Chapter 233 – 234: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 233: New plan of Huanyu Group

Jane Tang’s expression brightened at the thought of this.

Hearing compliments from the crowd, Mary Su was also very happy. She was holding Kris Chen’s arm tightly, her face was filled with sweetness.

After getting back the money, Jane almost recovered. In the afternoon of that day, she was discharged from the hospital.

This time she found back the original 20 million dollars, along with an extra 10 million dollars, which is the compensation paid by Gangqiang Zhu.

Seeing the account balance, Jane couldn’t be more excited. Now she could finally get back to the rich life.

“Mom, now that you get the money back, don’t forget to pay the bank back,” Mary reminded her.

“Fine, I know,” Jane nodded perfunctorily. At the moment, her mind was full of thoughts of shopping. Without hesitation, she pulled Mary to the shopping mall.


It’s ten o’clock in the evening when the three got back home.

Kris Chen was carrying dozens of bags in his hands and hanging several other bags around his neck.

His mother-in-law was really special. The bandage around her head didn’t stop her from going shopping.

It’s already late at night, or she would have lingered in the shopping mall for a few more hours.

After putting things down, Kris got himself clean up and lay down on the bed.

Holding Mary, he felt the stability and security.

All the fatigue was swept away at this moment.

So many things had happened these days, and he finally got the chance to have a sound sleep.

Mary gently pushed Kris, who was half-asleep: “Kris, why did you change a lot recently? You suddenly became rich and seemed to know a lot of people. That day in the hospital, Yuhua Wang came to ask for money. Why was his husband so afraid of you? He even calls you a sub-branch leader… And Gangqiang is also acting weird today…” Mary bit her lip. These questions had been lingering in her mind for a long time.

Instantly, Kris woke up completely. Finally, she found out the truth, didn’t she?

In fact, he should have told her about this earlier.

Looking at her doubtful eyes, Kris opened his mouth and said, “Well, I’ll tell you the truth. In fact, My true identity is…”

Right then, they heard three clicks on the door.

Scarcely had Kris wanted to tell Mary about his story when someone knocked on the door suddenly, Mary was startled, she hurriedly said: “Be quick, Kris, just sleep on the ground.”

Although Mary and Kris’s relationship has made a qualitative breakthrough, but in front of Jane, Mary was being a little uptight, so she still let Kris make the bed on the floor, of course, she just did this for Jane.

Kris rolled over off the bed immediately.

“Mary, are you asleep?” Outside came the voice of Jane.

“Not… Not yet!” Mary said: “Mom, come in, please.”

Just then, Jane opened the door.

Jane had just finished her bath and was wearing a velvety purple dress, which wrapped around her plump body.

However, her beauty was ruined by the gauze wrapped around her head.

“Kris, come with me to the study, I have some questions to ask you!” Jane looked at Kris, who was sleeping on the floor and said coldly.

Shit, what the hell is she doing so late? Kris was sort of speechless.

Mary stared at Kris anxiously and said: “Kris… If Mom says something which makes you feel uncomfortable, please don’t mind it…”

“Silly girl, of course, I don’t mind.” Kris comforted her with a smile on his face and then walked out of the room.

After following Jane to the study, Kris did feel a little uncomfortable, for this is the first time they talk privately, Kris asked: “Mom, what brings you here so late?”

At this point, Jane was sitting on the sofa, the purple dress failed to cover her thigh, Kris was attracted by her white and smooth skin.

“I want to ask you, Kris, are you hiding something from us? Why is Gangqiang so afraid of you? Besides, last time at the hospital, the husband of Yuhua came to ask for money, he’s also afraid of you…”

While saying this, she scrutinized Kris. Haha… Kris didn’t expect Jane to just ask him about this…

Kris breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that things happened recently raised her attention.

Kris didn’t want to tell her who he was, so he just said, “Mom, I have spent some days in prison earlier, remember? I knew a big guy in there. And he helped me with all of this.”

He couldn’t tell the truth, so he had to talk nonsense. But it’s not complete nonsense. Without Xiaolong Tan, he wouldn’t become the sub-branch leader of the Holy Dragon Cult. Also, he won’t get involved in things about Kuizi.

So technically, he’s not lying.

Hearing this, Jane was immediately enlightened.

Then she stared at Kris with disdain: “No wonder you suddenly became like this, that’s all that you can do, to make a friend in prison? I thought you really get to know some big guy, so he’s no other than a prisoner, isn’t he?”

Then Jane waved her hand: “Go away, I don’t want to see you… By the way, I tell you what, you should behave well and sleep on the floor, if I found that you did something unpleasant, I’ll kick your ass.”

Hearing this, Kris chuckled and said in the heart, “Well, it’s not up to you.”

He and Mary fell in love with each other, and how could they vanquish their emotions? But he still said perfunctorily: “Ok…”

After getting back to the room, Mary has fallen asleep. These days she went through a lot, which made her feel mentally and physically exhausted.

Seeing Mary was sleeping with a frown, Kris reached out his hand and rubbed it between her brows. Then he held her in arms and fell asleep.

Early in the morning, Kris was making breakfast when he got a phone call from Xue Mi.

“President, you have been absent from the company for nearly a month, and now we have a lot of important decisions for you to make. Besides, the financial revenue statement for this quarter has been released. If you’re free today…”

Hearing what Xue said, Kris touched his nose. He was really a little incompetent as a president. During this period, Xue almost took over all his work. Before she finished her words, Kris said, “Ok, I will come to the company later.”

“Really?” Xue said in surprise, “President, where are you now? Shall I call the driver to pick you up?”

“It’s okay, I’ll drive by myself.”

Kris hung up the phone.

At nine o ‘clock in the morning, Kris arrived at the Huanyu Building. As soon as he entered the building, Xue came up.

“Good morning, President!” She was so happy to see Kris showing up.

“Thank you for all the troubles you’ve taken these days.” Kris smiled, took a small box from his pocket, and gave it to Xue. “This is a gift for you. Open and see if you like it.”

Xue’s heartbeat quickened suddenly at the moment. “President, What… What is it?”

“Why don’t you open it by yourself?” Kris smiled and said.

Xue took the box and opened it. Her body trembled at the sight of what’s inside the box. It was the newest necklace of Cartier: “President…, it’s too expensive. I can’t take it…”

Xue was biting her lips. The necklace worths three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It’s much too expensive.

“Expensive? I thought it’s not enough.” The necklace was bought by Kris in a jewelry store on the way. Compared with the efforts Xue has made these days, it was nothing.

“Take it. You deserve it.” Kris said: “You have been working with me so long, don’t you know my temper?”

Xue just wanted to cry, right now, all the hard work she had done changed into sweetness flowing in her heart. It turned out that Kris knew exactly what she has done these days.

Xue sniffed, trying to fight back the tears. “Thank you, President!”

“Well, now report to me about what happened in the company and bring me the financial statements for this quarter!”

“Yes, President!” Xue nodded and got to work straight away.

After hearing Xue’s report, Kris got to know that the reality talent show called “Airplane Girls 101” was drawing to a close, so they needed a brand new show to ensure the group’s revenue during the winter.

And the tour of the artists in their company both of them is the top priority by the end of the year.

Last quarter, Huanyu Group reached 2 billion dollars in total, with the net profit of 1 billion dollars, which is lucrative.

“The bonus for staff should be doubled this month, same for the managers.” Kris put down the financial statement, thought for a moment, and said, “Later this year, we should hold off the reality show for a while and set up Huanyu Charity Foundation. Ask the finance department to transfer 100 million dollars to the foundation’s account. Make sure that the finances are clear and transparent, I’ll keep putting money in it later, and make sure that the supplies get to the people in need.”

After the reform led by Kris, Huanyu Group has now become the most popular entertainment company in China. Within half a year, the artists of Huanyu Group has doubled their worth.

They have made money but lack of influence, the best way for them to gain fame is to help charity. But Kris didn’t do this for fame. He really wants to help more people.

“And two, we should offer courses to provide training for new stars, to recruit more students around the country, we’ll put 50 million dollars to test the water.

In this regard, Kris intended to imitate S.M’s company in South Korea and build their own star-making base. If an entertainment company wants to survive for a long time, high-quality idol artists are significant resources.

“Third, invest more in movies and TV serials, we’d better write our own scripts and shoot them by ourselves.” Speaking of this, Kris paused for a while, then continued: “Give three hundred million dollars to the film and television department, and make sure it’s distributed on a sixty-forty scale.”

“Last but not least,” Kris said earnestly, “Live-streaming will become a big trend in the future, so we will buy Squirrel Live-streaming and let all the artists of our group participate in it.”

After writing down the four points, Xue instantly understood Kris’s ambition.

Reputation, new stars, shoot movies and TV series, live-streaming. Kris was about to turn their group into a semi-closed ecosystem.

“Did you write them down?”

“Yes, I did,” Xue nodded excitedly.

“Good, ask all the senior-level executives to attend the meeting at 10:30!”

“Yes, President!”

Chapter 234: Toast to the big shot

When Kris Chen finished the meeting, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon. When Kris got back to the office, Xue Mi has already prepared a good lunch for Kris.

Australian three-headed abalone, lobster, king crab, tun a sashimi, and caviar, plus a bottle of Romaniconty Wine. It’s really a nice meal. While enjoying the meal, Kris’s phone rang, it’s from Kuizi. Kris frowned, why did he make the phone call at this time?

As soon as the call went through, the joyful voice of Kuizi sounded: “Sub-branch leader, are you free tonight?”

“What’s up?”

“Sub-branch leader, after Shen Family was eradicated, all the subordinate families of Shen Family want to see you.”


They want to see me?

Kris was stunned…

At 8:00 p.m., Qianjun Hotel.

This is the place where the heads of those small families in Southeast City meet with Kris.

Though this hotel was not so upscale as Dynasty Hotel, it is one of the best hotels in Westriver city.

This time about thirty family members came, with a hundred attendants.

There were nearly four hundred people, including the Holy Dragon Cult’s followers, so Kuizi bought out the whole third floor.

“Sub-branch leader!”

All the followers stood up and raised their glasses. They greeted Kris simultaneously.

Those heads of small families were shocked to see this, they did not expect Kris would be so prestigious.

“Let’s drink a toast!” Kris drank up the wine in the glass and said with lofty spirit.

“Toast to our sub-branch leader!”

People all raised their glasses simultaneously and drank the whole thing.

The heads of the small families originally were contemptuous of this young man-Kris. But now they were scared by the scene, they dared not to despise him anymore.

“I am very grateful that you came from Southeast City to see me, I’d like to propose a toast to all the family owners here.” Kris smiled and said to them: “After finishing my drink, I have a few words to say, and I hope that you can keep in mind.”

“Yes, please, Sub-branch leader!”

“Please tell us…”

“Since you have been enrolled, then you’re the followers of our cult.” Kris smiled and said, “If anyone dares to be of two minds and deviate from the cult, how Shen Family ends is a warning to all of you.”

While Kris said this, the Holy Dragon Cult followers stared at those family owners with ferocious eyes.

“How could they dare do that! I will kill them!” Kuizi banged on the table and glared at them. After seeing Kuizi’s expression, the family owners were scared to wet themselves.

Kris is the real Death. He is the one who led the Holy Dragon Cult to kill the Shen Family all, how could they not be afraid of his brutal methods!

“Sub-branch leader, how dare we do that? Since the day we join the Holy Dragon Cult, our lives are at the mercy of the Holy Dragon Cult…”

“Yes, sub-branch leader, we are loyal and faithful to the Holy Dragon Cult.” With a crash, the heads of these small families all kneeled on the ground.

After they had kowtowed several times, Kris hurriedly walked to them and helped them up one by one, saying, “Ok, just stand up. I have never doubted your loyalty.”

Kris said with a smile: “You can rest assured that if someone bullied you in the future, we would never stand by, but you should also remember that if you dare to commit a crime, I will not spare you.”

Only in this way, striking them hard and then giving them the reward, can these men obey his orders.

“Thank you, sub-branch leader!”

Hearing Kris’s words, they all came forward to toast to Kris gratefully. Of course, Kris didn’t refuse any of them.

The drinks and dishes went on a few rounds.

After being toasted for many rounds, Kris was also kind of drunk. He felt his bladder bursting.

He got up to go to the toilet.

A follower next to him held him immediately and asked, “Shall I accompany you to the toilet, sub-branch leader?”

“No,” Kris waved his hand.

It’s nothing but some alcohol. He can force it out using inner energy. There’s no toilet on the top floor, so Kris had to go to the second floor.

When he just arrived on the second floor, a young man carrying a glass of wine directly bumped into Kris’s body.


The glass was shattered. Kris was speechless. How could this man bump into him in such a spacious place?

“Are you blind?”

The young man was wearing designer clothes after the wine spilled on his clothes, he scolded at once: “You asshole! Why don’t you walk on other roads?”

Shit, it’s you that came to me, okay? Now you’re blaming me?

The young man is Feng Lu, a student at Westriver University. He was a rich boy from a family in Southeast City.

“You should compensate and apologize to me!” Feng shouted at Kris.

“You need to know, it’s you bumped into me first, for what reason should I apologize and give you money?”

Hearing this, Feng became furious instantly. “Are you deaf? I asked you to apologize, didn’t you hear that?”

His voice just fell, a few boys rushed out, they are Feng’s classmates.

At this time, they were all glaring at Kris.

“You, apologize, and compensate, then we will let you go!”

“This is our Mr. Lu. How dare you provoke him? Do you want to die?”


Is this young man from Lu Family?

There are so many families in Westriver City, but Kris has never heard of Lu’s family.

It can’t be a well-known family.

Thinking of this, Kris didn’t want to be pestered by him: “Get out of my way.”


This guy ignored him?

He didn’t respect Feng at all, did he?

Feng smiled coldly: “You ask for trouble, and don’t blame me for not giving you a chance!”

After this, Feng grinned and then punched Kris in the face.

How could this man who’s wearing shabby clothes be disrespectful to him! He’s asking for trouble himself!

In that case, don’t blame him for being too harsh! Kris stood still, looking at Feng with a half-smile.

The young man’s steps were vain, and his eyes were hollow, it can be told from his appearance that he must be a dandy who lead a befuddled life.

His movement seemed terrifying, but it was really nothing.

“Feng, stop it.” When Feng’s fist was about to reach Kris, a clear female voice suddenly came from behind.

Then, a beautiful woman came over. It was none other than Qiaoqiao Liu. Kris hasn’t contacted her since they parted in the villa last time. Kris didn’t expect to meet her here.

Feng’s fist was hanging in the air, then he smiled at Qiaoqiao and said, “Qiaoqiao, are you concerned about me? Don’t worry. He’s a piece of cake for me. I can take him down within three rounds.”

Feng is from the class next to Qiaoqiao’s.

Feng had been pursuing Qiaoqiao ever since she entered the school, but Qiaoqiao is not into him at all. So she always regarded him as a friend.

Today, Feng heard that his father came from Southeast City to meet a big shot here, so he invited many of his classmates to have dinner in this place, saying that he wanted to open their eyes.

Qiaoqiao is naturally one of the guests being invited, in fact, Feng has another plan, which is to let his father see the future daughter-in-law. However, that’s just wishful thinking on his part.

Qiaoqiao stepped forward and blocked Kris behind her: ” Feng, how could you bully my friend?”

“Your friend?” Feng froze for a moment, then he pointed to Kris and asked, “Did you just say he is your friend?”

“That’s right!” Qiaoqiao nodded: “His name is Kris Chen, and he is my good friend.”

Hearing Qiaqiao’s words, Feng frowned. Shit! Feng didn’t expect that this guy should be the friend of Qiaoqiao, now he could do nothing with Kris.

Seeing Feng was silent, Qiaoqiao begged him, “Feng, he is really my good friend. Don’t turn on him, ok?”

Qiaoqiao knew clearly that Feng was not simple. She once heard that he is one of the society people.

When he was at school, Feng had several bodyguards with him. If Kris offended Feng, Kris was sure to be beaten.

Seeing Qiaoqiao pleading with him, Feng hummed, “Dude, for the sake of Qiaoqiao, I will let you go. But I warn you, stay away from Qiaoqiao. She is mine!” After he said this, his classmates also echoed: “Yes, you should keep away from Qiaoqiao, as far as possible.” “Next time I see you, I’ll break your legs!”

Kris was speechless. He couldn’t believe he was threatened by others.

If Qiaoqiao were not here today, he would definitely give a lesson to these young men.

You know, there are four hundred followers of the Holy Dragon Cult on the top floor right now.

Seeing Feng let go of Kris, Qiaoqiao breathed a sigh of relief. She turned around and looked at Kris, saying, “Kris, what are you doing here?” It was the third time she met Kris, but Kris had come to her rescue twice before. Now it’s finally her turn to help Kris.

Kris smiled and said, “My friend invited me to dinner. Thank you for helping me out just now.” Being thanked by Kris, Qiaoqiao was happy: “Don’t thank me, just go back quickly, maybe your friends are looking for you now.” With that, she turned and left.

Kris smiled, went to the bathroom, and then returned to the third floor. As soon as he came back, he became the compliment’s focus, the toasting rounds became lively up.

Just then, a group of people came up from the second floor. It was none other than Feng, who led the way. Beside him stood Qiaoqiao and a dozen of his classmates.

Feng came here to find his father for a toast to the Big. When Feng’s group of people looked for Feng’s father, they saw Kris at a glance, and Kris was right sitting in the center of the crowd.

What? How could he sit there! Qiaoqiao’s head went blank in a minute. And all her classmates put down their chopsticks, not daring to breathe.

Feng could even feel cold sweat trickling down his body. He actually saw his father, with a glass in his hand, standing by Kris’s side, toasting and flattering him.

Oh, my God. Is… Is he… Is he the big shot that his father mentioned… Thinking of this, Feng’s body could not help shaking, the wine in his hands has been spilled out, he felt a bit upset at the moment.


His classmates also couldn’t help swallowing. Thank god they didn’t do anything to Kris just now. Otherwise, all of them would have been carried out!

They tried to lower their heads to avoid Kris’s eyes.

Jianguo Lu just finished his toast and was about to return to his seat. Then he suddenly caught sight of Feng, who’s standing at the top of the stairs. With a smile on his face, he hurriedly waved to Feng and said, “Come here, son!”

Oh, my God, Dad, are you trying to get your son killed? Hearing his father’s voice, Feng almost cried.

At the moment, Feng just wanted to ask his father one question: Am I your own son or not?

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