Chapter 230: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 230 I Can’t Take You (1)
In Sky City.

Xuan Chu never said Gavin’s real name, which made Henry extremely passive because he couldn’t shoot him at once, but had to keep him alive with water and a little food every day.

Henry didn’t expect Xuan to open his mouth. He had used methods as many as he could and now he only hoped that everything went well with Young Master.

In the meantime, Tianye Mu had find nothing, as Kerry and Yan Chu just disappeared. Xiran Xiao made several calls to Kerry later, but he refused to answer or even reply a text message.

“Does something happen to Kerry?” Xiran suspected.

“If he doesn’t answer your phone, maybe he just doesn’t want to. It doesn’t have to be an accident. If he’s really in trouble, even in a desperate situation,” Tianye said mysteriously, “he also has the ability to get out of it.”

Xiran looked at him surprisedly, “Oh, you actually do compliment Kerry. Did the sun come out from the west today?”

Tianye was smiling, “I didn’t praise him. He really has the ability.”

With curiosity, Xiran leaned in front of him and hugged his arm, asking, “Your words have a double meaning. Tell me. Why is he capable of escaping from a desperate situation?”

The man was hesitant. He had promised Venus not to tell anyone, but it’s rare for Xiran to look at him with eager eyes.

“What’s wrong? Can’t you tell me? Tianye, how dare you keep a secret for Kerry?” Xiran’s cognition were refreshed once again.

The man stretched to encircle her in his arms, “I have promised Venus that I wouldn’t tell anyone about this.”

Xiran pinched him on the arm, “Tianye, do you take me for an outsider? Okay, I, as the outsider, had better …”

As soon as she got up, she was pulled back by Tianye.

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you, but you have to keep the secret.”

Xiran held up her palm, “Although I don’t know how amazing this secret is, I swear that I will never tell it to other person.”

Tianye’s expression was complicated, not knowing how to say this matter. Struggling for a long time, he said, “I’d better say it from the beginning ……”

After hearing this long and bizarre story, Xiran was dumbfounded. Tianye understood her feelings very well, so he sat quietly beside her and waited for her to digest the information.

After two or three minutes, Xiran barely found her voice, “Tianye, you’re not kidding, right?”.

“So it’s a secret.” Tianye spread his hands.

Xiran jumped up from the sofa, spun around several times in the living room and said, “How is it possible? Is he an alien? It’s just so weird. No, no, I’m going to release my feeling.”

“What are you going to do?” Tianye watched her walk upstairs and asked.

“I’m going for a run. I need to calm myself down. This is crazy.”

Tianye smiled and shook his head. But in her heart there was an uneasiness. What was Kerry doing abroad? Was it related to Venus?

On an Island in the Pacific Ocean.

After two days of rest, Kerry gradually recovered. He wanted to leave yesterday, but he lost too much blood to stand firm and Nighthawk begged him to stay for a while, so he agreed to stay for another day.

The happiest thing Gina had these two days was delivering food to Kerry at mealtime every day. Although he seemed cold, he always smiled at her with gratitude. The smile of a handsome and charismatic man was a deadly temptation for young girls.

Kerry realized Gina’s admiration for him because she showed it too clearly. As soon as she came in, she couldn’t take her sparkling eyes off him, and occasionally she would smile a flirtatious smile.

If it were any other woman, Kerry would have been coldly dismissed, but Gina was his savior and a simple girl. He can’t be too cruel, whether for moral or emotional reasons.

However, he didn’t want to seduce any other women, and didn’t want the good girl to get in too deep, so he politely said to Gina, “Gina, it’s alright to let my friend give me the food.

However, Gina didn’t understand his polite refusal and said with a smile, “No trouble. It’s no trouble at all.”

Kerry held his forehead and was speechless, thinking, “Forget it, I’m leaving tomorrow anyway.” Then, he heard Gina’s question, “Are you Chinese?”

Kerry nodded, “Well, I’m.”

Gina said excitedly, “Half of our visitors here are Chinese. I heard there are a lot of yummy food in China, right?”

“It’s quite a lot.” Kerry tried to be concise, but he was muttering in his heart, “Why hasn’t Nighthawk finished buying clothes and come back yet? Does he buy the fabric and make it himself?

“Will you take me with you when you go back to China tomorrow? I really want to go to your place and eat a lot of yummy food. I haven’t been out so far.”

Kerry was shocked by what Gina had said and didn’t say anything for several seconds.

Gina looked at his expression, thought he was reluctant, and said, “I don’t need you to buy me the ticket. That man compensated me a lot of money the day before yesterday. I just asked you to show me the way.”

“No, Gina. It’s good if you’d like to go. But don’t you want to ask your mom and dad? Will they agree?”

Gina smiled proudly and said, “They have gone to the sea and won’t be back within half a month. I’m back from China by then so they will not know.”

Kerry was so depressed. He considered a little, and then said, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll probably be very busy back in China, but I can ask my wife to accompany you around.”

As soon as he said that, Gina’s smile was frozen on her face, the same expression as the last Japanese woman.

“You’re married?” Gina asked uncomfortably.

Kerry smiled gently, “Of course, I’m thirty years old now so I’m married. Besides, I have a half-year-old son, who is very cute.”

Gina was confused while the smile faded. She didn’t dare to look at him anymore, “Well, I’m going to wash the dishes.” Then, she picked up the bowl and plate that Kerry had used and quickly left the room.

Kerry heard the panic in her footsteps. It was the best he could do and giving her a smile was not good to her.

The effect was obvious as Gina never came into the small room on the second floor again this afternoon. Even the evening meal was delivered by Nighthawk.

“Boss, I don’t think Gina is in a good mood. What’s wrong with her?”

Grabbing a shrimp, Kerry glanced at Nighthawk, and said, “She wanted me to take her back to China, but I refused.”

Nighthawk was stunned, thinking “That’s really…very unlikely. “

“Have you bought tickets?” Kerry asked.

“Yes, it’s at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, so we’re taking the ferry to the airport at 5:30 a.m.”

“There’s no need to leave anyone here. Draw them off.”

“Got it.”

Kerry took a bite of the shrimp, and his brows furrowed as the taste was strange.

“Boss, what’s wrong?” Nighthawk noticed his expression.

Kerry spat out the shrimp meat in his mouth and took a big gulp of water before saying, “Gina mistook the sugar for the salt, and it’s too sweet.

Nighthawk giggled and said to himself, “It’s good that Gina would cook for us even in a bad mood. Boss should not mind it. “

“You eat all these shrimp.”

Nighthawk’s smile was instantly frozen, “Boss, I, I don’t like …….”

“This is the fruit of her labor, and it’s not good for her to see it poured out, so you finish it.” Kerry pushed the plate of shrimp in front of Nighthawk in all seriousness, and focused on eating another plate of relatively light fish.

Nighthawk pitifully peeled off each shrimp, put them in a bowl, and ate them slowly. Boss was so mean that he couldn’t even tease.

“Don’t wake her up when we leave tomorrow, and leave her all the money exchanged in your wallet.” Kerry said.

“Well, I know.”

Lying in bed at night, Kerry stared at the stagnant red dot and felt sad when recalling the baby’s eyes as the baby looked at him. However, he had done a bastard thing, before he was born. Was the child affected by Venus’s mood so he was alienated from him?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 230 I Can’t Take You (2)
He believed that blood was thicker than water, and as long as Venus and the baby were rescued safely, the baby would definitely accept him after he spending more time with him.

The next dawn, Kerry and Nighthawk dressed up and went downstairs. Nighthawk were sleeping on the floor of their room in order to take care of Kerry.

To think that Gina was standing in the courtyard waiting for them, but with no luggage with her.

“Gina, why are you…?” asked Kerry.

After a night of contemplation, Gina smiled a small smile, showing her white teeth and saying, “I looked it up on the Internet. There’s only one flight to China which is at eight in the morning, so I guess you will take the earliest ferry to the airport.”

Kerry walked up to her with a heavy heart. Gina was a pretty and kind girl, but in Kerry’s mind, she was more like his younger sister.

“Gina, thank you.” Kerry said sincerely.

“You’re welcome. I’m glad to meet you.” Gina paused and smiled, “If I go to China in the future, can I come to you? And please let your wife be my guide.”

Kerry also smiled a very warm smile, “Of course, I’ll cover all the expenses, if you come.”

“Good, don’t you forget it.”

Kerry then took out his cell phone, “What’s your phone number? I’ll call you so you can save my number. I won’t change it.”

Kerry dialed out the number Gina had said. A pleasant ringing sound came from nowhere in the silent air.

“Remember to call me when you come to China.”

Gina nodded, “Okay,” Then, she looked at him with a smile, biting her lip a few times and saying, “You are the first man I liked, and since you’re leaving now, can you give me a hug?”

Hesitating for two seconds, Kerry took the initiative to reach out to hug her gently and patted on her back, saying softly. “Gina, you’re a very good girl and deserve a better man.”

Gina’s eyes instantly moistened. She left his embrace, “Be careful on your way. I won’t see you off as I have to go back to get more sleep. See you later, Kerry and Nighthawk.”


As time was running out, Kerry and Nighthawk left Gina’s house immediately. But the person who said she wanted to go back to catch up on sleep, stood at the door and looked away until they disappeared at the end of the alley, and the tears in her eyes finally rolled down.

To be in love was the best thing that could happen to a young girl, but unfortunately, it’s neither at the right time, not with the right person.

With the departure of Gavin, Heng Zhang and Alisa, the search on the island was much weaker, especially so early in the morning. Thus, there’s no soldiers with guns on the streets except for travelers in a hurry and vendors.

Once on the boat, Kerry asked Nighthawk in a low voice, “Where are the others?”

“They were already at the airport last night,” Nighthawk answered.

The boat soon left the dock. Kerry set his eyes on the island for the last time, with no attachment in his heart; the only thing on his mind now was Venus.

The moment Venus got off the plane with her baby in her arms, she was extremely happy, because there were people with the same skin color and speaking the same language as her.

Gavin had really come to China, and thought the air was so much fresher.

On the wall was a huge poster of a local tourist attraction, which reminded Venus of the historical story that Kerry had told her. That story seemingly happened in this province.

Gavin was very fast to figure out where the map pointed to in just a few days. Mr. Cai must have helped a lot in this.

For more than a day, Venus spent all her time in the sky. First, she took a helicopter and then civil aircraft. She could bear it as an adult, but her baby was very irritable. It seemed that he felt uncomfortable in Venus’s arm. He kept tossing about, and could not settle down at all.

When out of the closed space finally, the little guy looked around the new environment, and his special pupils, as well as Gavin’s gorgeous mask, attracted a lot of attention.

Venus welcomed the attention, as it could leave more clues for Kerry to find her more easily.

Suddenly, Gavin said, “Don’t think you’ll have a chance to escape when you get back to China. If you don’t want anything to happen to your child, just be good and don’t play any tricks. “

Venus looked up at him coldly, “Gavin, do you have nothing more to use than threatening women and children?”

Gavin was instantly pissed off, and would have slapped her in the face if there hadn’t been so many people around.

Without staying for too long, the group quickly left the airport and there were several cars waiting outside.

Gavin, Mr. Cai, and Heng took one car, while Venus, her child and Alisa took the another.

The car drove through the city center, crossed the river, and arrived in an inconspicuous town before nightfall. The hotel was simply decorated, and even shabby, but it was comfortable enough to stretch out on a bed for people who had spent so much time on planes and automobiles.

Venus was undoubtedly staying in a room with Alisa, and Gavin and Heng were staying to her left and right respectively in case of her escape.

In order to hide their trace, the group did not go out to eat, but ordered take-out and ate in their respective rooms.

“Alisa, why aren’t you eating?” Venus hadn’t had hometown food for several days and was now munching on it, while the woman opposite didn’t seem to like the taste and put down her chopsticks after a bite or two.

“Too much oil, too much salt.” Alisa said simply.

Venus explained, “Most hotels in China offer this kind of food, not to mention those at this town.”

“I don’t want to eat. Enjoy yourself.” Alisa put down her chopsticks and came to the baby to watch him drink his milk.

As she ate, Venus was thinking that she couldn’t wait like this, and that she had to run away if she had the chance.

Late at night.

Venus suddenly opened her eyes and heard Alisa ‘s steady breathing sound. Then, she quietly got up from the bed, got dressed, took the bag and held the baby.

Everything was very smooth, but Venus’s heart was beating wildly. She tiptoed to the door, but as soon as she put her hand on the doorknob, she heard the cold voice from behind, “Stop.”

Venus closed her eyes in frustration, “Damn, I knew it wouldn’t be that easy. “

“Come back. Don’t make me say it twice.”

Venus reluctantly turned back to her bed and put the kids in their bags for bed.

Alisa’s voice was especially cold in the stillness of the night, “Venus, if you do it again, I don’t mind breaking your legs. So, you’ll even lose the baby.”

Venus pulled the blanket up and turned sideways to her, muffling her voice, “Got it.”

“Heavens, doesn’t this woman sleep? ” Venus thought. “Or she sleeps with one eye open and one eye closed, so she can notice even my light move, doesn’t she?”

The next day, they were still on the way. Alisa didn’t seem to tell Gavin about what Venus had done last night, but Gavin was still indifferent to her, and only when she was with the baby, she had the slightest tenderness in her eyes.

The baby’s memory was short. After a few days of journey, and constant exposure to new things, the baby’s in a better mood, and a smile gradually appeared on his face.

In the evening, the car stopped in a valley of mountainous peaks in southern Fujian Province after a day-long journey.

This should be the first step of Gavin’s treasure hunt.

The final map drawn by Kerry was not very accurate, but indicated that the treasure was located in a cave in this large mountain range.

Of course, if the map had been accurate, the treasure hunters would not have come and gone.

Gavin was very excited when he looked at the sleeping mountain in the twilight. As Mr. Cai said, this land was once a magical place, full of all kinds of sorcery and strange things, and it was not strange that the Minyue Kingdom could disappear overnight.

At first, Gavin didn’t believe in such ghost lore, so he was hesitant to set out.

“Stay and watch her tomorrow, so you don’t have to follow us into the mountains.” At dinner, Gavin said to Alisa.

“Yes, boss.” Alisa answered coldly, but her reluctance was obvious. She was more willing to explore than to spend a day with this troublesome woman.

Venus was relieved to hear this decision. She was really afraid that Gavin would force her to go into the mountain together. She might be able to hold on, but the child would never be able to stand it as the mountain’s miasma was too heavy.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 230 I Can’t Take You (3)
As soon as Kerry returned to China, he went straight to the place where Venus was.

That night, Gavin and his team of treasure hunters came out of the mountains in a grim state. Venus knew that they definitely didn’t find it.

It was a long journey, and everything was just getting started. Gavin was prepared, so he wasn’t impatient or lost.

Venus was in the room feeding the baby rice noodles. It was the first time for him to eat this kind of thing, so he was very interested and enjoyed it very much.

“Bang-” The door was suddenly kicked open. Gavin furiously came over and dragged her up, asking fiercely, “How do you connect with Kerry?”

Venus suddenly clenched her hand holding the bowl, thinking, “Does Kerry come after her?” She pretended to be extremely confused and asked, “What are you talking about?”

“You won’t tell? Do you believe I’ll strangle this little beast to death?” Gavin grabbed the baby’s neck with his big hand, showing no mercy to him at all.

Venus panicked and desperately tried to throw off his hand to save the baby.

“What the hell are you talking about? You have me so closely guarded. I have no chance to contact Kerry even if I wanted to.” Venus argued. She was in panic, but still kept her mind.

Gavin stared at her and says to Alisa, who followed him in, “Check her shoulder bag.”

Not daring to hesitate, Alisa took her bag and emptied it of its contents–a few clothes, toiletries, and a black bank card.

“What’s this?” Gavin asked.

Venus confessed honestly, “A bank card that Kerry gave to me.”

Gavin let go of her collar, took the black card over and folded it into two pieces, and continued, “Alisa, strip her naked and check her body carefully.”

Venus’s look changed. She clasped her chest tightly, and stared at Alisa warily, “Gavin, I’m fine with the check, but please get out of here first.”

Gavin smiled contemptuously, “Don’t worry; I’m not interested in your kind.”

Venus didn’t back down and scoffed, “Who knows? What if you are attracted by me? Or, do you not trust your subordinates?”

Gavin glanced at Alisa, snorted, leaned over to hold the baby, and walked out the door.

Alisa crossed his arms over his chest and looked her up and down, “Take off your clothes yourself.”

Venus was embarrassed because she had never undressed in front of a woman before. Her hand holding the hem of her dress, she was too awkward to move.

“Won’t you move? Do you want me to get a strong man to help you?”

Venus hastened to refuse, “No, no.” Gritting her teeth, she closed her eyes and took off one piece at a time, thinking that there was nothing to be ashamed of, as she was a woman, and so was Alisa.

With only her underwear left on her body, Venus stopped.

“Go on!” Alisa snapped.

Venus angrily opened her eyes to glare at her, but Alisa didn’t move, as if she was looking at a corpse, “I said, go on.”

She was so angry that she wanted to punch her, but under Alisa’s command, she had no choice but to stare at her and take off her underwear.

“Don’t fall in my way, or I’ll let a circle of men watch you undress.” The vicious thought came to Venus’s mind. However, she was just thinking about and she would never act like that.

Alisa’s eyes were like a cold knife, emitting a ghostly luster. Venus’s heart beat faster. At the moment, she could only pray that Kerry’s friend had done so a good job in concealing the place she had the surgery that Alisa couldn’t find it.

“Turn around.” Alisa ordered.

Venus turned around, remembering a report she had read that every woman entering the palace was stripped naked for a systematic inspection and that several maids surrounded them. Compared to that, it was easier to accept today.

With her eagle eyes, Alisa walked slowly up to her and asked coldly, “Why are you so nervous and your heart beating so fast?”

“Nonsense, doesn’t your heart beat faster when you’re so naked and being looked at like an animal?” It was hard for Venus to conceal her nervousness.

“Hmm, childish!” Alisa smirked. She had been seen by more than one man. She had to admit that Venus had a good so it was no wonder that she was able to use her beauty trick to get the treasure map over here.

The scanner-like eyes finally fell upon Venus’s arms, and a brilliant light flashed, “What’s this?”

Venus’s heart almost stopped beating. She forced herself to calm down and looked down, “This is the mark of getting the smallpox vaccine when I was a child. Don’t you have it?”

Alisa was puzzled, “Smallpox? What the hell is this? “

“Every primary school student in Sky City will be vaccinated against smallpox, which was organized by schools. If you don’t believe me, you can go out and ask others. Maybe people here will do the same thing.” Venus was serious. She remembered that her late father once said that everyone had to be vaccinated before while with the development of medicine, no one got the vaccine later.

Alisa had grown up abroad and didn’t really understand it.

“You’d better be telling the truth,” Alisa turned around and walked out of the room. After getting through a big difficulty, Venus was paralyzed and almost fell on the ground. Then, she dressed quickly.

In order to confirm her words, Alisa came to the front desk of the hotel. The owner stood up warmly and asked her, “What do you need, Miss?

The middle-aged owner was wearing short sleeves so Alisa immediately saw the small scar on his arm, which was very similar to Venus’s.

“What’s this one on your arm?!” Alisa got straight to the point and asked.

The owner was confused for a moment, and then said with a smile, “This is the mask of getting cowpox vaccine. I got it when I was little.”

In the meantime, Alisa said, “Cowpox vaccine?” It’s not the same as what Venus said.

The middle-aged man laughed, “It’s also called smallpox vaccine.”

“Was there really such a thing?” Alisa was in great confusion.

“Boss, there’s nothing unusual about Venus.” Alisa reported to Gavin.

Gavin was silent for a moment and said, “Tell everyone to leave overnight.”

“Boss, what’s going on?” Alisa asked.

“There’s news that Kerry is coming in our direction. He is too fast.”

Alisa was also surprised, and then said, “Boss, Kerry used to have this treasure map, so he naturally knows where the treasure is. He may not be able to find us as this mountain range is so big,.

“Hmm, what if we run into each other? Our men are abroad, and we are no match for him here. Besides, our goal on this trip is to find treasure, so it’s better to avoid him and not confront him.” Gavin looked at the child playing on the bed and laughed lightly, “But as long as Venus and the child are in our hands, he won’t dare to do anything rash.”

“Understood. I’ll go inform them.”

Then, the crowd, who had just finished eating, continued to hurry on with their journey before lying in bed, and the child was back in Venus’s arms.

But what annoyed Gavin was that no matter where he went in the next two days, Kerry would always be chasing after him, as if he had become a prey in Kerry’s eyes, which was a very bad feeling. Now Kerry was still far away from him, but if he traveled for another day, it was very likely that he would catch him up.

“There must be something go wrong.” Gavin sat in the car and contemplated, “but what’s the problem?”

Outside the window was a towering mountain range, and on the top of the mountain stood a base station. Gavin suddenly had a flash of inspiration, “Yes, why didn’t he think of it?”

“Heng, have the guide find a private hospital. The sooner, the better.”

“Boss, are you feeling bad?” Heng Zhang asked.

“Not I but someone needs a good examination.” There was a sinister light in Gavin’s eyes.

Venus in the back of the car had no idea what she was about to face, and when the car pulled up in front of an upscale private hospital, she was still a little surprised, “Why did they come to the hospital? Who’s sick?”

In the next second, the car door was suddenly opened and Heng took the child in her arms with lightning speed. Before she could react, two bodyguards pulled her out of the car and sealed her mouth with tape.

“Oh-” Venus struggled hard.

Gavin came over and picked up her chin, “Venus, let’s make sure today how you get in touch with Kerry.”

Venus couldn’t speak so she could only express her protest with her movements. With her arms held by two people, she jumped up and kicked Gavin’s leg, “Oh-“

The moment Gavin raised his hand to slap her, he held it back and said angrily, “Take her for a checkup.”

Venus tried her best to get away again but couldn’t withstand the strength of two bodyguards. She was quickly taken to the CT room, tied to the bed, and pushed in.

Venus closed her eyes in disappointment because this kind of examination equipment could check even the metal buttons of the underwear, let alone the fingernail size chip.

Outside the examination room, Gavin focused on the pattern on the computer and smiled when he saw the metal chip on the arm.

No wonder Kerry was able to find the island and the place where he was so quickly. Her body was hiding this high technology. Gavin said silently, “Venus, your acting was really good. It’s a pity for you not to become an actress.”

When she came out of the CT room and saw Gavin’s cruel and sarcastic gaze, Venus knew that he had discovered the secret. She suddenly calmed down and met his eyes.

“Miss Mu, you hid it so well. You almost cheated me.” Gavin sneered.

“No, you are smarter. I have been outwitted.” Venus smiled lightly.

Gavin had a million questions to ask, but obviously now was not the right time, as Kerry could catch up at any moment.

“Bring a scalpel over here.” He said to the trembling doctor beside him.

Venus took a step back and stared at him intently, “What do you want to do?”

“Take this thing out, of course. Hold her down.”

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