Chapter 225: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 225 You Won’t Even Know How You’re Dead!

His energy and blood were indeed fluctuating because he met Barr just now. But he had suppressed it, then his emotion was stable. However, who knew that he would faint without warning?

Vanessa replied, “It’s because you’ve been too tired in these two days. Your body is weak, so….”

Colin nodded upon hearing that, and he looked at Doris, “I’m fine.”

Doris blinked her pair of reddish eyes and responded quietly.

After Colin rested for a while, he took Bailee, and left.

In a private room at Paradise Bar.

Bald Liu was drinking alcohol while waiting for Colin. After more than an hour, Colin still hadn’t arrived.

One of his men asked him, “Is the boss not coming anymore?”

“Perhaps, he’s busy,” Bald said after drinking a glass of alcohol.

“Do you want to call and ask him, Brother?”

Bald Liu answered after hesitating for a while, “No. He’s coming. We just need to wait.”

“Yes, Brother.”

After another 30 minutes had passed, one of his men came in and said, “Brother, the boss is here.”

Bald Liu immediately stood up upon hearing that. He went to the door to greet him personally.

Colin and Bailee got off from the BMW.

“Boss” Bald Liu greeted him with a smile.

Colin pulled Bailee and pushed her in front of Bald Liu, “Is this your sister?”

Bailee stood in front of Bald Liu, didn’t dare to raise her head, as if knowing her mistake.

Bald Liu glared at Bailee before nodded, “Boss, this brat loves to fool around. Don’t take it personally, Boss.”

Colin said lightly, “I’m not the one she offended.”

After arriving in the private room, Colin explained the matter briefly.

Bald Liu spat out after listening to everything, “Damn it! Da Song, this bastard, if it wasn’t because I testified for him in the court back then, he would rot in that fucking prison now!”

“Huh?” Colin raised his eyebrows.

Bald Liu explained, “At that time, Da Song was arrested because of an armed fight with someone. I helped to testify for him in court. Otherwise, he would be sentenced to at least four years. Now, he had only been sentenced to two years. Damn it, he bit on the hand that fed him after he got out!”

Colin suddenly thought of Steven when he heard this. Wasn’t he also someone that repays his kindness with ingratitude?

He wasn’t very interested in the dispute between the underground gangs. After all, he had sent his sister, so he didn’t need to stay anymore.

“If that’s all, I’ll be leaving now.”

Bald Liu stood up and smiled apologetically, “This time, I’m very grateful, Boss. I owe you, Boss. Next time if you need anything, don’t hesitate to give your order, Boss.”

Colin waved his hand, “There’s no need to. It’s just a coincidence.”

Bald Liu smiled, “Well, should I find two pretty girls to serve you, Boss?”

“Two newcomers have just arrived. They’re still in the place. You can enjoy them slowly, Boss.”

Colin paused upon hearing the words, then he glanced at Bailee beside them, “Your sister is still here, alright? Be careful.”

Bald Liu said ignorantly, “Don’t pay attention to her, Boss. She already knew a lot.”

Colin’s mouth twitched slightly. When he looked again at her well-behaved appearance, and thought of how he ‘accidentally’ bumped onto her, he suddenly felt that he had been deceived.

That’s right. Bald Liu’s sister couldn’t really just be a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl.

Bailee raised her head at this moment, “You’re the one who taught me.”

“Hey, you brat, why are you interfering when adults are talking?” Bald Liu glared at Bailee fiercely.

Bailee wasn’t afraid at all and glared back at Bald Liu.

Colin was speechless. Forget it, this sibling’s problem didn’t have anything to do with him.

“I’ll leave first.”

Colin returned to the villa and brought some food for Doris. Then, sent Doris to Eva’s place before going to the company with Vanessa.


At the police station, after interrogating everyone, not much information was gotten. A policeman then asked Jason, “Captain, there’s nothing from them. Do you want to release them?”

Jason said seriously, “Do the interrogation again. You can’t miss any clue.”

Actually, even if they were interrogated again, they still couldn’t get anything. In the end, they still let them go.

It’s just that because Barr and Xiao Rongtao hired these people, so they needed to be locked up for a while until they were released at 7 in the evening.

After leaving the police station, Xiao Rongtao’s face was still swollen, but he had no problem to talk anymore.

“Bah! Colin, this dog!” The person that Xiao Rongtao hates the most now, is Colin, “These bunch of police wasn’t also a good thing. They were working together with Colin, that dog!”

Barr glanced at Xiao Rongtao and said in a deep voice, “Didn’t you ask Da Song to watch over them? How can he come out?”

“I’ll call and ask him.”

The moment Xiao Rongtao saw Colin, he was as shocked as Barr, but he didn’t have time to ask Do Song back then. Later, he was arrested in the police station and didn’t have the chance to call him.

However, after three phone calls, nobody answered Da Song’s phone.

“What happened with Da Song? Nobody answered his phone!”

“Colin had gone overboard this time, Barr. We can’t just let this go. Otherwise, he’ll think that we’re easy to bully?” Xiao Rongtao said angrily.

Barr sneered upon hearing that, “Do you want to teach the chairman of Marquis a lesson?”

“But Barr, even if he has that status, we can’t just let him bully us this way, right?”

“Moreover, he also destroyed our companies. Won’t I fight back, then?”

Barr sneered at him, “Of course, we have to fight back but it’s not for the time being.”

Just look at how his two brothers ended. If they want to bring down Colin, it would take a lot of precautions and considerations. Otherwise, they would be the ones that would get into trouble.

Xiao Rongtao didn’t know the competition between Walson, Barr, and the others with Colin. He only knew that Colin’s status was really intimidating, “Barr, let’s ask Da Song to kidnap him again. Let’s do it quietly without anyone knowing it. Nobody will know that it was us and maybe, at that time, we can gobble down Marquis.”

After losing his company, Xiao Rongtao didn’t have an easy life, so his ambition was big. After this incident, he aimed at Marquis, his big piece of cake.

Barr glanced at Xiao Rongtao. He didn’t know whether he’s stupid or an idiot. Is Colin someone that easily let people do something to him?

He couldn’t even beat Gerd, he still wanted to take on Colin?


Barr only warned, “Don’t go head-to-head with Colin.”

“Don’t worry, Barr. We have a lot of people on our side. He has an amazing bodyguard indeed but he’s alone. There’s nothing to fear.”

Barr looked at Xiao Rongtao sarcastically now, “You had better put away your idea, otherwise, you won’t even know how you’re dead!”

“No, Barr. We don’t need to so afraid of him, right? No matter how amazing he is, is he better than a group of people?”

Barr scoffed at him without explaining.

Xiao Rongtao was confused. Is Colin that frightening?

As they were talking, both of them walked into a dark alley.

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