Chapter 230: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 230 I Don’t Have Friends

Colin learned about it after he walked inside the bar….

“Are you working?”

Xu Lang wore bartender clothes and was very different from his usual temperaments. He also held a cocktail shaker in his hand and he looked like a bartender.

The scattered guests and waiters were surrounding him.

Colin sat on the bar and asked, “Isn’t an assassin rich?”

Why would he come for work?

Xu Lang asked, “Since the mission isn’t completed, how could I have money?”

Colin paused, “You’re right.”

Xu Lang has two missions. One was to kill Colin, which isn’t completed yet. And the other one was to catch the drugger, which is also not completed yet.

Xu Lang glanced at both of them and asked lightly, “Is there a new mission?”

Colin shook his head and looked seriously at Xu Lang, “Answer my question.”

“Who is the boss that wants you to kill me?”

Xu Lang’s face turned gloomy. His previous relaxed mood was gone, “I’ve said before. I have my professional ethics.”

“I just want to know who’s the boss behind you, is it that difficult?”

“It’s difficult for me.” Xu Lang replied.

Colin took a deep breath, “Xu Lang! Is your professional ethics more fucking important than your friend’s life?”

Colin made an uproar.

Everyone around looked over.

Two waiters also came over.

“What’s wrong, Xu Lang?”

Xu Lang shook his head, “Nothing wrong. Just continue your work!”

The waiters looked at Colin and Gerd hesitatingly, as they felt like they’re asking for trouble, but Xu Lang asked them to go. They couldn’t stay here either, so they had to leave, but they always had their eyes here and watched over their movements.

Xu Lang looked at Colin with a complicated gaze. Just now Colin mentioned about ‘friend’. His heart couldn’t help but touched for a moment. Are they friends?

But he’s an assassin. He has no friends and not qualified to have friends.

“I don’t have friends.” Xu Lang replied coldly.

Colin immediately sulked and exploded again, “Okay! I thought that since we have experienced life and death, we are friends until death but it turned out that I’m too fucking passionate about it!”

“I’ll ask you for the last time. Who is your boss?”

Xu Lang looked down and didn’t look at Colin, as he said lightly, “I won’t tell you.”

Colin was completely enraged by his answer. Regardless of his gap with Xu Lang, he went across the bar, grabbed Xu Lang by his collar, and punched him.

Xu Lang also didn’t expect that Colin would punch him and he didn’t avoid this punch.

But also because of this punch, Xu Lang looked at Colin with a wave of slight anger.

The waiters who had been watching over from afar immediately surrounded him after seeing the scene.

When the guests saw this, they gradually evaded avoiding getting into any trouble.

“Are they going to fight here?”

“I’m not sure!”

“Bar fights. Isn’t this kinda common?”

At the bar, Xu Lang grabbed Colin’s wrist and brushed it off forcefully. His gaze was slightly cold, “If it weren’t because it’s you, I’ve made you pay for this punch.”

An assassin who was beaten this way and not fought back was considered as a favor for him.

Colin thought that Xu Lang was at least regarding him as someone special, “Then tell me, who is your boss?”

Xu Lang was silent.

Then Colin said to Gerd, “Tie him up!”

If he didn’t want to say it, then he wouldn’t let him go.

Gerd stepped forward and leaped across the bar.

Xu Lang looked up upon seeing this and at the same time, he also leaped out of the bar.

The glasses on the bar were swept by their legs because of their movements and smashed to the ground.

The surrounding staff retreated further after seeing this and several waiters also did the same. Because the fight between Gerd and Xu Lang was too intense and they couldn’t intercept at all, even they could be beaten instead.

“Should we call the police?” One of the waiters suggested.

The other nodded, “Right. Let’s call the police.”

Over there, Gerd and Xu Lang were already outside the bar. Both of them were exchanging punches but none of their punches had hit the opponent.

Upon seeing this, Gerd exerted all his strength and punched Xu Lang’s stomach. Xu Lang stepped back and took a dagger out and fought again with Gerd.

Gerd didn’t have any weapons on his hands so it was hard for him to put his hands on Xu Lang because of the dagger and even Xu Lang’s dagger scratched his arm.

In the end, Gerd took a wine bottle and smashed in on the bar before using the glass shard to fight with Xu Lang.

Both of them went back and forth, even injured themselves.

Seeing that it would be difficult to settle, Xu Lang kicked Gerd away, turned around, and left the bar.

Gerd then asked upon seeing this, “Do you want me to chase?”

Colin looked at Xu Lang as he ran out before suddenly returned to his sense, “What have I done?”

Colin regretted it now. He wasn’t very clear about XU Lang’s character but from their previous contact, he knew that he wasn’t someone that could be forced.

He has his own principles, but Colin had forced him to violate them.

He might’ve thought of them as friends in the first place, but now, probably it’s over.

Gerd stood beside him and was silent as he waited quietly for Colin.

Colin sighed, “Let’s go back!”

Both of them left.

The surrounding people that watched the mess found it excited upon seeing it.

“Fuck, the man carried a knife all the time!”

“This scene is similar to filming the TV series!”

“Both of them are very strong!”

Colin returned to Marquis with Gerd and called Vanessa over.

“Treat his wound.”

Vanessa smell blood as soon as she entered the office and she saw the long scratch on Gerd’s arm after following the blood smell, as well as the continuous bleeding.

After seeing this scene, Vanessa’s heart flipped. What has he done with such a big scar?

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