Chapter 229: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 229 The Baby was Shocked (1)
At this moment, the rumble steps and the sound of breaking in the room were heard from the hallway.

“What happened?” Venus Mu asked nervously.

Kerry Ye, failing to foster a bond with the baby in such a short time, turned around and said, “They caught me suddenly appearing at the restaurant when I came into the villa.”

“Oh my God.” Exclaimed Venus. It was time for lunch, there must be a great number of astonished people in the restaurant when witnessed him appeared and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Let’s spare the details, I’m going to take you and the baby away first.” As he was going to reach out to hold the baby, the little guy suddenly crawled backward followed an overturning to avoid his touch.

Seeing that Kerry’s fragile heart was struck hard by his son, Venus came up to extend her arms and said gently, “Come here, babe.”

The little guy rolled his big eyes, looking at Kerry then at Venus, and finally crawled towards the latter in a reluctant way.

“Bang–” The door was suddenly kicked off, and the second they noticed Kerry’s presence, people outside pulled their guns on him and shouted, “Don’t move!”

The baby was so frightened that he stayed still by the wall and refused to move. Upon seeing this, Venus anxiously knelt down on the bed and tried to pull him out.

“Bang!” A gunshot rang out.

Kerry rushed to protect her in a flash but was shot on the left shoulder, and the spouting blood splattered on her neck.

“Bang!” Another shot was heard, but this time, it was the guard at the door who lied down on the door.

Covering his bleeding shoulder with his hand holding the gun, Kerry fell to his knees with blood gurgling from the hole like an open faucet.

The footsteps came from afar.

Venus covered his wound with her trembling hands and said in a shaky voice, “You should leave now, we can escape together next time.”

Kerry grabbed her wrist and said, “No, I’ll save you out here.”

Venus was on the verge of tears, “You’re injured, you can’t take us away! Even if you leave the villa, can you escape from the island? Go and I’ll wait for you to save me and the baby after your recovery.”


“Go!” She shouted at him as the closer and closer footsteps outside signaled the coming of more guards.

Though quite reluctant, Kerry knew clear that his leaving was the optimal choice. Looking up at the dumbfounded child, he bit his teeth and finally vanished in the room the moment before the guards appeared.

The throng was led by Heng Zhang. He ran into the room but only found an absentminded woman with blood all over her hands and back and a frightened half-year-old baby.

“Where’s the guy?” Heng asked angrily.

Venus pretended to be distracted and held her tongue.

Without any finding in his search of the room, Heng said to the guards followed, “Go look for him immediately, not a nook shall be spare!”


Then he came to the dead guy who was killed by a bullet to the forehead, and he could tell from the single deadly shot that the killer must be a good shooter.

He moved back to Venus, pinched her face hard, and forced her to look into his eyes, “What did that guy look like?”.

Hearing his words, countless thoughts flashed through her mind at that moment. Fortunately, Heng didn’t know it was Kerry. Was this the silver lining for them?

Venus was still trembling, looking confused and flurried, stuttering, “I… I didn’t see it clearly.”

The answer didn’t seem to be out of his anticipation, Heng threw her away with a flick of his hand, almost toppling her over.

Silence quickly came back to the room where there was no one else but a body at the door beside the baby and her.

Like a man finally got his breath back, she kept panting heavily for quite a while before she remembered the baby behind her, and when she turned around, she found that the baby was still dumbfounded with empty eyes on his face.

Stung bitterly by the scene, Venus wiped the bloodstained hands on her clothes again and again before reaching out to him, “Come on my dear, come to mommy.”

His eyes lit up at hearing her calling, and soon the tears filled in them when he looked at her.

This was the first time she saw her child’s tears, and she was even more sorrowful with her tears totally out of control, “Baby, don’t be afraid, mommy is here, come here.”

“Wa–” All of a sudden the child cried out loudly.

The child, who had never let out a single whine since his birth, cried heartbreakingly for such a fright, like a knife piercing through her heart.

Venus came up to hold him in arms, tapping his back gently and consoling in a choking voice, “Dear, dear, Mom’s here.”

The baby’s loud cries were noticed by Gavin the patrolling guy outside, and as soon as he came in, a hint of nerve flashed across his eyes when he saw the blood on Venus’s clothes and the child who was about to cry her eyes out.

“Why is the baby crying? Did he got injured?” He asked.

Venus looked at him with tearful eyes, “No, he’s just scared.”

Obviously, Gavin was relived, and then his eyes narrowed, “Where did you get the blood from?”

“The man was wounded and blood was thus splattered on me.” Venus said nervously.

Gavin ran a glance at the corpse at the door and seemed to believe her, “Don’t round the outside, if you get killed, I don’t take the responsibility.”

Venus dropped her head and responded to him in a low voice.

Gavin looked down at the woman in front of him. Different from other women who would be shocked to see the murder scene, she was quite calm and kept comforting the child in her arms.

He thought that it was because she was used to these cruel scenes after staying with Kerry for a long time, but he did not know that the intruder was Kerry himself.

“How did that person break into your room?” Gavin questioned.

Venus put on an innocent expression on her face, “How could I know that? I was just feeding the baby when he suddenly appeared, and I don’t even know how he got in.”

Gavin glanced at the tiny rice bowl on the table which still had half of the cold porridge in it.

“What did he say to you?”

Venus recalled for a while and said, “He asked me where your room was. When I said I didn’t know, he threatened to kill the child if I didn’t tell him, but I really didn’t know where you lived. And then your guy came in, they shot each other. The man was shot in the arm, and then all the blood splashed on me as I desperately tried to snatch the baby from his arms.”

Gavin stared at her with his ghastly eyes, trying to look for a loophole in her story.

Venus tried her best to disguise herself and didn’t dare to show a trace of diffidence. This was Kerry’s biggest secret, and she couldn’t reveal it to him. Otherwise, there would be endless troubles in their reunion days.

“Looks like we can’t stay here any longer. Pack up your stuff, we’ll leave in two hours.” Gavin said icily.

Venus had a bad feeling but still had to ask, “Where are we going?”

“It’s out of your reach, you’ll know when you get there.”

He turned away and shouted at the guard in the distance, “Take him away.”

Then two men ran over, carrying the guard died of Kerry’s shot away, leaving the bloodstain on the ground.

As the baby’s heartbreaking cries became fainter and fainter, Venus tried to switch to the other hand to hold him as the original was numb, but the baby was so scared that he hastened to hold her tightly, fearing that she would leave him alone. Venus was again stung by his reaction and thus continue to keep that pose.

Hearing the baby’s cries finally reduced to be heavy breaths, Venus looked down and found that he had fallen into sleep, and with red eyelids and nose for a long-time whining on that tear-stained face, he looked so pitiful

After he fell asleep, she carefully put him on the bed and locked the door of the room. She went to the bathroom to get a wet towel and wiped his face and neck, covered him with a thin blanket, and started to clean herself up after seeing that he had been deep in his sweet dream.

Her clothes, including the light blue pants, had been stained red with blood, but time was limited, so she directly took off her clothes and got into the bathroom to wash the blood off her body.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 229 The Baby Was Shocked (2)
When the warm water flowed down from the top of her head, Venus Mu recalled Kerry Ye’s injured shoulders.

Don’t get caught, Kerry, stay safe and sound.

After disappearing from the room, Kerry, the guy missed by Venus, appeared by Nighthawk’s side.

“Boss!” Nighthawk cried out in fright, took off his black shirt instantly and put it on for him, then supported him by the waist to walk to a remote area together.

Soon, there was a shout from not far away. Nighthawk knew it was the others coming after them. Ahead there was a fruit store with no one at the door, without any hesitation, he took Kerry to hide inside.

Before they had time to take a breath, a young girl approached them, thinking they might be the customers for fruits, and greeted them warmly in English, “What do you want to buy?”

Nighthawk took his wallet from his waistband and gave her all the cash in it, whispering, “Someone’s chasing us, can we hide out here for a while? Please.”

Stared at him in amazement, the girl cast a glance at the pale face of Kerry, seeming to be impressed by the money or by his handsome features, nodded her head quickly and said, “Follow me.”

Nighthawk smiled his gratitude and followed her with Kerry.

As they were led to a room, the girl uncovered a hidden staircase by lifting a board on the floor, “This is the warehouse where we keep our fruit.”

“Thank you.” Said Nighthawk in a sincere tone, carrying Kerry down the stairs.

“I’ll send the medical kit down later.” Said the girl, and then she covered the board and left.

The basement was very dim, and they were greeted by the pleasantly cool air as well as the aroma of various fruits the second they reached the ground floor. Nighthawk helped Kerry sit down in a more spacious area and was about to check on his wounds, and then the board was lifted again and the girl came down the stairs with a medical kit.

“Here are some common medicines. Check if they are available.” The girl handed him the kit, turning on a switch nearby, and illuminated the room with a little light.

Kerry barely lifted his eyelid and nodded at the girl, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Beamed the girl, “I have to go up first.”

Most of the medicines in the kit were for common use, but thankfully there was a bottle of medical alcohol, a bottle of styptic power, and a large roll of gauze.

“Boss, let me stop your bleeding first.”

Kerry nodded with his eyes closed. He had such a strong shoulder which had suffered a shot from the front by the kidnapper last time and now another shot from the back.

Nighthawk carefully took off his clothes, finding that the blood was oozing out of his piercing left shoulder with a bullet in it.

Outside the fruit store.

The beautiful girl sat in front of her stand and looked around. There was only one fruit store in this alley while the rest were hotels. As the sun was blazing hot at noon, the alley was quite empty.

Soon after she sat down, several yelling men with guns on their backs suddenly came into the alley, rushing into the first house directly for investigation.

The girl, an aborigine of the island, certainly knew who the men were. She was a little nervous, but since she had done it, she would not regret it.

Soon a bawling voice was heard from a violent-tempered old man at the first house, a celebrity on the island who she would call him “Grandpa”. These guys must have offended him.

The girl stretched out her neck and found that they were kicked out of the house by the old man with a carrying pole.

The third one was the fruit store.

As they came over, the girl greeted them with a smile, “What fruit do you want?”

One of the men had come here occasionally to buy fruit and knew her well, so he asked her in a more polite tone, “Have you seen an injured man?”

The girl’s heart beat faster, though, she tried to maintain that calm expression on her face, shaking her head, and said, “No, this is a rarely visited alley, you know.”

The men believed her words without any doubt, but they had to observe the order that every nook and cranny shall be scrutinized.

“Let’s go inside and have a look.” The man said seriously.

The girl turned angry, standing up from her chair and staring at them with her round eyes, “Why do you search my store? Only the local police officers have that right!”

The man was embarrassed. As he had sort of a crush on the girl, of course he wouldn’t have searched her store if he just came alone, but now he was followed by two other guards, he couldn’t show any trace of his favoritism towards her, “Gina, I just want to go in and have a look, I won’t make any detriment, I promise.”

Certainly, Gina couldn’t stop them but said angrily, “Well, help yourselves, but I will definitely go to the police and file a complaint against you.”

The man smiled resignedly and then took the other two men to take a search inside.

When she came to the storage room, she suddenly found a few drops of blood at the entrance of the basement, and then she strode over to them before they saw it.

Gina put her hands on her waist and said loudly, “Enough! I will go to the police station and file a complaint against your boss.”

They dug around the house but found nothing of course.

The man in charge of the search didn’t mean to take the mission seriously, so he just smiled his awkwardness at Gina and was about to leave, but suddenly, his companion said, “The fruit store was often equipped with a basement for storage, we need to take a further search.”

Gina’s heart was pounding with her face turned red for anger or anxiety, she pointed at the guard and said. “Why should I let you guys get in my basement? There are abundant fruits which are so dear that even the fresh air will accelerate its rot, so I will never allow you to set foot in the basement unless you shoot me.”

“How dare……” The guard was so angry that he wanted to go up and grab her, but Gina cupped her hands over her mouth and shouted, “Help!”

The shouting attracted the neighbor’s attention, and the old man of the first store rushed to them, blocked Gina behind him, and pointed at the men, scolding, “What do you want to do? Are you bullying my Gina?”

“We just wanted to check her basement.” The guard who had just been hit by him was now much more polite.

“Check her basement? Who do you think you are? Their basement is full of expensive fruits. Do you know how great the damages you will cause when getting into the basement?”

“He’s right, who is going to pay for these damages?” A kind neighbor agreed.

“I’ll pay for it.” A man’s voice reached to the ears all of a sudden and diverted everyone’s attention. It was Heng Zhang. He looked around coldly and finally fell his eyes on Gina who was wearing a slightly picnicked expression and said, “You just need to give me a number, I can afford it.”

So angry was she that she was on the verge of tears, “You…you are just big bullies who only dare to treat a young girl cruelly during her parents’ absence! I’m going to sue you all!”

Heng was indifferent at her words because he was the kind of man who would leave no stone unturned in order to achieve his goal, “Well, then go sue us. The basement is under there, right? Guys, pull her away and go down to take a search.”

“Ah– what are you guys doing? Let me go!” Gina shouted loudly, hoping the two men below would get it and find a proper hideout. She struggled to shrug them away, stepped angrily on the floor before she wiped the bloodstain on it, and then walk off.

A cool gust rushed up from the open floorboard, and the bodyguards went down first under Heng’s order. Gina was fiddling her fingers anxiously behind her back, she tried to put on an indifferent face, but so innocent was she that Heng saw through her immediately.

“What are you nervous about?” Heng stared at her with his ghastly eyes.

Gina’s heart was pounding and tried to say casually, “I’m just worried that they’ll ruin my fruit because I need to make money from them.”

Heng sneered but said nothing.

A few minutes later, the bodyguards came up and reported, “Sir, there’s no one down there.”

A flash of surprise came across her eyes.

“Let’s move to the next one.” Heng wore a cold face which was unable to tell if he was angry or disappointed.

Gina strode up to him, reached out her hand, and said boldly, “You said you would pay for my damage, where’s the money? Give it to me now.”

Heng looked straight at her, making her feel a bit flustered, and well after a few seconds, he pulled out his purse and flung all the cash on her hand.

“Is it enough?”

Gina was pleasantly surprised, repeatedly nodding her head and giving way to him, and said, “Of course! if I had known that I could get such a large sum, I would have let you search a few more times.”

Heng snorted and left with four followers. Upon seeing this, the spectators quickly dispersed. After helping the old man along, Gina picked up a few large mangoes and put them in his hand, saying with a smile, “Grandpa, thank you for batting for me.”

“You’re welcome. It’s not a big deal, though. I have to leave, my family is still waiting for me to have a meal.”

“Bye, Grandpa.” After seeing him off, Gina looked around carefully for a while to make sure that no one was coming, and then she ran to the basement.

The disappearance of the two men threw her into confusion. The injured man and his companion were in the basement, but the bodyguards didn’t find them, how come?

When she came to the basement, there was nobody staying in the original location.

Where were they going?

Gina stood there for a moment and whispered, “They’ve gone, you guys can come out now.”

And then, a subtle muffled grunt came from the dark corner, and Gina followed the sound, finding that the two men were in the corner.

“Where did you hide? How could they fail to find you out?” Gina asked in surprise.

Nighthawk pointed to the empty cardboard box next to the fruits and said, “Here.”

“What? Here?”

“Yeah.” Nighthawk nodded seriously.

Certainly, he wouldn’t tell Gina that Kerry grabbed him by the shoulder and flew to the ceiling when the guards came in, and he almost screamed out in shock as the feeling of weightlessness came to him.

Certainly, the guards couldn’t find them out because of their dark and covert hideout. When they left, he was brought down to the ground slowly with relief, but when he looked back at Kerry with excitement and concern, he noticed his pale face and the reddened gauze on his shoulder.

Is it because of the over-consumption of his mental power? Nighthawk didn’t know how to express this superpower.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 229 The Baby Was Shocked (3)
Gina the simple girl did not doubt Nighthawk. Seeing Kerry’s bloodless face, she was quite worried and said, “Bring your friend up to the ground, his wound seems to be very serious, it’s too cold here.”

“Are you sure they won’t come back?” Nighthawk asked nervously.

Gina patted her chest and assured, “Don’t worry, they won’t come back anymore. The island doesn’t look very big, but it will take them a day or two to search it thoroughly.”

“Thank you.”

With Gina led the way ahead, Nighthawk carried his boss up and walked out of the basement after noticing him being in a rather weak situation.

They went to a small and simple room on the second floor which had only a bench, a table, and a bed covered with the dark-blue plaid sheets and a flowery thin quilt.

“This is where my brother used to live when he was a student, but now he only comes back on weekends, so it’s quite clean and you can take a rest here.” Said Gina.

Nighthawk had to put Kerry on the bed with his face down carefully because he was wounded on the back.

Gina felt a bit limp and scared by the bloody wound as she had never seen such a terrible scene in her life.

“He…he’s bleeding…too much blood he had lost.” Fear was exuded in her eyes.

Nighthawk blocked her view and asked, “Do you …… Can I have your name first?”

“Gina, just call me Gina.”

Nighthawk said calmly, “Ok, Gina, thank you very much for saving us, but do you have a sharp dagger?”

“How about the knife for cutting fruit? That is very sharp.” Gina asked innocently.

Nighthawk was confused for a second and then answered, “Fine. But could you please go to the pharmacy again and buy me some more medical gauze? I’ve run out of the gauze in your medicine kit.”

Gina agreed quickly, “No problem, what else do you need?”

“Nothing, but be careful not to run into those searchers.”

“Of course! I know this place very well.” Then she ran away.

Kerry was in a half-conscious state, the child’s strange and distant eyes racing through his mind kept stinging his heart. It had been in his anticipation that the baby would not recognize him, after all, he had never seen him, nor did he ever feed him, but still he couldn’t help but feel quite distressed when it came true.

“Boss, I’ll take the bullet out for you later, it might be a bit painful.” Seeing his face getting worse and worse, Nighthawk was more worried about his situation.

Kerry answered under his breath. For him, the physical pain was far less serious than the mental one now.


In the villa.

The baby stopped crying after a nap, but at the same time, his smile also disappeared. Venus Mu tried to cheer him up with a toy, but he just took it and then played with the toy in silence.

A mood of melancholy descended on her at seeing this scene.

Even though he had a higher IQ than that of children of his age, he was just a half-a-year-old child. How could he not be frightened by that bloody scene? She just hoped that this event wouldn’t leave a serious psychological impact on him.

The door was open with Alisa appeared in an outdoor outfit. She wore a dark green tunic over the tight black short sleeves as well as a pair of dark-green wide-leg trousers, and her favorite high heels were changed into a pair of walking-friendly Martin boots.

“Let’s go.” She said coldly.

Venus shouldered her backpacks, holding the child in her arms, and said gently, “Could you please help me carry the baby’s stuff?”

Alisa did not refuse her request.

The presence of Alice made the baby’s eyes light up for a few seconds but then faded, and he did not greet her as usual either. Alisa found it strange and asked her with a frown, “What happened to the baby? Where’s that happy face?”

Venus spoke in a frustrated tone, “He just got scared.”

Alisa touched the baby’s smooth little face with her finger and whispered, “Poor little guy.”

The helicopter landed on the lawn. Heng Zhang was lowering his head to give Gavin a report, “We’ve dug up the villa but found nothing.”

Nothing could be told from Gavin’s hidden face under the mask, but the trace of dissatisfaction was revealed in his eyes, “Tell them to continue the searching work after we leave here and no hint shall be missed.”

“Don’t worry, boss, all arrangements have been made. We will definitely catch him as long as he’s still here, only if ……” Heng didn’t finish his sentence, but Gavin got it—only if he didn’t hide his trace with his secret technique, or where could they find him out?

Gavin was quite curious about this mysterious guy, “I didn’t expect that there exists such a creature with the ability to hide his trace in the world, I really want to catch him and see who this guy is, I can’t believe it if it were not be seen by so many persons.”

Heng nodded in agreement, “Yes, I regarded it as something nonsense when I heard from Xiao Xie’s guys and didn’t expect it to be true. Boss, was he coming for the treasure map?”

Gavin pondered for a moment and said, “Probably. He presented at the Xie family for the map, right?”

“But how did he know the treasure map was in your hands, boss? “

Gavin smirked and glanced at him, “The mess you made in Sky City last time has been common knowledge, certainly he could thus get the trace of the map.”

Heng obediently bowed his head and kept silent with his eyes glinted hostilely. Kerry, I will definitely pay you the double return for what you’ve done to me! I can’t catch you, but I can catch your wife and son!

Gavin seemed to know what was on his mind and reminded him in a cold tone, “Don’t hurt Venus and the children until you find the treasure. They’re still of great use.”

“I understand it, boss.” Heng pressed down his malice. Is it meaning that Venus and the little guy would be at his disposal as long as he could find the treasure?

Venus and Alisa were walking towards the helicopter from the distance.

The keen intuition told Gavin that there exists a certain relationship between the mysterious man and Venus, but soon he gave up the suspect after a reasonable analysis.

Kerry was the only one who cared about the lives of Venus and the baby, but it was impossible for him to know their hideout within such a short time. Besides, there had never been any news about his abnormal behaviors in all these years.

The reason why he connected this mysterious man to Kerry was the baby’s unique pupils which were in purple and blue respectively as Kerry’s eyes were blue while the mysterious man’s eyes were purple ……

Could there be a hidden relationship between them?

Venus approached at this moment. The sluggish baby rested his head on her shoulder, seeming uninterested in any acquaintance.

“Hey little guy, still feel no happy?” Gavin poked his little face and asked.

The little guy looked at him with immense sadness and turned his head to lean on his mother’s shoulder.

“For god’s sake, it looks like he’s really be frightened.” Gavin spoke with great concerns, but certainly, he won’t care about a child’s emotions under the current situation.

Venus was consoled by seeing from the corner of the eyes that Heng was also somewhat indifferent and depressed. It seemed that he didn’t catch Kerry, or they won’t be able to stay here safe and sound.

The helicopter had been filled with several people including Mr. Cai who was invited last time.


Venus covered the baby’s ears as the helicopter set off again. Looking through the glass at the fading island, she was worried about Kerry’s wound and wanted to know whether he had escaped from their searching.

She didn’t care about their whereabouts. She could go anywhere as the baby was by her side, besides …… Venus touched the chip on her shoulder secretly, believing that Kerry could find her by this chip.

The first thing Kerry did when he woke up from his coma was to check his cell phone, and as he expected, Venus and the child had been taken away and moving forward from a certain place over the Pacific Ocean.

Kerry smiled at the sign. He knew the place where the man was going forward with Venus because it was his fiction.

Finally, you’re going to come back. But this time, I will definitely make sure of your trip with no return!

What Kerry didn’t expect was that there were greater difficulties waiting for him.

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