Chapter 224: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 224 Coleen Werd, Yu Bazterd!

Gerd didn’t stop until Colin called to stop.

Xiao Rongtao was in a complete daze, because of the force of being slapped so many times, even after it stopped, he still habitually tilted his head left and right. Left and right, it was regularly and rhythmically.

Everyone held back their smile when they saw this.

It took a long time for Xiao Rongtao to respond again and he couldn’t even say anything clearly.

“Coleen Werd, yu bazterd!”


Vanessa laughed out loud. Even Bailee and Doris, who were beside them also laughed.

Barr’s face was darkened. Xiao Rongtao was still considered his men. Since he turned out this way, it really embarrassed him!

“Colin, don’t be too much!” Barr yelled.

Colin looked at Barr coldly, “I can still go further!”


At this time, the police siren was heard and everyone looked over.

“The police are here!”

Colin really called the fucking police. But Barr wasn’t really worried about it. Since there was no evidence, the police couldn’t do anything to them!

“Don’t move!”

As soon as the police got off the car, they pointed their guns at the crowd.

The crowd who came to watch was frightened.

They received the money to help the cheer, but it didn’t mean that they would go to the police station for the money, right?

Xiao Rongtao ran in front of the police, “Offizer, Coleen wuz making a falzo repurt. Arrezt hum!” (Officer, Colin is making a false report. Arrest him!”


The police didn’t understand what Xiao Rongtao said and looked strict, “Don’t move! Behave well!”

Xiao Rongtao was anxious. But nobody could understand what he said.

Barr cursed upon seeing this, “Stupid! Idiot!”

Jason approached and took everyone away.

Barr refused to obey, “Officer, there is no evidence. Why do you take us away?”

“The person who reported has indeed lost 30 million and also all of you appeared here without a reason. I have the reason to take you back for interrogation. I hope you can cooperate!”

Barr was furious. He thought that the police were reasonable but it turned out that he’s on Colin’s fucking side!

Upon seeing this, Colin kicked out the roses on the floor provocatively.

Barr was so angry that he wanted to go back but he was pushed into the police car by two policemen, “Behave!”

To be honest, Colin was a bit childish just now. But it’s difficult for a man to not be childish when facing his love rival.

After everyone left, Jason stayed.

“What’s wrong with you again?”

“He’s here to pursue my wife when I’m not home.” Colin shrugged.

“You have also known Doris’s current condition. She’s just a child. I don’t know how Barr found out about it, but he’s here to deceive Doris!”

“If it weren’t because he still hadn’t done anything, I can guarantee you, I wouldn’t let him walk out of this gate!”

Jason nodded after hearing that.

“You can return now.”

“Won’t you go with me?” Jason asked, “If you don’t go with me, it’ll be difficult.”

Colin asked back, “Even if I go, they also can’t be declared guilty.”

Because it was a fictional thing in the first place.

Jason coughed, “Okay!”

It’s just as soon as Jason left, Colin fainted without a warning.




Vanessa took her acupuncture needle and quickly gave Colin the needle treatment. After it had finished, she put them away.

After more than half an hour later, Colin woke up.

When Colin woke up, he felt his body was weaker than before, as if he was drained. But he was feeling unsure about one question, “Why did I faint?”

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