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The students were all talkative, which made Chuck even more annoyed. Aunt Logan was by his side!
“Bryant, squad leader, I made it clear to you today that I am actually…” Chuck didn’t need to hide. He was originally a super-rich second generation, and even the richest Bryant didn’t have money.
“Chuck, don’t say it, really don’t say it.”
Bryant sighed helplessly, Chuck, did you not see that I was not malicious? It’s really not suitable for a big man to be kept up for that kind of thing. Everyone knows that it’s useless to lie. In the end, it will only make you more embarrassed, why not?

Other students are more ridiculed, what are they pulling, what are they proud of, and they want to be cheeky and say that they are being kept? Did you find a rich woman?
Why is it so shameless? I really didn’t see it when I was studying.
“Bryant, do you have any misunderstandings about me?” Chuck frowned.
For Bryant, how to say, the relationship between the two in high school was not bad. Of course, it was good here. At that time, Chuck was able to occasionally say a few words with Bryant, and that’s all.

At that time, although Bryant concealed the identity of the rich second generation, her personality was approachable, so she had a good relationship with other students, including Chuck.
Relative to Chuck’s feelings, Bryant is different. She is pretending to be poor, but she has a lot of money at home. She usually has a hard life, but she is very good after returning home, but she knows that unlike her pretending to be poor, Chuck is really poor.

“No misunderstanding, don’t say ha, let’s go to play golf, or you go well,” Bryant sighed, don’t say, you have been released so many times, why don’t you know how to do it?
“I won’t fight.” Chuck shook his head. He hadn’t been in contact with these, but he had heard that they were played by rich people. He only recently learned that his mother is a super tyrant. How can he have time to contact these?
Or will it be in the future, at the very least, you have to wait until you reach the richest man in China?
The classmates present smiled, they were all kept by rich women, and they wouldn’t play golf. It seems that you were just lucky to be kept!

“Then go to the hot springs, I’ll treat you, you and you…she also, all go together,” Bryant said. Look, will you get rid of it again?
Now that you are fostered, you should learn about the sport of golf. This is the standard of the upper class. If you are thrown away by Chuck and the rich woman now, you have the opportunity to hook up with others!
“No, you go!”
Chuck still shook his head. Logan had such a good figure. Chuck didn’t want to, and he couldn’t bear Logan to be seen by these people in a bathing suit. What a disadvantage?
Logan is his Aunt Logan, how can these people see?

Of course, Chuck didn’t know that Logan never wore a swimsuit. She didn’t like her body to be seen by other people, except for the people she likes, nothing else, so what she usually wears doesn’t have anything to do with sexiness. , Her dress is modest.
“Really don’t go, wouldn’t you say you haven’t been in a hot spring?” The classmate smiled, it seems that this rich woman is stingy to you, and the hot springs will not bring you over to soak.
Chuck glanced at him, “Well, I haven’t soaked.”

Bryant has a headache and can’t help you. The hot spring hasn’t been soaked. You must haven’t done any of the following things.
“Really not? The hot springs are not expensive. There are only more than one hundred here.” The monitor smiled.
“Yeah, it’s not expensive. Chuck, you are all on the BMW Seven Series now, it’s time to enjoy and enjoy,” the other students said with a sneer.
“Will you go, I’ll please.” Bryant sighed, and be smart, I’m getting rid of you!
“I don’t need it anymore. My Aunt Logan and I are going to go shopping.” Chuck shook his head. For this group of students, Chuck still thought Bryant was good, so the matter just now was forgotten.

These classmates were surprised and soon sneered again,
“Aunt Logan? Is she your aunt?”
“I really don’t see it.”
“Of course I can’t see it. The aunt is his mother’s sister. They are not like each other. Which aunt?”
Bryant sighed, there was no need to cover up lying, everyone knows, what’s the point of saying that?
Said it was an aunt, but it didn’t look like anything, even if there was one at all, no, what aunt?
“Chuck, don’t say it, really don’t say it.” Bryant felt helpless and suddenly felt that Chuck was very pitiful. He tried his best to cover up the facts of being fostered.

“Don’t believe it?” Chuck accidentally looked at Logan around him curiously.
Logan smiled all the time. How could she blend in these students in their twenties and twenties? To bully the small, she won’t.
“Okay, I really called her Aunt Logan, you don’t believe it, and, I think all of you misunderstood, my Aunt Logan is very rich, um, very. But I also have, I am actually a rich second On behalf of, the BMW 7 Series outside was bought by myself.” Chuck said.
“Chuck!” Bryant was angry. Are you laughing at me?
I have been helping you so much just now, are you actually laughing at me?! The joke covered up the identity of the rich second generation when I was studying?

The classmate covered her mouth and made a joke. It really became more and more impossible to tell a lie. Just now I said that this beautiful woman is Aunt Logan, and now she says that she is actually a rich second generation. Who believes?
At that time, Bryant pretended to be poor, but the temperament of others who grew up in rich families was not bad, but what about you? Hanging silk looks like it is a rich second generation?
If they are kept, they are said to be kept, and are they rich second generation?
The students laughed, Bryant was angry, “Chuck you are too much, you are joking me!”
Chuck was really confused, “Bryant, what am I kidding you? I am a really rich second generation.”

What’s wrong with this? You say you are the second generation of riches, don’t you believe it at all? Like Bryant, Chuck was helpless.
Bryant was even hotter, and even though that Chuck had just given Chuck around, and was kindly eaten by the dog, “I told you to stop talking, stop talking! Do you know what you said? She is your aunt? Oh, when all of us are blind, aren’t you just being…”
Huh, everyone is a classmate, leave you some face.
“What was it?” Chuck was suddenly angry with Bryant and was also impatient.
“Really want me to say it? Chuck, why haven’t I found you like this before? Are you still a man? You’re so arrogant after being adopted by her?” Bryant was so annoyed that you forced me to say it. I’ll save your face everywhere, you don’t know anyhow!

Chuck is also hot, so do you think so?
Even Logan next to her is also a beautiful sight, shaking her head in tears. What are these children thinking about all day long?
“You said that I could and that my Aunt Logan was not good. First of all, my Aunt Logan would not support people. Secondly, I am really a rich second generation and there was no need to be supported by others,” Chuck said coldly.
“Chuck! You just lied when you opened your mouth! Well, you said that you are like me as a rich second generation, then you can prove it to me!” Bryant hummed, you are shameless, don’t blame me.
“How to prove it?” Chuck asked.
“Haha, Chuck, you’re going to laugh at me? Didn’t you say that you are the second generation of rich? How can you prove that we should be told? Inexperienced, right? Be the second generation of rich the first day?” They laughed.

I think Chuck’s lies are continuous!
No wonder it’s envious to be able to find such a beautiful rich woman, but fortunately, at this time, let this beautiful woman rich woman know that Chuck is so pensive, and will definitely throw off Chuck, so maybe he has a chance?
“Chuck, are you really?” Bryant thought it was funny, ridiculed. Why did he pull so much with such a person? He said so much to cover up the facts of being kept.
“Yes! But how do you want me to prove? I want to accompany my Aunt Logan now, so I have no time to take you to see my square, my sports car, and mine…” Chuck said if you are alone Okay, but how could Chuck put Aunt Logan here?
He came to accompany Aunt Logan, not to accompany these snobbish classmates.
“Don’t say it! Chuck, the more you say, the more outrageous. Do you have a square? What square? You don’t brag about drafts, how much does a square cost, do you know? When you trouble bragging, type drafts first! Bryant was angry.
I’m really sick, what are you entangled with? He is a little white face with a series of lies!

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