Chapter 23 – 24: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 23: The blueprint seems to belong to her?


“Venus Mu, you’re so smart, just draw another one, please. I know you can do it. Please, you’re my best friend…” Xinyou Qiao continued to beg her softly.

“Ugh…” Venus sighed and then said, “Ok, fine. I have a little time left, I will try to draw another one.”

“That’s great, Venus, you are the best! I’ll treat you to dinner when you get back to school!”

After saying this, they ended the conversation.

Venus sighed. She didn’t even want to finish her meal at the moment. She walked to the desk, opened her newly bought drawing tools and drawing board, started to draw on the new design.

In fact, the finished design she had completed in the coffee shop that day had been left in Room 1026 of CK International Hotel where she would never step foot in, so she decided to do it all over again.

The ideas were in her minds, it’s not difficult to make a copy. But now Xinyou has used her idea, of course she couldn’t use that again, so she had to abandon the original idea and make a brand new design.

The theme of this design is “Fashion and Soul”, which was given by the head of their School of Design. All students were requested to participate in the design.

Holding the pencil in her hand, Venus got no idea how to begin. She had spent over a week looking for information and inspiration for the original design. Now her mind went completely blank facing the paper. She just didn’t know what to do.

After struggling for more than half an hour, Venus still have no train of thought, at this time, Uncle Wang knocked at the door and asked her to have dinner.

Venus had to put down the pencil and went downstairs.

Venus lives in the next door to Kerry Ye on the 2nd floor, she went downstairs and found Kerry was sitting on the sofa of the living room.

Venus froze for a while, she desperately wanted herself to disappear every time when she saw this man, but… What’s in his hand?

A drawing paper? It’s the type that she often uses to draw, isn’t it?

How did he get it? And there’s something on it?

Is it a blueprint?

Venus was thinking about this, and, without knowing why, she subconsciously walked to Kerry, trying to see the blueprint in his hand clearly.

When she got closer to him… Venus saw that it seemed to be a costume design drawing, and the hem of the dress looked similar to her design.

How is that possible? Did she read that right?

Thinking of this, Venus got closer to Kerry to see it a bit more clearly. However, when she went to his side and have not had time to see clearly, the man reached out his hands and put it away. He put it beside his body to protect it. And he was so cautious as if not to break it.

“What do you want?” See Venus staring at his hand, Kerry questioned her with asperity in his tone.

What? Why is he acting so aggressive? She just wanted to have a look. How could she break it or make it lost?

Kerry’s attitude was poor, Venus also curled her lip in grievance. “I’m just curious about the blueprint in your hands!”

Kerry squinted at her, “You can’t see this.”

The design drawing in his hand was the only thing that the woman left to him that night in the 1026 room of CK International Hotel. It should be. He Zhang was looking for the woman with this design drawing.

Thinking of this, Kerry began to miss the taste of ecstasy that night.

“You know what, I don’t care, and I don’t want to see it, humph!” Venus hummed and ignored him, then she went straight to the dining room.

She just felt kind of weird. When she saw the blueprint in his hand, she felt it belongs to her…

Chapter 24: Kerry–Picky eater

No, no, no!

Venus Mu shook her head violently. She must be possessed by drawing the design, though she didn’t draw anything. Then she must misread it. How could Kerry Ye’ s have her designs? That’s not possible.

This idea was too strange. Venus shouldn’t have this kind of thought.

Thinking of this, Venus relaxed and happily went to eat.

Kerry kept a close eye on Venus until she left. Only then did he take out the design he had in his hand and look at it carefully twice. Then he went upstairs and put it into a file folder, which was in the second cabinet on the left of the study.

This was the only thing that woman left behind that night, which was likely to be the key to find her. He couldn’t lose it or damage it.

After this, Kerry went downstairs to eat. When Venus saw him, she began to get mad. She thought he wouldn’t eat, but now he was coming.

Well, it’s just a design and why did he cherish it so much? He even went upstairs to put it in a safe place.

So what if she just took a look at it? She’s a designer herself. Though she was a student, she would never steal someone else’s idea!

Thinking of this, Venus finished her meal quickly. After glaring at Kerry, she was ready to leave and go upstairs.

All she wanted was not to see Kerry.

It just didn’t occur to her that as soon as she left her seat, Kerry shouted with a cold attitude, “Wait!”

Before Venus could react, Kerry spoke again, “Have you finished eating? Come to serve me then!”

“What?” Venus was a bit dumbfounded.

Serve him? What’s wrong with him?

“Can’t you do it yourself?” Venus despised him. When he was pinching her chin or her neck, he was so that strong. Why couldn’t he do this? And he even needed someone to serve him?

“You’re something I paid for. Besides serving me in bed, you have to satisfy me whenever I need.”

“You…” Venus was too angry to say anything.

What he said was completely a humiliation, especially right now, when Uncle Wang and so many servants were here. Venus’s face suddenly turned pale, but she still had to control her anger.

“Serve you, right? Well, just wait!” Venus gritted her teeth and responded. She was planning something.

“Kerry, just you wait!”

After walking to him, Venus smiled wryly and picked up the chopsticks on the table and she took a piece of fatty meat and put it into Kerry’s bowl, “Here , Young Master. I’ve heard that eating meat can strengthen your body. Please eat more!”

Sure enough, when Venus saw Kerry frown, she was proud of herself… This was Venus’s revenge.

However, before she enjoyed her happiness, she heard Kerry say, “Good, then this piece of meat will be rewarded to you!”

“What…what?” Venus was a bit dumbfounded.

Kerry laughed, “Don’t you hear what I say? Eat it!”


Now Venus finally knew what was ‘shoot oneself in the foot’. She now just wanted to cry, “That, that… I’m full…”

As a result, before she could finish her words, Kerry said, “Didn’t you say it could strengthen your body? You’re in such poor health that you do pass out several times at night when I fuck with you…”

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