Chapter 233: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 233 Financial supports from the banks

“Mr. Ward, I respect you as the chairman of the Marquis, but watch your tongue. Do you really think that in Tianbei City, you could be so overweening and do whatever you want?” Wei Reed was sullen.

“So does Mr. Reed think you could? By uniting several banks?”

“Oh, you think you control the economic lifeline of the enterprises in Tianbei City simply because your control over the banks?”

Wei Reed looked complacent as he noticed that Colin Ward seemed to recognize his status in Tianbei, “Mr. Ward, as smart as you are, you must know what role and how important the bank played in the development of the enterprises.”

“Ask them, which one of them dares offend the banks?”

He was straightforward and completely ignored how would the other entrepreneurs would have felt.

To a great extent, Wei Reed was right, especially for those small enterprises; their development or existence lied on the financial helps and loans from the banks.

Colin Ward glanced around. “Does Mr. Reed also intend to control the whole business of Tianbei City?”

“Well, I won’t deny it.” Wei Reed snorted.

It was his intention deep down.

He had never been so cocky and so blunt like today in expressing the darkest and deepest thought, without considering other entrepreneurs’ thoughts and feelings.

At this moment, Trigg Yue, chairman of The Yueya Group, stood up and said, “Mr. Reed does not seem to have any respect to the enterprises in Tianbei City.”

“Yes, although we are not as good as the Marquis Group, but we started our enterprise from scratch, who gives you the privilege?” Byne Du, chairman of Dubai Real Estate, also stood up.

“Shame on you, Mr. Reed! How dare you see us like your little puppets!?”


The chairmen of the companies, who was once controlled by Walson Martin and saved by Colin Ward, rose to speak.

Their groups may not be as big and renowned as the Marquis, but they were some significant ones in Tianbei City.

The bank leaders suddenly realized that they had offended almost every enterprise of Tianbei City!

Wei Reed did not seem to notice the seriousness of it. “I hoped I could take you all serious, but, when short of money, you have only us to count on, don’t you?”

“The bank is what you rely on for a living, who else give you the money when you need it the most, think about it!”

His cockiness angered every entrepreneurs in the room.

Colin Ward was amused by his ignorance!

And people around began to whisper and discusss.

“I can’t stand it any more!”

“How dare he says something like that? Mr. Ward is still in the room! How dare him!”

“He really think he calls the shot in Tianbei City!?”


Tnigg Yue said loudly suddenly, “You broke our heart, Mr. Reed! In that case, the Yueya Group will also terminate the cooperation with Mr. Reed and withdraw all our deposits.”

The amount of the deposits withdrew was growing with the joining of the Yueya Group.

It should have inflict huge loss for the banks.

Wei Reed looked at Trigg Yue, threateningly. “Mr. Yue, think twice before you jump to your decision. There would be consequence for you to terminate the cooperation unilaterally.”

“I don’t care.” Said indifferently Trigg Yue, “compared with the Marquis’ deposit, ours is a drop in the bucket, we could afford it.”

Several leaders of the banks were a bit frightened.

But Wei Reed did not care; the Marquis Group’s deposit was estimated to be several billion, but for the bank it was still bearable.

“We admire your bold decisions; the choice is yours anyway; for us, this is not a very serious matter, but you, without our supports, things could be tricky, I suppose?”

Colin Ward and Trigg Yue did not speak. Instead, Byne Du of Dubai Real Estate did.

“I have heard what Mr. Reed said just now. Dubai Real Estate also decided to withdraw all the deposits.”

“Count the Weiyi Group in…”

“The Tianyue Group would terminate all the cooperation…”


One after another stood up a lot of heads of enterprises, all greatest enterprises in Tianbei City.

“Are you being serious? Because a young entrepreneur like Mr. Ward, are you sure you are going to terminate your cooperation with us and make the situation worse for yourself?” Wei Reed said in a deep voice.

Several bank heads took a hint from Wei Reed and just had to bite the bullet.

“Yes, you are all veteran in business; do not be take away by Mr. Ward!?”

“Think twice and sleep on it maybe.”

“The cooperation with the bank is a win-win strategy, it won’t do you any good by terminating the cooperation.”

“Mr. Ward is young, but he is courageous,” said Byne Du. “I trust his judgment.”

“Yes, I also believe in the judgment of Mr. Ward.”

Several other entrepreneurs aired their supports to Colin Ward.

Wei Reed gritted his teeth and said, “Oh? I didn’t know that Mr. Ward is so promising!”

Colin Ward looked coldly and mocked. “Not in front of Mr. Reed! You are the one who intends to control the whole Tianbei City. I am a solely nobody!”

Colin Ward added: “Mr. Reed, everyone knows how closely an enterprise was bound up with a bank, but it doesn’t mean that we should be subordinate to the banks or give up our most basic dignity for the money.”

Wei Reed snorts coldly. “Dignity? In face of profit, dignity is a fart!”

“Look at these third-rate enterprises. They have no interests. Do you think they will be the same as you, the Marquis? Without the backing of the bank, without the profits, they would collapse overnight!”

“Hum! You would pay for your ignorance and impulse today! You would regret you decisions!”

The entrepreneurs were really pissed off by what Wei Reed just said but he had made a good point; without the supports of the bank, they would collapse sooner or later.

“Mr. Reed, you are right, I am indeed young, but that’s why I won’t give up on my dignity for the money.”

Colin Ward’s words made everyone bow their heads.

These entrepreneurs had been in the business circle for some long; and they would have sacrificed everything for the interests and profits.

Wei Reed knew what Colin Ward was up to. “Dignity?! Can dignity bring you profits? No!”

“Look at them! They are a bunch of cowards!”

His sarcasm silenced the whole room.

Until someone suddenly stood up and banged heavily on the table. “We, Mingsheng Company, are with the Marquis, and we have decided to withdraw all the money.”

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