Chapter 232: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 232 Bank loans!

“Mr. Reed, what a busy man!”

Colin Ward smiled as he walked towards Wei Reed.

“Yeah a little bit, recently.”

Wei Reed did not seem to take Colin Ward and his word seriously at all.

Wei Reed sat down on an empty seat and asked casually, “Mr. Ward, why bother invite some many people?”

Colin Ward explained: “These are all figures in Tianbei City. Wouldn’t it be nice to make some friends?”

“Mr. Ward does live up to your title as a chairman of the Marquis; always so thoughtful.”

Wei Reed looked awkward. With so many people here, how can he make an offer later?

And that was probably why Colin Ward invited so many people here!

While they were still in the middle of talk, several heads of different banks walked by and greeted them.

The atmosphere was extremely harmonious.

Half an hour later, everyone had had enough food.

Colin Ward wasted no time getting to the point: “Mr. Reed, how was your talk with the other leaders of the bank?”

“Mr. Ward, this afternoon our negotiation had been focused on the project you proposed, but you know, it is a bit too risky, we really can not agree on the loan you applied for.”

Colin Ward knew immediately that was his way of putting forwards his terms.

“So, how could we settle this? Mr. Reed?”

Instead of answering Colin Ward’s question, Wei Reed asked: “Did Mr. Ward come here alone today? Why hadn’t you brought Assistant White and Ms. Liu?”

Colin Ward’s eyes narrowed.

The other leaders of the bank got the meaning of Wei Reed and echoed, “Yes, Mr. Ward, don’t your assistant always follow you? Why don’t we see her today?”

“Yeah, Mr. Ward, we would really like to have a drink with her, hahaha!”

“They are caught up with some papar work in the office.”

In fact, they had long been home enjoying their personal leisure.

Colin Ward knew of their intention well; but he was not going to do as they wished for.

“Mr. Reed, let’s talk about the loan!”

Wei Reed said with a stern face: “Mr. Ward, we have just made it clear, this project is too risky, we can’t give you the loan.”

Colin Ward knew the answer of Wei Reed and did not say much. Instead, he looked at the other bank heades and asked, “That’s also what you think?”

A few bank leaders cast cryptic glances at Wei Reed, then nodded.

Wei Reed said, “Mr. Ward, we could walk this out as long as you get your lady assistants here and we could think of a solution together.”

Several bank leader were also in collude with Wei Reed upon this and nodded their heads in agreement as they heard the suggestion of Wei Reed.

“Mr. Reed has been very busy and if he could get the helps from the assistants of Mr. Ward, I think the problem of loans would be easier.”

“Good point, as a businessman yourself, Mr. Ward, you could relate, right?”


Colin Ward remained cool and said calmly. “First of all, we all know whether the project is too risky or not. I don’t need to say more upon this point.”

“Secondly, they are MY assistant, not the mistresses or street ladies out there!”

Colin Ward’s raised his voice so loud that everyone here could heard what he said.

Everyone in the room was a bit shocked and fell silent.

Those who dined in other tables felt odd by the suddenly odd atmosphere and silence.

“Mr. Ward, that’s not what we meant…but as you can see, the risk is a bit too high. Don’t you think that we are doing this on purpose; we have decided not to give you the loan.”

Colin Ward remained expressionless as he got closer to Wei Reed and whispered in his ears: “I know what you’re up to, but do you think the Marquis is that easy for you to manipulate?”

“Since you have made up your mind and decision, now it’s my time to announce mine.”

“What decision?” Asked Wei Reed warily. Whatever was on Colin Ward’s mind, it was not going to be a good one.

Colin Ward stood up and seized the gazes of everyone.

“In Tianbei City, there are more than the banks of yours. If you have decided not to lend me loan, I can find the others.”

Wei Reed did not seemed impressed by him, “Mr. Ward, just for your information, Tianbei City’s banks all listen to me.”

“Are they?” Colin Ward sneered. “What about Beihai Province? Are you in charge of the banks in Beihai Province? You impressed me, Mr. Reed.”

Wei Reed’s face darkened. With Beihai Province as big as it was and so many banks, he was certainly not in charge.

Colin Ward added: “The reason we want to work with you is because your interest rates are lower. Business is business. The lower the cost, the better.”

“And that doesn’t mean we Marquis are a cash-strapped group. To be honest, we don’t care about the interest at all.”

“So?” asks Wei Reed, “does Mr. Ward mean you are going to Beihai Province for a bank loan?”

Colin Ward shook his head, “No, what I mean is that since Mr. Reed had decided to back down on the cooperation with Marquis, we have decided to withdraw all the deposits from your banks as well.”

As a leading enterprise in Tianbei City, and with the large capital flow, Marquis’s sudden withdrawal of such a large amount of money would without doubt cause trouble to the banks.

Especially for those small banks, they were counting on the deposits of the large groups to keep their business running orderly.

The bank would have suffered a great loss when such a large sum of Marquis’s money was withdrawn.

Wei Reed asked privately, “Mr. Ward, do you really need to go so far?”

Colin Ward sniffed, “That depends on you, Mr. Reed?”

The other banks’ leaders didn’t know what was going on between Wei Reed and Colin Ward, but from the conversation just now, it seemed that the Marquis was looking for a bank loan, while Wei Reed rejected it.

As for their old scores, they didn’t know anything about it, so they were a bit surprised to sense the intense relationship between the two.

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