Chapter 229 – 230: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 229: Something bad happened

“Ho, ho…”

Lean Monk smiled gently and then closed his eyes and resumed his meditation.

Kris Chen pondered for a moment and then said gravely, “OK, I promise you…”

Lean Monk opened his eyes and looked at Kris with a smile, saying, “OK.”


By the time Kris returned to Westriver City, it was 10 a. m.

There was a strong wind at sea last night, and the waves of several meters high nearly capsized the boat.

For safety’s sake, they had to turn back to Ice wharf. Kris and Lean Monk spent the night on the deck in the cold wind.

At sea, Kris’s phone had no signal at all. As soon as he got ashore, his phone vibrated continuously.

There were dozens of missed calls, and dozens of messages, of them, were Xiaorou Xu’s, Yanru Sima’s and Mary Su’s.

“Honey, where have you been?”

“Honey, answer my phone. Something bad happened…”

“Honey, I’m at the Fifth People’s Hospital. Come over here…”

When Kris saw the message from Mary, he was worried. He hailed a taxi at the dock and went straight to the hospital.

In the ward of the Fifth People’s Hospital in Westriver City.

Jane Tang lay in the bed with her head covered in thick gauze. Mary sat on the edge of the bed, looking worried.

“Mary, haven’t you reached Kris yet?” Jane said. “Mom, Kris must have something urgent…” Before Mary finished what she wanted to speak, Jane interrupted her. “Come on, don’t find excuses for Kris any more. He might want me to die,” Jane said.

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Mary said. When Mary heard what her mother said, she was also worried. Why hasn’t Kris come for so long?

At the thought of that, Mary went to the ward’s door to see if Kris had arrived.

As soon as she went to the door, a familiar figure appeared in her sight.

He is Kris.

At that moment, Kris also saw Mary. Kris ran over anxiously and said, “Honey, are you OK? Why are you in the hospital?”

Then Kris checked up Mary carefully. Kris was relieved to find that Mary wasn’t hurt.

“Honey, here you are!” Mary said. The moment Mary saw Kris, she felt that she had found her backbone.

Mary grabbed Kris in her arms. “Honey, do you know how scared I was when my mother called me and said she had an accident!” Mary blubbered and said.

Jane had an accident?

Kris was taken aback. Then he asked, “How’ is mother? Where is she?”

Mary wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “She is in the ward.”

When Jane called Mary two hours ago and said she had an accident, Mary felt the sky was falling.

Her father was abroad. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if something bad happened to her mother.

“OK, I’ll go in and see mother,” Kris said. Then Kris kissed her forehead and took her by the hand to enter the ward.

As soon as Kris entered the ward, he saw Jane lying on the bed.

“Mom, are you OK?” Kris asked concernedly.

“Hum, I’m not going to croak yet. Mary, get him out of here. I don’t want to see him,” Jane said coldly.

“Mom…” Mary looked at Jane helplessly and said. “Mom, if you don’t want to see me, I can leave. But there is one thing I want to know. Who beat you up like that?” Kris said.

Although Jane doesn’t like him all the time, Jane is Mary’s mother and his mother-in-law. Kris must revenge for Jane as she was beaten up like that.

As soon as Kris said that, Jane’s face clouded. She wanted to say something but kept silent. At that moment, Mary couldn’t help asking, “Mom, who beat you up like that? I must call the police to arrest him.”

After knowing Jane had an accident, Mary was so flustered that she didn’t even ask Jane what happened.

After seeing Jane was silent, Mary asked, “Mom, are the people who come to demand money again?”

“No,” Jane shook her head and said. “Mary, I did something wrong. Can you forgive me?” Jane said with dodged eyes.

Mary was stunned for a moment and said, “What’s going on?” Jane said guiltily, “I’ve mortgaged our villa.”


’ve you mortgaged the villa? To whom was the mortgage given?

After hearing that, Mary was very angry. After recovering from her wounds, she couldn’t get angry at all. Her heart ached when she heard Jane said she had mortgaged the villa.

Mary looked at Jane in distress and said, “Mom, why, why you did that?”

Kris hugged Mary quickly and said, “Honey, sit down.”

As Kris spoke, he transferred Genuine Energy into Mary’s body.

“Daughter, don’t be angry. I don’t want to do that…” Jane said.

Jane sighed and told the whole story with a bitter face.

Since Jane lost three million dollars playing mahjong last time, the family had no money.

This made Jane, who is used to a luxurious life, uncomfortable.

She needs to do facial care, buy expensive cosmetics and designer bags. Everything costs money.

When money is short, the time is too hard, so Jane started wondering how to make money.

Jane was approached the other day by a high school classmate named Qin Pan, who is an insurance saleswoman.

Qin Pan said her company recently launched a new financial product. If you invest 100 dollars a day, you can get 1 dollar as a bonus. The daily dividend is 1 percent.

You can get your principal back in three months. The annual dividend is 360 percent.

The more you invest, the more your dividend. You can withdraw cash at any time. But you can only withdraw 10 percent of the principal. If you want to withdraw the entire amount, you have to wait for a year.

When Jane heard about the project, she was hooked. However, she didn’t dare to invest much money at the beginning, so she invested 20000 dollars at hand. Qin Pan transferred 200 dollars to her every day through WeChat.

On the third day, Jane couldn’t bear the temptation and mortgaged the villa without telling Mary.

The villa was mortgaged for 20 million dollars in total, and the monthly interest is 2 to 3 million dollars. But Jane didn’t care. The dividend of 20 million dollars is 200000 dollars a day, that’s 6 million dollars a month. The interest is high, but the yield is higher.

Jane wanted Mary to stop live streaming and just rest at home when the program was stable.

For the first two days after Jane transferred the money to Qin Pan, Qin Pan paid Jane’s dividends regularly. On the third day, however, Qin Pan didn’t transfer the money to Jane on time.

Jane called to ask Qin Pan what happened. Qin Pan told Jane that her money and dividend were gone because the company’s investment had failed.

Jane was anxious at that time, demanding a settlement. But Qin Pan just said coldly, “There are risks in financial management, so you should be careful in investment.” Then she hung up the phone.

At that moment, Jane knew she had been deceived.

Yesterday, many former classmates of Jane called her and told her they had been cheated by Qin Pan. After a discussion, they went to the insurance company where Qin Pan works to corner her. But the insurance company is not a legal company. Their boss is Gangqiang Zhu, a man of the underworld. He got a bunch of people to beat Jane and her classmates up at that time.

Jane’s injury was not serious. It’s said that someone had his hands and feet broken.

When Jane said that, she was angry and scared and a little regretful. Why is she so stupid? How can money fall from the sky?

The villa was mortgaged, and the monthly interest is 2 to 3 million dollars. How should she do it?

Jane was vexed, and when she saw Kris, she was angrier. “Why are you still standing here? Get out of here. I don’t want to see you,” Jane said.

“Kris is capable of nothing. I shouldn’t have agreed him to move back two days ago,” Jane thought.

Jane was regret, pointing to Kris’s nose and scolding, “I tell you, you need to get your stuff out of the villa. I don’t want to be in the same room with a jerk like you!”

What bad things had she done in her last life that she had such a shitty son-in-law?

The son-in-law of others is either a CEO or a corporate executive, but what about Kris?

Kris is just a slacker and does nothing all day long. All his money is from Mary. Kris put all the pressure on Mary. He is not a man at all.

Kris didn’t say anything. In fact, he had used to be scolded for the past two years.

Kris knows Jane’s temper better than anyone. She is a woman who can make a mountain out of a molehill.

After seeing Kris doesn’t speak, Jane was angrier. “You are a shameless man. If you have a little sense of shame, you are too embarrassed to stand here. I don’t know how your parents teach you.” Jane said.

When Jane scolded Kris’s parents, his facial expressions changed slightly. Kris could be scolded, but it’s a bit thick to scold Kris’ parents.

Seeing that Kris was not looking well, Mary bit her lip and gave Kris a gentle tug. “Kris, don’t be angry. She’s mad now. Don’t be angry…” Mary whispered.

Then Mary said to Jane, “Mom, can you stop blaming Kris for every mistake?”

This matter has nothing to do with Kris.

Jane shivered with anger. She pointed to Mary and said, “Are you blaming me? Do you think I want to do that? Will I do something like that if it is not for your good life? If Kris is an able man, I will not scold him.”

At that moment, all the people in the ward couldn’t help looking at Kris. They have long heard that Jane has a live-in son-in-law. They didn’t expect it’s true.

A lot of people couldn’t help but chuckle. Isn’t Kris a jerk?

“Mom, can you stop making trouble out of nothing? If you hadn’t listened to other’s words, would it have been so?” Mary couldn’t hold her tongue and said.

“How can you be so mean to me?” Jane looked at Mary in disbelief and said. Then tears welled up in her eyes, and she lay crying in the bed. “Oh my god, I want to die. Didn’t I do that for our family? I only hope you can live a good life…” Jane said.

At that moment, many people in the ward began to speak, “How can you blame your mother? She put all her eggs in one basket for your future.”

“Yes, we are all your mother’s classmates. Your mother loves you very much.”

“Jane, stop crying. Mary doesn’t mean it. Don’t be sad.”

“Yeah, you’re injured. Don’t cry…”

“Kris, you are a bad son-in-law. Why don’t you act like a man?”

While criticizing Kris, the people in the ward also comforted Jane. The scene was chaotic, and Kris’s head was about to explode.

Chapter 230: A godson

At that moment, Mary Su took a deep breath and walked to the bedside. She said to Jane Tang, biting her lips, “Mom, don’t cry. It’s my fault. I wronged you…”

As soon as Mary said that, Jane stopped crying. “I don’t blame you. When you become a mother, you will know how I feel.” Jane sobbed.

Mary was somewhat distressed, Jane, and she reached out her hand to wipe Jane’s tears.

Kris Chen stood by and saw the whole process, from Jane wept her eyes out to stop crying, which took less than a minute.

“Hey, boy, your mother-in-law has been crying for a long time. You don’t even get a cup of water for her. You are totally senseless.”

“Yes, he looks big and strong, but he is just eye candy.”

At that moment, Jane’s classmates said to Kris successively. After hearing what they said, Kris was speechless. “What’s wrong with these people? They don’t know anything, and they talk nonsense.” Kris thought.

After hearing the criticism of them, Mary looked at Kris with sorry eyes. Kris smiled and paid no attention to what they said. Then he stepped aside to pour a glass of water.

After seeing Kris do that, they stopped criticizing him.

“Do you think we should call the police?” Someone said.

“Call the police? Are you courting death? Don’t you know what Gangqiang Zhu does?” On hearing the words “Gangqiang Zhu”, the man who suggested calling the police immediately shut up.

Those present all know what Gangqiang does. He is a bludger. What could the police do if they came here?

As they all signed contracts, police could do nothing to Gangqiang. The thought disheartened everyone.

They are all ordinary people. If Gangqiang settled accounts with them afterward, none of them could escape. And it’s said that the man standing behind Gangqiang is Guobang Liu.

Guobang is a real bigwig who can crush them with one finger. No one dares to mess with him.

After hearing that, Kris couldn’t help laughing. It turned out that Gangqiang is an errand boy of Guobang, and then the matter is easy to deal with.

When Kris thought about whether to call Guobang, Jane suddenly began to speak. “Don’t be afraid. I can get the money back somehow!” Jane said.

What? Can you get the money back?

At that moment, all the eyes in the ward were focused on Jane.

“Jane, are you kidding me? Gangqiang is a relentless person. Dare you provoke him?”

“Yeah, you are not kidding us, are you? This is no joking matter,” Ying Kong, a classmate of Jane, said.

Jane took a look at her and said confidently, “Who has time to play with you? I know someone whose family is in business, and he has a lot of friends. He can certainly help me get my money back!”

“Mom, who is he?” Mary couldn’t help asking.

“Daughter, do you remember Xun Han?” Jane said.

“Xun Han?” Mary frowned and said. Isn’t your classmate from college?

“Mom, is he the guy you’re talking about?” Mary said.

“Yes. Mary, Xun Han has been courting you, hasn’t he? I have been in contact with him, and he said he would like to be a godson of me!” Jane said.

After hearing that, Kris frowned.

“What’s going on? Does Jane want to ask Mary’s admirers for help in front of me?” Kris thought.

“Mom, do you want to ask Xun Han for help?” Mary said anxiously.

Xun Han is a college classmate of Mary and Mary’s former admirer. His family is rich, and he is a famous silver-spoon kid. But Mary doesn’t like him at all, so she rejected his pursuit.

“Of course, Xun Han said that he would like to recognize me as his godmother. What’s wrong with asking him for help? Didn’t you like him before?” Jane said deservedly.

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Mary said angrily. Then she hurriedly explained to Kris, “Husband, I have never liked him and been together with him. You must believe…” Before she finished what she wanted to say, Kris took her hand and said, “Silly wife, of course, I believe you.”

Having been married Mary for so long, Kris knows Mary’s personality and habits very well. So Kris knew if Mary lied or not.

Jane said that deliberately to separate them.

Mary was relieved to hear Kris’s words. Just when Mary wanted to tell Jane she would figure out a way and don’t bother others, Jane called Xun Han.

“Hello, Xun Han, I’m aunt Jane. Can you come to the Fifth People’s Hospital? Ah…I’m not sick. I just need your help. OK, I’m in ward 18.” Jane said.

Then Jane hung up the phone and looked at Ying Kong confidently. “He said he’d be here in 15 minutes. As long as he can help us, we’ll sure get our money back.” Jane said.


At that moment, all the people beside the bed looked at Jane expectantly.

“Absolutely, when did I ever say big words? Xun Han’s family is not only rich but also powerful. If he doesn’t like my daughter, I will introduce him to you.” Jane smiled and said.

“Jane, your daughter has married. Why don’t you give me his contact information? My daughter is not married, and don’t hide it.”

“Yes, just give such a good resource to us.”

“Ha, ha. Nowadays, people have an open concept of marriage, and married couples can get a divorce. Mary is wonderful and excellent. Everyone likes her. No average person can match her.” Jane said.

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Mary said. She was about to cry with anger.

Several female classmates of Jane beside the bed looked odd when they heard what Jane said. Was it really good to talk about divorce in front of her son-in-law?

And there was another meaning in Jane’s words, that is their daughters are not as good as Mary.

If it weren’t for their need for Jane’s help to get their money back, they would have dissed her. So at that moment, they smiled and said, “Yes, you’re a good mother…”

Just when everyone was chatting, there was a sound of hasty footsteps outside the door. Then a handsome young man walked into the ward.

He is Xun Han.

“Xun Han, here!” Jane said. As soon as Jane saw Xun Han, she sat up and waved at him.

“What a spirited young man he is!”

“Yes, the suit he wears is customized, isn’t it?”

“Godmother!” Xun Han said. After seeing Jane, Xun Han walked over hurriedly.

“Ah, godson,” Jane said. Jane smiled from ear to ear when she heard Xun Han called her “godmother.”

“Xun Han, I’m sorry to call you here in such a hurry,” Jane said.

“Godmother, why are you standing on ceremony? I’m glad you can ask me for help!” Xun Han smiled and said.

After hearing what Xun Han said, Jane was very happy. Xun Han is not only young and rich but also can talk with talent. What he said made people pleased.

Jane felt Xun Han is pleasing to the eye, and she likes him more and more. After greeting Jane, Xun Han said hello to Mary with a smile. “Mary, long time no see.” Xun Han said.

Mary nodded without speaking.

“I haven’t seen you for two years. You’re getting more and more beautiful. You are a fairy falling into the world.” Xun Han praised.

Mary felt Xun Han is hypocritical after hearing what he said without knowing why.

“Is he the legendary Kris? Mary, your husband, is famous. Even I hear news about him often. It’s true that to know a man by reputation is not as good as meeting him face to face.” Xun Han said.

Everyone in Westriver City knows Kris is a shitty son-in-law. The reason why Xun Han said that was to catch Kris on the raw, and nobody could find a fault.

It’s too annoying!

Jane looked and Kris with a clouded face and said, “Are you dead? Didn’t you see Xun Han greet you? You’re uneducated. Don’t stand here in the way.”

Then Jane took Xun Han’s hand and told him why she had called him here.

After hearing what Jane said, Xun Han frowned. “Godmother, this matter is a little tricky. The point is that you signed contracts. I’m afraid we can’t use the law to solve it.” Xun Han said.

“Then what should we do? Xun Han, you must have some ways to help me get the money back, right?” Jane said anxiously.

“Godmother, you can rest assured. I will get your money back anyway.” Xun Han gave a mirthless smile and said.

After hearing what Xun Han said, Jane was relieved. “Xun Han, I know you can do it!” Jane praised.


Can this guy really get the money back?

Xun Han’s commitment was the sound of nature to those who were in the ward.

They all begged Xun Han to help them get their money back.

They licked Jane’s boots as much as they could, and Jane was very happy.

“Xun Han, they are my friends. Can you…” Jane said.

Before Jane finished what she wanted to say, Xun Han smiled and said, “Godmother, since they are all your friends, I will not stand by. I will take care of that.”

What Xun Han said showed Jane enough respect, and Jane was very happy.

“Godmother, I’ll make a phone call.” Xun Han said. Then he stood up and went to the window to call his father.

Xun Han knew Gangqiang is an errand boy of Guobang.

Gangqiang has set up an insurance company these two years, and it’s said he has made a lot of money.

There was nothing Xun Han could do to settle this matter, and he had to pin his hope on his father.

His father has done a good job in the business in the past two years. He knows a lot of people. He should know Guobang and Gangqiang.

After the phone was put through, Xun Han told his father what had happened. But when he said half the story, his father scolded him severely, “Are you crazy? How dare you set foot in that matter? Do you think I’m the best person in the world, and everyone respects me? Don’t you know who is behind Gangqiang? Guobang is not a person we can provoke. Listen to me, son. You stay out of that matter…”

Then his father hung up the phone.

“Oh my god, what should I do?” Xun Han thought. Since he said big words, it’s embarrassing if he couldn’t get the money back.

At the thought of that, Xun Han toughened his scalp and said, “Godmother, I’ve settled it. The money should be returned to you tomorrow.”

Not knowing what to do, Xun Han lied to them first.

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