Chapter 23: An Authentic Painting – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Oh my god, it’s Bohu Tang’s painting.”


Thanks to Flirting Scholar, acted by Stephen Chow, those who don’t know much about antique calligraphy and painting know how valuable this painting is.

“Go to get my reading glasses.”

After putting on the reading glasses, the old lady of the Su family bent down to look closely. She was afraid that she would miss something.

The painting is so good that the old lady was loath to touch it.

“The painting is authentic!” The old lady said. Her hands shook with emotion.

“Let me have a look!” Hongming Yu, the master of the Yu family, squeezed in and said. “I don’t expect that I can see the painting of Bohu here. Let me tell if it’s true or not.” He said excitedly.

After saying that, he began to look at the painting in front of him carefully.

A few moments later, Hongming gave a thumbs-up and praised, “How lucky the old lady is! It’s definitely the authentic painting of Bohu.”

After hearing what Hongming said, the old lady laughed loudly. She was very happy.

“I only saw it in Stephen Chow’s film before, but now I see the authentic one. What a lucky day!”

“Yes, it’s an eye-opener for me!”

After hearing all these compliments, the old lady was greatly elated.

“Good, good, good.” The old lady said. Then she rolled up the painting carefully. “Put away the painting. Be sure to handle it lightly. If it is damaged, I will punish you severely.” The old lady said to the servants.


The servants nodded immediately. They dared not breathe, for the fear that the air they exhaled might contaminate the roll.

This is the authentic painting of Bohu, which is priceless. If it is damaged, they can’t afford to compensate for it even if they sell themselves.

Mary Su, who stood aside, looked at Mingdong Wei with complex expressions. She was a little moved.

He sold his company and took out a mortgage on the project to buy a necklace for her. And then, on grandmother’s birthday, he prepared such a big gift. She was a little overwhelmed.

“Look at Kris Chen.” Hai Su suddenly pointed to Kris and said. “Look, he’s got a box in his hand, and he’s got something for grandma, too!” Hai added.

Ha, ha, the box is broken. How he has the nerve to take it out?

Is there junk in it?

Ha, ha!

The crowd jeered maliciously at Kris. They all looked forward to Kris, making a fool of himself.

There was some awkwardness in Kris’s face. He didn’t expect that Mingdong is so thick-skinned. How dared he took a fake and said it‘s an authentic one?

“Kris, why are you standing still? Are you too embarrassed to show your gift?”

“You didn’t find that box in the dust heap, did you?”

“Ha, ha, you are telling the truth!”

“Ha, ha, ha…”

They are all short-sighted people. No matter what gift Kris presented, they would laugh at him mercilessly. He’d instead not to show his gift.

“Forget it!” Kris waved his hand and said.

“Forget it? It’s impossible.” Hai said. “Everyone in the Su family gave presents to grandma today. How could you make an exception? Although your wife will be taken away soon, you are still a live-in son-in-law of our family. Why don’t you open the box? Maybe you can save the day.” Hai added

“Ha, ha, ha!”

People around him laughed loudly.

Mary’s face took on a ghastly expression. She was a little angry. She told Kris to buy a decent gift in advance, but he didn’t do that. He became the laughingstock of everyone again.

Mary walked over and pulled Kris’s arm and whispered to him, “Why are you still standing? Sit down! “

“Are you deaf? Why don’t you put the broken box you picked up in the dust heap into the garbage can? You are making a fool of yourself. Just get out of here!” Jane Tang roared angrily at Kris.


Kris answered in a low voice and was about to leave with the box.

At that time, Hai jumped forward to stop him. He got hold of the box in Kris’s hands suddenly.

“Why throw away the gift you’ve worked so hard to prepare? Even if you really want to throw it away, you should wait after I see it.” Hai said and opened the box excitedly.

It turned out to be a scroll too.

Hai unrolled the scroll roughly. As soon as the scroll was unrolled, the whole hall was silent.

It is the 100 Longevity Figure.

The 100 Longevity Figure, as the name implies, it consists of 100 characters of longevity.

These characters are of different shapes, including seal script, official script, regular script, Wei inscription, and so on.

“Ha, ha, there are just a few characters of longevity.”

“No wonder Kris dared not to show it. It is junk, actually.”

Hai enfolded his tummy and laughed until his tears came out. He said to Kris, “Are you desperately poor? Today is grandma’s seventieth birthday, but you just send such a painting of shabby characters. Who are you insulting to?

“This is not a painting of shabby characters. It’s the 100 Longevity Figure.

“Ha, ha, who are you kidding? Do you think I don’t know anything? The real 100 Longevity Figure is in the museum. You tell me, where did you get it? Did you write it by yourself?” Hai said and wiped the tears of laughter.

“I got it from a friend,” Kris said.

Kris originally wanted to send Spring Mountain Companion of Bohu, which was sent to him by Youfa Zhuo. But it’s not good to send Youfa’s goodwill to other people.

So Kris entrusted Liren Zhang to choose a gift for him. And Liren gave him the 100 Longevity Figure.

She said the 100 Longevity Figure was begrudged by famous domestic collectors.

It is said that the 100 Longevity Figure was handed down from the Song Dynasty. Although there are no famous person’s seal and remarks, its artistic value is priceless.

Everyone knows the 100 Longevity Figure of the Song Dynasty is most precious. Except for prominent collectors and rubbings, if you want to see the authentic one, you can only go to the museum.

“There is no need to ask your friend to help you because it’s so shabby. Which arch of the bridge is your friend living?” Hai said and tried his best not to laugh.

“My friend doesn’t live in the arch of the bridge. She is a businesswoman.”

“A businesswoman? Then tell me how much did you give your friend to buy it?” Hai said and burst out laughing.

“I didn’t give her money. I just treated her with Shaxian Refection.” Kris said.

“What? Shaxian Refection?” Hai paused for a while and then laughed again. “Oh, you are so funny. You should take her to a decent restaurant.” Hai said.

All there present burst out laughing.

Kris is really a clown. He made a fool of himself in front of all the guests on the 70th birthday of the old lady.

The old lady put on a stern face and scolded, “What are you doing? It’s a misfortune of the Su family that you are a son-in-law of Su family. I should discourage Mary from marrying you in every possible way at that time. You not only destroyed the beloved daughter of the Su family but also defamed the reputation of the Su family. Anybody? Throw the shabby painting away!”


The servants of the Su family nodded their heads and threw the painting, together with the box, away.

After seeing the scroll was thrown out, Kris shook his head and went back to his seat.

The old lady was in a good mood. But her good mood disappeared totally after the farce made by Kris

“Let me say something. Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend my birthday party. What’s more, two outstanding young men made a marriage proposal. I have plans in my mind. And I will give the matter further thought after the birthday dinner.” The old lady said.

After saying that, the old lady clapped her hands and said, “You’ve spent a lot of money for my birthday party, and I can’t be stingy. I have already prepared good wine and food. Please be seated and have a taste of my carefully prepared dishes.”

After the old lady said that, the servants of the Su family flooded in.

“Stewed assort meal, Australian lobster, Abalone with two heads of Gang City…”

One dish after another was served to the table. And they are all famous dishes. The price of every dish is not cheap—all the dishes on one table cost at least 100000 dollars.

Just as everybody was surprised at the generosity of the Su family, a voice came from the door.

“Xiaorou Xu comes to congratulate on the old lady’s birthday!”

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