Chapter 231 – 232: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 231: Will you mind her past marriage

“Xun, you are really, my dear son!” Jane Tang couldn’t help praising him. If only this godson were her son-in-law. On the other side, Kris Chen couldn’t help laughing.

Though the voice within the phone was low, others couldn’t hear it. But how couldn’t he, a Practitioner in the later period of The innate-power stage, hear that?

This Xun Han was a coward who pretended to be a king.

Thinking about this, Kris took a step forward and said to Jane Tang, “Mom, Xun Han couldn’t get the money back, but I’ll do it for you.”


Jane Tang’s son-in-law said that he could get the money back? People in the ward couldn’t help looking at him.

Are you kidding? If you’re competent, then how could Jane Tang scold you like that?

“You failure, shut your mouth and get out of here. Stop making a fool of yourself!” Jane Tang’s face flushed with anger.

“What? You say you can get the money back?” Xun Han couldn’t help laughing as if he had heard a hilarious joke.

This live-in son-in-law was so funny. Even Xun Han couldn’t make it. How could he, who lived in his wife’s house, say that? This was really ridiculous and made Xun laugh.

“Xun, just ignore that garbage. He doesn’t ponder before he talks. Please forgive him.” Jane Tang was rather worried and explained to Xun Han immediately.

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re such a gentleman, so please go easy on him.”

“If you’re unhappy, we’ll get him out now.”

“Just get out of here, and don’t get in the way.”

“Jane, please mind your son-in-law. Let him out!”

“Heard that? Get out!” Jane Tang said furiously, grinding her teeth.

“Mom… How could you say that to Kris?” Mary Su was also very angry.

“Honey, don’t be mad. I just go out and breathe some new air.” Kris smiled. He gave a shit about what others said, as long as Mary Su stood by him. And then, he walked out of the ward and gave a call to Guobang Liu.

At the same time, on the top floor of Guobang Building, Guobang Liu’s office.

Gangqiang Zhu was standing in front of the office desk and reporting the profits of this quarter. With a Cuban cigar in one hand, Guobang Liu was reading the Seasonal Finance Newspaper.

“Well, great. This quarter’s revenue reached 100 million!” Guobang Liu looked at Zhu Gangqiang with admiration, drew a cigar from the cigar box on his desk, and threw it toward Gangqiang Zhu.

Gangqiang Zhu took the cigar like a treasure and lit a fire for himself.

“Hiss! The cigar rolled out on the virgin’s thigh is truly fragrant!”

Guobang Liu’s cigars were custom-made. It was said that each cigar cost more than 1000 dollars. He had been greedy to smoke it for a long time, but out of his expectation, he was finally qualified to smoke a virgin cigar today.

“Look at you.” Guobang Liu put his feet on the office desk, and then breathed out a puff of smoke, “this month, your bonus will be doubled.”

“Thanks, boss. Thank you so much.” Gangqiang Zhu was overjoyed and kept showing his gratitude to Guobang Liu.

“Well, you can leave if there’s nothing…”

The phone that Guobang Liu put on the desk rang before he finished talking. It was from Kris Chen.

Seeing the caller ID, Guobang Liu quickly stood up, wiped his hands, and picked up the phone.

“Guobang Liu, you are so great.” As the phone was just connected, Kris Chen uttered in his could voice.

“Mr. Chen, what happened?” Guobang Liu was so frightened and broke into a cold sweat.

“How dare you ask me? Tell me, do you have a worker called Gangqiang Zhu?”

“Ah, how do you know that, Kris…”

“How do I know?” Kris Chen said coldly, “He’s pretty good. He lied and cheated outside under your name. Not only did he cheat my mother-in-law for 20 million yuan, but also ask people to hit her. I am now in the Fifth People’s hospital. Decide for yourself.” And then he hung up the phone.

What? Hearing Kris’s words, Guobang Liu was frightened and shivered. Then he slapped Gangqiang’s face and blew his teeth off.

Gangqiang Zhu’s mouth was full of blood, and half of his face swelled in an instant.

“Boss Liu, why did you… you hit me…” Zhu Gangqiang covered his face, and his brain was blank. What the hell was going on? He had just received praise and an expensive cigar. How can he be slapped after a phone call?

“Hit you? Damn! I even want to kill you!”

Guobang Liu was still extremely furious while speaking. He then dragged Gangqiang’s collar, directly slapped him from the left and right side, and made his head swell like a pig’s head.

“You fucking asshole! How did I tell you? I have warned you thousands of millions of times that never cheat others! Now what? You did those shit things. Do you think I can cover everything for you?”

“Bro, we can’t make money if we don’t cheat others. It’s really tough for the insurance company to survive. If we don’t play some tricks at the beginning, how…”

“I’m gonna kill you damn douchebag!” Guobang Liu almost pissed off by this stupid man, “How dare you cheat Kris Chen’s mother-in-law and even hit her? Leave me alone if you wanna die!”

“Kris? Kris who?”

Now Gangqiang Zhu is dizzy and in giddiness after his boss’s hit, and he had no way to remember that.

Guobang Liu stepped on his face with one foot, squatted down, and said, “Remember that Kris Chen is a great man who helps me a lot in my life. If you can’t get his forgiveness, you should prepare the coffin and lie in it by yourself.”


Twenty minutes later, Gangqiang Zhu came to the Fifth People’s Hospital and directly rushed to the ward.

As he came into the ward, everyone in the room screamed, “Look, everybody. Gangqiang Zhu comes back!”

“It’s really him! It’s really Gangqiang Zhu!”

“He comes back and returns our money!”

Though Gangqiang Zhu’s face changed totally, everyone recognized him at a glance.

At this time, Jane Tang held Xun Han’s hand happily, and said, “Xun, you’re so awesome. It’s not more than half an hour before you call, and now Gangqiang Zhu is here. You are really capable.”

At this moment, Jane Tang was rather delighted. She liked this boy so much that she determined to let him be her son-in-law.

What? Was he Gangqiang Zhu? Seriously speaking, Xun Han didn’t know Gangqiang Zhu at all.

What the hell was going on?

Didn’t his father forbid him from meddling? But why was he here?

It could be said that he was also muddled and had no idea what was happening.

As Gangqiang Zhu walked into the ward, he knelt on the ground with a sound “Putong”, “Sorry, I’m wrong. I do know that I’m wrong. So please forgive me, and I’ll give your money back right now…”

Then he clapped his hand, and a middle-aged woman in her early 40s came in from the ward’s door. It could be no one but Qin Pan.

“Qin Pan, you bad liar. Why did you deceive us?”

“Why did you hurt us…”

“Kneel and apologize to us…”

As soon as Qin Pan appeared, all the people were rather furious. They all sat up and denounced her.

It was all her fault. But for this woman, they would not have been like this.

In particular, Jane Tang was very angry, “Qin Pan, how dare you come here? So many years of friendship, how can you cheat me?

If eyes could kill people, then Qin Pan could have died thousands of millions of times.

“Sorry… I’m so sorry…” Facing them, Qin Pan was so frightened that her legs became weak.

“Damn for your fucking apology! Kneel!”


And then, Gangqiang Zhu slapped Qin Pan so heavily that she fell down to the ground, “Bitch, you cheated them, so you should know how much they have invested. Give their money back even a penny. I won’t forgive you for a penny less…”

“Yes, yes, yes…” Qin Pan covered her face with knees on the ground, kept kowtowing, and said, “It’s all my fault. I’m wrong. I should die…”

Seeing this, everyone smiled happily.

Cool, that was so awesome!

It was just like drinking a cold beer in the dog days of summer, fantastic!

Everyone could help to give a thumb up to Xun Han and praised him, “Xun, you are so brilliant!” “Yep, thanks to you. Xun.”

Though Xun didn’t know what happened, he showed a triumphant smile.

He coughed deliberately, cleared his throat, walked towards Gangqiang and Qin, and looked at them from above, “Well, consider you guys admit your mistakes in time and have a good attitude. We can forgive you. But if it happens again, I’ll let you pay.”

Gangqiang Zhu glanced at Xun Han, with full astonishment.

Who was that? Dare to speak in that tone? But Guobang Liu’s words had scared Gangqiang Zhu to the most. How dare he refutes that. He had to nod continuously and said, “Yes, you have a point. We’re wrong this time, and we promise it won’t happen again…”

And then Gangqiang Zhu continued saying, “In order to express my regret, I will also compensate you for the medical expenses, charge for loss of working time and nutrition expenses. I hope you can accept it.”

What was there such a good thing? Hearing that, everyone was thrilled.

They thought it was very great to get their money back, but now they also received those compensations. They couldn’t be more satisfied.

Now Jane Tang looked at Xun Han, just like looking at her son-in-law. The more she looked, the more she liked him.

She couldn’t help saying to Xun Han, “Xun, you’re so excellent, and I do wish you could be my son-in-law. I want to ask you a question, and please tell me honestly.”

“Godmother, look what you said. How can I lie to you?”

“If Mary gets divorced, will you mind her past marriage?”

Hearing what Jane Tang said, Xun Han was shocked, but he came to himself in a short time, “Godmother, Mary is a goddess in my heart, how can I detest her? Anyway, nearly everyone in Westriver City knows that Kris Chen has never slept in Mary’s bed. Their marriage was nothing but just a certificate, meaning nothing.”

“Brilliant! Well said!” Xun Han’s answer satisfied Jane Tang a lot.

“Mom, what kind of question are you asking?” Mary stamped her feet with anxiety, “I won’t divorce Kris. I won’t let that happen in my life!” Mary Su answered with full certainty.

Chapter 232: Secret to train son-in-law

Though Xun Han helped a lot today, but Mary Su’s heart had already been conquered by Kris Chen. There was no possibility for her to divorce Kris.

“Anyway, thanks for your help today. Thank you again,” Mary said to Xun Han.

“That’s right. Xun, thanks for your help.” Jane Tang was really released and happy after having her money back, even the scar on her head didn’t hurt anymore.

“Mary, manage the check-out of the hospital for me later.”

“Mom, you haven’t recovered fully yet!” Mary Su said worriedly.

“That’s fine. It’s not a big deal.” Jane Tang said, “I’m overjoyed today. Xun, come home with me later. Do you know that I have moved to a new house? Today I can show you around. You can come there in your spare time.”

“Thanks, godmother!” Xun Han called Jane godmother earnestly. Whether Mary Su wanted to divorce Kris or not, he thought it would happen sooner or later with Jane Tang’s help.

“Oh, a good son. You’re such a good man!” Jane Tang held Xun Han’s hand and said kindly.

“Oh, godmother, was the scar on your head hit by Gangqiang Zhu?” Xun Han asked suddenly.

“Yep, he did that.”

“OK, godmother. I’ll revenge for you!” And then, Xun Han walked towards Gangqiang Zhu and slapped him. Now Gangqiang Zhu’s face could swell up more.

“Son of a bitch. This is for my godmother. I’ll kill ya if it isn’t for your good attitude.”


Gangqiang Zhu was slapped by Xun Han with no signs. He was so painful that he was breathing cold air. He dared not to make a sound, but just bore it only.

Guobang Liu had said that he would die if he couldn’t get Kris’s forgiveness.

Though he didn’t know who the guy was, he must have a relationship with Kris, for he was so arrogant. He couldn’t offend that guy.

Anyway, being hit was better than losing his life.

“Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! you’re right…”

“Well, go away, and don’t let me see you again.” Xun Han nodded with satisfaction, kicked Gangqiang Zhu again, and made him fall over.

“Thank you, thank you.”

Gangqiang Zhu kept saying thank you and pulled Qin Pan as he stood up. Though the woman was a little old, she was quite capable.

Now this time, she had made such big trouble for him. The fire in his heart wouldn’t be quenched without torturing her.

When they just walked to the door of the ward, Gangqiang Zhu’s phone rang. It was from Guobang Liu.

When he picked up the phone, Gangqiang Zhu said with full respect, “Boss Liu, I have returned all the money to them, and even some compensations…”

“You damn fool. Do you really think it’s enough just to return the money and give some compensation? That little money is nothing to Kris.” He started scolding Gangqiang when the phone was connected, “How did I tell you? No forgiveness of Kris then buries yourself!”

A loud noise “bang” passed from the phone. Guobang Liu smashed his beloved antique bottle into pieces.

Gangqiang Zhu was so frightened that his legs became weak and said in a rush, “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Boss Liu. I’m gonna apologize to Gentleman Chen right now!”

“Mind your manner! It’s your huge honor to talk with Kris Chen. I’ll take your skin off if you show any disrespect to Kris!” And then, Guobang Liu hangs up.

Gangqiang Zhu never saw Guobang Liu being furious like that. So he was so frightened. He then went back to the ward and looked at Xun Han with a smile over his face.

Xun Han frowned, “Why do you come back?”
“Ho ho…” Gangqiang Zhu forced a smile and said, “Bro, can you tell me where Gentleman Chen is? I want to apologize to him in the flesh…”

“Who is Gentleman Chen?” Xun Han frowned and said, “I’m Xun Han, and you can call me Gentleman Han!”


Gentleman Han?

Gangqiang Zhu was puzzled. What the fuck was going on?

“You… Aren’t you Gentleman Chen’s friend?”

Xun Han said impatiently, “Fuck you. I’ve told you only Gentleman Han is here, no Gentleman Chen. Are you deaf?”

Damn, this guy didn’t know Gentleman Chen. At this moment, Gangqiang Zhu finally realized that this guy didn’t know Gentleman Chen at all.

Son of a bitch! Gangqiang Zhu shouted loudly and slapped Xun Han.

This slap made a loud sound “bang”, and rang through the whole ward.

Gangqiang Zhu put all his strength into that slap and made Xun Han lose two teeth. Blood mixed with saliva came out of his mouth, which was extremely disgusting.

Seeing this, everyone in the ward was rather shocked.

So… What was this about?

“Damn, how dare you beat me! I’m gonna let you pay!”

Gangqiang Zhu was rather furious, and he kicked Xun Han’s belly. Xun Han flew two meters away and hit the wall of the ward heavily.


Xun Han held his belly, with body arching up, like a boiled lobster.

“Bang!” After kicking, Gangqiang Zhu was still angry and kicked Xun Han again.

“Puuu!” Xun Han felt something sweet in his throat, and then a mouthful of blood gushed out.

“Bang bang bang!” Gangqiang Zhu was more furious thinking about this. He swore while killing, “Damn you, douchebag.

“Stop… Stop… I’m wrong…”

“Wrong? Tell me about your mistake! Tell me!” Gangqiang Zhu pulled Xun Han up and made him kneel on the ground. Gangqiang Zhu tapped Xun’s face and said, “Tell me! What’s wrong with you!”

People in the ward were so frightened by Gangqiang’s violence, and they dared not to breathe.

This was too different from the way he knelt on the ground, acting like a coward.

Jane Tang was shocked, too. But it was impolite if she didn’t stand out, as a godmother, and saw Xun Han being tortured like this.

Thinking about this, she pretended to be bold and calm, “Gangqiang Zhu, stop right now! Won’t you fear going to jail as you beat Xun in front of us?”

“Ho, ho… I’m so scared.” Gangqiang Zhu smiled coldly and looked at Jane Tang, “Do you think I won’t beat you for you’re woman? I can even beat you to death!”

“You… don’t come near me!” Jane Tang was scared with a pale face!” She didn’t expect that Gangqiang Zhu was that violent and even to hit a woman.

Seeing this, Mary Su walked to him in a rush and blocked him, “I won’t let you hurt my mother!”

“Get in my way? You ask for this!” And then Gangqiang Zhu raised his hand and was about to beat Mary.

“Gangqiang Zhu, you will die if you touch my wife!” Kris Chen just walked into the ward at this time and stared at Gangqiang Zhu with cold and sharp eyes.

Hearing that voice, Gangqiang Zhu turned around immediately. And he became stiff when he saw the coming man.

Kr… Kris!

Guobang Liu had shown Kris Chen’s photo before Gangqiang got there. Though it was the first time Gangqiang saw Kris, he still recognized Kris with a glance.

Damn, damn. It was truly over. He made a huge mistake! These two women, one was Kris’s wife, and another was his mother-in-law.

Gosh! Cheating his mother of money, and nearly beating his wife, what else could be if it was not asking for death?

Thinking about this, Gangqiang Zhu’s legs became weak, and knelt on the ground directly.

“Bang bang bang!”

Gangqiang Zhu knocked so heavily that they made constant sounds of “bang”.

“Gentleman Chen, please forgive me. I don’t know that they’re your family. If I know this, I won’t touch them no matter how bold I am… You’re such a gentleman, so please forgive me!”

Gangqiang Zhu knocked so heavily that his head was full of blood, with tears and nasal mucus over his face.

He… was scared to cry unexpectedly.

Seeing this, everyone stayed still.


Everyone couldn’t help swallowing their saliva. What was the situation right now?

Gentleman Chen that Gangqiang Zhu said was Jane Tang’s son-in-law?

Gosh, this was really incredible!

Jane Tang and Mary Su were both shocked. They were wrong. The reason Gangqiang Zhu returned money was because of Kris Chen, not Xun Han.

Qin Pan standing aside, was even scared to death. She knew Gangqiang Zhu better than anyone else. He was an evil person. But just that kind of person, now knelt in front of Kris Chen apologizing like an ant, which was really incredible…

“Kris, please forgive me. I really don’t want to die…” Gangqiang Zhu cried in a mess, “Gentleman, I promise I won’t do that again…”

Kris sighed and waved his hands at him, “Fine, now go! Tell your boss that since I’m capable of helping him, then I also have the power to destroy him. I’m really disappointed this time. Tell him to mind himself!”

Hearing Kris’s words, Gangqiang Zhu was rather shocked and frightened. His words were so powerful.

“Have you heard that?”

“Yes! Yes!! Roger that. Thanks, Kris. I will tell boss Liu with whole words!”

Gangqiang Zhu kowtowed twice with fear, and then pulled Qin Pan to escape from the ward.

The ward became noisy when Gangqiang Zhu just left.

Now, this moment, everyone realized that Gangqiang Zhu returned the money because of Kris Chen.

“Jane Tang, maybe you ask too much about your son-in-law? Such an excellent man, how could you not satisfy?”

“That’s right. Where can you find another one good as Kris?”

“Yes. My daughter can take him if you don’t want him. I don’t mind at all.”

At this moment, they all thought Jane Tang was showing off. How can such an excellent son-in-law be garbage?”

Jane Tang was really sham. Dissatisfied with such a good son-in-law, and more ridiculously, she even wanted Xun Han to be her son-in-law.

Was the way she pushed and impelled Kris Chen?

Hearing people’s words, Jane Tang didn’t know what to say now but just smiled bitterly.

What was going on? When did Kris Chen become good like this?

Now her heart was full of questions!

“Jane Tang, you do have a good vision. Teach us how you train your son-in-law.”

“Yep, don’t be selfish. Share with us!”

“People who said these words had already married their daughters to someone, and they all think it was Jane Tang’s training and guidance that made Kris Chen.”

Jane Tang was overjoyed hearing this.

That was right. It must be her two years’ training, otherwise, how could Kris become brilliant like this?

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