Chapter 228: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 228 Don’t You Hurt Her (1)
Venus arrived at the restaurant with the baby, but just like what Alisa told her, the restaurant was already closed.

“What are you doing here?” Someone said suddenly.

Venus startled. She turned around and found it was Gavin. He was looking at her coldly.

“I was too busy this morning and I didn’t have any breakfast.” Venus said awkwardly.

Gavin stared at her for a few seconds and said: “Follow me.”

Venus then pushed the buggy and followed him. The baby is always excited to see Gavin. Gavin picked him up from the buggy and said in a very soft and tender voice: “Little baby, how was your sleep?”

Venus was truly shocked when she heard how gentle this man’s voice could be.

The little guy just giggled. Obviously he is very fond of Gavin.

“You had a good sleep?” Gavin was talking with the baby patiently.


“I see. Do you want to go to the beach later?”

The baby clapped his hands happily. He is so smart and he could obviously understand what Gavin just said. That is one of the reasons why everyone loves this baby so very much.

But Venus was confused. “Why doesn’t he set off and search for the treasure since he has already got the treasure map? Or has he already sent his people to search for it?” Venus thought to herself.

Then, Venus was taken to Gavin’s house. The living room is elegant. There is a huge window which allowed enough sunshine to pour in. In the middle of the living room sits a crystal table, and on the table there were many fruits and sweets.

“Take a seat.” Gavin said. “Eat some fruits if you are hungry.”

Venus looked at him suspiciously. She couldn’t understand why was he so nice to her all of a sudden.

Gavin didn’t talk with her a lot. He was playing with the baby. He put the baby on a sofa and tried to teach him how to stand and jump. They were having so much fun.

All of a sudden, Venus didn’t know how should she feel about Gavin. Should she hate him? Sure. He took her baby away from her on the third day the baby was born. But he is so nice to the baby, and that makes Venus hate him less.

“Gavin, when are you going to look for the treasure?” Venus asked.

Gavin was still playing with the baby. He said without even looking at Venus: “Miss Mu, why are you more anxious about the treasure than I am?”

“The sooner you find your treasure, the sooner I can leave here and go back to the place where I belong.”

Gavin looked at her and smiled. “Miss Mu, we come to this world to travel. We belong to nowhere.”

Venus said: “I don’t agree. The place where I belong has my loved ones.”

Gavin snorted. “I remember the last time I took you away from A city, you were so excited and happy. Then why do you want to go back to that place now? Are you in love with Kerry?”

Venus only said: “A city is my hometown. I grow up there. I love that place deeply.”

Gavin laughed. He wanted to say something but suddenly, his phone rang, and he picked it up. Then, his smile disappeared, and his face darkened.

Venus had a sense of foreboding. She knew this call had something to do with Kerry.

“I know.” Gavin hung up the phone angrily. He then looked at Venus and said: “Xuan Chu is not there.”

Venus’s eyelids twitched and she said: “Than I don’t know where he is. Kerry didn’t tell me all his secret places.”

Gavin stared at her coldly. But suddenly, the coldness in his eyes disappeared and he smiled slightly and said: “Aren’t you hungry? Why don’t you eat something?”

Venus had already forgotten that she was hungry. She was also frightened by Gavin just now so she was in no mood to eat.

Soon, Gavin and the baby were playing with each other again. Venus just looked at her baby quietly. She loves her baby’s smile very much. She thinks the baby has the most beautiful smile in the world, and his smile also has a healing power. She always forgets her worries when she sees his smile.

A few minutes later, Venus heard approaching footsteps from outside, and soon, a man dressed in a white t-shirt walked in. He said to Gavin: “Sir, the helicopter is ready. We can go now.”

“Good.” Gavin picked the baby up and said to Venus: “Miss Mu, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” Venus wanted to take the baby herself but Gavin wouldn’t let her do that.

“Aren’t you concerned with the treasure? We will go search for it now.” Gavin smiled.

“But I haven’t packed my stuff yet. And also, the baby’s diapers and toys and other stuff are still….”

“Don’t worry.” Gavin interrupted. “I have already asked someone to do that for you. You are Kerry’s wife. How can I make you do these things yourself?”

Venus was speechless. “Give me my baby.” Venus stood in front of him.

Before Gavin said anything, the baby reached his arms towards Venus. Obviously the baby is more fond of his mother.

Gavin didn’t decline. He gave the baby back to Venus, and Venus felt relaxed when her baby was back in her arms.

They walked out of the villa. A green helicopter stopped on the lawn. A few muscular body guards were standing beside the helicopter. And there was also a middle aged man. That man wears a pair of gold glasses and he looks like an intellectual.

“Mr Cai, you finally accepted my invitation.” Gavin said.

The middle aged man wore a blank expression. He said: “I am just curious. That’s all.”

“I’m very glad this matter can arouse your curiosity.” Gavin said. He then looked at the man in the white t-shirt and said: “Heng Zhang, you must take good care of Mr Cai.”

“Don’t worry, sir.”

Venus sneaked a glance at the man. “So he is Heng Zhang.” Venus thought.

These people began boarding. Gavin was in the middle.

“Sir!” Alisa rushed towards them all of a sudden.

Gavin looked at her and got off the plane. When she was in front of him, he frowned and asked: “What happened?”

Alisa was out of breath. She said: “Sir, a boat is sailing towards this island.”

Venus felt her heart was pounding violently. She knew it was must Kerry.

“How far is it from here?” Gavin asked coldly. He was very confused. Because this island is the middle of nowhere and no one had got near to the island.

“They will be here in twenty minutes.”

“Who are they?”

“They are too far away. And we can’t see clearly. Should we shoot them?” Alisa said.

“Ask them to stay away from this island. If they got nearer than 20 sea miles, I will have to destroy them.”

“Yes, sir.” Alisa’s eyes were looking murderous at this moment.

Alisa walked away, and Gavin walked back to the plane. When he passed Venus, he stopped and said: “Miss Mu, you are very interested in that boat, aren’t you.”

Venus waved her hand and said: “No, I’m not.”

Gavin suddenly remembered something. He walked closer to Venus and a vicious smile appeared on his face. “Miss Mu, do you know who are they?”

Venus was intimated. She lowered her head and said: “How can I know?”

“Then let’s check it out. Please.” Gavin pointed at the helicopter. And Venus had to board with the baby.

The baby had never taken the helicopter before. The noise was so great and the baby buried his head into Venus’s chest. Venus also covered the baby’s ears tightly to protect him from the noise.

The helicopter took off, and flew towards the sea. Venus looked outside the window. She could see a small boat was coming to the island, and at the same time, a boat set off from this island to deliver Gavin’s order to them.
My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 228 Don’t You Hurt Her (2)
The helicopter flew towards that boat, and when they were close enough to each other, Venus could see the man standing on the boat was none other than Kerry. He looked tall and fair. And he was staring at the helicopter hovering above his head.

“My little baby. It’s your father. He is coming for us. Although he is late.” Venus whispered to the baby.

Gavin also saw the people on the boat. He laughed and said: “It is indeed Kerry! I wonder how did he find this island so fast. But he is still late. What a shame!”

Kerry clenched his fists. His intuition told him that Venus and the baby were both on the helicopter. He wanted to use his super power to stop the time and save them, but he could only stop the time for three to four minutes and it was not enough to save Venus and the baby and take them away from here.

The helicopter sometimes hovered above Kerry’s head, sometimes hovered right beside the boat. Gavin was obviously trying to provoke Kerry, because he knew Kerry could do nothing to the helicopter.

Kerry also saw Gavin clearly. But Gavin was wearing a mask and Kerry had no idea who he is. He also saw Venus and the baby in her arms. It is his baby. He looks so small and so vulnerable and Kerry felt his heart was pierced.

“Sir, what do we do now!!” Nighthawk shouted. Because the nose was too big.

Kerry’s face darkened. He stared at the helicopter furiously and answered: “What can we do? Can we shoot the helicopter down?”

Nighthawk didn’t say anything. He knew Kerry was angry. They came to this island all the way from A city, but they were still late. What was more irritating was that the man in the helicopter was wearing a blood mask!

The helicopter flew beside the boat again, and Gavin showed Kerry a middle finger.

“Bastard!” Nighthawk cursed.

They were so angry, but what could they do? The helicopter soon flew away and became smaller and smaller, and they could only stare at it as it disappeared from their view.

“It is indeed Mr Ye!” At that moment, Alisa’s motorboat appeared. She stood in the boat against the wind, and shouted at Kerry.

“You know me?” Kerry looked at Alisa coldly.

Alisa laughed softly. “Mr Ye is very well-known. Besides, you look exactly like your son.”

Kerry’s anger flared up again when she mentioned his son. He said: “So you are the ones who took my treasure map?”

Alisa said frankly: “Yes, you are right.”

“Now you have the map, why don’t you set my family free?”

“My boss said they will be sent back home when we find the treasure. So, Mr Ye, don’t be so impatient. Just go back and wait.”

Kerry could no longer refrain his anger. He lifted his gun up and pointed it at Alisa’s head.

“Damn you! You bastard!” Kerry was looking murderous.

Alisa was not intimidated at all. She gave a short laugh and said: “Shoot me if you want to. But I need to warn you that this is not A city. If I die, you will never leave this place alive.”

Kerry came to his senses and put the gun down. He said: “Tell your boss. I will let him have the treasure, but if he dares to hurt my family, I will hunt him down wherever he goes!”

Alisa nodded. “Sure. I’ll tell him what you said.”

“Let’s go back.” Kerry said to Nighthawk. Venus was no longer on that island, and there was no need to go ashore.

“Yes, sir.” Nighthawk felt a sense of relief. He was really worried that Kerry would blow that woman’s head off. He realized Kerry is much more sensible than he used to be.

Their boat then turned around and sailed away. Alisa stared at it as it disappeared from view.


Gavin felt rather happy because he just won against Kerry. But he was still confused how did Kerry find this island so fast.

He looked at Venus. Her only communication equipment was taken away from her, so she couldn’t possibly get in touch with Kerry.

Two hours later, the helicopter arrived at another island. But this island is not isolated. Instead, people are swarming all over the place.

Venus was very surprised to see so many people. She thought Gavin would take her to another secret place.

Gavin took Venus to his place. Venus suddenly remembered this is the place where she gave birth to her child, because she has a very firm impression about the stone lion that was placed at the front of the gate to protect the house from evil spirits. At that time, she thought how could such a small stone lion stop so many evil spirits who would want to destroy Gavin.

The moment they walk into the house, Gavin glared at Venus and asked: “Miss Mu, how did Kerry find that island?”

Venus moved backwards. The baby was sleeping in her arms. She said: “How should I know?”

“Did you send him a message?”

Venus laughed coldly. “Gavin, you took my phone away from me the moment I arrived at that island. How can I possibly send any message out?”

Gavin snorted. “So Kerry guessed where the island is?”

Venus suddenly remembered another person. She said: “Isn’t Xuan Chu controlled by Kerry? It is probably him. He told Kerry where this island is.”

“Xuan? No. He will never betray me.” Gavin said firmly. “I know him very well. He would rather be killed than sell me out.”

“So you think it is me. Fine. It is your house and you can say whatever you want to. But I think you should let me go right now and go find your treasure. Or Kerry will keep chasing you.”

“I am a man of my word. When I find the treasure, I will let you go.”

Venus snorted in disgust.

Gavin said to Heng Zhang: “Take Miss Mu to the guest room. Bring her stuff to her.”

“Yes, sir.” Heng Zhang bowed to Venus and said: “This way, Miss Mu.”

Venus’s eyes met Heng’s, and she noticed his eyes were so cold and she shuddered.

She held the baby tightly in her arms and followed Heng. The guest room is on the first floor. It is spacious and comfortable, and it is much better than the room she lived in on the island.

“Miss Mu, this is your room.” Heng stared at her coldly.

Venus felt her legs were weak. She moved backwards and said: “Thank you.”

A vicious smile appeared on Heng’s face. He said: “Miss Mu, I will never forget what your husband did to me.”

Venus said: “Heng, I don’t know what Kerry did to you. So if you are angry, take your anger on Kerry. It has nothing to do with me and the kid.”

“The son will pay for his father’s misdeeds.” Heng said coldly. He noticed fear flickered across Venus’ eyes. “But don’t worry. I won’t touch him before my boss find the treasure.

Heng then walked out of the room. Venus knew what he meant by saying that. She looked at the baby, and hoped Kerry could come to save them soon.

On the way back, Kerry looked at his phone and found that red spot stopped at a tourist city. He was very surprised. And he asked the captain to take them to the nearest island to that tourist city. He decided to change his plan. He couldn’t afford to fail again.

When they went ashore, Kerry paid the captain a huge amount of money. He then bought some clothes from the locals and pretended to be tourists. Then he asked Nighthawk to go to that city with him by a cruise ship, and he ordered the other people to go there separably, so that they wouldn’t be noticed.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 228 Don’t You Hurt Her (3)
Again, Nighthawk’s curiosity was aroused. He had to know how did Kerry find Venus. So he asked: “Sir, how do you know that she is on that island?”

Kerry shot him a sideways glance and said: “My wife has a GPS equipment. So I can find her as long as she is on earth.”

Nighthawk was shocked to the core after hearing what he said.

Half an hour later, Kerry and Nighthawk arrived at the island where Gavin was. The island was swarming with people and most of them were tourists. So Kerry and Nighthawk didn’t need to worry about being noticed.

Kerry followed the red spot and they arrived at Gavin’s place pretty soon. They hid behind the bushes so that they wouldn’t be noticed.

Gavin’s place is a villa. It looks pretty normal except that it is enormous. There were security guards at the gate and they were all heavily armed.

Kerry frowned. It would be much more difficult to get into this villa than to get into Xiao Xie’s place.

Kerry said: “What should we do? Should we wait till night? No! They have the treasure map now and they wouldn’t stay here for too long. So I have to get in now. Nighthawk, you stay here and wait.”

Nighthawk grabbed Kerry’s arm and said: “Sir! It is too dangerous! We don’t even know what is the situation like inside!”

“But I can’t wait. They may leave at any moment.” Kerry said. Then, his eyes turned purple gradually. Nighthawk knows this secret of his but when it happened right in front of him, he was still numb with shock.

The next thing Nighthawk knew, Kerry was no where to be seen. Nighthawk was truly shocked by Kerry’ s super power.

Kerry wished he could appear in Venus’s room. But he traveled directly to a dinning room.

It was noon. A dozen soldiers were having lunch. All of a sudden, a man appeared in the dinning room from nowhere. These soldiers froze. By the time they recovered themselves and grabbed their guns, the man already disappeared.

Everyone was so shocked. They looked at each other confusedly and none of them had any idea what just happened.

“Did a man just appear here?”

“Yeah. I saw him too. He has purple eyes. But he disappeared so quickly and I didn’t see his face clearly.”

“Where is he?”

“Jesus. I can’t believe it.”

These soldiers chattered vigorously. Suddenly, Heng Zhang walked in and asked: “What are you taking about? What happened?”

A soldier stood up and said: “Sir! A man just appeared in the room. But he then disappeared quickly. We have no idea what happened.”

“What?” Heng was so confused.

The soldiers were excited. “We were having our lunch. But all of a sudden, a man was standing right there. And two seconds later, he is gone!”

“That is absurd.” Heng said.

“It’s true. Sir. We all saw him.”

“Then what does he look like? What kind of clothes is he wearing?”

A soldier thought about it and said: “He wears a blue t-shirt. I didn’t see his face clearly. But he has purple eyes. That feature was too striking to be missed.”

“It’s true. He has purple eyes.” Another soldier echoed.

Heng had a twitch in his eye. “Purple eyes? Disappeared suddenly?” He suddenly remembered a few months ago, something similar happened in Xiao Xie’s house. When he heard about it for the first time, he only snorted. “So, is this person the one who went to Xiao’s place?” He thought to himself.

Heng then shouted at the soldiers: “What are you waiting for! Go find him!”

Everyone startled. They grabbed their guns and left the room. They felt both terrified and excited.

“Last time, the man who went to Xiao’s place wanted to steal the treasure map. So this time he is probably coming for the map as well.” Heng thought to himself. He then informed Gavin about this incident immediately.


Kerry then traveled to an empty room. He sighed with relief. It was lucky that he responded quickly, or he would be shot dead by these soldiers. He took no time to rest and he looked outside the window and found a few soldiers were patrolling outside. He was at the first floor. But where is Venus? He thought.

He forced himself to calm down and he listened attentively. He could hear footsteps, running water, people’s shouting, and so on…

“My little baby, do you like it?”

Kerry heard a familiar voice all of a sudden. His heart began pounding violently. It was Venus. And she was right in the next room!

Venus was feeding her baby. All of a sudden, she heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, Venus.”

She looked back and found it was Kerry. Kerry was standing right behind her. He looked at her and smiled.

Venus put the plate down and rushed into Kerry’s arms. Tears rolled down her face. “Kerry, you are finally here.”

Kerry held her tightly. He said: “I’m sorry. Venus.”

Venus shook her head and said: “Don’t say that. Oh, this is our son.”

She then pointed at the baby. And Kerry looked at him. The baby was staring at Kerry curiously. Kerry found the baby is just a small version of himself. They have similar eyes, similar nose and similar ears.

Kerry saw his baby quite a few times on pictures. But it was not until that moment when he saw his baby in real life that he realized he is a father. He felt his life was now complete.

Kerry felt excited and nervous. He didn’t know what to say. He just felt the baby is the best thing in the world but he didn’t know how to tell him that he is his father.

“What are you waiting for? Go hug him.” Venus said to him.

Kerry swallowed nervously. He walked to the baby and looked at him in his eyes. He said: “Hey! I am your father.”

The baby blinked. He gave Kerry no response, and he looked at Venus for help.

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