Chapter 228: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 228 A Poison that can Degrade Memories and Intelligence

Colin wasn’t surprised by this, “Lead them to the meeting room.”

Ten minutes later, Colin and the other four chairmen had sat down in the meeting room.

Trigg, from The Yueya Group, smiled and handed the contract in his hand in front of Colin.

“Mr. Ward, this is the land contract for Sweet Food Factory.”

After that, Byne from Dubai Real Estate also handed over the contract.

Then, the remaining two of them also handed over the land contract that they acquired on the auction day to Colin.

Colin indifferently looked at the contract, “I’ve seen it. There’s no problem.”

“According to what I said before, I’ll pay you the auction price and at the same time, I’ll add 8% based on this.”

This is what Colin discussed with them before.

Trigg smiled happily, “Mr. Ward, you’re the man of your words. We’re not worried.”

“Right, it’s an honor to cooperate with you, Mr. Ward.”

Everyone replied with a smile and didn’t refuse.

Colin said again, “I’ll wire the money to your accounts after three days. Please pay attention to it later.”

After another round of greetings and consideration, Colin sent the four people away.

Colin brought the contract and called Nina over.

“Go and wire the money for these contracts.”

Nina nodded, “The amount is quite big this time. Do you want to use our funds or take a loan?”

Colin thought, Marquis still needed to spend their funds in the right way, especially for these four pieces of land. After the project starts, they’ll have to spend a lot of money, “Let’s take a loan!”

However, it didn’t take long for Nina to come in again looking serious while holding the contract.

“I don’t know what happened. But I’ve contacted several banks that we often cooperate with, but all of them refused to let Marquis take the loan!”

“They rejected Marquis?” Colin was very surprised. If anyone knows the status of Marquis in Tianbei City, no one would foolishly refuse to cooperate with Marquis. But these several banks rejected them?

“Yes, we have always been cooperating with them previously. But they are rejecting us now. I’ve also looked for other banks and they also rejected us. They seemed to be gone against Marquis….”

“Go and find out what’s going on.”

Colin was in deep thought. Was this one of Ellie’s scheme? But how could she make so many banks to refuse to cooperate with Marquis?

Ellie is not Walson. She couldn’t use drugs to control them. Could it be that Ellie had something on them?

An hour later, Nina returned.

“Chairman Ward, I’ve found out about it. it’s Wei Reed. The chairman of Juding Bank, Wei Reed.”

“Wei is the chairman of UnionPay. Those chairmen of the banks were under Wei’s order.” Nina replied, “I just found out after I asked the chairman of Tianhua Bank. They asked me if we have offended Wei Reed?”

Colin frowned, “Offend him? We mostly have saved him!”

Nina also found it strange. When Wei was controlled by Walson with drugs, it was Colin who asked Vanessa to detox him. This can be considered saving Wei’s life and now he turned against him instead!

Colin rubbed his forehead, “Go and contact Wei Reed. Tell him that we’re inviting him for dinner tonight.”


At lunchtime, Niu Wang and Vanessa came to find Colin together.

“Have you found anything?” Colin asked with expectation.

Niu Wang and Vanessa looked serious.

Colin’s heart flipped upon seeing this and had a bad feeling about this.

“Say it!”

Niu Wang sighed, “We have done a laboratory test on the antidote and the result has come out. The composition was the same as the one that Mrs. Ward had before, but….”

“But, the composition of the antidote looks like antidote indeed, but actually, it was also another type of poison. A poison that can degrade memory and intelligence.” Vanessa explained.

Niu Wang blamed himself, “I didn’t realize it back then since every composition was okay. But who knows that when they are combined together, it will create another poison?”

“Just blame me… I was careless….”

Colin was standing at first, then he suddenly sat on the sofa behind him, “No wonder….”

No wonder after Doris took the antidote, she didn’t remember anything, and turned into a child with an intelligence of a five-six-year-old!

Even if he had guessed that something was wrong with the antidote, he still felt irritated and angry when he heard it personally!

“Are you okay?” Vanessa walked over. She’s afraid that Colin would faint again and said quickly, “Don’t worry too much. Doris’s condition can be cured.”

Niu Wang was feeling more apologetic upon seeing this, “I’m sorry. It was all my fault….”

Colin shook his head, “No. You’re not wrong. I don’t blame you.”

“Even if you found out, I would still let Doris took it.”

Because it was the only antidote that could let Doris live.

It’s better for her to turn into a kid who doesn’t remember anything than losing her life, right?

Vanessa sighed helplessly, “Don’t worry! When my second aunt returned, everything will be fine.”

Colin nodded, “Thank you”

Vanessa scoffed, “Don’t just talk. You said that you want to treat me for dinner, and then?”

“I’ve been busy recently, so….”

Colin planned to invite him for dinner tonight, but he remembered that he had invited Wei Reed tonight. It’s not convenient. As for tomorrow, he would accompany Doris, it’s not convenient too. So it turned out this way.

Vanessa pouted, “I’m not in a rush anyway. You owe me!”

Niu Wang chatted with Colin before leaving.

Vanessa had not left, “I’ll give you an acupuncture to take a breather.”

An hour later, Colin felt much better, “Such a medical skill is a waste for not using it.”

“I’ve become a private doctor. How can I use it?” Vanessa was irritated.

“I have an idea.”

“What is that?” Vanessa asked while tidying up her needles.

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