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Chapter 223: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 223 Don’t Stop Before I Ask You to Stop!

Barr’s face turned pale, but he said righteously, “I don’t need to explain more about the situation that made Doris marries you. I like Doris and I only wish that Doris can have a happy life. Look at her now, she has turned into a child. Isn’t this your fault? Do you still have the face to let Doris stay with you?”

The crowd was surprised upon hearing this.

“Is this woman mentally sick?”

“Is she a fool?”

“Shhhh, lower your voice….”

However, Colin had heard it. He coldly glanced at the crowd. He couldn’t tolerate them for insulting Doris.

“Don’t you think of walking out here safely today!”

After speaking, Colin immediately made a phone call, “Gerd, come to my house.”

Barr’s heart flipped. It’s Gerd!

He had called Gerd here!

The crowd didn’t know Gerd. So, they made an uproar.

“Hey, how can you act this way? We only stated some facts and yet, you won’t let us go. Do you plan to kill us?”

“It’s illegal to kill!”

“If you dare to do anything, we’ll contact the police immediately.”

Colin snorted when they heard them planning to call the police, “Okay, report it to the police, then! I’ll help you.”

After he finished speaking, everyone was stunned.

Then, Colin really took his phone out to call the police.

“Hello, I want to make a report.”

“There’s a bunch of gangsters in front of my house. They planned to rob my house. It happened that thirty million is also missing from my house. I suspect they did it.”

Everyone was taken aback.

What the hell?


Barr froze for a long time, before finally reacting, “Colin, what nonsense are you talking about? I didn’t even go inside. What kind of robbery?”

Vanessa suddenly interrupted, “Don’t you hear what he said? Thirty million is missing!”

Bailee, who was watching quietly from the side, nodded.

“You! What does it have anything to do with us?” Barr said angrily.

“Who knew whether you stole the money or not? This is a private villa. A bunch of you gather here, which is clearly not normal.” Colin said lightly.

“You!” Barr pointed angrily at Colin, “You are framing us!”

Colin shrugged, which obviously meant, I’m framing you, so what?

Barr was very angry and so did the crowd.

“You are framing us!”

“You have no evidence, why did you accuse us?”

“Right. When the police come, they’ll find out by checking the surveillance camera. We didn’t do it!”

When Barr heard those words, his eyes lit up, and smiled proudly, “They are right, Colin. There is a surveillance camera here. Since you made the false report, you’re the one who’ll be arrested by then!”

Colin slightly frowned upon hearing that, Vanessa was also slightly worried. Bailee continued watching the mess, while Doris was completely puzzled.

Then, in front of the crowd, Colin walked towards his surveillance camera.

He then took down the camera in front of everyone and smashed it fiercely to the ground that it was smashed to pieces.

“Colin Ward!” Barr had never met someone so brazen.

Colin snorted, then he took out his phone and made a phone call to the manager of Lanbo Port, Ye Kui, “The surveillance camera in Lanbo Port villa needs to be repaired.”

After hanging up the phone, Colin glanced at everyone.

Everyone took a step back but their gaze was filled with discontentment towards Colin.

Colin’s gaze finally lingered on Barr’s bunch of bright and red roses.

“I don’t want this kind of thing to appear in front of Doris.”

After speaking, Colin snatched the roses, threw them on the ground, and stomped them hard.

“Colin Ward!” Barr’s face looked twisted, “How dare you step on my flowers?!”

Colin snorted and turned to look at Doris, then asked, “Do you want the flowers that he sent you?”

It was easy for a child to feel an adult’s emotion, so Doris shook her head firmly, “No”

Colin took a look at Barr again silently. The meaning of his gaze was obvious.

Nothing could be more embarrassing than this.

Barr completely lost his face.

At this time, Xiao Rongtao, who was in the crowd, suddenly spoke, “You’re pressuring her. She didn’t say it voluntarily.”

Colin looked at him in a glance. When he saw Xiao Rongtao, he squinted his eyes.

Gerd arrived just in time.

“Beat him up, Gerd!”

Gerd immediately walked towards the crowd.

The crowd stepped back upon seeing this. Soon, Xiao Rongtao was exposed.

Xiao Rongtao was taken aback after seeing Gerd.

“What… What are you doing?”

Gerd didn’t say a word and slapped him.


The clear sound of the slap was echoing in the house.

Everyone that watched in the crowd flinched.

My God, how painful would it be if it happened to them!

Xiao Rongtao clutched his face and glared at Colin, “Colin Ward! You made someone f*****g slap me!”

“Keep slapping him!” Colin said, “Don’t stop before I ask you to stop!”

Gerd raised his hand and slapped him again.






Everyone was dumbfounded as the sound of slapping lingered in their ears.

Barr didn’t dare to speak. After seeing Gerd’s strength, only a fool would come forward.

Xiao Rongtao couldn’t say a word anymore and both sides of his face were swollen.

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