Chapter 231: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 231 Senior?

Half an hour later, the wound was treated and Gerd left the office.

Vanessa sat down and asked, “What have you done? His wound was caused by a knife, right?”

Colin looked up but changed the subject, “You and Nina can get off work early in the evening. I have to deal with something.”


After Xu Lang ran out of the bar, he came all the way to an apartment complex, then rode the elevator to the 20th floor.

“Knock, knock….”

After knocking on the door, someone opened the door soon.

It was the ill-looking man that worked for Ellie.


Xu Lang nodded and went inside.

The ill-looking man helped Xu Lang reached the bedroom to lie down.

“Did you receive a mission again?”

Xu Lang replied, “No”

“Then what happened?” The ill-looking man took the first aid box and sat by the bedside to treat Xu Lang’s wound.

Xu Lang’s wounds were caused by the glass bottle and looked quite terrifying.

Xu Lang pressed his lips then explained the matter briefly.

The ill-looking man frowned, “This is not like you.”

If there were such a mission in the past, Xu Lang would’ve acted directly. He wouldn’t have delayed it for so long.

Of course, there must be a reason for Xu Lang to accept Colin’s mission, but with the like of Xu Lang, he could’ve skipped this mission.

Xu Lang didn’t speak.

The ill-looking man spoke again, “Won’t it be fine if you just give up his mission and kill him directly?”

Xu Lang frowned, “No”

“Why you can’t do it? It’s not like you’ve never been in this situation before?”

The ill-looking man remembered that Xu Lang had met a similar situation before, but he didn’t think much and just finished that person off.

Xu Lang glared at him and said, “If Gerd is there, I don’t have any chance to act.”

“Gerd is difficult to handle indeed.” The ill-looking man nodded in agreement, “But Senior, are you sure that when Gerd is gone, you can really do it?”

“Why can’t I?” Xu Lang replied but actually hesitated in his heart.

He couldn’t help but think of the time when Colin saved him and also the moment went Colin regarded him as ‘friend’ just now. He became more uncertain.

The ill-looking man treated the wound quickly, packed the first-aid box, and spoke again, “Senior, I think you have to be aware of this mission soon.”

Otherwise, things might have gone beyond his expectation.

Xu Lang frowned slightly, “I know.”

After speaking, Xu Lang brought out a jar of snow pear extract and threw it to the ill-looking man.

After the ill-looking man caught it, he smiled slightly.

He has a kind of mild cough and his lungs have always been bad and his senior would often make this extract to moisten his lungs.

He didn’t say anything but he could feel his intention.

“Senior, if you can’t do it, you can come to me.”

“There’s no need to.”

Xu Lang thought that he could do it, of course, it was only his thought.

The ill-looking man shrugged upon seeing this, “It’s up to you.”


At seven in the evening, Colin arrived at Tianbei Hotel on time.

He had reserved the entire second floor of Tianbei Hotel and set up more than ten tables. Aside from those several bank chairmen and Wei Reed, he also invited the chairmen from respected companies in Tianbei City and including some small companies.

As soon as he walked in, everyone stood up and each of them greeted Colin.

Colin responded to each of them and then he walked to the main table. He noticed that the chairmen from those several banks had arrived, but Wei hadn’t arrived.

He looked at the watch and it had gone past two minutes.

“Did Mr. Reed get into a traffic jam?” Colin asked.

One of the chairmen replied awkwardly, “I think, maybe….”

Colin’s mouth twitched, “Oh, why don’t we start first!”

The people on the other table agreed.

Actually, a lot of them didn’t know the reason for Chairman Ward from Marquis inviting them for dinner. But since he is the chairman of Marquis, of course, they wouldn’t refuse.

Colin greeted everyone to start the feast.

After ten past seven, Wei Reed arrived.

Wei wore an expensive suit, styled his hair, and looked proud.

Later, he would use this chance to propose his requirements for Colin to get more profits from it. At the same time, he would also let Colin see that no matter how powerful Marquis in Tianbei City is, he still needs to listen to him.

However, after reaching the second floor, Wei’s expression looked slightly stiff, “Are you sure it’s here?”

The waiter who led the way next to him nodded, “Yes, Chairman Ward has reserved the entire second floor.”

Wei was taken aback. The entire second floor?

Didn’t Colin only invite him and the bosses from the other banks?

Wei took a glance again. Were all these people invited by Colin? What does he plan to do?

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