Chapter 225 – 226: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 225: The Twentieth-Generation Grandson of Emperor Huizong of Song

When the phone was picked up, Jianguo Xu asked, smiling: “My dear daughter, how is everything going with Qiankun?”

Xiaorou was speechless. Why did her dad have to ask this?

She didn’t answer her father’s question but told him what happened about the Mountains in a Sea of Clouds.

When she finished, her father was silent for a moment, and then asked: “Did Qiankun authenticate it? If he says it is real, then it must be real. He is the student of Master Yige Zhao, after all.”

Then Jianguo laughed heartily. He couldn’t be more satisfied with Qiankun. Qiankun did Xu Family such a good favor soon after he comes to this family. Where else could you find a better son-in-law?

Xiaorou nodded when she heard this. She doesn’t like Qiankun, but his ability to identify the real treasures should not be doubted. He received the national certificate after all.

When everyone was waiting for an answer, the middle-aged man whose family name is Zhao got impatient and said: “Are you done? Do you want it or not? If you don’t want it, I’ll just give it to someone else.”

Xiaorou hanged up her phone and walked over in a hurry when she heard this and said: “Wait, Treasure Court will buy this picture.”

Some bosses of antique stores all sighed heavily when they heard this. “What a shame. A good opportunity to make a fortune is blown!” One of them thought.

“Congratulations, Ms. Xu. Treasure Court is getting richer and richer.”

“Congratulations! Congratulations!”

When she heard this, a big smile spread across her face. Then she said to Qiankun Ye, who was sitting beside: “Thank you.”

Qiankun’s heart swelled with pride at that moment. He waved his hand and said: “It’s not a big deal.”

“Jun Yang, transfer the money to Mr. Zhao’s account,” Xiaorou said to Jun Yang.

“Yes, Ms. Xu.” Jun Yang nodded and was about to do it when he was stopped by Kris, who had been remaining silent all the time. “Wait for a second,” Kris said.

And then, everyone looked at Kris, and someone thought: “Who is this man? Even Qiankun Ye, an expert in this filed, said it is real, and why is this man getting himself involved?” And Qiankun was also displeased by this and thought: “What is wrong with the man? This picture is obviously real. He wants to prove me wrong?” Then Qiankun said to Xiaorou: “Don’t listen to him.”

Xiaorou didn’t say anything. She held Kris’s hand and walked to the picture with him and said: “Kris, you can have a good look at this picture.”

This scene irritated Qiankun, and he thought: “What the hell? Why is she holding his hand in public? Didn’t Uncle Xu say this man is only a loser who got married into his wife’s family? Why is Xiaorou so close to him?”

Kris smiled and shook his head. “That’s not necessary. I saw it clearly enough. This picture is good, and the calligraphy resembles Ji Zhao’s calligraphy to a great extent. But there is still a distance between this one and the real one.

“What? He is saying this is not the authentic one?” Everyone looked at Kris in a state of shock.

Mr. Zhao’s face dropped, and said angrily: “What the hell did you say? This picture is passed down to me from my ancestors!”

Mr. Zhao’s two sons also looked at Kris angrily and said: “You’d better explain yourself. You are saying that we are selling the fake picture? You know it is illegal to defame.”

People nodded and said: “Yes, he is right. It is illegal to defame a person.”

And then, Qiankun could no longer hold his anger back. He said: “Kris! My Teacher is Yige Zhao, the president of the Antique Appraisal cooperation. How can I mess it up when it is so obviously real!”

When he finished, everyone looked towards Qiankun in amazement. They couldn’t believe this young man is a student of Yige Zhao’s. Yige Zhao is the president of the Antique Appraisal cooperation and a very famous expert in this field. It is no exaggeration to say that Yige Zhao represents the authority of this filed. No wonder this man can get a national certificate at such a young age. And people believed this picture is real because they don’t think Master Zhao’s student could make a mistake.

Now Kris and Qiankun disagreed with each other. Xiaorou was also getting a little bit nervous. She asked: “Kris, is this picture really fake?”

Kris smiled and said: “When did I say it is fake?”

People froze and thought: Didn’t he say it was fake? Is he just messing with them?

“So, you mean it is not fake, but it is an imitation. Is that what you mean?”

Qiankun found Kris was just talking nonsense.

Mr. Zhao and his two sons were so angry. Because this picture was passed down from their ancestors and had it not been because his two sons need money to get married, they wouldn’t consider selling it at all.

“Young man, you say it is an imitation, and you’d better give us evidence, or we will call the police and arrest you.”

“Yeah. Show us the evidence!!” Qiankun smiled when he saw everyone was going against Kris, and he said: “Kris, I received the national certificate, and I take full responsibility for my words. Can you do that?”

“Why not. Just watch,” Kris smiled. Then he grabbed a cup of water and poured it directly on the picture.

“Is this man crazy? Why would he pour water on the picture? Doesn’t he even have an ounce of sense? Doesn’t he even know that the picture will be ruined when it is wet?” People thought.

Mr. Zhao and his two sons got so anxious, and they wanted to stop him, but it was too late. The bottom right corner was already soaked.

People looked at Kris in disbelief. How can he treat national treasure in this way?

Kris smiled and pointed at the corner that was soaked and said: “Look, can you see some characters there?”

Many people gathered around the picture and looked, and then they all froze because it was true. Some small characters appeared.

“Xuan He Painting Academy. Viewed By Emperor Huizong of Song .” Qiankun read the characters one by one.

Kris took a deep breath and said: “Emperor Huizong of Song created so many paintings, and more than a thousand volumes were recorded in Paintings viewed by Emperor Huizong of Song in Xuan He year, which means there were more than fifteen thousand pictures recorded in that book, which amount to the combined pictures created by dozens of painters in their lifetime. And the number would be astonishing if we counted on the other records. But the truth is that many of the paintings were created by some other artists in Xuan He Painting Academy. So it was already a difficult task to distinguish Emperor Huizong of Song’s painting at his era.”

Then he pointed at the characters that appeared on the picture and said: “These words are proof that this painting is an imitation.”

When Kris finished, the whole place was in silence.

Xiaorou looked at Kris with admiration and affection. She knew Kris wouldn’t make a mistake.

Qiankun tightened his fist. He wanted to argue with Kris, but he didn’t know-how. How could he, the student of Yige Zhao, lose to Kris!

Then Qiankun walked up to Kris and said coldly: “I still believe this is authentic. I want my Teacher to see.”

There was another thing that people don’t know about Yige Zhao, and that is Yige Zhao is actually the twentieth-generation grandson of Emperor Huizong of Song. So nobody knows about the antiques in the Song Dynasty better than Yige Zhao.

Then he took out his phone and sent a video chat invitation to Yige Zhao. And soon, Yige Zhao answered. He was dressed in a modern Chinese tunic suit, and he looked very vigorous.

People exclaimed: “Wow, it is indeed Master Zhao.”

“Qiankun, what’s the matter?”

Qiankun placed the picture in front of the camera in a hurry and said: “Teacher, here is a picture of Emperor Huizong of Song’s. I want you to have a look.”

When he heard this, Yige Zhao’s spirit raised up. And when he saw the picture, he exclaimed: “ Mountains in a Sea of Clouds? It is good. The calligraphy is very beautiful, and the painting is also great. It is indeed a picture of Emperor Huizong of Song’s.”

As the twentieth-generation grandson of Emperor Huizong of Song, how could he fail to recognize the picture passed down by his ancestors? So he was sure it was authentic just by a glance.

Then he asked: “Qiankun, whose picture is this?”

Qiankun pointed the camera to the three people and said: “ Teacher, it is theirs. According to them, it is passed down from their ancestors. Oh right, their family name is also Zhao.”

The middle-aged man got very excited when he saw Yige Zhao. He walked up to the camera and said: “Hello, master. My name is Guyuan Zhao, and I’m the twentieth-generation grandson of Emperor Wei.”

“Oh, You are in Gu generation?” Yige thought a little bit. He is in the Yi generation, and that’s why he was named Yige Zhao.

“So maybe we are relatives.” Yige didn’t expect to meet a relative at this occasion.

Then everyone got restless. People didn’t know this man is in the same generation as Master Zhao and is a distant relative.

Now, this picture is must real because Master Zhao said so. And Guyuan Zhao’s story is must true. He said that the picture was given to his ancestors by Emperor Huizong of Song.

“Did you hear that?” Guyuan Zhao was more confident when he heard this. He said to Kris: “Apologies!”

“Mr. Zhao, please don’t be angry. Isn’t this picture worth three hundred million dollars? We’ll pay you the money.”

Before she finished, Kris walked up to the camera and said: “Yige Zhao. Look at me, remember me? Are you blind? Didn’t you see the characters at the bottom right of the picture? This picture is an imitation by some other artists in Xuan He Painting Academy.”

Qiankun was furious in an instant. “Kris! How can you be this rude! How dare you to talk to me, Teacher, in this way.”

People at present also felt angry. How can you disrespect the master’s in the field of antiques? People asked Kris to apologize. “Apologize!” “Apologize to Master Zhao!”

Xiaorou also got nervous, and she said to Kris:” Kris, apologize to Master Zhao.”

Then, Yige Zhao shouted: “Brother Chen. Why are you also here?”

What? Master Zhao called him Brother Chen? What is going on?

Chapter 226: An Evil Man

What? Did they hear it right? Why is Master Zhao calling him “Brother Chen”? And then, all the people rounded their eyes, and they could hardly bring out a word.

Even the silence within Treasure Court is absolute!

Qiankun Ye’s mind also went completely blank! This cannot be true!

Why did he call the son-in-law “Brother Chen”?

Xiaorou Xu is also quite surprised, saying, “what’s going on here?”

“Well, I thought you were too old and too blind to recognize me! ” Kris said, “Yige Zhao, Do you think the Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty would write down the words, Xuan He Painting Academy on his painting? Have you totally forgot what I taught you?”

Yige Zhao also got nervous when he heard this. Yige Zhao and Kris Chen are both students of Qian Wang.

Yige had indeed gained great fame in the field of antiques, but it was Kris who taught him most of the related knowledge he possessed.

Yige was once so obsessed with the antiques that he spent all his money on them. He wanted to study with Qian Wang badly, but he was turned down by Qian Wang because he was too old. But Yige persisted, and he knelt down in front of Qian Wang’s home every day, and he did it for a month, but Qian Wang was still not moved.

But Kris was touched by his persistence, and Kris managed to convince Qian Wang to take him as a student. But when Yige was taken in, Qian Wang didn’t teach him at all, and it was Kris who took up the responsibility to impart knowledge.

That is to say, Kris was Yige’s real Teacher, and it is no exaggeration to say that Yige would never achieve what he has achieved today without Kris’s help. So Yige is very respectful to Kris, and he treats Kris the way he treats a teacher. Because in his mind, Kris is his real Teacher.

And now, Yige nodded constantly when he heard Kris’s correction. “Yes, you are right, Brother Chen. I’m too old, and I made my decision without thinking carefully. Please forgive me.”

Then he said: “Brother Chen, where have you been these two years? And you didn’t even call me. Where are you now? I’ll come and visit.”

Everyone looked at Kris when Yige finished. They couldn’t believe this young man and Master Yige studied with the same Teacher. And besides, it was obvious from his tone of voice that Yige has a lot of respect for Kris.

Xiaorou bit her lips, and she found her legs were shaking slightly. “This is the man I’m in love with. He is so amazing!” She thought.

Mary Su’s heart was also filled with excitement.

“That’s not necessary. I’m quite busy these days. Maybe next time.” Then Kris said to Xiaorou: “This picture is an imitation, but it is imitated by artists in the palace, and the seals on the picture are also real. So instead of three hundred million dollars, but it’s worth is three million dollars.”

Then Kris looked at his watch and said: “Damn, I’m late for class.” Then Kris pushed his way out and disappeared.

His departure made everything just happened surreally, and they would not believe what just happened hadn’t it been for the picture that is placed on the table.

“Master…that man is…”

Before Qiankun finished, Yige said in his sternest voice: “What do you mean by ‘that man?’ We studied with the same teacher, and he studied earlier than me! And had it not been for his help, I would never be the man I’m today. Don’t annoy him, show your respect, or you won’t get away with it.”

“No, no. Of course, I will be respectful.” Qiankun shook his head nonstop when he heard this.

Everything was so surreal for Qiankun. He couldn’t believe he was trying to get the woman who was loved by his Teacher’s Brother. Wasn’t that reckless?


At eight o’clock that night, Kris arrived at Yanru Sima’s manor in the north area as he promised. The manor was very spacious and grand. The most noticeable element is the giant swimming pool and all the beautiful women who were playing water in the pool.

“Damn. Why is there no man?” Kris looked around and found every person there was a pretty woman dressed in a bikini, and he was the only man there. And Kris furrowed his brown slightly and asked: “Yanru Sima, what kind of party is this?”

“As you can see, this is a bikini party,” Yanru said cheerily. She was absolutely stunning that day. She tied hair in a bun, and she was dressed in a black bikini, over which she put on a silk coat, which was both smooth and light. Her skin was delicate and white as snow. Her breasts were ample and perky. She emanated an exceptionally pleasant smell. Kris found every element of hers attractive and irresistible.

“Yeah. It is very nice of you.” Kris smiled and felt sorry that he didn’t bring Tianba Li together with him.

Yanru Sima laughed cheerily when she saw Kris was feeling shy. “What are you thinking? This party wasn’t held for you. I just want to invite you here.”

“Yanru is here.”

At that moment, a group of young women walked up to them, but they all froze when they saw Kris standing beside her.

“Who is this man?” “Is this Yanru’s friend? I didn’t know Yanru has a friend this poor.” They all frowned when they saw the way Kris was dressed because they were all rich girls with great family backgrounds, or they won’t be able to hang out with Yanru at all. And in their eyes, Yanru is such an amazing girl that she is beyond everyone’s league. That’s why when they saw Kris, they were all bewildered.

All of a sudden, a soft voice shouted: “Die! Kris! Die!”

Then, a girl charged into Kris with a sharp knife in her hand. She was dressed in a one-piece swimsuit. Her face looked very childish, but she has big breasts.

The voice was heard before the person showed up. Kris was haunted by what Master Qingyuan did during the competition two days ago. He moved back instantly when he heard this like a reflex action.

But the girl fell onto the ground even before Kris moved back, and the knife flew out of her hand.

“Ouch!” The girl shouted in great pain. Turned out, the floor was too slippery, and she slipped and fell. The pain was so great that she began to cry. “It is so painful!!!”

Kris looked at the girl, and when he saw her face, he was shocked.

“Damn, isn’t this Yuhan Qin? Why is she here?”

That was the third time Kris saw this girl. The first time was at the Dingding Auction, and the second time was through a video she sent to Yanru, but Kris stole Yanru’s phone at that time, and he saw the video accidentally. When he remembered this, he felt very sorry because he took advantage of the girl after all.

Yuhan Qin wanted to stand up, but she was in too much pain to stand. Kris walked up to her and wanted to help her up, but the moment he reached out his hand, Yuhan stopped crying and held her breast and looked at him warily: “What do you want?”

Kris said: “Ms. Qin, I just want to help you up. Why do you want to kill me the minute you see me. I saved your grandpa’s life, after all.”

Then he said apologetically: “What happened last time was truly a misunderstanding.”

“Shut up!” Yuhan looked at Kris in great anger. “What an evil man. He took advantage of me, and instead of offering an apology, he brought up her grandpa,” She thought to herself.

She was only twenty years old, and she didn’t even have a boyfriend. How could she put up with the fact that this man saw her naked body? She was feeling bitter and angry. But since Kris mentioned her grandpa, her desire to kill Kris was suppressed. Because Kris was right, he saved her grandpa’s life, and she is a grateful person.

Then Yanru Sima walked to them and looked at Yuhan in bewilderment. “Yuhan, do you know Kris?”

Yuhan Qin shook her head and said: “No, I don’t know this evil man!”

“Evil man? How can you call me an evil man when you don’t even know me,” Kris thought to himself and smiled.

Seeing Kris was silent, Yuhan ignored him and said to Yanru: “Yanru, pull me up.”

Yanru pulled Yuhan up and asked : “Are you alright?” “I’m… Ouch!” She wanted to say that she is fine, but the pain was so great that her face went pale suddenly.

“Yanru, I’m in great pain!”

“Where?” Yanru asked considerately.

“Here.” Yuhan bit her lips and pointed at her butt.

“Then I can give you a massage.” Yanru Sima pointed to a bench and said: “Lie on your front, and I’ll massage you.”

“Okay!” Yuhan nodded and looked at Kris. “Don’t look! Turn around!”

Kris turned around with a wry smile.

A few seconds later. Yuhan shouted in pain: “It hurts so bad!!! I’m dying !!” And tears were streaming down her face. Yanru also panicked, and she didn’t even dare to touch her. “What do I do now?”

No one knew what could be done.

“She hurt her tailbone, and you must massage her in a certain way so that the blood colt could be dissolved. If the colt gets bigger, her brain will get affected, and she will be paralyzed.” When everyone was in a state of shock, Kris turned around and said.

What? Paralyzed? Yuhan cried even louder when she heard this, and she refuses to be paralyzed. She would prefer to be dead.

Yanru Sima didn’t know what to do. She looked at Kris and said: “Why do you know this? Do you know what to do? Maybe you should have a look.”

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