Chapter 234: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 234 I Don’t Need Your Help (1)
“What?” Xiran Xiao stood up suddenly from her chair. She braced her hand on the table, surprised. “Who kidnapped her? Why? What do they want?”

Kerry shook his head, “I don’t know who they are..”

She was so angry that she was about to break her glass. “There has to be a purpose for kidnapping her. How much do they want?”

“If they want money, I’ll give it to them, even if it costs me everything I have.” Kerry laughed bitterly.

“It’s a long story.” said he.

Xiran directly interrupted him, “I’m not leaving here until you tell me what’s going on.”

Kerry was startled. This fiery woman was quite concerned about Venus, but he hesitated whether he should tell her that Yan was Venus or not.

“A few decades ago, my parents got a copy of the treasure map. These people got the news from somewhere and kidnapped Yan, asking me to exchange the map for Yan. I gave them the map, but they didn’t keep their promise and took away Yan.” Kerry said.

Xiran, such an educated person, couldn’t help but curse, “They are so brazen. You’re too stupid. You gave them the treasure map, but you didn’t save Yan.”

“They had a dozen guns pointed at me. If I dare to move, Yan and myself would be dead on the spot. How did I save her?” Kerry’s voice was hoarse at the end. His eyes were red. No one knew how much pain he was in.

Xiran stared at Kerry for a few seconds, and then sat back in her chair.

The two of them were silent for a long time before Xiran continued, “What did the kidnapper look like?”

“He was wearing a silver mask. I couldn’t see his face.” Kerry’s mood calmed down.

“Dou you know where they are now?”

“I guess they are in the mountains of southern Fujian province. The treasure may be buried in one of the caves.” Kerry said. He was not going to tell her all the truth, for he wasn’t very familiar with Xiran.

“So you’ve been looking for them there all this time?”

Kerry rubbed his temples, “When things are finished here, I’ll be over tomorrow.”

Xiran still had doubts in her mind and continued to ask, “Why didn’t the people from MK come to the opening ceremony?”

“That’s a trade secret. I can’t tell you.” Kerry glanced at her and said quietly.

Xiran shrugged, “Ok, I’m just asking casually. I’m not interested in your secret. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

“No, I can handle it.” Kerry said.

Kerry knew that if she got involved in this, Venus’ identity would be exposed.

“Are you sure? There are so many mountains in southern Fujian. I have a lot of friends who are outdoorsy, and they will be more familiar with the mountains than your men.”

“I can handle it now, but one day when I am helpless, I’ll go back to you for help.” Kerry said.

Xiran hated his conceited and arrogant look. “Kerry, it’s time to work together to find Yan as soon as possible.”

Kerry considered for a moment and said, “Xiran Xiao, I really appreciate you caring so much about Yan, but right now I can really handle it. I don’t need your help.”

When he was silent, Xiran thought he had figured it out, but she didn’t expect him to say something like that. She stood up from her chair again with a serious face, “You don’t need to thank me, I’m all for Yan. But Kerry, sooner or later, you’ll get Yan killed like this. I can’t stay with people like you any longer, goodbye.”

Kerry hasn’t forgotten about her friend, getting up after her and saying, “It’s almost time for lunch. Let me treat you and your friend to lunch.”

Xiran looked at him and said, “No. I’ll go to lunch with my friend when I want to.”

“Although I refused your help, you don’t have to refuse my invitation. Maybe I’ll change my mind after we have a meal.”

“Kerry, I want to help you out simply for the sake of Yan.” Xiran scoffed and laughed. “I don’t want to eat with you. I’m afraid I’ll get indigestion from eating with you.”

Kerry knew she had said the wrong thing in a panic and had to apologize, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Whatever you meant, I don’t want to have luch with you. Bye!” Xiran said and walked out.

Kerry quickly walked beside her, “I’ll walk you. I don’t want Yan to find out later and blame me for being indifferent to you.”

Xiran snorted and didn’t say anything.

When she reached the first floor, Xiran paused and turned back, “Well, you can go back. You’re too famous, and I don’t want people taking pictures of me and you.”

Kerry smirked, “You’re a famous person in S City too. You shouldn’t be so sensitive about this.”

“No, I’m not afraid of my picture being posted on the Internet. I just don’t want to get involved with you. It’ll tarnish my reputation.” Xiran said. Then she pushed open the glass door and walked out.

Kerry took out her cell phone. “Henry, come here immediately.” He instructed.

A few minutes later, Xiran met up with Tianye under the Ferris wheel and then they got into it. Xiran told him the news.

“Yan has been kidnapped?” Tianye was also surprised.

“Looking at Kerry’s worried look, it should be true. When I said I would help him find Yan, he refused. He also said that he would seek my help when he was helpless. Isn’t it time we worked together to find Yan as soon as possible?” The more she spoke, the angrier she became. She also stamped her feet in the Ferris wheel.

Tianno held her hands to soothe her, “Okay, don’t be so angry. He’s always been like that. In addition, Chu family will definitely send someone to rescue her. If they join hands, they can save her.”

Hearing him say this, Xiran’s mood calmed down a bit, and she heavily exhaled and said, “Alright, I hope so.”

When the Ferris wheel rose to its highest point, the beautiful scenery of Sky City could be seen from all sides. Xiran felt much better.

Tianye pointed out the window and introduced her to the various attractions of the city.

While the two of them were enjoying the beautiful scenery in the Ferris wheel, there were already many people looking for them below.

Deep in the mountains, Gavin and his group searched for days for the treasure, but they never found it. They were all agitated to the extreme. However, Venus was calm. She just took care of her children every day.

“Boss, I don’t think this treasure map is real.” After thinking about it for a long time, Heng Zhang finally voiced his doubts today.

Gavin was going through various documents and glanced at him, “It is real. Mr. Cai said that there used to be a prosperous kingdom here, and then it disappeared.”

“Then why haven’t we found it after looking for so long?”

“If the treasure was that easy to find, it would have been found by other generations. It would not be in our hands now.”

Heng was silent. He always felt that this treasure map was used by Kerry to trick Gavin. If the treasure really existed, why didn’t Kerry go looking for it after so many years?

“What is Venus Mu doing?” Gavin asked casually.

Heng was stunned. “Shouldn’t this be Alisa’s responsibility?”

Gavin put down the file in his hand, looked at Heng coldly, and got up.

It was now after nine o’clock in the evening. They were staying at a hostel in the mountains. Gavin went to the room where Venus and Alisa were staying. He knocked on the door, but no one answered the door.

With confusion in his eyes, Gavin knocked patiently on the door again, but there was still no answer. Then he took out his phone and dialed Alisa’s number. The phone rang from the room.

“Alisa?” Gavin knocked on the door with much more force. Heng came over when he heard the sound.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 234 I Don’t Need Your Help (2)
“Break down the door!” Gavin said coldly.

Heng Zhang took a step backwards and kicked the door hard, and then the door was kicked open.

Gavin rushed inside and saw Alisa lying on the bed, wearing a thin nightgown, her hair a damp mass. Venus and the baby were nowhere to be seen.

“Alisa, wake up.” Gavin shook the woman by the shoulders. Then he saw a glass of milk on the table. When he picked it up and smelled it, he smelled medicine.

Gavin was on the verge of fury and put the cup on the table, “Venus, how dare you run away?”

“Heng, take someone to find her immediately! She can’t run far with the baby in her arms.”


Venus was so obedient these days. She did what she was told to do, so Gavin thought she had given up trying to escape. He had no idea that she was secretly planning her escape and had managed to get sleeping pills from somewhere.

The milk in the glass was already cold, proving that she had been running for some time. It was autumn, and the mountains were damp and cold. He guessed that she had most likely gone to look for help from the people nearby.

“Heng, send someone to a nearby farmer’s house to find her.” Gavin called Heng and said.

Gavin covered Alisa with a blanket. Gavin speculated that she had drunk the milk with sleeping pills and fallen asleep after her bath.

In the silence of the mountain forest, Venus ran desperately with the baby in her arms. This was her only chance. If she couldn’t get away this time, she didn’t know what horrible things that evil Gavin would do to her.

The baby was strapped to her back, staring at her. She had wanted to give him some sleeping pills so he wouldn’t make a sound during the escape. When she handed it to the child and saw his smiling eyes, Venus softened.

The road ahead was dark and full of weeds. Venus didn’t know where she was. She had to find a house and call Kerry.


Venus was carrying the child on her back as she walked through the mountains.

Two days ago, when the car passed the drugstore, she suddenly had the idea to run away. She found it hard to believe that Gavin would let her and her baby go back unharmed. If the treasure were not found, Gavin would eventually become suspicious of the authenticity of the treasure map, and if he did so, he would certainly take out all his anger on her and the child.

So that night, while Alisa was sleeping, she took a hundred yuan from her purse. The next day when she was staying at the hotel, she went downstairs and asked the innkeeper to buy some sleeping pills for her. The innkeeper was reluctant to help her buy the pills. Only after Venus repeatedly asked him to keep the change did he go to a nearby pharmacy and buy her a bottle of sleeping pills.

Alisa was in the habit of drinking hot milk every night, and tonight was no exception. After seeing her put the hot milk on the table, Venus deliberately said, “Why don’t you go take a shower first? When you finish your shower, the temperature of the milk will be right for drinking. I have an injury on my arm and I think it will take a long time to shower later.”

Perhaps it was the friendliness of the past few days with Venus that made Alisa let down her guard against Venus. She went into the bathroom without any doubt. Then Venus hurried to get the sleeping pills out. First she put one in the milk. But she was afraid that it might not be strong enough, so she put three more in it.

During Alisa’s bath, Venus kept shaking the glass of milk in order to speed up the dissolution of the pills. Twenty minutes later, Alisa came out of the bathroom.

Venus pretended to lower her head to change the baby’s clothes. She saw Alisa wiping her hair with a towel and drinking milk from the corner of her eyes. Probably due to the strong smell of medicine, she took a sip and frowned.

“Why does the milk taste strange today?”

Venus’s heart thumped and pretended to be calm as she said, “Maybe the milk sold over here is different the one you bought before.”

Alisa picked up the paper box next to her and looked at it, saying to herself, “It doesn’t expire.” Then she took a few more sips before putting the glass down and sitting on the edge of the bed to wipe her hair.

Venus felt like her heart was about to jump out of her mouth. She was paying close attention to Alisa’s movements. After a few minutes, she fell asleep on the bed.

Venus saw her eyes closed tightly and walked towards her, shaking her by the shoulders and calling out, “Alisa?”

When she didn’t respond, Venus quickly dressed the baby in some clothes, then put him in a shoulder bag with only his head outside, and strapped him to her chest from front to back with two pieces of clothing.

The baby didn’t make a sound while she was doing this. He probably just thought his mother was playing a game with him.

After packing everything up, Venus looked down the hallway. It was after 9:00 p.m. and most people were either watching TV or taking a shower. Standing at the door, Venus was nervous and scared.

She took a deep breath, closed the door softly, and hurried toward the stairs with her head down. Things were going surprisingly well. She didn’t meet any person who knew her until she was outside the door of the hotel.

Venus couldn’t believe how easy it was to escape. Then she patted the baby on the back and ran off into the night without looking back.

She was tired and sleepy from her long walk on the trail, but she couldn’t stop to rest. She looked at the baby and saw that he was asleep. Suddenly, she saw a few dim lights ahead of her, and Venus, delighted, ran forward at a quick pace.

It was a farmhouse, which was surrounded by an earthen wall.

Venus went forward and knocked on the door.

Half a minute later, there were footsteps, then a woman’s voice, “Who is it?”

“Can you let me stay at your house for the night? I’ll leave tomorrow.” Venus said as gently as possible.

Perhaps fearing trouble, the woman rejected her, “There is no more room in my house. You can go to another house.”

“I’ve been running all night, but I’ve only seen your house. If you don’t take me in, I’ll be spending the night in the mountains today. I’m okay with that, but my baby will get sick.” Venus pleaded bitterly. “Please let me stay at your house for the night.”

The woman inside was silent for a moment, then opened the wooden door, and looked out to see a skinned girl standing with a child on her back. “Come in, then.” she said.

“Thank you.” Venus said to the woman. “You’re so kind.”

The inside of the woman’s room was simple but clean, with a child on the bed, a school bag on the table, and a needle and thread ball.

“Please take a sit.” the woman looked at her warily. “Why are you wandering in the mountains in the middle of the night? Don’t you know it’s dangerous?”

Venus gasped and said, “I’m so thirsty. Can you give me a drink of water?”

The woman turned to the kitchen and scooped up the water with a gourd scoop.

Venus took the gourd scoop and drank the water from it.

After quenching her thirst, she said, “I was kidnapped and brought to the mountains.”

The woman did not seem surprised by her words. She was no longer as wary as before. “Those guys are really evil. How could they do this to you?”

“They beat me and hurt my arm.” Venus said. She pretended to be very miserable.

The woman saw that her arm was indeed wrapped in gauze.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 234 I Don’t Need Your Help (3)
“I know what will happens to these girls who are trafficked to the mountains. Some of them will never escape the mountains. If they are caught, they’ll be punished badly. You are lucky to have escaped.” The woman said. Then she saw the little child on her back, she asked, “Is this child yours?”

“Yes, I can’t let him stay here.” Venus said.

The woman nodded. “It’s too hard for children to stay in the mountains. My child has to walk a long way to school every day, and it’s always dark when he comes back.”

Venus observed the woman’s home quietly for a while. There were no men’s shoes or clothes in the room, so she asked, “Isn’t your husband home?”

“He went out to work. He can’t make much money a year in the mountains and the kid will have to go to college, so we have to save money.”

Venus had run a long way, and now she could take a rest. She now realized that her pants were soaked through with mud all over them. Her legs were hurt.

Pulling up her pant, she noticed that her leg had a bloody gash on it that looked horrible.

“You’ve been scratched by the vines. I’ll get some water for you.” The woman said enthusiastically.

“Thank you,” Venus suddenly remembered something important and called out to her, “Do you have a cell phone? I want to call home.”

“There’s a cell phone, but the signal here is bad. I always have to go halfway up the mountain to make a call.” the woman brought her an old cell phone from her bedside table, “There’s no signal at all. I’m just using it as a watch.”

Venus looked at the phone and saw that there was indeed no signal at all.

The woman knew her feeling, patted her on the shoulder, and went out to fetch water.

By the time Venus finished washing her wounds and changed her clothes, it was already after eleven o’clock at night. Since there was no extra bed in the woman’s house, she shared a bed with the woman and her son. Although the conditions were very not good, she was happy and fell asleep quickly.

Then she did not sleep well. Her dreams were filled with scenes of her being chased by Gavin’s men. In her dream, she was running, but she couldn’t get away from him.

Suddenly there was a loud rapping on the door, and Venus woke up almost immediately. She looked nervously at the door. She knew the people who could come knocking at this hour were probably Gavin’s men.

The woman also woke up and listened carefully to the door.

“Open the door!” A man was shouting.

Venus held the baby tightly with worry in her eyes, “They’re coming after me.”

The woman, however, was calm and quickly got dressed. “Don’t worry. I’ll hide you.”

Venus quickly got up from the bed. She shouldered her shoulder bag, picked up the baby, and followed the woman.

Outside the house, the knocking continued.

With no lights on, the woman opened the door to a room and whispered to her, “This is where we keep our grain,” she said, unlocking a large urn with a bit of corn inside.

Venus struggled to get her foot up and in, but she was unsteady. The child’s head almost hit the rim of the urn, but the woman held her up, “Be careful. I’ll put something on it.”

Venus protected the child in her arms, and soon the woman brought a round board and placed it on her head, putting two bags of rice on it.

Venus’s head hurt a little from the pressure, but she had to bear it.

“Open the door! If you don’t open it we’ll crash in.” The people outside shouted.

The lady closed the storage room door, turned on the light, and shouted outside, “Who are you?”

“We’re looking for someone, open the door.”

The woman stood inside the house and said loudly, “You come back tomorrow in the daytime to find the person. It’s the middle of the night, and I don’t know whether you are good or bad.”

“If you don’t open the door, I’m going to break it down.”

The woman hurried to the courtyard, “Who are you looking for? There are only my son and I in the house.”

The man was irritable. He said to his men, “You two break down the door.”

As soon as the woman heard that they were going to break down the door, she hurried out and stood in the yard. “Wait a minute, please don’t break down my door, I’ll open it.” She said.

“Hurry up!” The man said in an angry voice.

The woman looked at the darkened storage room again and then opened the door to the outside, “Who are you?”

Heng stared at her with a grim stare, “Have you ever seen a woman with a child?”

The woman thought, “My God, they sure are looking for her.”

“No. It’s so remote. People won’t want to come here.” The woman lied. She pretends to be calm.

Heng stared at her for a few seconds. She was a very plain peasant woman, dark skinned, tall and thin, with fear in her eyes.

“You guys go in and search.” He instructed.

“What right do you have to search my house?” The woman shouted.

Her son was awakened by noises in his bed, rubbing his eyes. When he saw a room full of men with fierce faces, he woke up and cried out in fear. “Mom, who are they? Why do they come to our house?”

The woman was about to rush over to comfort her son, when Heng suddenly asked the boy, “Did a woman come to your house just now holding a child.”

The little boy was confused and shook his head straight, “No, I didn’t see a woman.”

But he still had the three rooms searched but no one else was found.

Suddenly Heng saw a small door in the corner and asked in a cold voice, “What room is that?”

“That’s where my family keeps food.” said the woman, a slight quiver in her voice.

“Go in and search it.” Heng gave an order, and someone went up and kicked open the door.

The woman stood at the door and said nervously, “Please don’t break anything in my house.”

They rummaged around inside for a long time, and finally only three large urns were left unchecked. “What’s in here?” Heng asked.

“There are my grains in there.”

The man looked at her, and then opened them one by one to examine them. He found that the first two were filled with grain. When it was time to check the third one, he moved the top rice bag away, and then lifted the wooden lid to see that it was grain, then closed it again.

Venus, who was hiding inside, held his breath. Fortunately, the man quickly left.

“Mr. Zhang, I don’t find anyone here.”

Heng came here by following the traces of Venus’ passing, and this was the only farmhouse for miles nearby, “Did she not go into the farmhouse, but sleep out?”

“Let’s go.” Heng said indifferently. Then he walked towards the door. As soon as he arrived at the door, he saw that there seemed to be a pile of stuff behind the door. Then he casually pushed the door open and saw a pair of linen-colored lady’s pants thrown on the ground, still with traces of mud and grass.

The woman saw the pants, too, and her heart sank.

When Venus changed her pants, she was going to throw away the dirty pants, but the woman thought the fabric and style of the pants were very nice, so she wanted to wash them tomorrow and keep them for herself. She just threw them at the door and forgot to hide them.

Heng picked up the pants and looked at them carefully. “Venus seems to be wearing this pair of pants.” he thought.

“What’s this?” Heng turned around and asked the woman.

The woman pretended to be calm, “Can’t you see that? Of course it’s pants.”

Heng sneered, “I ask whose pants are these?”

“They’re mine. I went to work in the field this afternoon and threw my pants there when they got dirty.” The woman said nervously.

Heng took the pants and walked towards the woman step by step. “These are Versace’s pants, and they cost at least 4,000 yuan. Are you sure they’re yours?” he scoffed.

The woman was startled. A pair of pants cost four thousand yuan, which was half a year’s living expense for her and her child.

Heng already saw the answer in her eyes. He threw the pants on the ground, cupped his hands in front of his chest and said eerily, “I’ll ask you again, where is that woman and child?”

The woman shuddered with fear. But she knew that she couldn’t go back on her own word when she had promised Venus.

“As soon as it’s dark I’m at home mending my child’s school bags. I’ve never seen a woman with a child. You also searched my house and didn’t find anyone.” The woman said.

“Then explain where these pants came from?”

“I bought it at the market. You must be mistaken. Even if you were right, it’s an imitation. How can I, a farmer, afford to buy such an expensive pant?” The woman explained.

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