Chapter 226: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 226 Miss Mu, welcome back (1)
Xuan Chu was tailed as soon as he drove out of the construction site, he headed straight to the airport with all his luggage in the trunk of the car.

He wasn’t sure where he was going, only thought that he could buy the nearest flight at the airport and leave immediately.

However, before he had left the city, his car was stopped by three cars in front and behind him.

Xuan Chu thought his brain exploded. He had specifically found this remote road yesterday, how could Kerry find him so quickly?

Xuan Chu’s car was pinned in the middle and could not move, yet the three cars just blocked his way silently and no one got out of the car, as if they were waiting for an order. He didn’t dare to act rashly in Kerry’s area, who knew what kind of crazy things he might do.

Xuan Chu’s mind was racing, thinking about how to deal with Kerry later.

Sure enough, ten minutes later, a black Cayenne approached from afar, the same one that Kerry drove in the morning.

Xuan Chu took a breath, he did not wait for the Cayenne to approach but got out of the car himself, yet he was followed by more than ten people in those three cars, blocking all his way out.

Xuan Chu sneered, at this point, he could only run for nothing.

A screeching car was heard, and before the car came to a halt, Kerry jumped out of the car and ran straight to him like a raged lion.

“Mr. Ye, I don’t understand what do you mean.”

Kerry came up and pushed him against the car heavily, his eyes were filled with anger, “Where did she go?”.

Xuan Chu smiled indifferently and curled his lips, “Who is Mr. Ye referring to?”

“Venus, my wife, where did she go?” Kerry, who has been suppressing his feelings for so long, just wanted to mention Venus as his wife fair and square.

“Oh, she told you, so why do you vent your anger on me? It was …… her own choice to leave …… it’s not like I forced her to leave.” With Kerry’s elbow stuck in his throat, Xuan Chu had difficulty speaking.

Kerry could not resist the desire to make it his last breath, he asked while gritted his teeth, “You didn’t force her to go?”

“I didn’t ……”

Kerry’s emotion was at risk of collapse, he said, “How dare you to say you had nothing to do with it? She disguised as your sister, you teamed up to cheat me, and now she’s escaped, do you think you can get away with it?”

Xuan Chu felt he couldn’t breathe, his face turned red, and he afraid that Kerry would kill him here.

“You …… you calm down. We can negotiate nicely.” Xuan Chu compromised.

Kerry stared at him grimly and let go of his hands, “Tell me, where did she go?”

Xuan Chu coughed a few times, he only started to talk when he felt he recovered, “I really don’t know, she just sent me a text message that she got on the plane, I really don’t know where did she go.”

Kerry saw that he did not tell the truth, he attacked Xuan Chu without any notice, only to hear the bones cracked and then one of Xuan Chu’s arms was removed.

“Xuan Chu yelled in pain, he roared with the other hand covering the dislocated arm, “Kerry, are you fucking sick, you can just kill me, do you have fun torturing me?”

Kerry smiled coldly, “Kill you would be too easy for you. You’d better tell me now if you don’t want to suffer, where the hell is Venus? Where did you meet? And who is the man behind you?”

How could Xuan Chu tell him? He endured the pain and said, “You don’t need to ask, I really don’t know.”

As soon as he said that, another crack was heard and Xuan Chu’s other arm was dislocated by Kerry.


” Henry, take Mr. Chu back and treat him well, starve him until he speaks.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Xuan Chu’s white shirt clung damply to his skin, and his face was pale. He knew Kerry was a ferocious man, but he did not expect him to be so cruel.

“I’m the general manager of MK Company, so you better think twice before you do.” Xuan Chu raised his eyes to stare at Kerry.

“Heh! Fair enough, then I can ask Old Master Chu that is it the way your Chu family governed your life when you do business with me like a gentleman, yet stole my treasure map with others behind me like a thief.” Kerry said while grabbed Xuan Chu’s collar, “Also, if I publicize the news that your Chu family has stolen the treasure map that can make your family fabulously rich, do you think your family will still have a good life in the future?”

Xuan Chu’s temples throbbed, the doubled harm to his heart and body made him almost unable to open his mouth.

“Xuan Chu, I have a hundred ways to make you beg for your life, you can keep your mouth shut and don’t say anything, but I will find Venus.”

After Kerry said that, he pushed Xuan Chu rudely to Henry that made Xuan Chu almost fell to the ground.

“Take him away.”

Kerry drove to the airport directly after he dealt with Xuan Chu, he could only wait until tomorrow as the flight from A City to Hawaii only take off in 10 am every day, but he couldn’t wait a second longer, so he bought a ticket to Hong Kong and then transferred to Honolulu, Hawaii.

He didn’t know where she would be taken to, but he wanted to at least follow her footsteps so that he could have more hope of finding her.

Stepping onto the plane with the bag on his back, Kerry felt so overwhelmed.


After a long flight, the plane finally landed at the international airport in the middle of the night.

As soon as she stepped off the plane, heat waves enveloped her. The second when Venus smelled the air mixed with the salty smell of sea, she recalled the days when she was waiting to give birth on an uninhabited island.

It was a famous tourist city, and even though it was late at night, there was still a large crowd outside the airport.

Standing at the departure gate, Venus was trying to get in touch with the silver-faced man when her phone rang coincidentally, sure enough, someone was monitoring her in the airport.

“Miss Mu, I’m so glad you kept your promise.”

Venus said with a snort, “Now where do I go?”

“Go to Queen’s Dock, there’s a yacht waiting you, go up and he’ll bring you to me.”

“You promise you won’t throw me into the ocean?” Venus said sarcastically.

“Oh dear, throwing you into the sea won’t do me any good at all, I’m a businessman, I never do this kind of money-losing business.”

Venus was relieved, that was right, he didn’t need to fight about her.

“Okay, I’ll come over now.”

“Looking forward to your arrival.”

Venus hailed a taxi and told the driver the destination in English. The moonlight was bright, the sea breeze was so gentle, and there were not many vehicles on the road that made here seem so empty and quiet.

In the taxi, Venus called Kerry’s number, but his phone was off. She guessed that maybe he’s flying in the sky right now, so she sent him a text message.

“I’ve arrived, and now I’m going to Queen’s Dock to take a yacht, I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t think I can still use my phone there, so you don’t have to reply.”

After sending the message successfully, Venus kept his phone number in mind and deleted all the information related to Kerry in her phone, including call records, text messages, WeChat records and so on.

The sea breeze blew into the car and lifted her long shining hair, each of which had her worries about her child written on it.

Ten minutes later, Venus arrived at the Queen’s Dock.

It was totally dark apart from the moonlight.

There were seven or eight yachts and a few motorboats parked at the dock, among them only a small yacht parked there with its lights on.

Venus walked towards that small yacht, but before she arrived there, a woman with enchanting figures walked out with high heels.

“Miss Mu, nice to meet you again.” The beauty greeted her with a smile.

Venus smiled faintly, “Yes, nice to see you again.”

“Please come in, the boss is waiting.” The beauty twisted her waist to get on the yacht, that’s right, she was the woman who snatched Venus away from Hao Nangong last time.

As soon as Venus came up, the yacht shook a few times and started up with a buzz, rumbling towards the sea.

There was a table on the deck with a bottle of red wine and a glass on it, and there’s wine in the glass.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 226 Miss Mu, welcome back (2)
“Are you alone?” Venus Mu was surprised, for she thought there would be a lot of bodyguards with her.

The beauty pointed at the chair opposite in a friendly manner, “Do you want me to send a troop to pick up a lady like you? You can’t run away anyway.”

Venus walked over and sat down.

“Don’t be so nervous. Since I can come and pick you up, I won’t do anything to you.” The beauty’s attitude was much gentler than last time.

Venus gave her a glance and stretched her limbs, “May I know your name, beautiful lady?”

She took a sip of red wine, with a smile on her face, but she still remained cold, “Just call me Ailsa.”

“Alisa? How is my son?” Venus asked with concern.

“Pretty good. He can eat, sleep and play.”

Venus found she was bored of talking to her, so she turned silent and said nothing more. The mask sticking on her face made her a little painful, so Venus got up and took the liquid medicine out of her bag.

“Where are you going?” Alisa asked indifferently.

“Go and take off the mask. I won’t need it anymore.” Venus headed to the cabin.

“Wait.” Alisa called out to her, signaling her with her chin, “Put the phone here.”

Venus looked back at her twice and as she said, she threw the phone away.

“Pa!” She dropped it on the floor. But Venus didn’t go back to pick it up, for from now on, she had nothing to do with her phone.

Alisa glanced at it, but she didn’t move.

When she came to the cabin and found the bathroom, she looked at her face in the mirror for a while. Though the one in the mirror was beautiful, it was not her. She poured some liquid on her hand and tore off the mask a little bit for the last time, revealing her white and smooth skin.

It was still comfortable to look at her own face, although not as beautiful as Yan Chu.

As she walked out of the cabin, Venus exerted all her strength to throw her mask into the sea. She no longer needed to be Yan Chu. There was no loss, but only a sudden relief.

The reason why she took off the mask now was not only she didn’t need it, but she didn’t want her child to see Yan Chu’s face at the first sight.

Venus turned around and picked up the phone, and she put it on the table without moving it again.

“If you’re sleepy, go there and have a snap. It will be the morning when we get there.” Alisa pointed to a couch not far away.

Venus was surprised to know she would be so far away.

Picking up her bag, she walked over to the couch, put the bag on it, and lay down.

She had learned Alisa’s ruthlessness, and if she was going to take the treasure map by force, she had no chance of winning, so she might as well do as she said.

The ups and downs of the yacht were like lullaby, and after more than ten hours’ flying, Venus was so sleepy that she fell asleep, hugging her bag tightly.

She didn’t know how long it took to get there. Until Venus was kicked in the shin, she woke up from her dream. What she saw was Alisa’s poker face and the light blue sky behind her.

It was dawn.

“I never thought you can have a such good sleep. Get up, here we are.”

Venus rubbed her eyes, climbing up with sore limbs. She casually combed her hair with her fingers, carried her bag, and followed Alisa off the yacht.

It was a lush green island, surrounded by the sea and basically no one could be seen on the beach, so it seemed to be another nameless island.

After walking forward for one or two hundred meters, a white villa stood in the thick trees, and two tall bodyguards approached them. Venus subconsciously clenched the strap of her bag.

Fortunately, they just glanced at her, and then said something to Alisa in a language that Venus could not understand. Alisa nodded and said something as well, then continued walking.

The closer she got to the white villa, the more nervous she became. She hadn’t seen her child in half a year and wondered if he still remembered his mother.

Stepping into the villa, there were soldiers patrolling with guns everywhere, all with eyes as sharp as hawks.

Venus was reminded of a role that often appeared in war movies, mercenaries. And these men should be the mercenaries.

Nervous and uneasy, she walked into the living room. She felt it got colder.

Compared to the last villa she went to, the decoration here was a little plainer, with white as the main theme. There was also some modern furniture. As she looked around, a man walked out of one room, in custom-made shirt and slacks, with a pair of high-end white sneakers on his feet. He was still wearing a silver mask on his face. His deep eyes were hidden behind the mask, unfathomable.

At the sight of him, inexplicably, Venus’s hairs all stood up.

“Miss Mu, welcome.” The man’s magnetic voice made her more terrified, “How’s your trip?”

Venus stared at him coldly, “Where is my child?”

“Where is the map?” He sat on the couch in the living room, with his long legs stretching out casually on the coffee table, in a relaxed manner, as if he was not negotiating with her, but talking to an old friend.

“I’m standing here of course I brought what you wanted. Let me see the baby first.” Venus insisted.

The man hooked his finger to signal Alisa to roll out a stroller. Venus’s heart was beating so fast that before Alisa came to her, she ran towards the stroller.

Alisa stopped her immediately before she pounced over, refusing to let her see her baby. The man said, “Let her see her boy. She can’t escape the island anyway.”

Alisa then let her go.

Venus kneeled down near the stroller, whose eyes instantly turned wet.

The child had grown up a lot and the outline looked more and more like Kerry, wearing a colorful vest on top and a diaper directly underneath, with bare feet. The two small arms were as tender and white as lotus roots, and he was looking at her with eyes in two colors, as if he was looking at a stranger.

Venus was with mixed feelings at the moment and as soon as she saw him, she burst into tears. “Honey, mom is here. Do you still remember me?”

Mother and son looked at each other for half a minute. The child was babbling, and at the same time, he reached out his little hand and waved it in the air. Venus held his little hand and kept kissing them.

As Venus enjoyed long-awaited reunion, the man suddenly said, “Well, your son is here, so where is the thing I want?”

Venus wiped away her tears and turned her head to bargain. Even though she knew he wouldn’t agree to it, but she still wanted to have a try.

“You said before that you would let me and my child go if I brought you the treasure map. Does that count?”

The man shrugged his shoulders, “Of course it counts.”

Venus was surprised, “Really?”

“Sure. Why would I lie to you?” The man was very frank.

Venus was still not satisfied, “Then you prepare a boat to send me out of the island, and when I go out, I will give you the treasure map.”

The man laughed before he said, “Miss Mu, you’re a bit too greedy. You haven’t given me what I want yet, and you want me to prepare a boat for you? What if what you gave me is a fake one?”

Venus was nervous, but her expression was extremely calm, “Since I come here, I wouldn’t take a risk of my life and my child’s life, so how can it be fake?”

“I need to see it before I make a decision.”

Venus hesitated, not knowing whether to believe his words or not.

The man got up and walked over to the stroller, bending down to play with the child’s smiling face with his fingers. The child immediately giggled and held his arms with two chubby hands, stars in his eyes.

Seeing this, Venus was about to collapse.

The man stood up and stared at her with a condescending stare, the smile in his eyes gradually disappearing, replaced by cold and majesty. “Miss Mu, the reason I’m talking to you politely right now is solely because I’m in a good mood. When you make me lose my patience, you might be able to see how rudely I’m going to take the treasure map from you.”

Venus looked up at him, but inside, she was frightened. What he said was true. She came alone and she couldn’t oppose him.

After a while, when he showed his irritation, Venus gave in. She couldn’t take a risk, for it wasn’t a good idea for her or the child.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 226 Miss Mu, welcome back (3)
“I’ll give you the treasure map.” Venus Mu took off her backpack, unzipping it, and handed him a small, but delicately carved wooden box, “Here you are.”

The man in silver mask didn’t take it, and said indifferently, “Open it.”

Venus opened the small wooden box without any hesitation, and an old rolled parchment was inside. The man’s eyes were glowing, reaching out to take it out, then carefully opened it…

Venus’s heart was beating faster again, wondering if the fake map could fool this cunning man in front of her.

After getting the map, the man was no longer interested in her and strode back to the room to check the two he had gotten earlier. In the living room, there were only Venus, Alisa and the child.

Venus was in relief and then threw the wooden box onto the floor. Then she kept gazing at the baby as she stood by the stroller.

“Baby, I’m mommy, remember?” Venus whispered, tears overflowing her eyes and her voice trembling, “Baby. mommy is back. Mommy will never leave you again.”

The mini Kerry stared at her for a moment, but still no reaction to her. Instead, both his hands reached out to Alisa, who was standing beside Venus, babbling.

Venus could see the tenderness in Alisa’s eyes, though it was not often to see. Alisa tapped the baby’s nose and whispered, “No hugging right now.”

The baby seemed to understand her words, dropping his hand and sulking with a pouted mouth.

“Don’t be a baby to me. You’re growing too fast for me to hug you.”

The child squinted, hearing these words.

Venus was painful inside, but she could only blame herself for the fact that the child had only been with her for three days since he was born, and the rest of the time he had been with the masked man and Alisa, who were of course much closer to them. She, the mother, was now just a stranger to him.

The sound of hurried footsteps came, and before Venus got to know what was happening, she was violently dragged up from the ground, “Why is the material of the treasure map different? I think you just took a fake one to fool me.”

Venus’s eyes showed surprise, “I saw Kerry take this treasure map out of the vault and put it into the secret place in the study with my own eyes, so how could it be fake?”

The man’s eyes were full of anger, “Do not lie to me. Although the route of the treasure map is right, the material is not at all a year, so how do you explain this?”.

Venus was also anxious, “How do I know? I have never seen a real treasure map. The treasure map you asked me to take from the vault is this one, and there is no other one. Also, it’s ridiculous to say that it’s a fake just because the texture of the parchment is different. Have you seen a real one? Maybe it is deliberately drawn on two parchments.”

Venus finished the speech without showing any panic, and she gave herself a thumb up inside.

The man gradually calmed down and loosen Venus’s arm, “It better be like you said, otherwise, I won’t let you go.”

Venus was greatly relieved. Thank God.

“Alisa, take her away.”

Venus was desperate to hear this, “Wait, I thought you said you’d let me and the baby go.”

The man sneered, “Of course I will let you go, but I didn’t say when I would let you go. Miss Mu, stay here, and when I find the treasure, you can go.”

“How despicable you are!” Venus was dazed with anger. This fucking bastard.

The man said icily, “Whatever you say, you won’t be able to leave anyway. I’ll remind you by the way, there is only one island around five hundred miles. If you try to escape, you’ll die. Therefore, stay here and be nice. If I can find the treasure, you’ll be free on that day.”

The man turned around after saying that, and Venus called out to him, “Wait a minute, I want to stay with my child.”

“I’ll keep this promise. I don’t want to be his fake father.”

Venus was glad to hear this and now the result was the same as she had predicted before she came, so there was no surprise or disappointment.

As long as she could stay with her child, where she was had been no longer that important to her.

“All right, come with me.”

Alisa was leading the way, and Venus pushed the stroller and grabbed her bag from the ground. After turning a corner and passing a corridor, Alisa pushed open a door.

“This is where you’ll be staying. This is the baby-sitter’s room. She knows you’re coming today, so she went home yesterday.” Alisa explained.

Venus looked around the house. It wasn’t very big, with children’s toys, milk powder and clothes everywhere.

“Thank you.”

Alisa went to the table and took out a notebook from the drawer to her, “This is what the nanny left before she left. It records the time of the baby’s meal and how much he eats, plus the time he sleeps, shower and so on.”

Venus did not expect to have such a considerate nanny, feeling warm inside. From the detailed records, she could see that the nanny should love her baby very much.

“Give me your bag.”

Venus didn’t refuse and gave it to her directly.

Alisa opened the bag, dumping all the things on the bed. They were all the daily necessities and clothes.

“No need to search. The only communication device is on the yacht, nothing more.”

Alisa rolled her eyes, “Good. Ask me if you need anything. Right, don’t walk around this villa. There are men all over who haven’t touched a lady for a long time. if one of them gets interested in you, I can’t get you out. Boss has always been very forgiving of them.”

Venus looked at her with gratitude, “Alisa, thank you for telling me that.”

Alisa pouted, “I’m doing this for the baby’s sake, and it has nothing to do with you.” After saying this, she was about to turn around and leave, when Venus stopped her again.

“Alisa, last time your boss sent me a picture, the baby had a very severe injury, why did I…”

Alisa looked at her with mockery, “Do you want your child to be beaten?”

“No, of course no.” Venus shook her hand, “I just feel a little strange.”

“Well, if he didn’t send you that, will you be here so soon?” Alisa didn’t answer her question directly, but on her way out, Venus heard her mutter, “The baby is so cute, who would beat him?”

Venus was stunned for a few seconds. According to Alisa, the photo the man sent to her was fake? But in the first video of the baby being thrown into the bath, she could see the face was the baby’s face and the eyes were in different colors. As for the second one he sent over, it actually was not her baby, but she just took it as him…

Thank God.

Venus stretched her body, bending down to see whether her child would say something to her or not, but he just babbled. She had no experience in taking care of a baby before, so she just stood there. It’s fortunate that the baby was a good boy, basically not crying.

When she watched her own child, Venus felt satisfied. She couldn’t get her eyes from him.

“Baby, it’s mommy, and we’ll never be apart again.” Venus finally said something and smiled gently, not expecting the child to smile when she smiled, which made her very happy.

After a while, the child’s small face distorted, with her legs kept twisting, who seemed to have a hard time. Venus was anxious, “Baby, what’s going on? How do you feel?”

The child, of course, did not answer her but babble.

She searched in the notebook, finding there was a paragraph that said in English that if he felt uneasy or uncomfortable sometimes, he may pee his pants.

She carefully touched his buttocks, and it was wet.

She looked for the diaper in her room and took the baby out of the stroller and put him on the bed. She didn’t know how to change it, but the instruction told her the steps. Venus knew some English and there were some pictures as the guidance, so she can barely understand it.

When she was changing the diaper, Venus was so nervous that she was afraid that the baby would be hurt, but she didn’t know that the baby was a living person, not a porcelain doll, and he wouldn’t get hurt by her touch.

It took a long time for Venus to put on the diaper, and she was sweating all over.

Even though her child was already half a year old, she was a new mother, and she had much to learn.

When Kerry arrived in Honolulu, he was picked up by Nighthawk.

“Boss, nice to see you.”

Kerry tiredly nodded at him, turning on his phone and saw the last message sent by Venus, whose heart ached.

“Boss, let’s find a place to rest first, since you’ve flew for so long.” Nighthawk said this with concern.

Kerry did not reply, but turned on the GPS app on the phone, and saw the constantly flashing red dot on it. Only then did he feel a little more at ease.

Venus was now on an island in the eastern Pacific Ocean, surrounded by the sea.

Kerry showed the phone to Nighthawk, “No more rest. Let’s get here.”

Nighthawk looked at it and said, “Boss, this place is at least five or six hours away from us by boat. Why don’t you take a break, and I’ll go find a yacht?”

There were so many islands in the Pacific Ocean and only the larger ones have special ships for transportation. As for such relatively distant private islands, owners had their own private planes or yachts. Of course, most yacht would not go to a private island very far away. It was not safe, and it was easy to get lost in the sea.

Kerry knew he was right, so he said, “Then just find a hotel.”

“Okay.” Nighthawk stopped a cab, and the driver took them up to a luxury hotel.

“Where are our men?” Kerry asked.

“Gather for more information.”

“Ask them to come here. No need to do more.” Kerry lay down on the bed and closed his eyes.

Nighthawk looked at his boss in surprise, but he didn’t ask any questions, “I see. Boss, you rest for a while. I’ll go out and look for a yacht.”

Kerry said, “OK”. Though his eyes were closed, but he could not sleep. What was Venus doing now? Did that asshole give her a hard time? Did she find the baby? Was there any danger?

Too many questions stuck in his head and he was about to go crazy.

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