Chapter 227: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 227 Venus, I’m Coming (1)
Two hours went by, and Nighthawk finally came back.

“Sir, I only found one ship that is willing to take us there.” Nighthawk said. “I went to the harbour and asked every ship owner, but they all refused because it is too dangerous to go to that island. But luckily, one ship owner agreed, although he charges a huge amount of money for doing it.”

Kerry sat up in an instant and said: “Good. Let’s go.”

“Our people haven’t arrived yet. Should we wait for them?”

“They are still not here?”

Nighthawk’s head drooped and he said: “They are spread on various islands, and most of them are still looking for ships to take them here.”

“How long will it take?”

“It may take another two hours.”

Kerry shot him a sideways glance. Since both Venus and the baby were on that island, he couldn’t be too reckless. Besides, it was getting dark and he had no idea what that island looks like. So he said: “Fine. Tell the owner of that ship that we will set off at five o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Yes. Do you want to eat anything? It was a long journey.”

Kerry was in no mood to eat. He said tiredly: “Just buy me some takeout food.”

Nighthawk nodded and left the room. He didn’t know why was Kerry so sure that the man they had been looking for was on that island. Kerry didn’t tell him, and he was in no position to ask.

Every woman is a talented mother. Venus is young, but that doesn’t make her less of a good mother. After spending a whole day with her baby, she was already familiar with everything that she needs to do to take care of the baby. She can feed the baby, change the baby’s diapers, and make the baby go to sleep with so much ease as if she has been doing these things for years.

There is a special bond between a mother and her baby, and the baby will never forget his mother’s smell no matter how long they are separated from each other.

Venus’s baby grew really fast, and three little teeth already came out. They were very cute, like little shells. The baby didn’t like to stay in the cradle, so Venus would put him on bed. He would try to sit up with the support of his hands. And tears brimmed Venus’s eyes when she saw her baby sit up successfully for the first time. She missed so many important moments in her baby’s life.

The little baby pointed at a bunch of toys on the ground, and Venus didn’t know which one did he want, so she put everything in front of him. The baby was so happy and he waved his arms randomly. He then picked up a toy car and pushed the button on it, and then he put the car on bed and the car zoomed away. He giggled so happily.

He then cleared a little space in front of him to build Lego. He was not very good at it but he didn’t seem frustrated at all. When he finally built a little building with the bricks, he grabbed Venus’s arm happily and showed her his master piece.

Venus dried her tears and said: ‘That’s amazing. Do you want to be an engineer?”

The baby seemed to understand her, and he smiled even more brightly.

The baby is just perfect. He is healthy, smart, and active. But Venus is always overwhelmed by complicated emotions when she sees him, because she had been absent for too long, and she feels so guilty about it.

At that moment, the door was pushed open. Venus turned around and found it was the man with the mask.

The baby was so excited when he saw the man. He reached his hands out and wanted the man to hug him. The man walked in and gave the baby a toy gun. He pinched the baby’s nose and said: “This is a gift. Do you like it?”

The baby held the gun against his chest, and he gave the man a kiss on his cheek.

The man’s eyes softened. He rubbed the baby’s head gently. He is a fierce and violent man, but after spending so much time with the baby, his heart became tender and soft. Because the baby is just too cute. He is always smiling and he seems to be able to understand what the adults are saying. Even Alisa, who is fierce and violent, is rather fond of the baby, and she always buys the baby toys when she goes out.

“What’s the matter?” Venus asked in a gentle voice.

The man was teaching the baby how to play the gun. He said: “Xuan Chu is missing. His inferiors told me that Xuan and Kerry went to a construction site yesterday, and he hasn’t come back yet. What do you think has happened?”

Venus said in a flat tone of voice: “I took the treasure map away from Kerry, and he is must furious at the moment. He won’t let Xuan escape easily.”

The man gave the toy gun to the baby. He looked at Venus and said: “Where do you think Kerry hide Xuan?” His face was hidden beneath the mask and Venus couldn’t see his expression clearly. But his eyes reflected that he didn’t really care a lot, which confused Venus a lot.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s the place where Heng Zhang was locked last time.”

“Interesting. Obviously Kerry is going to use Xuan as a hostage.” The man said. He then stood up and walked away, while saying: “He really thinks that he can threaten me with Xuan. So funny.”

Venus startled. She said: “So you won’t save Xuan?”

The man turned around and said: “I still have you. And as long as you are here with me, Kerry doesn’t have the guts to hurt Xuan!”

“Wait a second.” Venus looked at him calmly and said: “Obviously we will meet each other very often. What’s your name?”

“You want to know who I am?” The man laughed.

Venus shrugged her shoulders and said: “It’s alright if you don’t want to tell me. I just want to know how should I call you.”

The man laughed coldly and said: “You can call me ‘Gavin’.”

“Gavin? Good. I’ll call you Gavin.” Venus said. She knew it is a fake name.

Xuan Chu, at that moment, was in great pain. His arms had been dislocated since Henry took him back yesterday. At first he was tortured by agonizing pain, and then he could no longer feel his arms.

He hadn’t drank any water for twenty hours, and he felt his throat was burning. He was so hungry and his stomach was rumbling. He suffered so much all because of that person, and he hoped that person could understand his feelings.

The door was opened. Henry walked in with a bottle of water.

“Mr Chu, have you made up your mind?” Henry said coldly.

Xuan only snorted in disgust. He said in a hoarse voice: “I don’t know anything.”

“Mr Chu is indeed a tough person.” Henry said. He then opened the bottle and poured the water on the ground.

Xuan’s eyes fell on the water. Now the water was so near to him and his thirst was even stronger. Every cell in his body was desperate for some water and he was seized by so much pain.

“Henry! I know you are here to humiliate me! And now you have accomplished your purpose and you can leave!” Xuan shouted. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation and tell all the secrets.

Henry kept pouring the water. He walked close to him and said: “Mr Chu. You are a decent man and you know I hate to treat you like this. But your people kidnapped Kerry’s baby to make money. Don’t you think that is way too nasty?”

Xuan didn’t say anything. He knew what they did was wrong, but that was his only option.

“Mr Chu. Tell me where is the kid and I’ll set you free. This is good for both Chu Family and Ye Family.” Henry said sincerely. “This is Kerry’ s first son, and if something happens to the kid, both you and your family will be destroyed by him.”

Xuan laughed with contempt. He didn’t say anything.

Henry was not angry at all. He kept saying: “Sure, your family is also a great family and you are not afraid of Ye Family. But you know if you kill Kerry’ s son, Kerry will take revenge at any cost. Your parents, and your little sister, and Yan Chu, will all become Kerry’s targets. Don’t you even care about them? Can you really put their lives at risk just for some money?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 227 Venus, I’m Coming (2)
Fear flickered across Xuan’s eyes. That was what he was concerned with. He had known Kerry for a period of time and he learned that Kerry is far from a generous person that he seems to be; instead, he is mean and cruel, and he never lets his enemies escape without being severely punished.

Henry put the bottle near to Xuan’s lips. Xuan froze for a second, and then he opened his mouth and drank the last drop of water in the bottle. But that drop of water didn’t quench his thirst at all. And he was still in great agony.

“Mr Chu, the sooner Kerry found his wife and child, the sooner you can leave this place. You are a smart person and I think you can make a wise decision.” Henry said. He then dropped the bottle on the ground and walked away.

“Wait a second.”

Henry stopped and turned around. His eyes sparkled. “Have you changed your mind?”

“Henry, can you help me with my arms? They are dislocated. I need to use the bathroom now.” Xuan said.

Henry’s smile disappeared and he said coldly: “I don’t know how to cure your arms. If you want to pee, I will ask someone else to help you with it.”

“Henry!” Xuan shouted angrily. He would rather be killed than have someone help him to use the bathroom.

“There is no use to shout at me. If you don’t want anyone to help you, just hold it.” Henry said and left the room. And Xuan was shaking with anger.


Tianye Mu was at that time in his villa. He had a sense of foreboding when he learned that Kerry and Yan Chu went abroad separately. But he didn’t know why.

“Mr Mu, Xuan Chu just went missing. He is the CEO of MK company which has been cooperating with Kerry.” Tianye’s inferior called him and said.

Tianye frowned. “When did that happen?”

“Last morning, Xuan and Kerry went to the construction site to supervise the building of the amusement park, and Xuan didn’t go back. Xuan’s staff is also looking for him.”

It’s obviously related to Kerry. Kerry went abroad last morning. Tianye thought. He then said: “Go and try to figure out what happened.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tianye hung up the phone. He sunk into deep thoughts.

Xiran Xiao came in. She wiped her sweaty face and she noticed Tianye’s brow was furrowed. She asked: “What are you thinking?”

Tianye came to himself and said: “Kerry and Yan Chu went to Hawaii.”

Xiran grabbed a tomato. She cleaned it roughly and took a huge bite. She said: “What’s so surprising about that? Obviously they are on vacation.”

“That’s what I thought. But they didn’t take the same plane. Besides, Kerry transferred at Hong Kong.”

Xiran thought about it and said: “Maybe Kerry missed the plane because of something urgent.”

“Then why couldn’t Yan wait for him. It takes fifteen hours to fly from A city to Hawaii. Wouldn’t it be boring to travel alone?”

Xiran realized something was wrong. She said: “You are right. Did they quarrel with each other? Maybe they were angry with each other and that was why they didn’t take the same plane.”

Tianye noticed Xiran was enjoying that tomato so much, so he cleaned another one and gave it to her. He said: “That is also a possibility. But I just learned that Yan’s brother, Xuan, went missing yesterday morning.”

Xiran was surprised. “What?” She exclaimed.

“Yeah. I know his missing must have something to do with Kerry.” Tianye said.

“So much happened yesterday.” Xiran said. She noticed Tianye’s face darkened and she asked: “What are you thinking?”

Tianye put all the vegetables he just washed in a basket and said concernedly: “I think it has something to do with Venus.”

Xiran knows how much Tianye loves his sister. She patted on his shoulder and said: “Don’t worry. I’ll call Yan and ask her about it.”

Tianye nodded.

Xiran then called Yan, but Yan’s phone was turned off. Xiran got nervous because she and Yan are very good friends. She asked Tianye: “Do you have Kerry’ s number?”

“Yes.” Tianyan took out his phone and found that number he had never dialed. Xiran then called Kerry. But Kerry didn’t pick up.

“What is he doing?” Xiran complained. She tried again, and this time, Kerry picked up.

“Who is it?” Kerry sounded angry and impatient.

“I’m Xiran.”

Kerry was silent for a few seconds. He then put on a soft tone and said: “Oh, it’s you. What’s up?”

Xiran asked directly: “Where is Yan? I called her many times but her phone is turned off.”

“Why do you want to call her?”

Xiran said impatiently: “I just want to ask her out for a cup of coffee or something. That’s all.”

Kerry was silent again. Maybe he was trying to find an excuse, or maybe he was angry. Xiran couldn’t tell.

“Kerry! Speak! Where is Yan?”

“She lost her phone. Stop calling her.”

“What? Is she with you? Let me talk to her.”

“She is not with me now. I’ll let her call you when she is back. I’m busy. See you.” Kerry said and then hung up on Xiran directly.

Xiran also felt a sense of foreboding. What a lame excuse Kerry just used! She thought. If Yan really lost her phone, why couldn’t she just buy another one.

“So you also think something is wrong.” Tianye asked.

Xiran nodded. “Kerry hung up on me so quickly. Obviously he is hiding something from us. What happened to Yan?”

Tianye patted on her shoulder and said: “Stop thinking. Take a shower. I’ll cook dinner.”



It was getting dark. Venus was so hungry and her stomach was rumbling. At that time, Alisa opened the door and said to her coldly: “Time for dinner.”

“Oh.” Venus answered. She put the baby in a buggy and followed Alisa.

Alisa glanced at her and said: “Change your clothes.”

Venus was dressed in a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers. She couldn’t understand why Alisa asked her to change them.

“You’d better do what I say.” Alisa laughed coldly.

Venus suddenly remembered what Alisa said that morning. She soon put on a pair of blue trousers and a gray shirt with long sleeves. She studied design and all the clothes she bought are very fashionable. And the ones she just put on are the most average-looking clothes she owned.

Alisa snorted. Maybe she was laughing at Venus, or maybe she was just jealous. She then took her to the restaurant and said: ‘The restaurant is on the first floor. The breakfast is at seven thirty. The lunch is at twelve o’clock and the dinner is at six o’clock. If you are late, you get no food.”

“What do I do if the baby is hungry?” Venus asked concernedly.

“The baby is an exception. You can go to the kitchen and make her some soup.”

“Oh, I see.”

Venus and Alisa then walked into the restaurant. The moment they were in the restaurant, a few men fixed their gaze on Venus. They stared at her so hard as if they were trying to strip her with their eyes. There were seven men in the restaurant, and they were all dressed in camouflage uniforms and they were all armed with guns.

Venus didn’t dare to look at them. She followed Alisa with her head drooped.

“You sit here.” Alisa pointed at a seat in a corner. Venus said quietly: “Thank you.” She knew Alisa was trying to protect her and the baby.

The baby hadn’t seen Alisa for quite a few hours. He reached his arms out to grab Alisa’s attention. Alisa then put a smile on her face and said: “Oh, my little baby. What do you want to eat? ”

“Food. Food.” The baby was still not very good with words but he pronounced this word perfectly. He surly loves to eat.

Alisa pinched his face and said: “Good. I will buy you food.” She then put the baby down. And when she looked at Venus again, her smile had already disappeared. She gave all her tenderness to the baby.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 227 Venus, I’m Coming (3)
Alisa glared at these men who had been staring at Venus and shouted: “What are you all looking at? I warn you not to touch this girl! If any of you make her uncomfortable, I will blow your head off!”

These men looked back at their food when they heard what Alisa said. And Venus also felt much relaxed.

The chief of the restaurant is a middle-aged woman, and there was also a young girl who was there to help. The woman gave Venus a pair of chopsticks and a new plate. And Venus followed Alisa closely and picked the food she wanted. She whispered to Alisa: “Thank you for helping me.”

Alisa wore no expression. She said: “I am only doing what my boss told me to do.”

“Gavin?” Venus thought to herself. “He is must afraid of Kerry. Or he wouldn’t treat me so well.”

The food was rather nice. There was fish, beef and there were two kinds of vegetables.

The young girl working in the restaurant noticed the baby. She smiled and gave Alisa a bowl of soup. Alisa then gave the soup to Venus and said: “This is his dinner. This is pretty much all he can eat.”

Venus smiled at the girl. She took her plate and the little bowl of soup and walked to a table. The baby smelled the soup and he waved his arms excitedly. His eyes were sparkling.

Venus forgot how hungry she was when she saw the baby being so happy. She spooned some soup and tested the temperature, which was just good. The soup was made purely from rice and there was no other ingredient. She then put the spoon near the baby’s mouth. The baby opened his mouth widely and swallowed the soup. It was so nice to watch him eat. Venus thought. Soon, the soup was over. But the baby was obviously not full. He also wanted the fish in the plate.

Venus asked Alisa: “Can he eat fish?”

“A little. Pick the soft meat.”

“Oh.” Venus said. She then picked the most soft piece of meat and removed the bone carefully before she gave the meat to the baby. The baby was so satisfied.

Alisa said: “That’s enough for him. Or he will be uncomfortable.”

Venus put down her chopsticks and wiped the baby’s mouth. She looked at Alisa and said: “Thank you, Alisa.”

Alisa shot her a sideways glance and said: “Why are you thanking me?”

“Even though you kidnapped my baby, you didn’t hurt him at all. Instead, you took very good care of him.”

Alisa’s face didn’t change at all. She said: “Again, I am only doing what my boss asked me to do. Besides, we will be real monsters if we treat a baby badly.”

“That’s why I need to thank you.” Venus said sincerely.

“That’s not necessary.”

After dinner, Venus went back to her room. Although Alisa had already warned these men not to touch her, Venus was still worried. She locked the window and the door to prevent anyone from breaking in.

The baby was rather sticky after playing for a whole day. Venus put him in a small bathtub and washed him carefully. There was a little yellow duck in the tub and the baby was very fond of it. And before the shower was over, the baby fell asleep. So Venus dried him, put him on bed, and covered him with a small blanket. His eyelashes are so long and so beautiful. Venus kissed him on his forehead and went to shower.

She finished the shower very quickly because she was worried that the baby may fall off the bed. When she laid beside the baby, she felt so comfortable and so warm. Her heart was now swelling with joy.

“Kerry, our baby is amazing. He is beautiful, just like you. You will love him so much.” Venus said to herself.


Kerry seemed to be able to hear what Venus said. Because he had been dreaming about Venus and the baby the whole night. In his dream, they were playing, and singing. There was so much joy. But all of a sudden, Venus and the baby dropped in the ocean, and it was so real that Kerry woke up in an instant. He felt his heart was still beating violently.

It was four o’clock and it was still dark outside. But Kerry couldn’t sleep. He took a shower and lit a cigarette and waited.

It had been 48 hours since he and Venus separated. He had been missing her every second, and he was also very worried. Venus is so tender and she doesn’t know how to protect herself at all. He hopes these bastards who kidnapped his baby could show a little humanity and leave Venus and the baby alone.

At that moment, someone knocked the door. Kerry took his bag and opened the door.

“Sir, it’s time to go.”

“Let’s go.”

It was still dark. There were few cars and people on the street. Kerry walked to his people, and found every one of them was so full of energy. Kerry said: “Thank you for what you are doing.” He then got onto the boat.

Kerry arrived at this place by plane so he didn’t have any weapon. Nighthawk gave Kerry a shotgun. He tried it and found it suits him very well.

“Keep cool when we get onto that island. Hide yourself well, and find as much information as you can about the island.”

“Yes, sir.”

The sun was rising, and the ocean was soon painted pink. The scenery was astonishing.

However, the weather on the sea is always unpredictable. It was cloudless when they set off, but half way through the journey, a storm came. The ocean became turbulent, and the little boat was about to be turned over by the giant waves.

The owner of the boat said seriously: “We can not keep going! We must find an island and stop. Or this boat will sink!”

Kerry looked at the terrifying waves and said: “Fine. Let’s go ashore.”

The storm was so fierce and Kerry was so frightened, after all, he had never seen such giant waves before. He didn’t want to die in the ocean. His wife and kid were still waiting for him.

The captain is very experienced, and he knows the water very well. So even though the waves were giant and the storm was fierce, he managed to find a small island and successfully went ashore.

The scenery was so horrifying. It was like a disaster film. The wind was roaring, and the rain began pouring.

Kerry walked to the captain and shook hand with him. Kerry asked: “When will the storm stop? According to your experiences?”

The captain sucked on his cigarette and said: “Twenty minutes. At most. It comes easily and it goes easily.”

Kerry also lit a cigarette and smoked. “How much do you know about the island I want to go?”

The captain shot him a sideways glance and laughed, his white teeth exposed. “I know where it is. And I heard a man bought that island two years ago. And that’s all I know.”

“Thank you.” Kerry said. The captain didn’t say anything.

Just like what the captain predicated, the storm subsided twenty minutes later. The wind died down and the sky cleared up again. Everyone sighed with relief, and they set off again at a fast speed.

“Venus. I’m coming. How are you doing?” Kerry said to himself.

Venus woke up from a very good sleep. She opened her eyes and found the baby was playing with her fingers. She was so satisfied.

“Good morning. My little one.”

The baby laughed happily. He moved closer to Venus and kept playing her fingers. He likes the smell of his mother. It is sweet and soft. Venus kissed him on his forehead and she held him tightly in her arms.

The rain just stopped and the air was very fresh. Venus got up, and opened the window to let the fresh air in.

Then she washed the baby, fed him, and changed his diaper. When everything was done, Venus suddenly remembered that it was late for breakfast. She didn’t know whether she could still get food, but she was so hungry, and she decided to give it a try. Then she took the baby and went to the restaurant.

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