Chapter 224: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 224 The Only Treasure Map (1)
Even if Kerry did come, how did he know that Tianye Mu’s mother likes daisies?

It’s so strange.

As far as Tianye knows, when Kerry’s parents died some years ago, Kerry bought them a geomantic treasure land to bury them and didn’t bury them in the cemetery. Ye family has no relatives, either. So what’s he doing here so early in the morning?

Tianye’s mind was in turmoil and Xiran Xiao drove the car back to Sky City.

“Maybe Kerry really loves Venus Mu, so he came to worship your parents.” Xiran said with a smile in the car.

After hearing that, Tianye snorted and said, “Kerry? It’s impossible.”

“Then how do you explain this?” Xiran asked.

After being silent for a long while, Tianye said, “Even if he really loves Venus, seeing him kill me with his own hands can only make Venus hate him more. So how could she tell something about my parents to him?”

Xiran was also confused for that.

Xiran steered the car towards the eastern suburbs. After seeing Tianye is silent with complex facial expressions, Xiran asked, “What comes to your mind again?”

“I’m thinking about your friend, Yan Chu.” Tianye said.

“Yan? What does this have to do with her?” Xiran said in confusion.

“The first time I saw her at the Japanese restaurant, I almost recognized her as Venus.” Tianye said with a frown.

“Ah? Are Yan and Venus look alike?” Xiran asked.

“They don’t look alike, but their silhouettes, their height, and the way they walk are all similar. So when I first saw her, I thought she is Venus.” Tianye said.

“Is there such a coincidence?” Xiran said unbelievably.

“Do you think it’s possible that Yan is Venus?” Tianye said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Xiran tittered and shook her head, saying, “How is that possible? If she is Venus, why should she pretend to be Yan? Besides, Chu family in Hong Kong is not easy to mess with and Yan’s brother Xuan Chu is in Sky City. If Yan is fake, how could Xuan don’t know that? Also, Yan went to my house last time. She saw you when you were in the coma and she didn’t make any response.”

Tianye buried his face in his hands and laughed in a self-mockery way. “You’re right. I’m crazy. I’m going off into wild flights of fancy.” Tianye said.

Xiran reached out her hand to touch his head and said, “You’re under too much pressure. Take it easy.”

“Alas…”Tianye heaved a sigh and leaned back in the chair to refresh his spirit by closing his eyes.

“What the hell was Kerry doing? Why did he inexplicably come to the cemetery to pay his respects? What he did made me wonder a lot of things.” Tianye thought.

When they were close to home, Xiran received a phone call. It’s a friend Xiran used to hang out with called. Her friend invited her to a birthday party on a yacht.

“Is it your birthday party?” Xiran asked.

“Yes, and that’s why you have to come. We haven’t seen you for ages. You’ve been home most of the year and it’s so hard to see you.” Xiran’s friend said with deep emotion.

“But,” Xiran took a look at Tianye next to her and said, “I’m in Sky City now…”

“It’s doesn’t matter. You just wait for me at the beach tomorrow, and I’ll pick you up by my yacht.” Xiran’s friend said. He didn’t give Xiran any chance to refuse.

“OK. I will contact you tomorrow.” Xiran said helplessly.

After hanging up the phone, Tianye said somewhat jealously, “Does he like you?”

Xiran nodded handsomely and said, “Yes. He’s been chasing me for years, and I always say no directly, but he is too perseverant.”

“I’ll go with you tomorrow and put an end to his thoughts.” Tianye said in an overbearing way.

“Don’t you afraid of being recognized?” Xiran said with a smile.

“Not a bit. I don’t do anything illegal. What am I afraid of? At the worst, I have to confront Kerry, but it’s not certain who will be the winner.” Tianye said. He would rather be exposed than let Xiran go to the party alone. Xiran’s friend has evil intentions, what if he does something to harass Xiran…Tianye couldn’t bear to think about it.

“In the name of your passion, you are allowed to be my knight tomorrow night.” Xiran smiled happily said.

Xiran’s had too many admirers these years. Some were after her beauty, some for her fortune, and of course there is no denying that some really like her. But fortunately, she has high taste and didn’t take a fancy to anyone, otherwise she couldn’t be with Tianye.

Now it’s time for Tianye to declare to Xiran’s admirers that he is her boyfriend.

When they passed a mall, they got off the car. Tianye accompanied Xiran to go into the mall to buy the most expensive lighter as a gift. If it’s quite all right, Tianye wanted Xiran to give him a red envelope containing money as a gift directly.

Xiran pinched Tianye’s face and said, “Well, you’ve been jealous all night. You are just like a pot of aged vinegar.”

Tianye pulled Xiran into his arms and said, “How dare you say I’m old?”

“Brother, you are 30. Aren’t you old?” Xiran said.

“Hum, I’ll let you know if I am old or not at night.” Tianye said.

“I’ll wait and see.” Xiran said.


In the late afternoon, a large yacht leaned slowly against the dock, and from it came a young man in high spirit. When he saw Xiran dressed in gorgeous clothes, he came up to her excitedly. “Xiran, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You are getting more and more beautiful.” The man said.

“Thank you.” Xiran said. Xiran then leaned to one side to introduce Tianye to him, “This is my boyfriend, Mr. Mu. This is my friend Yan Shangguan, who I met on a trip. You can call him Mr. Shangguan.”

Tianye reached out his hand and said politely, “Hello, Mr. Shangguan.”

Yan was stunned for a moment and then shook hands with Tianye. “Hello, Mr. Mu.” Yan said.

Tianye handed the gift to Yan and said, “This is s birthday present for you from me and Xiran. Happy birthday.”

Yan prepared to take this opportunity to confess his love to Xiran again, but it seems that he missed the right time.

Xiran is the most special among them. She is rich and beautiful, but she never puts on airs. She never engages in a dubious relationship with others. Anyone she doesn’t like she refuses him directly. There are a lot of men turned down by her.

They had a private bet on who would be her boyfriend. Today, Xiran announced the answer. It turns out that she likes such a man.

Tianye is handsome with fine features, and he is saturated with male hormones.

Yan took the gift and took Tianye and Xiran to the yacht. Walking beside Xiran, Yan couldn’t help looking over at her. Then he was desperate, because he saw the maroon hickey beneath her earlobe.

The yacht was decorated with flowers like a place for marriage proposal. When the crowd saw the three coming, their facial expression became a little weird. They are friends of Yan and of course they know Yan like Xiran, but they didn’t know that Yan has a boyfriend already.

A few who know Xiran came up to greet Xiran and asked the identity of Tianye in a seemingly casual way. When Xiran said Tianye is her boyfriend, they smiled awkwardly.

Tianye knew it’s not a simply birthday party the moment he came.

Is there a man who likes to decorate the place for birthday party with so many pink roses and flower-shaped arches? It’s clearly a scene for proposal.

Tianye put his arms around Xiran’s waist and whispered in her ear, “It’s a good thing I came, or there would be a marriage proposal.”

Xiran agreed with what Tianye said.

Yan was low-spirited for a while but he was not willing to give up. Gathering with fighting will, Yan came up to Tianye and Xiran, saying, “Xiran, I’d like to speak to you in private.”

Xiran turned round to give Tianye a sign to leave. Although Tianye was reluctant to leave, he didn’t want to humiliate the host today. After bowing his head and kissing Xiran on the cheek, he went to the deck.

Tianye thought Xiran could handle it. After all, she has refused others for countless times.

Then a tall and thin man came up to Tianye. He is very voluptuous and all his clothes are of famous brands. “Are you Xiran’s boyfriend?” He asked Tianye.

Tianye took a look at him and said “yes”.

The man didn’t care about Tianye’s attitude and put on an arrogant facial expression.

“There is nothing special about you. Why Xiran takes a fancy on you?” The man said.

“There is indeed nothing special about me, but I’m the one she likes.” Tianye said.

“Hum, don’t be pleased with yourself. Maybe Xiran will dump you in two days when she is tired of being together with you.” The man said.

“I don’t know whether she will dump me, but I am sure she won’t be attracted to people like you.” Tianye said.

The man was speechless. After giving Tianye a hateful look, he turned and left.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 224 The Only Treasure Map (2)
Tianye Mu found someone was taking photos with a cell phone, and he walked into the shadow calmly. Tianye looked at Xiran Xiao who was in the soft light. Her expression was firm and indifferent. Yan Shangguan, on the other hand, was very depressed.

They finished talking and Xiran came up to Tianye.

“Have you finished talking?” Tianye asked.

Xiran leaned against Tianye and said, “Yes.” After pausing for a while, Xiran said, “He is a good man.”

Tianye put his arm around Xiran’s shoulder and said with a smile, “The good guy card works well all the time. When we will leave?”

“Wait until we sing the birthday song and cut the cake. If we leave now, it’s really a blow to him.” Xiran said.

“OK. It’s up to you.” Tianye said.

The sea was unusually calm, and a moon hung in the sky, like a piece of jade.

In the villa of Ye family.

Kerry was lying on the bed, swiping his phone while waiting for Venus Mu to finish her shower.

Wait. What’s this?

There is an article on microblog which reads that my friend prepared to confess his love to the girl he admires, but the girl has boyfriend. I feel sorry for my friend.

There is a picture below the article. In the picture, a man smiles reluctantly as he makes a wish and there is a group of people gathered around him to create a disturbance. To Kerry’s surprise, there are two men standing at a distance in the dim light. Their faces are invisible, but their figures are familiar to Kerry.

Kerry felt he met them somewhere before.

Kerry enlarged the picture and finally got a good look at the woman’s face. She is Xiran Xiao. But because the light is too dim, Kerry couldn’t see who is the man next to Xiran. But judging from the figure, the man seems to be Tianye Mu.

The name popped into Kerry’s head. Kerry then became serious. He stared at the picture again for a long time, but he still found nothing.

After thinking for a while, Kerry found the phone number of the one who sent the microblog and sent a message to him.

What’s the name of the pretty girl’s boyfriend on your microblog?

Kerry got a reply quickly. It reads: I don’t know. The pretty girl didn’t introduce his boyfriend too much.

“Go and ask someone else.” Kerry texted back.

“Why don’t you say that earlier? The host is in bad mood and the party is over.” Kerry’s friend replied.

“Fuck!” Kerry cursed in low voice. Just then Venus came out of the bathroom with wet hair. After hearing his curse, Venus asked in confusion, “Who pisses you off again?”

Kerry put down his phone calmly and said, “I saw a piece of bad news so I said that.”

Kerry was not sure if the man is Tianye or not, so he didn’t want Venus to know that. If he is not Tianye, Venus would be sad again. He would tell Venus when he makes sure.

“Come here. I’ll help you dry your hair.” Kerry said. Kerry then bent down to get the hair dryer from the bedside table and Venus sat beside him.

Hot air flowed through Kerry’s fingertips. Kerry blew her long hair carefully. “Last time you said you happened to meet Xiran, and why didn’t you go out with her?” Kerry asked casually.

“Maybe she is busy.’ Venus said.

“Oh, have you ever seen her boyfriend?” Kerry asked.

“I haven’t seen her boyfriend. No, I remembered I have seen him once at her house. But her boyfriend was in a coma at that time. I haven’t seen him after he wake up.” Venus said. Then Venus turned to look at Kerry and asked suspiciously, “Why are you so concerned about Xiran today. You don’t get along well with her.”

Kerry smiled and said, “She’s a good friend of you and I’d like to know more about her. Maybe I can have more to talk with her next time we meet.”

Venus stared at him for a few seconds. She obviously had great doubts about Kerry’s answer. “Don’t do something bad to her, or I will never forgive you.” Venus said seriously.

“I have no conflict of interest with her, and how will I do something bad to her? Don’t worry, I really want to get along with your friend.” Kerry said immediately.

“It better be that case.” Venus said.

Kerry smiled bitterly. “Venus met Xiran’s boyfriend in Xiran’s house, that is to say, Xiran’s boyfriend is not Tianye. Am I thinking too much?” Kerry thought.

As the days went on, Nighthawk didn’t find any clue. Venus became more and more irritable. Venus and Kerry had agreed to exchange the treasure map with the man with silver mask in the middle of September, but the photo sent by him made Venus and Kerry change their mind. They would go to exchange the treasure map with him three days later.

The photo shows the baby’s delicate white skin covers in bruises.

Venus almost went crazy when she saw the photo. She cursed the man a jerk who didn’t keep his word. He promised he wouldn’t hurt her child within half a year. How could he go back on his words?

Venus called him and it got through.

“Are you fucking still a man? You said you wouldn’t hurt my child within half a year. Why you beat him? Is what you said bullshit? Do you know what act up to your promise means? You bastard.” Venus scolded. She has repressed her anger for so long that it all outburst this time.

The man with the silver mask didn’t expect that Venus could be so fierce and he didn’t speak for several seconds.

“Miss Mu, you are a lady. How can you say such swearwords?” The man said.

“Fuck you! Why can’t I scold you? Do you want me to praise you for beating my son? I’ve always thought that even if you’re a bad guy, you are a bad guy who keeps your promise. But it turns out that you are not that kind of person at all. So I don’t want to waste my time talking to you.” Venus said angrily.

“Miss Mu, please be more respectful to me.” The man said.

“You want me to respect you? What have you done that deserves my respect? It’s a shame that you torture a child who is defenseless.” Venus said. When Venus thought of the harm the man did to her son, her was painful all over of anger.

The man also became angry and said, “Venus Mu, I think you don’t want your son.”

Venus was in a huff and said, “OK. Then you can’t get the treasure map. I can give birth to a child again, but there is no treasure map if I destroy it.”

As soon as Venus said that, she was stunned. “Oh my god, what have I said? How could I give up my child for a fake treasure map?” Venus thought.

But words spoken are like thrown away water. Venus could only hold on even though she was remorseful, or the man would take the upper hand and she would have no right of speech.

“My baby, I’m sorry.” Venus said to herself.

Kerry, who was standing next to her, knew what Venus’s thinking and hugged her quietly to give her strength.

The man was silent. He was pondering what Venus said.

Half a minute later, the man said with a much lower voice, “Well, I can promise you that I won’t hurt your son. But you must get the treasure map as soon as possible and then give it to Xuan Chu.”

Venus sneered and said, “Ho, ho, I remember you said that last time, but did you put that into practice?”

“Then what do you want me to do?” The man said.

Venus’s anger was gone. “I’ll take the treasure map to you to get my son back. I must see with my own eyes that he is safe before I give you the treasure map.” Venus said calmly.

“OK, that’s a deal.” The man agreed readily. “Venus, don’t play tricks with me. You are not a match for me. Even you are with Kerry, you can’t win me.” The man said coldly.

Venus took a deep breath and said, “All I want is my child. As long as you don’t hurt my child, I’ll give you the treasure map.”

“It better be that case.” The man said and then hung up the phone.

After hearing the phone hang up, Venus couldn’t support herself anymore and fell into Kerry’s arms limply.

Kerry helped her to sit on the sofa. Kerry caressed her back and said, “All right, it’s OK.”

Venus regained her senses. Her eyes were full of tears. “What the hell did I just say? I wanted me son to die. Oh my god.” Venus said to herself. Venus couldn’t face up what she said and buried her face between her arms to cry.

Kerry reached out his hand to hold her close to him. “That’s not what your real intention. How can you want our child to die? You are his mother and you love him so much. It’s just a quick fix and our son won’t blame you.” Kerry said.

Venus couldn’t stop crying. She knew what Kerry said is right, but she couldn’t forgive herself for saying that.

Kerry was heartbroken. He has never been afraid of anything in his life except for Venus’s tears. Venus’s tears are the most powerful weapons. No matter how strong his psychological quality is, a drop of Venus’s tear can make him flee in confusion.

“Don’t cry. If you really feel sorry for our son, you can make it up to him with the best maternal love when we bring him back. He doesn’t know you are crying now, so it’s useless.” Kerry said.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 224 The Only Treasure Map (3)
Venus Mu was angry at Kerry’s words and punched him in the chest. “Is this your way of consoling others?” Venus said with tearful eyes.

“I’m telling the truth.” Kerry said helplessly.

After choking with sobs for a while, Venus wiped away her tears. She sank into a trance on the sofa for a long time. “I want to find our son three days later. I don’t want to wait any longer.” Venus said.

“OK. I will go to arrange for that.” Kerry said.

There was no news from Nighthawk and Kerry didn’t want to wait any longer. As the child’s father, how could Kerry bear to see his son be fooled by others like a monkey.

“Venus, I want to do something.” Kerry said.”

“What’s that?” Venus said depressedly.

Kerry hesitated for a long time before he spoke, “I’m going to put a GPS on you so I can know where you are all the time. It’s unreliable to put in on your phone or anywhere.”

Venus cheered herself a little up and said without hesitation, “OK, I agree with that. How to put that? Where to put that?”

“A little chip will be put in your arm, but it hurts a little.” Kerry said distressedly.

“I’m not afraid of pain. As long as I can get our son back, I can bear anything.” Venus said.

“I’ll take you there tomorrow.” Kerry said.

As they were about to part, Kerry couldn’t help but have sex with Venus for several times at night. Venus knew Kerry’s mood and tried her best cooperate with him. They didn’t fall asleep until late at night.

The next morning, Kerry drove Venus to a private club secluded in the suburb. The club looks very ordinary on the outside, but things are totally different inside. Various high-tech equipment make Venus dumbfounded.

The boss looks shrewd, but he also has an air of stubbornness and arrogance of engineering students.

The boss seems to know Kerry well. As soon as they came, the boss landed a blow on Kerry’s shoulder, saying, “You are as busy as a bee. Why are you free to come to my club today?”

“Your club is too high-end and professional. I’m an idiot when I am here. I’d rather go to make money.” Kerry said with a smile.

“Oh? Can’t I make money?” The boss said. Then the boss took a look at Venus and asked, “Are you bringing her here to open her vision or you want me to do something?”

“I want you to do something.” Kerry said, “Put a chip that can be located anywhere to her arm.”

The boss looked at Kerry in surprise and said, “GPS? Mr. Ye, you’re so low on confidence. Are you afraid that she will run away?”

“What are you thinking about? I have something serious to do.” Kerry said.

“OK. Leave it to me. But just as the saying goes, correct counting keeps good friendship. You have to pay me.” The boss said.

“How much does it cost?” Kerry asked.

The boss held out five fingers and Kerry said “ok” without hesitation.

“I like to make friends with rich people like you. You never bargain. Little sister, let’s go. It will hurt a little, but it will be over soon.” The boss said with a satisfied smile.

Venus nodded calmly. When she was about to follow the boss to leave, Kerry grabbed her by the arm. “I’m waiting for you here.” Kerry said.

“OK.” Venus said.

The wait was much harder than Kerry thought. Kerry was self-condemned. He is a man but his beloved woman would go to take risks alone. The confidence he had built up over the past three decades collapsed at that moment.

After suffering for more than an hour, the door opened. Kerry walked over at once. Venus’s face was white and her arm was as stiff as a log. The arm where the chip is put into was red and swollen. The blood had been cleaned.

“The girl is too tolerant of pain. She was as mum as a mouse even when it’s too hard to bear the pain. She is a one who can achieve great things.” The boss praised.

Venus smiled wryly. She is just a normal person. It’s only for her child that she became so strong.

Kerry’s heart almost broken when he saw Venus is so painful. “Is it very painful? Sit down and have a rest.” Kerry said.

“The wound should not touch the water for two days. After three days, the will be no marks and no pain will be felt.” The boss said. Then he turned to get something.

Venus leaned on Kerry’s shoulder feebly. Her lips became white out of pain.

Anesthetic was injected to her during the process of putting the chip into her arm, but as soon as the anesthetic didn’t work, pain swept through her body. It’s unbearable that a small thorn is pierced into any part of a person. Let alone a chip of the size of a fingernail.

It’s useless for Kerry to say anything at that moment. There was nothing he could do but hold her to give her strength, even though he wanted to take her place.

A few minutes later, the boss came over with a mobile phone. “In the name of your generosity, I’ll give you a cell phone.” The boss said.

Kerry took the phone over and didn’t find anything special about it.

“The phone is equipped with a GPS tracking system and you can see her location at any time. Besides, it can’t be monitored. It’s impossible for anyone to access information on your phone, including calls, emails, etc. No one can find you by chasing your location while making a phone call, unless you send your location to him.” The boss said.

Kerry was a little surprised by what the boss said. He clicked on the GPS software on the phone and a small red dot appeared on the screen. After being enlarged bit by bit, it pinpointed the location of the private club.

“Thank you. I’ll transfer the money to you right away.” Kerry said.

“I believe you won’t repudiate the debt. Well, I’ll go to take care of my own business. Make yourself at home.” The boss said and then left chicly.

On the way back to home, Kerry drove to Jindun Company to get the fake treasure map.

Venus has forgotten what the treasure map Kerry threw last time looks like. But the treasure map Kerry got from Jindun Company looks very old. It doesn’t look like a one forged by Kerry.

Venus was in much better spirits and she said, “Are you sure it’s fake?”

“I made it myself. It’s fake, of course.” Kerry said.

“But the map seems to be a hundred years old.” Venus said. Venus spread out the treasure map on her hand. It is full of dense routes.

Kerry smile proudly and said, “It may be difficult to turn an old one into a new one, but there are a hundred of ways to turn a new one into an old one.”

“Where these routes get to finally?” Venus asked.

“The ancient kingdom of Minyue,” Kerry took a look at Venus and said, “The descendants of Goujian, king of the state of Yue, fought against the king of the state of Chu. After being defeated, the descendants of Goujian fled to the southeast and established the kingdom of Yue. After 60 or 70 years of construction, the national strength of the kingdom of Yue reached its peak, and it was the most powerful state in the southeast. There are countless treasures in its palace. But strangely, the rich kingdom of Yue disappeared overnight and no one knew where it went. Naturally, the treasures of the kingdom were buried in the ground.” Kerry said.

After hearing this story, Venus was very surprised. “Where do you know these stories?” Venus asked.

“Do you think I am wasting my time reading so many history books in my study?” Kerry said with a smile. The he put on a cold facial expression, saying, “If they believe the treasure map is true and come to mainland, I will give them no chance to go back.”

There is also another possibility, but Kerry didn’t speak it out. That is, if they find the treasure map is false, then the lives of Venus and his son are at stake. So Kerry would go after Venus.

Kerry arranged all the work of the company. Then Kerry told Henry that after he and Venus leave, Henry should bar Xuan Chu up and not let him go anywhere if Xuan takes some actions. Xuan can be used to do something in the future.

Kerry’s mood was very low these two days, but he didn’t want Venus to know that. So he had to try to show he’s happy in front of Venus. At night, Kerry had sex with Venus crazily as if he wanted to eat her up.

Sometimes Kerry even wondered if he could become Thumbelina. In this way, Venus could put him in her pocket and take him anywhere.

By the third day, Venus’s arm was intact, leaving only a slight scar. It can’t be found without careful examination.

Kerry made the difficult decision and said, “Call him.”

Venus bit her lower lip and hesitated for a moment, then dialed the number.

“I’m Venus.” Venus said.

“Miss Mu, I hope you bring me the result I want.” The man said. His voice’s mixed with the sound of waves.

Venus tried her best to be calm and said, “Yes, I got the treasure map.”

The man was obviously surprised. “Good, very good. I’ll send my private plane to pick you up right away.” The man said.

“No. Just tell me the address and I’ll go myself.” Venus said.

“Miss Mu, isn’t it comfortable to take my private plane?” The man said.

Venus sneered and said, “I don’t trust you. What if your men shoot me and take my treasure map away when I am on your plane? Then my loss outweighs my gain. After all, that’s what you did last time.”

The man burst into laughter. “Miss Mu, I find you are smarter.” The man said.

“Just as the saying goes, a fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. You taught me that.” Venus said.

“Since we don’t trust each other, well, let’s do what you said. You can take whatever kind of transportation you want, but I will tell you my location when you arrived at the destination.” The man said.

“OK. It’s a deal.” Venus said.

“My dear Miss Mu, I am looking forward to your coming. I’m sure your child will be very happy, too. And again, I warn you, don’t do anything that makes me unhappy. The baby’s skin is do delicate that I’m afraid I’ll cut off his throat if I’m not careful.” The man said.

“I promise you.” Venus said with hatred in her eyes.

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