Chapter 23 – 24: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 23: Apology of the old Lee

Fox looked at Doris’s house property certificate in disbelief. With Nina’s words, he seemed to be struck by a thunder, and can’t hear any sound.

“How could this… be possible?”

Barr clenched and glared at Colin.

Eva was happy to pat Baker’s back. Baker almost fell forward.

“Ha ha… This rubbish is like a human at last!”

People’s eyes suddenly changed. Since Colin can afford to buy a villa of Lanbo port and had a close relationship with Nina, he can’t be offend!

When Fox regained his consciousness, he saw that people were looking at him like he was an idiot. Fox blushed and he wanted to find a place to drill in.

The old Mr. Lee felt that he had lost all his face today. He looked at his grandson, whom he had always valued most. The old Mr. Lee became angry and said, “get out! What are you doing here? Are you going to continue to lose face? “

“Grandfather!” Fox looked at his grandfather in disbelief.

The old Mr. Lee didn’t give him any good looks, but snorted.

Fox had to walk out of the hall in the disdainful eyes of people.

“Colin! I am at odds with you

As soon as Fox left, everyone began to give Doris a variety of birthday gifts, which made Doris surprised and made Eva laughing.

At the end of the banquet, Colin told a few words to Nina. And then Nina said to the old Mr. Lee: “the night pearl is very valuable. If Miss Doris doesn’t mind, it’s better for Marquis group to keep it temporarily.”

Doris nodded. She did not know the chairman of Marquis group. In fact, she was embarrassed to accept such a valuable gift.

The party was soon over.

The gifts Doris received filled the car they drove when they came.

Not only that, Colin asked someone to drive the Maserati car.

At that time, Eva was very excited when she saw the car. She took Baker to sit on the Maserati car, and let Colin drive Chang’an car.

Just as they were about to leave, the voice of the old Mr. Lee came from behind.

“Doris… Baker…”

They turned to look, and then became indifferent.

The old Mr. Lee said with some guilt: “Doris, Baker, I was not good before, and I will never be partial in the future. Doris, Baker, I have a hard time!”

Seeing this, Eva snorted: “what’s the trouble? You are the master of Lee family and you can decide everything. What are the difficulties?

The old Mr. Lee was embarrassed.

Baker looked at Eva and said, “stop talking.”

Eva glared at Baker, “why can’t I say that? Am I wrong? “

Eva did not dare to say like this before. But after tonight’s event, the chairman of Marquis group gave her enough confidence.

The old Mr. Lee said with a bitter smile, “it is dad’s fault before. Dad will change and I would never be partial.”

Eva snorted. Colin was holing Doris’ hand to sit in the Maserati car directly, “we should go, to see the villa.”

“Yes! Villa!” Eva was excited to hear this, so she took Baker to get on the car.

Colin, Flora and Doris’ family drove two cars to the villa of Lanbo port.

When they arrived at the villa area of Lanbo port, Eva urged: “where is it? Lead the way!”

Colin was helpless: “go straight and then turn left.”

Eva grabbed the key in Doris’s hand and pulled Baker to run.

Seeing this, Flora couldn’t help but say, “Eva is in such a hurry! The house doesn’t run.”

Doris was a little embarrassed, “Mom she hasn’t lived in such a villa, so that she’s over excited.”

“Hey, I know. I’m excited, too! This is a villa of Lanbo port!” Flora replied with a smile.

Doris also laughed, and then looked at Colin and explained, “I don’t know the chairman of Marquis group. I don’t know why he did it.”

Colin smiled: “I know. I believe you.”

Doris was relieved.

Flora rolled her eyes.”Who is the chairman of Marquis group? You said you didn’t know him. Why did he give you such a valuable gift? “

Doris shook her head innocently, “I don’t know?”

“By the way, you bought a Maserati car and a villa. Where on earth do you get so much money?” Flora asked curiously.

Doris also looked at him.

Colin explained with hesitation: “well, I asked my classmate to help me borrow the money.”


Flora cried: “Did you say that you won the lottery?”

Doris doubted, “how do you know?”

Flora knew she said something wrong. Colin said immediately, “when I prepared a sports car for you, I just met her. In order to give you a surprise, I didn’t tell you.”

Doris understood and glared at Flora.

Colin saw they still wanted to ask more about this matter. He changed the topic quickly, “let’s go and visit the villa!”

After hearing this, Flora pulled Doris forward excitedly and said, “yes, I haven’t seen it yet.”

Doris glanced at Colin and then she was dragged away by Flora.

Colin shook his head and laughed. He thought of the night pearl, and called Abe, “the gift has been received. Thank you.”

Abe said, “OK.”

Colin heard that Abe seemed to be very tired and asked, “what’s the matter? You’re tired? “

Abe sighed, “nothing. You just stay in Tianbei city.”

“Is there any difficulty?” Colin heard his strange tone, feeling that something has happened.

Abe said, “you can’t solve these problems now, unless you…”

“What?” Colin asked.

Abe continued: “unless you can develop Marquis group into a leading enterprise in the province.”

Colin: “…”

Hanging up the phone, Colin frowned. It seemed that things were not as simple as he imagined!

The leading enterprise in the province?


It was hard. But he believed in himself and he can do it!

Over there, Eva has opened the villa and visited excitedly.

The villa had four floors. The first floor was the living room, kitchen and study. The second floor was the guest room. The third floor was the master bedroom. The fourth floor was the exercise room and an open-air swimming pool.

Flora ran to the exercise room alone, while Doris found Eva and Baker in the outdoor swimming pool.

Eva saw Doris coming. She took Doris’ hand and asked, “Doris, what are you going to do with this house?”

“Why?” Doris didn’t understand Eva.

Eva said, “Doris, you change the name of the house. Your father and I become the owners of this house. Do you understand?”

“Why? It’s bought by Colin. ” Doris looked at her mother in astonishment.

Eva glared at her, “are you stupid? You are going to divorce Colin sooner or later. If your father and I are the owners of this house, when you divorce, he can’t get the house! This house will be ours in the future.”

“No! I will not divorce Colin!” Doris was stubborn.

Eva’s face darkened, “Why are you so stubborn? Colin that waste is useless. Don’t you know the chairman of Marquis group is so kind to you today? Although we didn’t see him, he gave you the shares and a night pearl. Can’t you tell who is good and who is bad? “

Doris was reluctant, “Mom! But this is…”

“What!? Listen to me, the owners will be your father and I.” Eva snorted.

Chapter 24: Do it clean!

Doris still wanted to say something, but Colin took the initiative to say “it’s just a house. Let’s change the owner of the house!”

“You are perceptive!” Eva snorted.

Doris looked at Colin and felt aggrieved for him. It was obviously a house that Colin bought!

Colin smiled, indicating that he was fine.

Eva took Baker to go to the other places of the villa. For a while, they were left.

“Thank you very much.” Doris’s eyes were moist.

Colin said with a smile, “You don’t need to say thanks. You are my wife. This house is for you. We are family. It is the same no matter who is the owner.”

Doris was more uncomfortable. She hugged Colin subconsciously.

Colin was stunned for a while. And then he controlled his excitement to embrace Doris gently.

Doris was beautiful, and her figure was perfect. Colin can feel her slender waist and he was somewhat absent-minded.

When Doris reacted, she pushed away Colin. She lowered her head shyly, “Anyway, I like today’s birthday present very much.”

This man made it!

Today was the happiest and special birthday of her life.

Colin smiled: “My pleasure.”

A humble cafe in the capital.

Two men sat in the corner with two small cups of coffee.

“That’s the goal. Five million dollars when it’s done.” One of the men gave the picture in his hand to the other.

The man on the opposite side glanced with his sharp eyes, “ten million. No change.”

Man’s eyes were narrowed slightly, “It’s daylight robbery?”

“You know it’s not.”

The man drooped his eyes, thought about it and said, “eight million.”

“Ten million.”

Finally the man ground and said, “OK! Ten million! I hope you can finish the task! “

“Hum! There is no task in the world that I can’t finish. “

The man didn’t answered but said: “Colin. At present, he is in Tianbei City, the chairman of Marquis group. I will send you the rest of the information when you arrive.”

“Well.” The man took a last sip of coffee and got up to leave.

Seeing this, another man said quickly,”do it clean!”

Tianbei city.

Nina, who has just finished her work, walked into the hall with high heels.

As soon as she entered the hall, she saw a man with a black knapsack and a black jacket. He was at least 1.9 meters tall and had a ferocious face.

Nina looked at the receptionist and asked what was going on.

The receptionist said briefly that the man came to find chairman, but there was no appointment.

Nina understood and went over and asked that man.

“Who are you looking for, sir?”

“Chairman, Colin.” The man’s voice was deep.

Nina was surprised. There were a few people who knew that the chairman was Colin. How did this person know?

“Do you have an appointment, sir?” Nina asked.

“No,” the man replied

Nina was in a dilemma. “You can’t go in without an appointment.”

The man took out a picture directly. “This man asked me to come.”

Nina looked at it and was surprised. Wasn’t this the master? Colin’s father!

“Follow me, please.” Nina took the man to the chairman’s office.

In the office, Colin looked at the man in front of him and asked, “what can I do for you?”

The man put down the photo and said, “my name is Gerd Ward The master asked me to help you.”

Seeing Abe’s picture, Colin asked, “what can you do?”

“Help you survive!” Gerd replied.

The words falling, Colin was shocked. It was such a critical point?

Helping him survive?

Colin frowned, thinking for a while: “I know, but, are you sure you can?”

Gerd saw a porcelain cup on the table, went to pick up, and pinched.

The cup was broken.

Colin and Nina opened their eyes and were silent at the same time.

Seeing this, Colin relieved, “well, I’ll ask assistant White to arrange your accommodation.”

“No, I have my own arrangements.” and then Gerd left.

“Where is he?” Bai asked immediately

He asked about his father Abe. He just called him before. He didn’t know where he was.

“America.” “As Gerd walked, he answered,” because there is a typhoon on the sea, he is delayed. “

Colin heard the words. Gerd has gone out.


This was a good opportunity!

Since it was dangerous now, he was not safe. The best thing was to develop Marquis group according to what Abe said!

It seemed that he didn’t have to hide any more!

At the beginning of the night, Colin left the company, and took a taxi to come back home.

As soon as he got home, he saw Doris, who was wearing pink silk pajamas. Her arms and legs were exposed outside, which were attractive.

“Doris…” Colin swallowed saliva subconsciously.

Doris did notice that but said unhappily, “my parents have moved to the villa.”

When Colin understood, he said, “it’s good. It’s lively for the family to live together.”

Doris snorted, “but I don’t want to live with them.”

Colin raised up his eyebrows. For a moment, he thought that Doris wanted to live with him without being disturbed by her parents. Of course, he knew that this was still a delusion.

The reason why Doris didn’t want to live together was because of Eva!

According to his mother-in-law’s personality, Eva did not want to let Colin live in certainly. At the same time, she hoped that Colin would not fight with them for real estate in the future.

Not to mention the issue of divorce, he didn’t care about the villa at all. It can be used to please his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

“It doesn’t matter! Then we can live here. ” Colin smiled.

Doris pouted, “mom said she would sell this house and bring people to see the house tomorrow.”

Colin was speechless. Did she want to let him sleep in the street?

Doris asked, “well, why don’t we still live in that rental room?”

Colin laughed, “no, since we can’t live in this house, we live in the villa!”

“Well?” Doris didn’t understand, and then became upset and said, “but, my mother, she…”

Colin knew what she would say. He said “Doris, you change the clothes, and we go to the villa now.”

“… OK!” Doris thought that she can threaten her mother with herself. Anyway, she would not let Colin sleep in the street.

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