Chapter 231: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 231 Something Happened to The Child (1)
Once Gavin gave the order, two bodyguards, with each one on Venus’s two sides, came up and held down Venus Mu’s arm.

Mu Venus knew it was inevitable to get away, so she no longer resisted, “Wait, can I get some anesthesia? It hurts.”

“Sorry, I don’t have the money.” Gavin was so furious that he just wanted to cut her artery. He never wanted to let her feel good.

“Gavin, you…” Before Venus could finish her words, Gavin stuffed a piece of gauze in her mouth.

“It’s for your good, in case you bite your tongue because of the pain.” Gavin smirked and played with the sharp scalpel in his hand, which made Venus shook her head in horror as she watched the scalpel pierce into her flesh.

“Ah!” The pain made her tears keep dropping, whose legs and arms struggled, but she couldn’t stop the scalpel from moving through her flesh and blood.

Gavin’s eyes showed bloodthirsty ferocity. While he was picking the chip out, he even gently comforted Venus, “I advise you not to move. The more you move, the deeper the scalpel will be.”

“Ah!” Venus trembled with pain and sweat rolled down from her forehead. The cutting pain she endured while awake was much more painful than giving birth.

Though it was unbearable when a woman had to give birth to a child, she had hope and she was forced to do so. If she didn’t do it, the baby would die for suffocation. But now, Venus was completely forced, plus the fear inside, so the pain was magnified by dozens of times. She already knew what is the death by a thousand cuts.

Time was so slow that it seemed to stop. Venus’s right arm cold feel nothing, and the window she could see was also blurring until the complete darkness fell.

She fainted from the pain.

Gavin looked at her with contempt. He took out the chip, which had almost grown in her flesh, in a faster speed. Then the bodyguards let her go, and Venus fell limply to the floor.

“Bandage her up. Then drag her out.” Gavin took the chip out of the room, and the doctor next to him rushed forward to do emergency treatment.

Kerry, who was searching for her, found the little red dot stop. He then zoomed in the map and found out that it was a private hospital. He turned anxious.

“Who was sick? Venus or the child? Why hasn’t the little red dot moved any more in three or four hours? What happened?” Kerry kept wondering.

Kerry’s eyes jumped. Then he ordered the driver to speed up and finally arrived at the private hospital before dusk. After observing outside for a few minutes, he was sure that it was safe and no bodyguard was outside.

Kerry was easy to be spotted, so he said to Nighthawk, “Go inside.”

“Yes, boss.”

A few minutes later, Nighthawk rushed over, knocking on the car window and said, “Boss, it’s normal inside. Nothing special.”

Kerry took his cell phone and walked toward the hospital lobby, where the GPS showed that Venus’s location was on the first floor.

It was close to evening, so the lobby was empty. Kerry felt panicked and he knew something must have happened.

While anxiously looking for Venus, a doctor came over, asked hesitantly after glancing at him, “Excuse me, is this Mr. Ye?”

Kerry hurriedly stopped and answered the doctor, “Yes, yes, I am.”

“I was told to give this to you.” The doctor took out a transparent plastic bag from his pocket. Inside was a small chip with congealed blood on it.

Kerry went blank, and he took the bag with shudder, as if someone had stabbed him in his heart.

“And this. He asked me to show this to you.” The doctor let him watch the video on his phone.

Kerry took a deep breath before pressing the play button, and the first image was the fainted Venus, whose face was pale and arm was tied with gauze.

Then a man with a silver mask appeared, with a wicked and gloating smile, “Hey, Mr. Ye, nice to see you again. Let me give you some advice. Stay away from me, or the next time you might see your woman’s corpse. I told you that as soon as I find the treasure, I’ll let her and your son go back. Think about what you should do.”

The video was short. Kerry went back to see Venus after watching the man’s ugly face. The knife was torturing him.

“What the hell is going on?” Kerry gritted his teeth and asked the doctor.

The doctor was shocked by his soaring murderous aura, carefully taking his cell phone from his hands and said, “A gang of men came in this morning and did a a full-body CT for a woman who was tied up. After finding something in her shoulder, they used a scalpel to slice open the woman’s arm and take it out. Ouch, as a doctor, I can say it’s quite painful. I’ve never seen such cruel men…”

“Cut the crap.” Kerry interrupted him fiercely.

The doctor couldn’t help but take a few steps back, stammering, “Then the woman fainted away, and our doctor disinfected and bandaged her…The mask man gave this to me and told me that a man named Kerry would come here and also showed me the picture… In the end, they just dragged the fainted woman out of the hospital.”

Kerry’s chest heaved, and he took a deep breath. His shoulder had just been injured, so he knew how painful it was to take something from the flesh without anesthesia. He didn’t expect Venus to be treated this way, making him blame himself more.

“Well, I’ll leave first. I still need to see my patients.” The doctor cowardly said, eager to slip away. He really didn’t dare to mess with these people.

“Wait.” Kerry called out coldly, scaring the doctor, who leaned against the wall, “It has nothing to do with me. I don’t know them at all.”

“Where did they go? How many of them?” Kerry’s eyes were bloodshot, viciously asking the innocent doctor.

The doctor was terrified, “They went north, but I don’t know how many people there are. There are about seven or eight of them in the hospital.”

“Have you seen a child, about half a year old?”

“No, no children. They were all adults.”

Kerry breathed heavily. He was glad that his child didn’t see such a horrible scene.

Kerry kept imaging Venus’s unconscious appearance when he was leaving. His feet were flimsy and soft, and he almost hit the floor. Fortunately, Nighthawk grabbed him in time.

“Boss, how are you doing?” Nighthawk asked, with concern.

Kerry covered his chest and his heart was about to explode. But he said softly, shaking his head, “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

He said that he was fine, but Nighthawk didn’t believe him at all. The gunshot wound on his shoulder still hurt, but he urged to hurry up. If it weren’t for the fear that the driver wouldn’t be able to hold on, Kerry would have been on the road 24 hours.

“Boss, take a good rest. Young lady and young master will be fine. Don’t worry too much and take care of yourself so that we’ll find them faster.” Nighthawk never interfered with the boss’s personal life, but now, seeing Kerry in this way, he couldn’t help but advise him.

Kerry shook his head and said, “Nighthawk, you don’t understand. How can I sleep when the two most important people in my life are in danger? I would rather trade my own life for theirs.”

“Boss…” Nighthawk didn’t know how to comfort him, and he had never seen Kerry so weak. He simply didn’t know what to say. He wished that Henry could be here.

Kerry looked up at the sleeping mountains in the night, wondering where Venus was at that moment. He regretted that he should have drawn a more detailed treasure map, specific to a particular mountain, so that he would only have to wait, instead of looking around like this, aimlessly.

After standing with a low mood for a long time, Kerry said, “Let’s find a hotel nearby and we can think about what to do next.”

Nighthawk smoothed his frowning brows, “Yes, boss.”

Kerry admitted that he was in a hurry and pushed them so hard that they suspected Venus. It’s useless to be anxious in this situation, so he should calm down first.

In fact, he really wanted to negotiate with the man, letting him be their hostage and he would endure everything. But the man didn’t give him any chance.

In the evening

Nighthawk secretly called Henry in his room. He was usually a tough guy, but now he was like an aimless fly, “Bro, if you are not busy over there, come over quickly. I can’t figure out the boss’s temper and I even don’t know how to comfort him when he’s sad.”

Henry also was in a mess, “I really want to go, but he doesn’t allow me. I have to deal with Xuan Chu over here.”

“What should we do then? I’m afraid he might commit a suicide…”

“Nonsense! How could he do that? Are you mad?” Henry paused and then asked, “What happened today?”

Nighthawk briefly told him what happened, and said, “You didn’t see his face at the time. I felt sad too.”

Henry sighed helplessly. He understood how deeply Kerry loved Venus, and now that this happened, he was afraid that his boss would blame himself even more.

“Bro, say something. What can I do? Should I get him a bottle of wine? Drinking down sorrow.”

“Fuck you. The more the boss drinks, the worse he feels. All right, I’ll call him.”

Nighthawk immediately agreed, “Yes, yes, bro. Then bye. Call him and say something to him.”

“Well, bye.”

Henry, who was in Sky City, had drilled many times about what he should say before dialing Kerry’ s phone.

“What?” Kerry’ s voice was low and weak, making Henry tremble. His boss seemed to lose his soul.

“Young aster, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Why are you going to say?”

“Young master, Xuan Chu’ s lips are sealed. I tried whatever I can, but I can’t get any information from him.” Henry reported and carefully asked, “Young master, how about letting him go? And we can wait until he makes a mistake.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 231 Something Happened to The Child (2)
After thinking for a while, Kerry Ye said, “It’s a risky move. I can’t use it unless I have to. You go to tell Xuan Chu that I want to negotiate with them. As long as they let Venus Mu and my child back, I will give all the treasure to them and I’ll never settle accounts with them afterwards. I will agree to all the conditions. I only want them to let Venus and my child go.”

“I’ll do it right now.” Henry said concernedly, “Sir Kerry, you haven’t recovered from the gunshot wound. You need to get some rest. Only when you are well can you have the strength to save Venus and your son.”

“I see. Let me know immediately if there is any news.” Kerry said.

After hanging up the phone, Kerry lay in bed staring at the ceiling with hollow eyes. How can’t he know he needs to have a good rest? But his insomnia is too severe that he couldn’t sleep.

Henry came for Xuan by car after hanging up the phone.

The little dark room is stinking. Xuan, who has an imposing appearance, looked worse at that time than the tramps. Out of kindness, Henry helped Xuan recover his arms without telling Kerry, because Henry saw it’s really difficult for Xuan to eat and answer a call of nature. But Henry put heave fetters on Xuan’s hands and feet.

Xuan was usually given little food, so that he wouldn’t starve to death. In a few days, Xuan became skinny.

“Xuan, come out. Let’s have a talk.” Henry said calmly.

Xuan pulled his long bang. “I have nothing to talk about with you. Don’t waste your time.” Xuan said with disdainful eyes.

“Xuan, now there is an opportunity for Kerry to settle this matter peacefully with you. If you want to get out of here and no one will be implicated, come out and have a talk.” Henry said. Then Henry turned and walked out of the small black room. He couldn’t talk about things in a smelly room.

After waiting under the tree for a few minutes, a muffled sound of shackles came. A smile appeared on the corners of the mouth of Henry. It seems that everyone is eager to live.

Henry lit a cigarette and passed it to Xuan. Xuan put in directly into his mouth without minding.

Xuan took a deep draw on the cigarette and asked with a hoarse voice, “Just tell me what’s the opportunity.”

“I know you can get in touch with the one behind the scene, so Kerry wants to negotiate with you. As long as he sends Venus and their child back safely, Kerry will agree to all the conditions. Kerry will give all the treasure to him and Kerry will never settle accounts with him afterwards. You will still be the boss of mk and the amusement park will go on as usual. He won’t ask who your friend is. Well, isn’t that a generous offer?” Henry said.

Xuan took a look at Henry surprisedly and sneered, “Is Kerry so kind? Why am I so incredulous?”

Henry sighed and said, “To tell you the truth, this morning, Venus was tortured by your friend and she fainted. Her life is in danger. Therefore, Kerry’s heart was softened he and asked me to pass on the message.”

The cigarette between Xuan’s fingers shook and the ash dropped to the ground suddenly. “Did he torture Venus?” Xuan asked.

“Yes. Besides, he also sent a video to Kerry. Kerry made up his mind when he saw how bad Venus looks like. Otherwise, Kerry will kill you to vent his hatred.” Henry said.

Xuan was expressionless. His mind seemed to dwell on what Henry had just said.

“What did he do to Venus?” Xuan asked dully.

Henry looked at Xuan in surprise, because he didn’t expect that Xuan cares about that. Henry remembered Xuan’s loyalty to the man, and he suddenly thought that their relationship is not that simple.

Oh my god, if it’s really the case, there is much to make an issue of.

“I don’t know exactly what happened. I only heard Kerry say that Venus fainted. And she looked terrible. I wonder what your friend did to her.” Henry said. After saying sorry to Venus in the heart, Henry began to talk nonsense, “But we are all men. What happened…”

“Bullshit!” Xuan interrupted harshly, “He won’t do that to Venus, absolutely.”

Henry was excited in the heart, because he found the soft spot of Xuan. That means the gentle methods and force he used recently were in vain.

“Why is that impossible? Although Kerry didn’t tell me about it explicitly, I sensed it from his words. Do you think Kerry will give up the thought of revenge if he didn’t suffer such a big blow?” Henry said. Henry’s words added fuel to Xuan’s anger.

Xuan was obviously agitated. His cigarette was unsteady in his hand. He paced around in fetters. His mood was as heavy as the sound of the fetters.

Xuan knew the man keeps him at an arm’s length. The man doesn’t refuse Xuan nor makes some promises. Xuan wants to get the man’s trust and so Xuan agreed to help the man to get the treasure map, but Xuan didn’t expect…

“Xuan, to be honest, I really admire you from the bottom of my heart. You are so affectionate to your friends. You were caught by us, but we didn’t hear from your friend and he didn’t send anyone to rescue you. The elaborate game I designed to wait for more people to put their necks into the noose is in vain.” Henry said.

Xuan didn’t speak. He just took a puff at his cigarette and then he choked and began to cough violently.

Henry smiled coldly. After Xuan stopped coughing, Henry said, “I know Kerry best. Although he is sometimes unkind, he is a man of his word. As he said he won’t call to account, he won’t do that. You can rest assured of that.”

After saying what he wanted to say, Henry smoked in silence. He gave another cigarette to Xuan. When a cigarette was about to burn out, Xuan said, “Give me my phone. I’ll talk to him.”

Henry took the phone he had prepared out of his pocket and gave it to Xuan. “I enjoy talking with smart people. You’re too stubborn these days, though.” Henry said.

Xuan threw the cigarette butt on the ground and crushed it out. Then he took the phone and entered the password. He dialed the number resolutely. He is not a saint and he also has moods. He doesn’t want to prompt others without any reason.

The phone rang for a long time before it got through. But no one spoke and there was an unusual silence.

“I’m Xuan Chu.” Xuan said.

“Xuan, it’s really you. I thought it’s someone else. Where are you? Are you OK?” gavin said with a magnetic and seductive voice.

After hearing gavin’s voice, Xuan was sad somehow. Xuan looked up into the darkness and could not answer him. “You still have Venus?” Xuan asked.

“Of course,” gavin said proudly, “Or what shall I use to threaten Kerry?”

“How is she doing?” Xuan asked.

“Hey, why do you cares about her?” gavin said.

“She’s been playing the role as my sister for so long and I just asked habitually.” Xuan said.

“She is good.” gavin said with a smile.

Then Xuan’s free hand clenched. Maybe it’s because of the psychological hint Henry gave him, or because he is so sensitive and he sensed something unusual from gavin’s tone.

“Kerry sent someone to talk to me today. Do you want to know what we talked about?” Xuan said.

After being silent for a while, gavin sneered and said, “What have you talked about? Does he want me to let go of Venus and his son?”

“Yes, as long as you let go of Venus and his son, you can continue to find the treasure. He promised he will never settle accounts with you afterwards…”

But before Xuan finished what he wanted to say, gavin interrupted him. “Xuan, when did you become so naïve? How can you believe Kerry’s promise?”

“Why I can’t I believe him? All you want is treasure. It’s fair that he gives you the treasure and you let go of Venus and his son.” Xuan said angrily.

“Fair? This is no fairness in the world.” gavin said.

“Do you want to keep Venus with you all the time? You keep her by your side only because you want her to be your talisman. Now that Kerry has promised he won’t revenge you, why you still keep her?” Xuan said aggressively.

“Hum! Stop talking that. I won’t believe anyone’s promise. I’m not going to let her go until I find the treasure.” gavin said.

After hearing that, Xuan’s heart wrenched. “Don’t you even believe me?” Xuan roared angrily.

gavin was stunned for a long time. “Xuan, you are the one I trust most, but I don’t trust Kerry. Therefore, I won’t accept any of his terms. Where are you now? I’ll send someone to save you right now.” gavin said.

Xuan was very sad. “I don’t know where I am.” Xuan said.

Before gavin said something, Hang Zhang’s voice came. “Boss, Venus’s fever is getting worse.” Hang said.

“Damn it.” Gavin scolded with a low voice. “I have something to do. Take care of yourself.” gavin said to Xuan anxiously. Then gavin hung up the phone.

Xuan held the phone dully and he was desperate. This is the man who he gave so much for. Xuan is willing to lose all the reputation of Chu family for gavin’s sake, but all he got is “take care of yourself.”

“Ha, ha, ha” Xuan laughed wildly. The faith that had sustained him so long collapsed. His body had already reached its limit and he was supported by his faith. Now that his faith collapsed, he broke down. His world was plunged into total darkness.

Henry didn’t expect it to come to this. He said immediately to his subordinates not far away, “Get the doctor here.” Then Henry bent down to put his finger below Xuan’s nose. Luckily, Xuan’s still alive. Anger, coupled with chronic undernourishment, made him faint.

Henry called two people over and said to them with a frown, “Throw him into the bathroom to have a good bath.”


After Xuan was carried away, Henry was depressed. It seemed the talks collapsed. Picking up the phone that had fallen to the ground, Henry sent Kerry the phone number of gavin. Then Henry called Kerry to tell him what happened.

“Sir Kerry, is Xuan…”Henry didn’t say the followings. Henry is a male chauvinist.

“It’s useless whatever their relationship is. Ask Xuan about all the information of gavin when he wakes up. Doesn’t he want to find the treasure? I will go to tear his base camp apart.” Kerry said viciously.

“Yes, Sir Kerry. You should go to bed early. It’s too late.” Henry said.

“I’ll hang up.” Kerry said.

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