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Chapter 226: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 226 A Successor of Bajiquan

This alley is the only way to get to the opposite street. Because it was night, so it was only illuminated by a few unbroken street lights, which made it looked a bit dark.

While both of them were talking, suddenly they saw someone was crouching in front of them, and they stopped immediately.

Barr took a closer look, “Officer Brown?”

Jason looked over as he threw the cigarette in his mouth, and stomped in on the ground, “What a coincidence?”

Xiao Rongtao was angry since Jason was on the same side with Colin. Since he saw Jason in his casual clothes here, some thoughts went through his mind.

“It’s been so late, Officer Brown, and yet, you’re smoking in this small alley?” Xiao Rongtao pretended to be ignorant.

Jason replied, “I got off work already and I’m not Officer Brown now.”

“Huh?” Both Xiao Rongtao and Barr were taken aback for a while.

Xiao Rongtao responded while suppressing his excitement, “So, no matter what happens now won’t have anything to do with your status as a police?”

Barr glanced at Xiao Rongtao and seemed to understand what he wanted to do. He hesitated and didn’t speak for a while.

Jason looked at both of them and smiled profoundly, “You are right. I am an ordinary person now. Anything that happens will have nothing to do with my status as police.”

Because the light was dim, Xiao Rongtao didn’t notice Jason’s smile, and chuckled, “If you say so, then when I hit you, it won’t be considered as an assault to an officer?”

“No” Jason replied.

“Haha… Don’t blame me for being inconsiderate then!”

After speaking, Xiao Rongtao walked over, looking hideous, and punched Jason’s stomach.

His punch wasn’t hard since it was just a test to see if Jason would say that he assaulted an officer. If so, he could give an excuse that it was just a slight bump and there’s no injury.

It didn’t affect Jason much after he received the blow. He only looked at Xiao Rongtao and smiled, “Oh, do you want to fight?”

Seeing that Jason didn’t say anything about assaulting an officer, Xiao Rongtao became slightly bolder, “That’s right. Who asked you to be so fvcking upsetting? So what if I hit you? if you’re able, you can just fight back!”

“You say it yourself” Jason sneered at him.

Xiao Rongtao was directly kicked to the ground with a smash.

Next, Jason sat on Xiao Rongtao’s stomach and hit him with both hands.

Xiao Rongtao was being slapped again. His face that hasn’t recovered became swollen again.

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“Big Brother, Big Brother. I was wrong, I was wrong….”

Xiao Rongtao was in pain. His stinging wound added with the pain of being slapped again was very painful that he almost cried.

Jason’s action didn’t stop and even said, “Can someone like you fvcking fight with me? Am I someone who looked weak? Huh?”

Barr, who was watching beside suddenly realized that Jason didn’t just simply smoke here, but he deliberately was waiting for them to teach them a lesson.

And Xiao Rongtao, this idiot, gave the opportunity to be beaten up by him.

After realizing this, Barr turned around and ran. After Jason finished beating up Xiao Rongtao, he would be forced to be the next one.

Jason saw Barr’s movement. He took a few steps and leaped, before landing a kick on Barr’s back.

Barr staggered and fell directly on the ground.

Jason walked over and turned Barr over before starting to hit him with both hands.

“Slap! Slap!”

“Ah! This is a fight, Officer Brown….” Barr was painfully slapped.

Jason chuckled, “Are you crazy? Who the hell is fighting? Did you hit me? It’s just me beating you up!”

Barr was very angry. He had never seen such shameless police, right, police!

“Officer Brown, you are a policeman and you deliberately break the law. You….”

“Shut up!” Jason slapped him again, “I am only Jason Brown now, not a policeman.”

Barr was still planning to say something but Jason didn’t give him any chance as he slapped him faster.

However, just as Jason was about to get up and kicked Barr, there was a blasting sound and at the same time, something flew towards him.

Jason squinted and quickly straightened up, as he rolled over to avoid the flying object.

That thing slammed into the wall behind Jason.

Jason turned to look and it turned out to be a knife.

At the same time, a man in a black suit appeared in the alley. He stood in front of Barr and held him up.

“Mr. Martin, I’m sorry for being late.”

After seeing that man in a black suit, Barr became more relaxed, “Why are you here?”

“The boss sent me here.” The man replied.

Barr nodded and then looked at Jason gloomily, “Beat him.”

The man nodded and already rushed over before Jason could react.

Jason’s gaze turned cold and immediately defended.

However, that man was too fast. Jason only had time to defend with his arm but that man was very strong that he had to retreat and was forced against the wall.


The man in a black suit pushed Jason against the wall.

Jason’s back was in pain but he’s not someone easy to fight.

At this time, Xiao Rongtao also got up from the ground. He stood beside Barr and slightly curious, “Is this your man, Barr?”

Barr didn’t reply but he told Jason, “You’re unlucky to meet me today. He is a black belt master in Taekwondo. We have to see if you have the ability to beat me up.”

Xiao Rongtao also didn’t care about Barr’s att!tude and he just shouted to Jason arrogantly, “Haha.. . You planned to beat us up, right, Jason? Why don’t you beat us now?”

“Do you hear that? He is a master in Taekwondo, just wait to be beaten up then!”

Barr said to that man again, “Don’t k!ll him. He is a policeman. It will be difficult to handle if he’s dead.”

That man nodded then prepared to continue.

At this time, Jason suddenly managed to break free from that man’s restraint with his backhand, then he quickly punched. He was so fast that the man in the black suit couldn’t see clearly and he was punched on his stomach.

The man gr0aned. Before he could respond, Jason made another move.

Jason raised his knee to that man’s abdomen. Then he bounced and he clamped onto that man’s neck with his legs. The man was thrown around with a fl!p and was smashed to the ground.

That man gr0aned again, when he was about to get up, Jason stepped on his back, which made him unable to move.

Barr and Xiao Rongtao who looked triumphant just now were dumbfounded as their expression froze.

This simple action only took a few seconds and the situation was reversed in an instant.

Barr and Xiao Rongtao couldn’t believe it.

“How come?”

The man in the black suit is a black belt master in Taekwondo, and yet, he was easily beaten by his opponent to the ground, and couldn’t even get up?

Jason’s sk!ll just now was completely different when he was with them just now.

What… exactly happened?

Jason stepped on the man in the black suit as he glanced at Barr and Xiao Rongtao coldly. When he saw their shocked eyes, he couldn’t help but mocked them.

He had never told anyone that he was a successor of the hidden and authentic Bajiquan. His sk!lls were hardly exposed. Even if it’s Colin, he also never told him.

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