Chapter 227 – 228: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 227: Massage

“I can give her a massage, and it may help.”

“No! No! Yanru, I don’t want him to touch m,” Yuhan cried.

“But…” Before Yanru finished, Kris interrupted and said: “Are your legs feeling numb? Like, they were being gnawed by millions of ants?”

Yuhan stopped crying and said: “How do you know that?”

Kris smiled and said: “If it’s not treated in time, you will not feel your legs in a few minutes, and in half an hour, you will begin to feel dizzy, and you won’t be able to feel your body from the neck down.”

“What? She will not feel her body from neck down?” Some girls were shocked. They found it horrifying.

“Is he serious?”

“I don’t think so. It was just a fall. How bad can it be?”

“He is bluffing. Don’t listen to him.”

These girls kept talking, and Yanru also found it unbelievable, so she said: “Maybe we should wait for a few minutes, and let’s see whether she will recover.”

Five minutes later, Yuhan panicked and said: “Yanru, my legs can’t move. Will I be paralyzed?” She was scared to the core.

Then everyone panicked and worried that Kris was right in the first place.

“Don’t worry Yuhan.” Yanru comforted Yuhan and looked towards Kris and said: “Kris, you will not let her be paralyzed, will you?”

Kris sighed and said: “I will try my best.”

Then he walked to Yuhan, who was still lying on her front. He looked at her and couldn’t help but swallowed hard because her position was so temping. Her breasts were pressed against the bench, and her butt was very perky.

Kris took a deep breath, and he rubbed his hands and warmed them up, and then he pressed his hands against Yuhan’s butt.

When she felt a pair of big hands on her butt, a burning blush rushed to her cheeks. Last time her body was seen by Kris, and this time, she was touched by him, and she found it surreal.

“I’ll do it. It’s gonna hurt. Put up with it.”

Kris pressed his hands down with considerable force.


Yuhan raised up her head suddenly, and her neck was delicate and slim, like a swan’s.

Kris kept massaging her, and her screams of pain gradually developed into a heavy breath.

“Oh, it’s so comfortable. ”

“Is it really that comfortable?” Some women wondered when they heard her heavy breath.

Kris kept massaging her butt, and her butt bounced up and down. And five minutes later, Kris stopped, and he was dripping with sweat. And Yuhan was still lying on the bench, and beams of sweat appeared on her body.

When she recovered, she couldn’t believe she just made noises like that in front of so many people, and she found it absolutely shameful.

Then Kris stood up and took a deep breath. “Alright, the colt is now dissolved, and you will be fine. But still, you need to take a good rest for some time before you can fully recover.”

“I remember you can make medicine, and I know there is a kind of soup called Tiger Bone Soup, which is very effective to treat this kind of injury. Do you know how to make this medicine?” Yanru asked.

Kris thought about it. Tiger Bone Soup is medicine at the intermediate level. It takes the tiger’s bones to make this medicine, and he didn’t know where to find them.

“Yanru, are you sure this man can make medicine?”

“Yeah. Making medicine is different from massage. If you take the wrong medicine, you will probably die.”

Then, these women looked at Kris and said: “Is he a masseur? It seemed he is really good at massaging. Yanru, I want him to give me a massage.”

“Me too! Make him massage me first!”

Yanru gave a dry laugh and said: “Quit it. He is a professional pharmacist.”

“What? He is really a pharmacist?” Everyone was in a state of shock.

Yanru didn’t explain too much. A few days ago, Kris received a certificate from the Ancient Medical Association. So it couldn’t be wrong.

“Kris, can you do that?”

“I can make the medicine, but as you can tell from its name, the major material for this medicine is tiger’s bones, and where do you expect me to find them?” Kris didn’t refuse because he was given the certificate only a few days ago, and he couldn’t pretend that he can’t take medicine.

“I have all the materials you will need to make the medicine. I have a pharmaceutical store, and I believe you can find them there.”

“Her family is truly a grand family in the capital. She even has a pharmacy of her own.” Kris thought to himself.

“Fine. I’ll go and have a look.” Then Kris began walking to the pharmaceutical store. But then, Yuhan, who was still on the bench, said: “Stop! I won’t take your medicine! You will poison me!”

Kris sighed heavily and said to Yanru: “You see, I wanted to help, but she won’t take it.”

“That’s it. I will not make the medicine, even though you beg me.” Kris shrugged his shoulders and said. He was feeling angry for the way he was treated.

“I will not beg you even though I die in pain! Forget about it.”

“Okay, goodbye!” Then Kris turned around and was about to leave.

His anger was justifiable. He was invited to the party, but no one even gave him a glass of water.

Yanru stopped him when she saw Kris was really angry and said: “Kris, don’t be angry with her. She is wilful, but she is a really nice person.”

“Wilful? She couldn’t even tell right from wrong! I’m not her father, and why should I put up with her? I am busy and I’ve got going,” Kris said.

“Wait, Kris.” Yanru held Kris’s hand suddenly and begged: “Please don’t be mad. I’ll apologize for her, please don’t be angry with her, okay?”

Kris looked at Yanru in bewilderment because he didn’t expect people like Yanru could also be this humble.

Yuhan got up from the bench in great pain, and walked to Yanru, grabbed her hand, and said: “You don’t need to beg him. I don’t want his medicine.”

“I’m tired of arguing with you. Had it not been for Yanru, I will never make it for you.”

“Can he be any more proud!”

“Yanru, this Tiger Bone Soup is medicine at an intermediate level. Can he make it?”

“Yeah. Pharmacists are rare for a reason. It is very expensive to train a person into a pharmacist. Look at his shabby clothes. How can he be a pharmacist?”

“Yeah, I have never heard a ‘poor pharmacist’”

Because of the pharmacists’ rareness, even a pharmacist at the elementary level will be highly respected, and the medicine he makes is going to be sold at a great price. That’s why no one believed Kris was a pharmacist when they saw his clothes.

Yanru shook her head, but she didn’t explain anything. “Kris, I’ll take you to the pharmacy.”

Kris nodded and followed her to a secret room. When the door was opened, all kinds of materials appeared in Kris’ eyes.

Kris was taken aback. There were thousands kinds of materials.

Yanru said cheerily: “Kris, apart from the materials you will need for the medicine, you can also take something you find useful.”

The medicine made by the pharmacist is very expensive, but some rare materials are also very expensive. So when a pharmacist made medicine for some big families, he is paid with money and will also get some rare materials as his payment.

When he heard this, apart from the materials he needed to make the Tiger Bone Soup, Kris also took a dozen rare materials to make some valuable pills.

And then Yanru took Kris to another room to make medicine and said: “Kris, you can make medicine here, and if you need me, just call me.” And then Yanru departed.

Kris nodded and began to make the medicine. Kris picked up a piece of bone and scratched some powder off with a knife into a pot and poured some other materials into it together with water and then sealed the pot up.

Half an hour later, the Tiger Bone Soup was made, and when Kris removed the seal, a roar of a tiger could be heard.

When Kris was making the medicine, he used his inner energy to shorten the time. Normally, his inner energy is only used when making elixirs.

The medicine was a success, and Kris put off the fire with great satisfaction and was about to call Yanru. But all of a sudden, he felt his backbone was shivering, and he felt bitterly cold.

Kris stood up in a hurry, turned around, and found a short, stout man dressed in a black cassock. And on his head, he wore a hoop. But what was truly horrifying was that the man wore a necklace that was made from a dozen human skulls.

“Damn!” Kris was frightened.

“Who are you? Why are you here? Did Yanru ask you to come?”

That man didn’t say anything. He charged into Kris with a knife and cut Kris on the back. And Kris’s mind went blank, and he lost consciousness.

Chapter 228: The Lean Monk

Meanwhile, Yuhan looked at Yanru Sima and said: “Yanru, it’s been two hours, and what is that guy doing? Is he tricking you?”

Yuhan had already checked Kris’s background and found him a man married into a second-rated family. How is it possible that such a man could make medicine?

“I think so, or why is he taking so long? What is he making?”

“Yeah. He is just lying.”

These girls chatted.

Yanru shook her head and explained: “That can not be. A few days ago, he took part in the pharmacist competition with our Teacher, and two days ago, he was awarded a Pharmacist Medal by the Ancient Medical Association.

“A Pharmacist Medial? Could it be a medal at the top level?”

“I don’t think so. Even though he can make medicine, he is just at the elementary level.”

“Yeah. Tiger Bone Soup is medicine at the intermediate level. And it can only be made by a pharmacist in the fourth grade. How can you expect a pharmacist at the initial grade like him to make this medicine.”

Yanru smiled. She didn’t notice what level his medal is at. But she learned that when Kris and Rou Wen took part in the competition, they tried to make Marrow-Clearing Soup. He failed in the end, but his ability was reflected.

She asked Kris to make the Tiger Bone Soup out of the intention to test him. If he succeeded, he was a pharmacist, at least in the fourth grade. Then she would manage to take Kris into Sima Family and make him provide his service for Sima Family.

“Let’s check it out. I think he is must be done after such a long time.”

Then she took everyone to the place where Kris was making medicine. When they reached the room, Yanru knocked on the door and asked: “Kris, are you done? May I come in?”

There was no response!

Yanru’s brows furrowed. “Kris?…”

“Yanru, let’s just get in!” Before Yanru said anything, Yuhan, who is very impatient, pushed the door open and got in.

Then everyone followed in. The fire was still on, but Kris was not to be seen.

Yanru froze as if she was struck by lightning.


Kris regained his consciousness after a period of time. He found himself in a decorated room in a very traditional style, and the room was filled with a pleasant smell.

Kris gasped and got up from the ground. His neck was feeling rather soar.

This room was very familiar to Kris, and when he was thinking about it, a woman’s voice was heard. “You are awake.”

Her voice was very lazy, and Kris was greatly frightened. He turned around and saw Quan Mu was lying beside him, and he said: “Madam…”

The moment he saw her, he was reminded of the night when he and Quan Mu were sleeping on this particular bed.

“I’ll poke your eyes if you keep staring,” Quan Mu looked at Kris and said.

Kris looked at Quan Mu and smiled bitterly. “Oh, madam, it was you. Next time you want me to come, just tell me, so that I can be mentally prepared.”

“This is faster,” Quan Mu said.

Kris was speechless.

“Oh, right. I asked you to do something for me last time. How did it go? Did you get the thing I want?”

“Oh, damn. I knew it! She brought me here because of that! What should I do now!” Kris thought to himself.

“Are you deaf? Did you hear me?”

“Oh, sorry, My dear madam. There are many elites in the Academy of Six Major Schools, and six majors also sent many exceptional people to hide in the academy. And now I have got a clue.”

“Oh, is that so?” Quan Mu was in a high spirit when she heard this.

Kris’ brain went into overdrive. “Taiji Scripture is probably hidden in the Scripture Pavilion in the Academy of Six Major Schools. But each floor of the pavilion is guarded by an elder. So I need more time to….”

“Scripture Pavilion? I know this place.” Quan Mu interrupted. “It is said that the secret scrolls of all the six majors were hidden in that place. Each floor is guarded by an elite that is at the later period of the return-to-nature stage. Yuanqiao Zhang is a wary person, and Taiji Scripture may be really hidden in there.”

Kris breathed a sigh of relief when he heard what she said. He fooled her successfully.

The truth was that he didn’t even know Yuanqiao Zhang’s whereabouts, to say nothing about the Taiji Scripture.

“My dear madam is so intelligent,” Kris held his hands in front and said.

“Stop being so slimy.” Quan Mu gave him a quick glance. She then pointed at a seat and said: “Take a seat.”

“Thank you, my dear madam.”

Then Kris was seated on the chair that was very near to the bed. He could see Quan Mu’s eyelashes fluttering from where he sat, and he found that woman absolutely stunning. She had grown into a woman, and her charm also grew with her age.

“Next Sunday marks the seventieth birthday of our leader, and as the saint of our cult, what kind of gift do you want to give him?”

Kris patted his forehead because he had totally put that out of his mind.

Kris smiled and asked: “My madam, what does our leader like most?”

“You want some information from me? If I tell you, what will I get?” Quan Mu smiled tenderly.

Quan Mu didn’t realize how cute she seemed when she asked this question. It was as if a girl was asking for a gift from her boyfriend.

Kris also found her cute and lovely, and without thinking too much, he reached his hand out and stroked her face and said: “So, what do you want to get?”

And soon, Kris regretted his behavior.

Why would he do something like that, and why would he say something like that?

Quan Mu also froze, and a burning blush rushed to her cheeks. She didn’t know whether she was feeling shy or angry.

“Kris! How dare you! I’m the wife of your leader!”

“Madam, I’m sorry I didn’t do it intentionally….”

Before Kris finished, Quan Mu said: “What do you mean? You mean you did it on purpose?”

“My madam, I don’t have the guts to do so. It’s just you are so beautiful, and I really couldn’t help….” Kris explained in a hurry.

Quan Mu bit her lips when she heard this. She was supposed to be angry because she was Kris’ superior, and Kris was being so disrespectful. But she wasn’t angry at all. Instead, she was feeling happy. She couldn’t understand her feelings, and she didn’t know what she should do about her emotions.

“Am I in love with him since what happened that night? No! That can’t be true. Or I’ll be in big trouble.” She thought to herself.

“You should go now. Remember, you are the Saint of the cult, and you must be present on our leader’s birthday.” Quan Mu looked at Kris and then called out the door: “Lean Monk! Take him back.”

And then a fat and stout man walked in, and it was exactly the man who knocked Kris unconscious.

“Why is he called Lean Monk when he is so not lean?” Kris thought to himself.

“Follow me.” Lean Monk grabbed Kris up by his collar and walked out of the room.

“Hey, put me down. I can walk myself.”

When they reached the wharf, Lean Monk threw Kris on a boat and asked another brother of the cult to row the boat.

Kris held his waist and stood up in pain. “Damn! Can this fat guy throw me harder? Does he even have an ounce of respect for the Saint?” Kris thought to himself.

Kris tried to start a conversation with him along the way, but the Lean Monk mediated at the head of the boat and didn’t mind him at all.

Kris didn’t know what to do, so he planned to take a rest. But the moment he shut his eyes, the Lean Monk opened his mouth and said: “You are Kris, right? Can you do me a favor?”

“No, I can’t.”

“I want you to find a person for me at the Academy of Six Majors, and I can do three things for you as long as you find him. Whatever they are.” The Lean Monk kept saying as if he didn’t hear Kris.

“I’m not interested.” Kris turned him down without even thinking.

“Don’t just refuse my offer this fast. Let me finish first.” The Lean Monk looked at Kris and said: “Someone is going to murder you on our leader’s birthday.”

“What?” Kris sat up from the board like a flash. “How do you know?”

“That does not concern you. I just want to know whether you are going to help me or not. If your answer is yes, I’ll protect you on the leader’s birthday. If your answer is no, you should take care of yourself.”

“You are just bluffing. I’m the Saint! Who has the guts to kill me when our leader and leader’s wife are all present?” Kris laughed.

The Lean Monk gave a short laugh and said: “Too naive. You are now a thorn in some people’s side just because you are the Saint. Our leader is already seventy years old, and how long do you think he can keep his power and strength.”

What he said sent a chill through him.

He was the Saint, but he was also a newcomer to the Holy-Dragon Cult. It was very dangerous for him to take a high position. Because when the leader dies, the Saint is entitled to succeed him as a new leader.

But how can he be a new leader without asserting his authority first? He didn’t even have a group of people who support him.

Kris thought a lot at that moment. The leader was indeed old, and his control over the cult was getting weaker and weaker. And he turned himself into a target when he presented himself in front of other people as the Saint.

Now looking back, he was fooled the last time he got captured by the Sun-Moon Holy Cult. Damn! What a bunch cunning people.

Kris’s face darkened.

“You have thought this through very fast. You are not stupid, after all.” The Lean Monk gave a short laugh. “What do you think? Do we have a deal?”

“Why? Why do you tell me this? What is on your mind?” Kris looked at him and said in a stern voice.

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