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“I didn’t brag. I certainly know how much the square is. The 500 million yuan I bought in that square is…” Chuck was also angry.
Bryant was suddenly angry, completely inexplicable! Chuck thought that Bryant took himself as a punching bag, did he break up with his boyfriend?
“Don’t say it! Let’s go to play golf!” Bryant shook his head in exasperation, really feeling no more.
The classmates present didn’t want to stay for a long time. What’s the point of watching bragging bullshit?
If there is not a beautiful Logan here, they would like to see more of this superb beauty Logan, otherwise, they have long gone, when Chuck said that he is actually a rich second generation, they don’t want to listen, is it possible?

“Go, go, stop talking.”
“Yeah, it’s boring. Just listening to others bragging about it, why buy 500 million squares? Why don’t you say that 50 billion buys Dawan Square?”
“When we are stupid? We can buy the square for 500 million, and the net worth is at least one billion. I think when you forgot to go to high school, you only had two sets of more than ten clothes in a semester.”
“It seems that he has forgotten, otherwise how could he say such a shameful word?”
These classmates disdain and followed Bryant to go outside.

Bryant looked at Chuck, shook his head, and looked disappointed. “Chuck, you are too disappointing to me, what to do. In fact, it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t hurt others, everyone has their own ambitions! But don’t lie! You are treating us like a fool.”
“Bryant, you don’t believe it? Well, the BMW 7 Series outside is under my name, so you do always believe it?” Chuck said, the BMW 7 Series is also more than 2 million, which can prove that he is rich. Is it the second generation?
“Trust? It was bought by the beautiful rich woman beside you, so it will be in your name, but don’t show it off, because it’s not worth showing off, spend women’s money, don’t be so straightforward?” Bryant was more disappointed.
“Bryant, don’t tell him, let’s go play golf! Listen to his bragging, isn’t this a waste of time?”
“Yes, just ignore him.” The other students were impatient.
Bryant nodded, she didn’t want to see someone like Chuck, so disappointed, she has been helping you just now, and you are still like this.

Bryant sighed and went out with his classmates. This farmhouse is actually better to say that it is a resort. It has everything and the consumption is very civilian, so the business is good.
Going late for golf, there is no place.
Chuck was angry with Bryant. He asked Logan to wait a moment. Logan nodded with a smile. “Chuck, you are yours, I am here to wait for you.”
Chuck gave a cry. The contract of the square was still in the car last time. Chuck didn’t take it to the square and showed her the contract. Should she believe it?
“Wait!” Chuck chased out.
“What are you doing?” Bryant was impatient, and never stopped, right? Have you taken it apart and installed it, does it make any sense?
“You come with me!” Chuck just wanted to show Bryant the contract, because she now understands why Bryant suddenly became angry. Just now he said that he is also a rich second generation. Bryant thought that she was laughing at her reading high school. At that time, she pretended to be poor, so she was angry.

Moreover, just now Chuck knew that Bryant was helping himself.
Therefore, let Bryant know that she didn’t lie, and show her the contract, she will believe it.
“Don’t say anything? I’m going to play golf.” Bryant was annoyed. Chuck didn’t care about anything else. He pulled Bryant and walked to his car.
“What the hell is Chuck doing?”
“What can I do? Kneel to apologize to Bryant, beg her to believe it, and then borrow Bryant’s mouth to make us believe it!”
“Really, there are such people. If you Chuck is a rich second generation, I can eat Xiang!”
These students said sarcastically.

“Let go, did you hear that!” Bryant struggled and was particularly angry!
She was so strong that Chuck couldn’t catch her.
“You come with me, there is a proof in my car…” Chuck said.
“Don’t say it! Chuck!” Bryant’s face chilled and interrupted Chuck’s words, “I tell you, it doesn’t matter if people are poor, I won’t laugh at you. It’s okay for you to be supported, and I also don’t know how to laugh at you. Everyone has their own ambitions. It’s nothing, but if you lie, what do you think of me?”
“You listen to me, I didn’t lie, I have…” Chuck was helpless. Why didn’t he find Bryant talking like this when he was studying?
“It’s so far! Chuck, why did I let you go when I was in the class meeting? It was because when you were in high school, although you didn’t speak, the people were good, you should have a future, I think you are missing a chance The classmate meeting is an opportunity. The class leader, he hasn’t gone to university, he started his own business and earns more than 100,000 a month. You can ask him about the experience. It’s nothing. Everyone is a classmate, he will tell you, Otherwise, if you say you want to work part-time, then I will arrange for you to go to my dad’s company to work part-time. Will the classmates have the opportunity to understand? But you don’t cherish it, and even lie, what do you want to pretend? No need! Really, you have left I’m on a crooked road, I think it’s something to show off to be held up, no, it’s actually shameful! Chuck, you remember, you are a man, don’t rely on a woman! As a classmate, all I can say is this, yourself Do it yourself! I hope you are on the right track!” Bryant sighed and turned away in disappointment. She went to play golf and her classmates were waiting.

Chuck is ignorant, Bryant actually said so much to himself? By the time Chuck came back, Bryant had already gone, Chuck smiled bitterly, how much do you not believe in me?
Fortunately, they play golf. It seems that they will spend the night here. After she finishes playing, he will show her better.
“Chuck.” When a voice came, Chuck turned his head and actually saw Charlotte and Lara. Why are they here?
“Why are you here?” Chuck was surprised.
“We came out to relax.” Lara said, “You just quarreled with someone?”
They saw this scene just now, so they felt they had a chance. After all, the beauty with Chuck was not there.

“Well, it’s okay. My Aunt Logan and I are here. I’m going to accompany her. You guys have played well,” Chuck said. He didn’t want Aunt Logan to wait too long.
“Well, Chuck, this is the milk tea we brought, please drink it.” Lara was nervous.
“No, I just had the juice.” Chuck shook his head.
“Don’t be so good? I brought it from a long distance, and you can drink it. Don’t make me sad, okay?” Lara sighed.
Charlotte was also nervous. This policy was about to drink, so why both of them had to pester him to do that in the room inside.
“Chuck, you know that I like you. This is what I brought. Are you drinking well?” Lara whispered.
“I don’t like you.” Chuck shook his head.
“You…” Lara was exasperated. “Okay, don’t you like me? You drink milk tea, I won’t bother you anymore, hello…!”

Chuck heard the last sentence and took a sip of the milk tea in her hand. Lara was annoyed and sad. You are a liar and a fruit photo of me. I don’t know how many times you took the photo to the toilet. ruthless.
“Drink, so don’t stop coming to bother me,” Chuck said and left.
Charlotte and Lara were blinded. They didn’t expect Chuck to drink it so quickly, they were forced!
“Yeah, hold him fast, what should I do when it will work?” Lara suddenly thought of this, she panicked, and Chuck went away.
Charlotte is also anxious, they immediately chase Chuck.
This time the medicine is very heavy, and Chuck will soon be unconscious. If they are known by other people, then they are finished! Not only can’t he sleep, but he must be discovered by Chuck.
Logan, who was waiting for Chuck, walked, confused, and suddenly felt that Logan was so charming, and her tall and provocative body was really perfect to the extreme, best, best…

Chuck shook his head, what happened to him? Why do you think so?
He suppressed the idea in his heart and came over, “Aunt Logan, let’s go shopping.”
“Okay.” Logan smiled. It seemed that the matter was resolved. The girl just now believed? I should believe it.
Logan walked, and suddenly her hand was caught by Chuck. She was stunned and looked back, “Chuck, what are you doing?”
“You are so beautiful, I think…” Chuck was confused, feeling that his brain was about to explode

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