Chapter 232: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 232 Dude, Don’t Touch Me (1)
Venus had a fever as soon as been dragged into the car, and quickly reached thirty-nine degrees. She was unconscious the whole way.

“Doctor, why does she suddenly get a fever?” Gavin asked with a frown.

The doctor in the clinic said, “It’s probably caused by the wound infection, besides, she doesn’t rest well these days, so she’s in a severe condition.”

“So what do we do now?”

“She need to have a drip, and if she doesn’t feel well tomorrow morning, then just send her to the hospital and have a check.”

“No way.” Gavin refused the doctor’s offer, “We are in a hurry and have no time to the hospital.”

The doctor turned to look at Gavin angrily, “I have never seen a relative like you, life is the most important thing, she will die if not be treated in time.

“That’s my business,” Gavin said indifferently, “You must treat her tonight, or I’ll take her away tomorrow even if she’s still sick.”

“You ……” The doctor was too angry to say a word. Doctors like him really hate this kind of irresponsible people. He glared at Gavin angrily and went back to his clinic to prepare the medicine.

The room was quiet, due to the fever, Venus’s face and neck were red, but her lips were very pale.

When Alisa came in with the baby in her arms, Gavin turned his head and said, “Why do you bring the baby here? Get out, don’t infect the baby.”

“It is the baby who insist crying, so I can only bring him here to see Venus.” Alisa explained.

As soon as the baby saw his mother, he struggled to get out of Alisa’s arms, and started gibbering, not knowing what he said.

“Is she okay, boss?” Alisa held the baby tightly for fear that he would fall.

Gavin said impatiently, “She has a fever. The doctor will come here later to give her a drip.

Seeing Gavin’s tired face, Alisa said, “Boss, go to have a rest, I’ll take care of her today.”

Gavin shook his head. “Just take care of the child, he is more vulnerable than adults, we still have a long way to go, so we need to hurry up.”

“Then I’ll ask Heng or whoever else to take care of her, you can’t stay here all night.”

“Heng?” Gavin looked at her, “Do you forget that there’s grudge between he and Kerry, he will probably kill Venus if he come.” As for the others, he didn’t trust them.

“But you ……” Alisa was interrupted before she could finish her words. She wanted to inform him that he was a man and it was inappropriate for him to stay here. Gavin rebutted her and said, “Well, stop talking about that, it’s just one night, I can handle it.”

She couldn’t die, he really afraid that Kerry would take revenge on him like a mad dog. That was the most frightening thing.

In fact, he didn’t want her to die, but he was so angry at the hospital and finally lost control. All he wanted to do was to torture her, however, he didn’t expect her to be so weak. If he had known this result, he would have allowed her to use anesthetics, then she wouldn’t have a fever.

Alisa looked at him with a complicated look and left the room with the baby, who was still staring at her mother.

When did he care a woman like this? Didn’t he have a special relationship with Xuan? Or just as he said, Venus was an important hostage? It was really complicated.

That night, Gavin sat on the other bed with his eyes closed, and from time to time he opened his eyes to see her drip, checked the needle and kept an eye on her fever. He was very tired.

After five drips, it was already 4 a.m. Gavin pulled out the needle on her hands. Seeing that her face was not that red, he suddenly relieved and thought that they could keep their journey.

Gavin immediately went to bed to sleep since there was time.

As the day dawned, Venus woke up and saw the white ceiling.

Venus raised her hand to caress her head, after seeing the bruises on her hands, she suddenly recalled the things before she fell unconscious.

That kind of pain could really kill someone. Wait, where was the baby?

Venus looked around and saw Gavin, then she started to think why he appeared here and the trace of Alisa.

Venus struggled to get up, she was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday. It smelled disgusting because of sweats. Then she stared at the man in the sofa, she really wanted to stab him and let he experience the same pain.

Gavin’s sleep had always been shallow, and he woke up at the slightest sound. When he opened his eyes, Venus was staring at him ferociously. He was frightened by it since he was not completely awakened.

“What do you want to do? Kill me?” Gavin got up.

“Hum.” Venus sneered, “I’d like to do it, but I don’t think it’s a good deal, my child and I are more valuable than you.”

If she killed Gavin, then there was no chance for she and her son to live. Venus wasn’t stupid enough to do that.

Gavin stood up and moved his shin and teased, “It seems that you are not that stupid.”

“But I’m curious,” Venus mocked and looked at him, “You wear a mask even when sleeping, don’t you feel uncomfortable? Or are you so ugly that you can’t face yourself.”

Gavin was stunned, “Venus, appearance is just a burden for me, I wear a mask to drive women like you, or you will fall in love with me.”

“Oh, so you like man, right?” Venus said without hesitation, since Gavin didn’t dare to kill her, she would feel comfortable to provoke him.

Gavin’s eyes darkened immediately, he stepped forward clutched her slender neck. “I’m interested in women now, do you want to try?”

Venus looked directly into his eyes behind the mask, “I’m sorry, I don’t look down upon gays, but you let me feel disgusted.”

“Believe it or not I’ll kill you right now.” Gavin said and increased the strength in his hand, it seemed that he was holding a swan neck that could be broken with a snap.

Venus didn’t compromise and directly reached her hands to took off his mask, “Since I’m going to die, it’s acceptable for me to see you face.” Her hands were slapped down when she was about to touch the mask.

“Don’t touch me!” Gavin shouted.

Venus was free again and she smiled indifferently, “How dare you to say that you are handsome, I guess that you are definitely an ugly man.”

Sine he had put on the mask, on one dared to touch it except Venus, so when she reached her hands, he dodged intuitively.


He was so frustrated that he really wanted to kill this troublesome woman in front of him.

“Venus, I’ve never seen a woman as shameless as you.”

“Gavin, are you crazy? You’re the one who reduced me to such situation, now you start to scold me?” Venus got out of the bed and pushed him straight outside, “Get out of here, I don’t want to see you at all.”

“Don’t touch me.” Gavin said again and pushed her hands. People who were familiar with him knew that he was a neat freak. He walked out and then said to Venus, “You’d better behave quiet, or I’ll definitely punish you.”

“Hum! You are such a cruel man!” After saying this, Venus closed the door with a loud slap, and then locked it, and went straight to the bathroom.

From the moment she woke up, she wanted to go to the bathroom. She drove him out for she couldn’t bear it any longer.

It was not easy to endure such a long time after five bottles of drip.

Venus wanted to take a shower. But her arm was injured, so she could only use a wet towel to wipe her body and change her clothes. When she saw the bottles on the ground, she was stunned for a few seconds.

So it was Gavin who take care of her the whole night? Fuck! Was he crazy?

Of course, Venus would not be moved by Gavin’s actions. It was he who make her faint and kidnapped she and her child into this poor village. All she entertained was hate and aversion.

After kicking off an empty bottle, Venus changed her clothes to look for her son. She was tired and dizzy until she heard the giggle of the child.

Venus was very happy, she directly pushed the door and saw that Alisa was playing with the the baby. As soon as she walked in, the smile on Alisa’s face disappeared. “Why don’t you knock the door when you come in?” Alisa asked unhappily.

“Sorry, I forget.”

Seeing mother was coming, the baby crawled excitedly from the bed toward her. Venus took a few steps forward and hugged him in her arms, she kissed him on the face and said softly, “Do you miss me?”

The baby smiled and kissed her back. Venus suddenly felt that she was full of energy.

Alisa looked coldly at Venus and said, “Since you’ve recovered, get ready to set off.”

“I want to rest for another day, I’m not recovered yet.” Venus tried to stall for time, but Alisa immediately saw through her little trick.

“Venus, whether you’re recovered or not, the boss decides to leave later. The only difference is whether you get on the bus yourself or be lifted by others, so don’t do any useless work. Besides, finding the treasure as soon as possible is the shared wish for all.” After saying this, Alisa ignored her and started to pack the luggage.

Venus grimaced at her back and muttered. “A shared wish for all? I hope you will keep your promise.” After bringing out the baby, she suddenly recalled that there was no treasure at all for the map was scribbled by Kerry. No one knew where the treasure located, so how could Gavin and the others find it?

That was bad. Would she and the baby be controlled by Gavin forever?

No, Kerry would definitely come to save them. She had to trust Kerry.


My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 232 Dude, Don’t Touch Me (2)
Kerry had completely lost contact with Venus. A week had past, his men didn’t find the trace of Venus.

The bankcard he gave to Venus had not been used so far, and he thought that it was thrown somewhere by the mask man.

As for Xuan, he didn’t wake up since then, and the doctor said that he was weak and in a depressive mood, so he might not want to wake up.

Hearing this, Kerry cursed out but he could do nothing.

The National Day was approaching, and as the biggest investor in the amusement park, he couldn’t be absent from the opening ceremony, so he returned to Sky City for secretary Liu kept urging him.

“Keep searching, and let me know immediately if there’s any news.” Kerry told Nighthawk as he entered the security check.

“Copy that.” Nighthawk said obediently.

Kerry was very worried, and he continued, “Once you meet them, the safety of Venus and the child should be placed on the first priority, as for other matters, I don’t care.”

“Of course I know that.”

Kerry patted Nighthawk’s shoulder and said, “You and the others have done a hard work, I’ll join you once I’ve arranged the company’s affairs.”

“Fine.” Nighthawk felt warm. Kerry’s occasion solicitude was one of the reasons for him to become his aide. Kerry was sometimes a brother and sometimes a boss.

The plane flied in the sky.

Kerry looked at the mountains and rivers outside the window, thinking that Venus was probably down there somewhere, but he didn’t know when could he find her.

Things seemed to reach an impasse, he knew the treasure map was fake, but they didn’t know, but he couldn’t say that. All he could do is to search carefully.

A few days ago, he hoped that Xuan could wake up quickly, but now, it was all in vain. The mask man wouldn’t appear even if he destroyed his base. What could he do?

Two or three hours later, the plane landed in the city, and Henry immediately saw Kerry for he was tall and serious.

“Young master, you’re back.” Henry took his bag and followed behind him two steps away. Kerry looked tired and depressed, which made Henry felt worried.

“Is there anything important in the company recently?” Kerry asked as he walked.

“The most important thing is the opening ceremony of the amusement park the day after tomorrow, and the rest run well.”

“Is Xuan still slumbering?”

“Yes,” Henry said after a pause, “but Xuan’s father is here.”

“Zhenyun?” Kerry snorted and scoffed, “How dare he to come here?”

“Of course, he would come since his eldest son have been unconscious for such a long time. Besides, he wants to talk to you.”

“Fine, let’s have a conversation. Make an appointment for us tomorrow morning.”


After getting into the car, Kerry went straight to the company.

The propaganda could be seen the whole way from the airport to the amusement park. Besides, various shopping malls in Sky City broadcast this news and many programs mentioned it as well. However, the effect of publicity was determined by the participants the day after tomorrow.

The safeguards suddenly straightened their backs when they saw the CEO who had been disappeared for half a month appeared in front of the company. Kerry hid all his emotions and said to secretary Liu, “Inform the managers of different departments to hold a conference.”

“Yes, President Ye.”

Kerry’s return made the undisciplined staff all tense up, it was said that Kerry enjoyed a vacation with Yan, however, people who saw him feel that he was unhappy.

The atmosphere of the conference was tense and depressing, as soon as a department manager finished his reporting, Kerry threw out the materials in his hands and said, “So you just complete such a mount of work? You seem to slack off when I’m not here. If you can’t finish the task before the National Day, not only you, but your assistants will be driven out of the company. Yehuang Group is not a shelter for lazy bones.”

“Yes, President Ye.” The manager wiped the sweat on his forehead and sat down nervously.

“Next, Corporate Propaganda Department and Engineering Department, what’s your plan for the opening ceremony the day after tomorrow?” Kerry was as cold as evil.

“President Ye, Manager Chen and I think that …….”

When the long-wind meeting was over, everyone felt relieved except Kerry. They fled away from the room, some of them were fortunate while others were not. Kerry was sitting on the chair with his eyes tightly closed, he looked very tired.

“President Ye, I ask the hotel to serve a meal here. Please eat before you work, you still have to go to the amusement park in the afternoon.” Henry bent over and whispered. After a while, he heard Kerry’s faint reply. He felt sad for Kerry, who had endured a hardship in those years. Since he met Venus, he became more emotional with smile and sorrow. Besides, he was more human.

The soon opened amusement park was extremely festive, and all the items were basically the same as he expected. Because all the employee had tried their best for they knew Kerry would come.

Kerry checked one project at a time to make sure that there wouldn’t be any problems on the opening ceremony the day after tomorrow. Seeing those toys, Kerry’s heart ached painfully.

When he left Sky City to look for Venus and her child, he planned to hold the opening ceremony with them, and the amusement park was a gift for his son, but he didn’t expect that he totally lost contact with them.

He was an incompetent husband and father.

Seeing that Kerry was pondering, Kai, as Kerry’s accompany, thought that something was wrong, so he asked timidly. “President Ye, is there anything wrong?”

Kerry regained his consciousness and asked, “Where’s Phooh Bear and its characters?”

Kai was confused, “President Ye, they are not in our plan.”

“Really? Then add one and finish it tonight.” After saying this, Kerry continued walking.

As night fell, the amusement park was only half checked, and after a quick dinner, Kerry and his assistants sat in the court to watch the show, which was also a part of check.

Kerry finally ended today’s trip at around 11 p.m. Since the work didn’t finish, he lived directly in the theme hotel at the amusement park.

“Henry, ask Zhenyun to meet me here tomorrow.” Kerry said to the man behind him before entering the room. Time was urgent and he didn’t want to waste a second on Chu family. By the way, he also wanted to talk to Zhenyun about the ownership of the amusement park.

“Got it President Ye.”

After a simple shower, Kerry lied on the bed as if been torn apart, and then he took a glimpse of the phone, however, no message was sent form Nighthawk.

Kerry fell asleep since he was overloaded today and he had no dream the whole night.

The Managing Director of MK company was over sixty, however, he was still an elegant man. He arrived at the amusement park when Kerry was having his breakfast.

“It’s a great honor to have you here, President Chu.” Kerry got up and shook his hand with a light smile.

His eyes looked bloodshot and it seemed that he didn’t sleep well last night. He let go of Kerry’s hand and said politely, “President Ye, long time no see.”

“It’s been a long time, President Chu, please sit down, what would you like to eat?” Kerry asked slowly.

Zhenyun politely refused, “No, I’ve already have breakfast.”

“Oh, then I won’t bother.” Kerry bowed his head and ate by himself, not greeting him again.

He met Zhenyun in Hong Kong for the first time, at that time they discussed the affairs about the amusement park and Zhenyun was neither enthusiastic nor indifferent. Since the matter was settled, they hadn’t met each other again.

Kerry was eating the fried dumplings on his plate in a casual manner. However, Zhenyun was awkward and didn’t know what to say. After Kerry finished his breakfast, Zhenyun asked his assistant to take out the document from the bag.

“President Ye, please take a look at this first.” Zhenyun passed the document to Kerry.

Kerry wiped his mouth slowly, and took the document. When he flipped over, the words on the first page appeared before his eyes and it wrote, “Equity Transfer Agreement”.

Zhenyun took it out before he asked, which really surprised him. Yesterday, he even thought about how to ask him to give the ownership to Yehuang Group.

Kerry quickly scanned the document, the general content was that MK company would voluntarily give up all the shares of the amusement park, and thus it would be completely controlled by Yehuang Group.

Kerry put the document on the table and crossed his legs. Then he stared at Zhenyun calmly and said indifferently, “What’s your intention, President Chu?”

Zhenyun smiled faintly, “President Ye, I don’t like to beat around the bush, so lets’ just talk directly.”

“Absolutely, I also like to be straightforward.”

Zhenyun was silent for a while and said, “I wish that you can let go of my son, he has already been punished and I exchange him with the amusement park.”

Kerry had already guessed that so he didn’t feel surprised and said coldly, “President Chu, do you know how much loss that you son has caused? I don’t care about those shares at all.”

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