. If your spirits in heaven know where she is, please bless her.”

After Tianye finished this, he stared at his mother’s picture, and tears couldn’t help but fall.

Xiran, who was beside him, saw his tears and held his hand.

More than two years ago, he and his parents were sitting happily together at dinner, and now, his family was broken and his sister was nowhere to be found.

After stopping at the cemetery for half an hour, Tianye and Xiran headed back to the cemetery’s office. Suddenly he saw the surveillance camera in the driveway.

“You want to see the surveillance? What date do you want to see the monitoring records?” The middle-aged woman asked impatiently.

“Around July 15.” Tianye said. It was the anniversary of his parents’ death.

The middle-aged woman pouted her thick lips and looked up the records on the computer, “You can only see the entrance surveillance on July 15th. We only keep one month’s garden surveillance.”

“Then please let me see the entrance surveillance.” Tianye was depressed and said.

The middle-aged woman had a look at him. “Sir, we have a rule here that you can’t check the surveillance without a document from the Public Security Bureau. If everyone were like you and came to check the surveillance every day, I would have to be so busy.”

Tianye took out his wallet and put all the cash in it in her hand, “I really have something very important. Please help me.”

The middle-aged woman’s eyes showed joy. She felt the thickness of the money, which should be enough to cover her two months’ salary. She quickly stuffed the money into her bag and muttered, “You’re in a hurry, so I broke the rules and showed it to you. You’re not allowed to tell anyone about this.”

Tianye smiled, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

The woman searched in the computer for a while, and then she found a July 15 folder, and then clicked on it. There was indeed a section of surveillance, which was the entrance.

“Take your time watching this. I’m going to get a drink of water.” She took the glass and left the chair.

The surveillance showed the early morning. The screen was dark. Tianye dragged the mouse directly and then the time was six o’clock. It was dawn, and there was a straight road with verdant pines and cypresses planted on both sides.

Tianye didn’t have the patience to look at it one second at a time. He clicked the mouse and fast-forwarded. Around 6:50, a car came in. It was a very ordinary Volkswagen. The surveillance camera was a high-definition camera, and it could be seen that the driver was a fat middle-aged man wearing a pair of glasses.

Xiran took a look at a middle-aged woman sitting in a chair by the window playing with her phone, and said to her, “Do you usually live here?”

“I don’t live here,” the woman said in disgust. “It’s so creepy here.”

“Please help us see if he is one of your company’s men.”

The woman didn’t move and asked her, “What does he look like?”

“He is fat, wears glasses, probably in his forties.” Xiran simply described.

“He’s our director.”

Tianye clicked the mouse again. A bicyclist and an electric bike rider appeared on the monitor. Inadvertently, a black Cayenne drove past in the camera. Because Tianye was looking it quickly, he only saw half of the body of the Cayenne when it appeared. But Tianye still saw the luxurious car at once, and he rewound the surveillance video.

At 7:32, the black Cayenne drove in. He was even more puzzled when he saw the license plate and the person driving the car on it.

Xiran saw his expression was strange and asked, “Do you know this car?”

“Yes.” Tianye said with difficulty.

“Whose car is it?” asked Xiran.

Tianye looked up at her, “It’s Kerry’s and the driver is his assistant, Henry.”

Xiran was also surprised. She looked down carefully at the surveillance camera and seemed to see something strange, pointing at the picture and saying, “Look at the passenger side.”

Tianye followed her finger and saw two bouquets of flowers on the passenger seat, the bottom one could not be seen, and the top were daisies.

He was stunned. “Did Kerry come to put daisies on my parents’ graves? How is this possible?” he thought.

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