Chapter 225: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 225 Venus, take care of yourself (1)
After hanging up the phone, Venus Mu’s hand was still trembling, so Kerry Ye gently pulled the phone out of her hand.

Hearing the man’s request, originally, he was going to get on the plane with Venus, but the current situation wouldn’t allow him to do so, even if there was a GPS with her.

“You can’t go with me, it’s too dangerous. I’ll be spotted as soon as I get on the plane, and I don’t want my child to get hurt anymore.” Venus bent her body, burying her face in her arms. Though Kerry didn’t see her eyes, he knew she had made up her mind to do so.

Kerry didn’t say anything. On the one hand, he was afraid of something happening to the child. On the other hand, he worried about Venus. They were both his beloved ones and he didn’t want them to be in a risk.

After a quite long time, Kerry said in a mute voice, “Okay, you go first and I’ll follow you later.” When he found out the treasure map was stolen, it made sense to go after her.

“OK.” Venus knew this was a tough decision for him to make, but they had no choice.

Sadness was spreading. At this moment, the hone in Kerry’ s hand rang again, and it was Xuan Chu.

“Try to keep him in Sky City.”

Venus nodded and cleared her throat to answer the phone, “Hello?”

“Yan, you get it?!” Xuan Chu sounded very excited.

Venus pretended to be happy, “Yes, you’re quite well-informed.”

“Did you get it?!”

Venus looked at Kerry and said, “I told him that I wanted to see what the treasure map looked like, so he took it out and now it’s in the study.”

“That’s it?” Xuan Chu was surprised to ask. He thought she would have to go through a lot of trouble to get it, but he didn’t expect it to be so simple.

Venus was proud, “Don’t you know a famous Chinese saying? Even a hero will be trapped by a beauty? Or are you not confident about your sister’s appearance?”

She was right, but he was trapped by Venus, not Yan Chu.

Xuan Chu laughed on the phone, “The honey trap is really useful, so when are you going to leave? I’ll go with you.”

When Venus heard the last words, she stopped smiling, “We leave together?”

“Of course, my job has done.”

Venus looked at Kerry and said, “Isn’t the amusement park opening soon? Can you leave at this moment?”

“It’s basically over. I don’t have any more work here anymore.” And there’s another reason for him to leave, and that was, once Kerry found out that Yan Chu was missing, he would be the first one to suffer, so it’s too dangerous for him to stay in this city.

Venus hesitated for a moment and said. “Xuan Chu, we can’t go together.”

“Why?” Xuan Chu was startled.

“You have to help me hold Kerry back so that I have the chance to get away, otherwise I’ll be caught by him before I get to the airport tomorrow, and then we’ll both be exposed.” Venus said in a serious manner.

Kerry didn’t answer her immediately and he was balancing. There was no doubt that Venus was right, but to be honest, he was a bit frightened to face the wrath of Kerry.

Sensing his hesitation, she continued to convince him, “I know what you’re worried about. You can arrange the route for me in advance and I’ll send you a text message as soon as I get on the plane. Then you can withdraw. Don’t worry, I’ll tell him who I really am when I get on the plane, so he won’t do anything to you. You’re the young master of Chu family and you two are partners.”

Xuan Chu still didn’t say anything. She wondered whether he was thinking about what she had said.

After several minutes’ silence, Venus sighed and said, “Xuan Chu, if you don’t help me, neither of us will be able to leave, and your friend won’t get the map. Think about it yourself and give me an answer later.”

Pretending to hang up the phone, she heard Xuan Chu asking, “Wait, I promise you. When are you going to leave?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“I see. I’ll ask Kerry to go to the construction site with me. Move fast.”

“Thank you, Xuan Chu.” Venus hung up the phone and he had already sent the location. It was the Honolulu International Airport on Hawaii Island.

Kerry took a glance. When he saw the address, he couldn’t help but frown, recalling the world map in his brain, and then said, “Honolulu is the center of the Pacific Ocean and is also the hub of the Pacific air and sea traffic, known as the crossroads of the Pacific Ocean. Asking you to go there is for a very clear purpose. Whether by plane or ship, he can quickly leave, and we can’t know the direction of his leaving.”

Venus could see his worry in his eyes and said softly, “I will take care of myself, and besides, I still have a chip on me, so you will know where I am at any time.”

Kerry was stressful. He cuddled her into his arms and whispered, “But I’m still worried about you. Venus, you don’t know how I feel now.”

He hated the helpless feeling of watching his woman step into the danger while he couldn’t do anything.

“You’ve always liked to control the whole situation. Therefore, once something is out of your control, you will feel uneasy. I know this feeling.”

Kerry shook his head and confided, “No, it’s not just that. I feel bad because of you. I’m afraid that something will happen to you, and I’m also afraid that you’ll never come back. I can’t imagine the life without you.”

Venus sat up straight in his arms. She was surprised to know that he was afraid that she would leave him again?

“You’re right. Although you have forgiven me and gradually accepted me, but I have no confidence. I am afraid that after you save the child, you’ll leave without hesitation. Just as you once said. You’ll find a place where no one knows you, and live a quiet life.” Kerry looked at her with deep affection, whose voice became more and more hoarse, “If you really do so, it’s like giving me a death sentence. Then I will have a very difficult time in the remaining decades.”

Venus was touched by his confession, whose heart was warm as the winter sunshine. She used to plan in this way, but after falling in love with Kerry a little bit, she had changed her thought.

She believed that he would give her the best love in the world and the best father’s love to her child, so why not give herself a chance? And give her child a family?

Venus raised her hand to carefully touch the outline of his face, and slowly said, “I promise you, when I find the child, I will come back.”

Kerry eyes immediately shinned as the brightest stars in the sky and excitedly grabbed her hand, “Really? Are you serious?”

“Yes. I won’t leave you unless one day you get tired of me…”

“No. That day won’t come.” Kerry interrupted her, “I won’t get tired of you even if I get tired of myself.”

“Well, fine.” Venus smiled.

Kerry fondled the delicate her face and told the secret that had been hidden in his heart for a long time, “I used to be very bad to you, do you know why?”

Venus frowned and thought, “Because I’m the sister of Tianye?”

“That’s just one aspect.”

“What else? Because I didn’t give it to you my virginity?” Venus asked tentatively. Although she now knew he was her first man, she didn’t want to tell him, otherwise he would be arrogant.

“This should be considered as the trigger,”

Venus was quite dissatisfied, “Just tell me, OK? Honestly, time has changed. You are at least an well-educated man, so why do you care so much about the virginity?”

Kerry sighed, “It is because of my parents.”

“Your parents? What does this have to do with them?” Venus got curious.

Kerry stopped and looked at her with a complicated look, “This is kind of an embarrassing family secret and I’ve never told anyone. I once said that my parents had a bad relationship and the important reason is that…my mother betrayed her marriage. She had another man.”

“Really?” Venus was shocked, for she never thought it would be the reason. Kerry was good-looking, so his parents should be the same. Besides, their economic condition was also good, how could…

“Surprised, right? When I learned the truth, I was surprised, too.” Kerry laughed at himself, “In my opinion, Mom was a very gentle and elegant woman. I still remember that it was in my junior three and when I just came back from school, I heard my parents arguing. That was their first fight, so I had a deep impression. My father accused her of not being responsible for this family, and my mother accused him of being weak… Oh, I will never forget that day.”

“After that day, they often fought with each other and I got used to it. One day they had another fight, and mom didn’t come back after she went out that night, and dad smoked cigarettes by the window all night. At that time, I really hated my mom and I felt sorry for my dad. The next day, she came back and my dad told her he wanted a divorce. However, mom didn’t want it. She said she couldn’t bear the pain to leave the kids… Hmm, that’s funny. When she was hanging out with her lover, did she ever think of me and my brother? I know that she was actually reluctant to say goodbye to Ye family’s property.”

Venus was shocked to hear this, for she never thought there was such a secret in Ye family.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 225 Venus, take care of yourself (2)
Kerry Ye paused for a moment and continued, “After a year of this kind of life, her lover took all her money and ran away and she could no longer contact him. My mother cried in desperate and came back to beg for my dad’s forgiveness. Although my father was very cold on the surface, he was a very soft-hearted man, who really loved my mother, so he forgave her. But forgiveness couldn’t make them go back. Until their death, my dad never really forgave her, and before he died, he told me not to bury him with her. He didn’t want to know mom in the afterlife.”

After a long and painful story, Venus Mu didn’t know what to say. It was not polite to comment on his elders.

Kerry breathed in relief and said in a seemingly relaxed way, “I thought I would hide this story for the rest of my life, but I never thought I would say it out today. Now do you know why I hated you so much after we got married?”

Venus was not an idiot, so she of course knew the reason since he had told her the story.

“You think I may be the same as your mom…” At this point, Venus stopped before saying the word “dissolute”.

Kerry nodded, “Yes, I did think so at the time. I’m sorry I treated you so bad.”

“Then what happened later? Why did you change your attitude toward me?” Venus had always wanted to asked this.

Kerry said with a smile, “Later, I found out that you were not what I thought. You are kind and self-loved, and your personality is also what I like, so it’s easy to have some feelings for you.”

“You don’t care that I haven’t given you my virginity?”

Kerry said with sincerity, “I don’t. I love you and I have no right to control your previous your life. But your future should be mine.”

Venus nodded in satisfaction, “Good. That’s my honey.”

In that case, there was no need for her to tell him about the hotel thing. He didn’t care anyway.

In the evening, Kerry asked Mrs. Qin to cook all the dishes that Venus liked. When she saw the food on the table, Venus’s depressed mood had gone away.

She was a foodie, so a good meal could make her feel better.

“Thank you, Mrs. Qin.” Venus sincerely thanked her.

Mrs. Qin was a little shy, “Oh my, of course. If you like it, I can make it for you every day.”

Venus enjoyed the dinner. Anyway, after tonight, she didn’t know when she would be able to eat Mrs. Qin’s dishes again.

In the bedroom, Kerry was so mad that he wanted to absorb her into his body. In the end, Venus begged him to stop, but Kerry enjoyed the whole night.

She was tired, who quickly fell asleep. However, Kerry didn’t feel sleepy at all. He didn’t want to sleep, for in the morning, she would leave. And he knew nothing what would happen.

The moonlight outside the window shed a silvery light on the floor. Her face was warm and rosy, whose hot breath sprayed on his arm, making him fascinated.

He didn’t know when this face had already been carved in his heart. Even if she wore the mask during the day, what he saw was still her face.

“You’ll never know how much I love you, Venus.”

Tonight, time seemed to pass quickly. Even though Kerry wanted the time to stop, he still couldn’t stop the rising sun.

Venus woke up because of his kiss. And when she saw his deep purple eyes with bloodshot, she began to worry about him and she kissed him back.

With endless reluctance and deep affection, Kerry and her tightly entwined…

When they finished, it was nearly eight o’clock, and Venus’s flight was at ten o’clock in the morning, so she couldn’t waste any more time. She got up to take a shower and pack her luggage.

Kerry couldn’t take his eyes from her until the phone rang.

“Hello? Mr. Ye.”

Kerry throat was dry, and he coughed and said, “Mr. Chu, good morning. What’s going on?”

“It’s almost eight o’clock. Hasn’t Mr. Ye gotten up?” Xuan Chu sounded relaxed.

Kerry grinned, “Mr. Chu, my girl is here. It’s hard to get up.”

Xuan Chu didn’t say anything, maybe he felt jealous. Kerry then asked to break the awkwardness, “What can I do for you?”.

“Oh, here’s the thing. I’d like to go to the construction site today. Are you free?”

Kerry laughed inside, “This morning? Yan said she wants to go shopping. I’m going to accompany her.”

“God,” Xuan Chu exclaimed, “Mr. Ye, it’s very tiring to go shopping with a woman. Let her go alone. The amusement park will be open in half a month and we need to check the equipment again.”

Kerry pretended to hesitate for a moment and said, “Okay then, see you later.”

“See you later.”

Venus didn’t take too many clothes with her, just clothes and daily toiletries. A backpack was enough.

Kerry put a black card into the bottom of the bag, “This is a credit card in my name and you can use it everywhere as long as there is a bank. Also, there is no limit. In case we lose contact, take this card to buy something or withdraw money and I can know where you are.”

“Got it.”

Kerry gazed at her carefully and seriously, and took her hand and went downstairs.

John and Mrs. Qin seemed to know that she was leaving, whose expressions were somewhat sad. They kept their eyes on her from the moment she came down.

Venus squeezed out a smile, “John, Mrs. Qin, don’t look at me like that. I’ll be back safely.” This is what she said to herself, also to the others.

Mrs. Qin wiped the corners of her eyes, “Young lady, I’ve made breakfast. Eat some before you go.”


The breakfast she prepared today was abundant, including milk, bread, soy milk, cake, porridge, eggs and fried dumplings, all over the table. She was touched.

She sat down and tried each one of them. In the end, she was so full that she put down her chopsticks.

“Are you full?” Kerry asked.

“Well, very full. Probably I don’t have to eat all day today.”

“Then, let’s go.” Kerry got up. He ate nothing, for he watched her eat the whole time.

John the Butler saw her off at the door, “Young lady, take care of yourself. Come back safe and sound, we are all waiting for you at home.”

“Thank you, John. I will.” Venus smiled. At this point she could only smile. If she cried, they would be more upset. She didn’t want these kind people to be sad.

Kerry put the bag on the passenger side and the two of them sat in the back.

As soon as they got into the car, Kerry held her hand tightly. Inside the car was silent. Kerry was reluctant to see her go.

When they came to the city center, Henry parked the car on the road and took the bag out of the car. They couldn’t send Venus to the airport, for it’s too easy to be discovered.

Kerry held her hand and said in a low voice, “I can’t go with you, so take care of yourself.”


“Don’t obey them. Do whatever he says. Being alive is the most important thing, understand?”


“When you see the child, tell him that Daddy loves him very much and will take him and Mommy home.”


Kerry lifted her face, whose eyes had been full of tears. “Don’t cry. If you cry, I can’t let you go.”

Venus squeezed out a smile, “It seems that we’ll be part forever. Tomorrow you will also on a journey. Take care of yourself. I and the child are still waiting for you.”

“I see. Promise me, please take care of yourself.” Kerry gazed at her.

“OK.” Venus took the initiative to stretch out her arms around his waist, putting her chin on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and smelled his scent, and said softly, “Don’t worry about me.”

Kerry was shocked by her actions, but the next second, he held her tightly, unwilling to let her go. He didn’t want to see her go alone.

“Don’t get hurt, otherwise I’ll be heartbroken.”

Venus nodded.

Everything he wanted to say to her was all in this hug. After about a minute, Venus let him go and turned around to get out of the car.

After stopping a cab, Venus took the bag from Henry and gave him a dazzling smile, “Goodbye, Henry.”

“Goodbye.” Henry replied.

Venus didn’t take another look at Kerry in the car, while just got into the cab. She didn’t love him very much, but for some reason her heart ached.

“Sir, the airport, please.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 225 Venus, take care of yourself (3)
As soon as the taxi started, it merged into the constant flow of traffic. Kerry watched the vehicle disappear in despair, feeling that there was a hole in his heart.

Henry got into the car and asked him, “Young Master, where are we going now?”

Kerry recovered for a long time and said softly, “Go to MK Group.”

He had no time to slack off and feel sad as he was going to see Xuan Chu. He took out the phone, cleared his throat, and dialed Xuan’s number. The call was through after only a second call.

Kerry said in his normal voice, “Mr. Chu, where are you? Let’s set off now.”

“I just arrived at the company.”

“I’ll be there in about ten minutes. It’s more convenient if you take my car.” Kerry said casually.

However, Xuan had other plans, “No, I have something to do after I come back from the construction site. It’s better to drive my own car.”

Kerry didn’t push him, “Okay, then you can go downstairs in ten minutes. I think I will be there on time.”


While he hung up the phone, the smile on Kerry’s face quickly disappeared. He asked Henry coldly, “Is everything arranged well?”

“Yes, it’s, Young Master. Don’t worry, Xuan can’t run away on our soil.”

“I want it to be faultless.”

“No problem.”

Kerry leaned back in the chair. The faint scent of Venus still remained in his breath, and he closed his eyes and assumed that she was still with him. After this thing, he never wanted to separate from her again, even a minute or a second, because he realized that he missed her after only a few minutes of separation.

he missed her very much now.

Before Kerry arrived, Xuan was standing by the car waiting and anxiously looked at the watch on his wrist from time to time. When he found Kerry’s car was coming, his expression immediately returned to normal.

Kerry got out of the car with an indifferent look, shook hands with Xuan and said, “Let’s go, we have fewer items to check today.”

Xuan smiled and looked at him, asking, “Is Mr. Ye in a hurry?”

Kerry also smiled, “No, Yan likes to eat seafood sashimi in the eastern suburbs, but the table is not easy to book and the road is far away, so I want to end early and leave at 4 p.m. Time for dinner when I get to it.”

“Oh,” Xuan put on a false smile, “Then let’s go, so as not to delay your meal.”

“That restaurant is very good. Why don’t we go together at night? Yan always says that she hasn’t seen you for a long time.”

Xuan’s eyes shook a few times. Although he knew that he would definitely not be able to go, he still followed him and said, “I haven’t seen her for a long time, too. And I don’t know whether she’s pampered and spoiled by you.”

Kerry had warmth in his eyes, “She is so good that she deserves it. Let’s go.”

Xuan didn’t doubt it. Then, he got in the car and went to the construction site.

Henry kept Xuan’s car ahead. It was already half past nine when they arrived at the construction site while Venus was about to board the plane in half an hour.

The phone rang, and Xuan glanced at it. It was a message sent by Venus, saying that she had arrived at the airport. Seeing this, his heart was half relieved.

Kerry saw his expression, teasing him with a smile, “Mr. Chu, you asked me out today but why are you absent-minded?”

“Oh? Am I? Maybe I’m too tired these days.” Xuan concealed in a panic.

“If you are tired, take a good rest. I’m watching the process here.” Kerry said kindly.

Xuan said meaningfully, “Then, I won’t come later. You need to come here a few more times yourself.”

“I will.”

In case of the upcoming number of visitors in National Day, all employees had familiarized themselves with the various operations at their posts in advance to ensure that there would be no problems.

From the carousel to the giant Ferris wheel, the employees were very enthusiastic and professional.

Kerry looked up and said, “Mr. Chu, let’s ride on the Ferris wheel. We should have a different feeling of looking at Sky City from there.”

Xuan was stunned. On the Ferris wheel? He was going to run away soon. What should he do if he got stuck on it?

“Well, I don’t want to go. I’m a little afraid of heights.” Xuan gave a very lame excuse.

In no way would Kerry let go of this opportunity, so he kindly invited him again, “Just look at the distance when we reach the apex. let’s go and take it as a check of the performance of the Ferris wheel.”

Xuan was speechless and peeked at the watch. It’s nine to fifty, so he had ten minutes left.

It should be just in time after a ride.

Xuan had no option but to step into the small carriage and sat face to face with Kerry. Soon, the Ferris wheel slowly started.

“This is the first time I ride a Ferris wheel with a man.” Kerry smiled lightly.

Xuan tried to relax himself, “Me too.”

After the severe earthquake, Sky City was gradually restoring to its former prosperity, but from a height, there were still many dilapidated places. As it was located by the sea, a thin layer of water vapor floated above the city, looking like a gauze when the wind blew.

“Mr. Chu, do you have someone in your heart?” Kerry asked suddenly.

Xuan’s eyes became deep, and he said, “Yes.”

“Aren’t you together? Why hasn’t the one you like been to Sky City?”

Xuan said hesitantly, “She… is very busy.”

“Then you can go see her.”

“She is abroad right now and it is very troublesome for her to come here. When this project is completed, I will go to her.” Xuan decided to end this topic and asked Kerry, “Why do you suddenly talk about this topic?”

Kerry smiled, his eyes like bottomless dark blue pools, “I’m thinking of Yan. Mr. Chu, will your parents object if I ask them for her hand in marriage?”

“You want to marry Yan?” Xuan was quite surprised.

“Yes, I like her very much,” Kerry pretended to smile wryly. “To tell you the truth, my wife didn’t go to Europe to study, but disappeared. Maybe she won’t come back. It is hard for me to come up with a girl I like. I don’t want to miss her. I just don’t know if your family will dislike me as I had ever been married.”

Xuan laughed, but he was puzzled in his heart. Did this guy really fall in love with Yan? Anyway, he needed to fob him off and he would know everything after today.

“Well, my parents are very open-minded. As long as Yan likes you, they won’t object.”

“That’s good.”

Kerry stood up in the small house. At the beginning, he looked down at the whole picture of Sky City, and soon turned his eyes to the direction of the airport.

The phone rang, and Kerry glanced at the caller and answered it before the second ring.


“I’m on the plane and it takes off in three minutes.” Venus said softly.

“Ok.” Kerry was expressionless, as if he was answering a work call, but only Heavens knew how turbulent and painful he felt at this time.

“Kerry, I found that I love you a little bit more.”

Kerry’s eyes flickered, and there was great tenderness in them.

“I see.” It took him a lot of effort to make his tone sound normal.


Kerry held the phone and listened to the beeps. Excited to the extreme, he put his trembling hands in his trouser pocket to prevent Xuan from seeing them.

As the Ferris wheel gradually finished turning a circle, Xuan received the long-awaited text message which was saying, “I’ve got on the plane and it will take off immediately. “

He secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and now he could leave.

As for this amusement park, the contract had been signed and the project had been completed. As long as the amusement park made money, Kerry would not fall out even if there was a gap between him and the Chu family.

A plane flew by the sky, and the two men looked up at the same time.

“Venus, wait for me. ” Kerry said silently.

As the time was right, Xuan secretly sent a text message to Shixuan Tang. Shixuan called him the next second.

He took it up calmly, “Shixuan, what’s the matter?”

“Mr. Chu, come back quickly. There is an urgent video conference in Hong Kong that you need to attend.” Shixuan’s voice was loud so Kerry who was standing next to him heard clearly.

Xuan glanced at the calm Kerry and deliberately said, “Why don’t you tell me in advance?”

“I don’t know that before. The secretary of Master just called to inform me.”

“Well, alright. It happens all the time. I’ll be right back.”

Xuan hung up the phone and said to Kerry in embarrassment, “Mr. Ye, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t call you out today if I knew there’s a meeting.”

Kerry quietly watched his performance, and then smiled lightly, “It’s okay, I just want to come and have a look. You can just leave now.”

Xuan was overjoyed, “Then, I will go now.”

As soon as he moved, Kerry stopped him, “Wait.”

Xuan’s eyelids twitched a few times and he forced a smile, “Is there anything else?”

Kerry asked calmly, “Will you go with us tonight?”

Xuan was relieved, “No, I don’t want to be a third wheel. Enjoy yourselves.”

“Well, please say hello to your father for me.”

“Sure, goodbye.”

While Xuan hurriedly walked towards his car, Kerry stood behind him with his eyes full of sinisterness, thinking, “Want to run now? No way. “

He gave Henry a look. Henry nodded with understanding and walked aside to make a call.

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