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Chapter 227: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 227 1.8 Million Will be Enough

If it weren’t because he met this man in the black suit today, he wouldn’t expose his skills. Of course, it doesn’t matter if he exposed it. They wouldn’t know where he got his skills from and even they would be more afraid of him.

Barr swallowed hard and played up to it, “Uhm, Officer Brown, it’s a misunderstanding….”

“Right, it’s just a misunderstanding….” Seeing that the situation was unfavorable, Xiao Rongtao also nodded.

Jason scoffed, “Misunderstanding?”

Barr and Xiao Rongtao nodded vigorously.

Jason stepped harder on the man in the black suit which caused the man groaned, before continuing, “If it was a misunderstanding, then what about my injury?”

“We, we…. We will compensate you, Officer Brown.” Barr replied hesitatingly.

Jason felt that this suggestion was not bad, “Okay. Us, police, happened to be quite poor.”

Barr and Xiao Rongtao’s expression turned stiff. Didn’t the police’s food were all provided by the country? Is that poor?

In fact, the police were indeed poor, especially the criminal police. Because they spent a lot of time and money on arresting people, investigating documents and evidence. They spent a lot so they really didn’t have much money.

“Then, how much is appropriate for you, Officer Brown?” Barr asked him cautiously.

Jason thought for a while, “Both of you are also a member of a big household. I won’t make it difficult for you. You can just give me 1.8 million!”

“Uhm….” Xiao Rongtao was choked. 1.8 million?

Barr was slightly stunned too. 1.8 million wasn’t really much for him. But Jason’s back was just hit against the wall for a moment. He could just apply a patch on it or he could rub it with some ointment. How could he need 1.8 million?

He is clearly extorting them!

Seeing their expression, Jason asked, “You are not willing?”

After speaking, Jason increased his strength, causing the man on the ground groaned again.

Barr and Xiao Rongtao gulped. This is a clear threat!

As expected, they didn’t want to be stepped on the ground by Jason, and even couldn’t get up.

“We are willing to, we will gladly do it,” Barr said cowardly.

Xiao Rongtao also nodded with a smile.

Jason pulled his feet and stood straight, “Just transfer it. it’s more convenient.”

After speaking, Jason took his phone out.

Barr was taken aback slightly. Is he that anxious?

Jason already walked over with his back against the man in the black suit and gave his account number to Barr.

When Barr saw this, his eyes glinted. He slowly took his phone out and tapped on his phone. But actually, he was eyeing Jason’s back.

Behind Jason, the man in the black suit stood up when Jason walked over. He had a machete in his hand and aimed it on Jason’s back.

Xiao Rongtao also saw it and he pretended as if nothing happens. But he couldn’t hide the excitement and anticipation in his eyes.

In an instant, the machete appeared on top of Jason’s head. As long as it was brought down, Jason would absolutely have no ability to defend.

And at this moment, Jason seemed to be able to see behind his back, as he suddenly kicked Barr. He turned around and grabbed the man in black’s wrist tightly. The knife was stopped within three centimeters from Jason’s chest.

Barr fell to the ground with a slam.

Then, Jason used a strong grip causing the man to scream.


That man’s wrist was crushed by Jason.

Then, the machete fell to the ground.

Jason kicked on that man’s stomach again. That man groaned, then Jason grabbed his wrist tightly again and slammed him against the wall and a continuous punch followed.

When the last punch was launched, the man fainted and slid down the wall.

Barr and Xiao Rongtao who were on the other side looked at Jason in horror.

“Off….Officer Brown…. We….We….”

Barr couldn’t say a complete sentence anymore.

Xiao Rongtao was too scared to speak and trembled all over.

Jason walked towards them.

Barr and Xiao Rongtao gradually stepped back.

Jason originally planned to let them go after extorting them but who knew that both of them weren’t human beings at all. And even planned a surprise attack behind his back. It seemed that he needed to beat them up again for them to live honestly.

But at this moment, a siren sounded at the entrance of the alley.

Jason paused and slightly frowned.

Barr and Xiao Rongtao seemed to have seen a glimpse of hope and suddenly breathed out a sigh of relief.

In the end, Jason sighed helplessly and stared at both of them fiercely, as he disappeared into the opposite side of the alley.


Colin returned to the villa after he got off work and fetched Doris back home. Both of them then had dinner together.

After washing up, Doris obediently laid on the bed. She blinked and looked at Colin.

“Uncle, when will you have time to accompany me?”

Colin had been busy with the matters regarding Marquis and the drugmaker recently. He could only accompany Doris in the evening.

Colin was blaming himself. He put Doris in his arms and said softly, “Do you want to have fun outside, Doris?”

Doris hesitated for a while, “Yes. But you seem to be very busy and don’t want to go out, Uncle.”

Colin was slightly sad upon hearing that, “You can go anytime you want, Doris. I’ll always have time.”

“Really?” Doris’s voice obviously turned cheerful.

Colin hummed, “What about the day after tomorrow? It will be the weekend, do you want to have fun outside with me?”

“Yeah! You are the best, Uncle!” Doris was happy that she even hugged Colin and kissed his cheek.

He was too excited because of this and the familiar dizziness also appeared.

Colin held it back abruptly and calmed his excited heart, as he said hoarsely, “If you want anything in the future, you can just tell me, Doris. I will fulfill it.”

The previous Doris didn’t know his identity and would think a lot about everything. Even if she knew that he is rich, she wouldn’t spend it randomly. When she had a request, she wouldn’t casually say it and she would carry her problem on her own, which caused Colin to feel sorry seeing it.

But it was different now. Doris had turned into a child. She wouldn’t worry too much. She can ask him for anything. He would fulfill it.

Moreover, as a man, he only wanted to spoil his beloved woman and gave her all the good things. Doris’s current condition happened to give him this chance.


The next morning, after he arrived in the company, he asked Vanessa to come, “How is your research of that antidote so far?”

Vanessa shook her head, “I still haven’t found anything. I think it’s better for you to take it to the hospital for a laboratory test.”

After a while, Nina came in.

“The chairmen of the four groups are here.”

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