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Chapter 229: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 229 An Old Pervert

“After I established a hospital, you’ll become the department head.”

Vanessa became excited. She still remembered what Nina said to her before that Colin planned to invest in a hospital. She didn’t expect that Colin would directly tell her. He was going to build a hospital and made her a department head!

Colin knew that she’s more than willing to, by judging from her expression, “But you have to wait for a while. There are so many problems recently.”

“I can wait.”

It’s only a few steps away from her dream, why can’t she wait?

Colin nodded, “Okay”

When Vanessa went out, Nina happened to walk in, but her expression didn’t look good.

“Wei refused our invitation.”

Colin frowned, “He is quite haughty.”

Nina was silent.

Colin clicked his tongue, “Looks like I have to go there by myself.”

He knew that Wei did this for a reason. He went against him, whether someone was behind him, or for his own benefit.

Since it wasn’t Ellie’s evil scheme, it should be in order to obtain more profits, so he deliberately arranged this, to use this chance to offer him the terms that benefitted him.

These old foxes are really annoying!

Colin and Nina arrived at the lobby of Juding Bank.

Nina thought that since Wei had refused their invitation, they could also be rejected when they arrive. Who would’ve thought that they could meet Wei Reed easily?

Inside the office, Colin glanced at Wei’s office as soon as he came in.

The office looked elegant and was in sharp contrast with his greasy appearance.

Wei was sitting on the chair and didn’t move a bit. Even he let out apologetic words, his face didn’t show any regret.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t know that the chairman of Marquis would come here personally and I’ve failed to come out and greet you.”

Colin sneered in his heart, this old thing!

“We’re the one who came here abruptly. We are here to pay a visit without prior notice, Mr. Reed.” Colin replied lightly.

Wei smiled and said, “No, it’s an honor since you’re here to visit me personally, Mr. Ward!”

With that being said, Wei still didn’t get up to greet Colin.

Nina was slightly displeased behind Colin’s back.

Colin was being indifferent. Since he didn’t greet him, he wouldn’t be considerate anymore. He immediately went to the sofa and sat down, “I’m here today to discuss the loan with you, Mr. Reed.”

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“Huh?” Wei acted as if he didn’t know anything, “Loan?”

Colin nodded. Since he’s here, he would just simply talk about the loan and see what this old fox intended to do? If he still didn’t agree, it’s not too late to invite him for dinner tonight.

“Right. Marquis is planning to establish a big project recently, which requires a lot of funds, so….” Colin didn’t finish his words, but he believed that Wei must’ve understood what he meant.

Wei was just pretending not to understand.

“It turns out to be so!” Wei smiled, “To be honest, I’ve heard about this from the directors from the other banks. But why did I hear that this project is quite risky and it is likely to have a financial loss?”

Colin frowned, “A financial loss? I don’t know, but where have you heard about it, Mr. Reed?”

“It’s not important. The point is, you have to know that if the risk is too big, we don’t dare to give you a loan, right, Mr. Ward?”

Colin looked down upon hearing this, “Then, how can we get the loan, Mr. Reed?”

Wei took a sip of the tea, “You’re also a businessman, Mr. Ward, so I won’t say anything else. However, this matter wasn’t just set this way, or else? Should I discuss this with the other chairmen of UnionPay? How about I tell you the result later, Mr. Ward?”

“Okay, how about I treat everyone for a dinner tonight, and then we could discuss together later?”

Wei nodded with a smile.

“Then, tonight at seven, Tianbei Hotel.”

“Yeah” Wei glanced at Nina, “Assistant White will also come tonight, right? Oh, right. I also remember that there’s a pretty lady next to Mr. Ward. Her last name seemed to be Liu, the one that detoxed me that day. She will also come tonight, right?”

Colin’s gaze turned gloomy, what an old pervert!

“Whoever should come will be there!” Colin said this meaningfully and left directly with Nina.

After Wei saw the office door was closed, he snorted, “Let’s see if you still can act c0cky tonight, Colin Ward?”

Marquis is a big company. They would need the fund to start a new project. As long as their several banks came together and not giving him a loan, would he also please them eagerly?

After all, the true leader of all the companies is the leader of UnionPay.

After leaving Juding Bank, Colin instructed, “Go and invite the chairmen of those banks. You can also invite more people by the way.”

Back to Marquis, Nina went to invite those chairmen, while Colin went to Paradise Bar to find Xu Lang through the information from Gerd.

The reason he looked for Xu Lang was that he wanted to know who wanted to k!ll him.

In fact, after Niu Wang and Vanessa came to him this morning, and after learning about the antidote, he had this idea.

That person always wanted to k!ll him and made him stay sincerely in Tianbei City.

He had never thought of leaving Tianbei City but that person repeatedly found k!llers to k!ll him and even poisoned Doris by mistake, which caused her to become a child now.

If he kept on tolerating it, then he’s not a man at all!

Colin drove to Paradise Bar and met Gerd at the door.

He didn’t go inside directly, but asked, “Do you know Carson?”

Gerd didn’t expect Colin’s question, then he replied honestly, “I know.”

“Is he at Jing City?”

Gerd nodded.

Colin squinted. Connor Ward, his brother.

At that time, Abe ever mentioned it to him. He thought that Connor was dead back then so Abe came to look for him. But Abe didn’t answer him directly and it seemed like he had thought too much.

Connor Ward wasn’t dead at all!

All the recent events and those k!llers that wanted to k!ll him, happened after he became the chairman of Marquis. That person that wanted him to stay in Tianbei City earnestly made him naturally thought of Connor.

Of course, everything was still his speculation. Whether it’s true or not, he needed evidence to prove it.

This is why he came here looking for Xu Lang.

But Colin was curious, “How do you know that Xu Lang is here?”

Gerd and Xu Lang were considered rivals, enemies. But because Colin had given Xu Lang a mission, they cooperated twice. Xu Lang wouldn’t reveal his whereabouts, right?

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