Chapter 234: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 234 Unexpected help!

The crowd looked to the speaker, the chairman of Mingsheng Company.

Wei Reed laughed out as he saw it was a little known entrepreneur from a small company.

This laugh provoked even more people to stand up one after another.

“And we are siding with the Marquis.”

“So are we…”

“We, too……”


For a moment, almost ninety percent of the entrepreneurs in the room stood up and declared their stance to support the decision of the Marquis.

It was a knock-on effect.

In the beginning, Wei Reed’s words did offend them, but no one dared to be the first to oppose him publicly.

However, Wei Reed had been pushing his luck, even after someone had stood up to protest him…

Wei Reed’s smile froze on his face.

Several bank heads were completely dumbfounded.

How could they all at once stand in support of the Marquis?

They could have accepted the termination of cooperation with several enterprises, not matter how influential and powerful they were; but now what they were facing was 70-80 percent of the companies and groups of the Tianbei City.

“Have you lost your mind? What are you messing around with him for? Do you know the consequences of this?”

Wei Reed was also panicked. If these companies all withdrew their capital, they would be out of business as well.”

“You are not the Marquis, and you need our supports financially!”

“Without the backing of the banks, you are nothing!?”

“Is it worth it for you to put the whole company’s destine on risk?”

Wei Reed was worried. If these people were not brought under control, the consequences would go beyond his control.

Some of entrepreneurs felt a bit regretful and started pondering at the questioning of these bankers.

Yeah, how can they grow without the support of the banks?

Colin Ward glanced at the crowd and smiled. He knew Wei Reed was right upon this, but he didn’t care.

“Mr. Reed, you are in charge of the banks in Tianbei City, but you are not in charge of the banks in Beihai Province. Do we really have to cooperate with the banks in Tianbei City?”

Wei Reed looked at Colin Ward, “You’re right, Mr. Ward, but you choose us because our interest rate is lower than some other banks in this nation, right?”

“If you choose the banks in Beihai Province now, the interest rates would be way higher than that you are enjoying right now!”

Wei Reed was certainly right. They were privately owned banks and offered higher interest rate discount and more preferential policy than state-owned banks, which was equivalent to a huge cost savings for companies.

Under such circumstances, the better choice was self-evident, especially for the businessmen, who were interest-oriented.

Quite a few entrepreneurs pursed their lips, trembling, regretting their impulse.

Colin Ward said breezily: “Yes, you are right, Mr. Reed, but we, the Marquis, would never sell our soul and dignity to you simply because of the lower interest rates!”

Other entrepreneurs wavered again.

Working with Wei Reed meant to cater to the pleasure of Wei Reed, meant to trample their dignity.

Wei Reed’s face looked pale; Colin Ward kept rubbing in the so-called dignity of the entrepreneurs in the face of him.

“Hum! Whatever you said! In Tianbei City, I call the shot.”

It meant that the small entrepreneurs had to choose between the banks of the Tianbei City and the Marquis.

As the chairman of Bank Union in Tianbei City, he still had the authority.

But the truth surprised him.

“Wait a minute.” Someone spoke up abruptly.

A gentle man in his black suit and glasses stood up and said gently, “Hello, everyone. I’m Jiang Guotao, from Guoxin Bank. I think Mr. Lee and I still have the authority and right to decide for our own bank.”

“What do you mean?”

Wei Reed looked at Jiang Guotao with a stern face.

Jiang Guotao replied, “I had the honor to meet Mr. Ward in person, and Mr. Ward is a man of great courage and sharp insight. Therefore, on behalf of Guoxin Bank, I support Mr. Ward and all of you, bigger or smaller companies. Guoxin Bank looks forward to cooperating with you.”


Jiang Guotao worked at Guoxin Bank, a bank that was listed abroad and was one of the greatest.

He was simply a president of a bank branch of Guoxin Group in Tianbei City; but with the background of Guoxin Group, he was not any weaker than Wei Reed in personal influence.

He knew about Colin Ward, because when Colin Ward went to purchase his car he took out Black Card, which very rarely seen or known credit card, owned by only a few important figures worldwide.

He happened to be there, so he saw and knew Colin Ward, but Colin Ward didn’t know him.

Then he had someone look Colin Ward up and his identity surprised him.

Colin Ward was actually from the Ward Family in Jing City!

This background intimidated him and he was more than clear that Colin Ward was not for him to provoke if he could not make friends with him.

Today, the god had given him the opportunity to befriend this man; he felt privileged to get the dinner invitation from Colin Ward.

he could give Colin Ward a favor by taking this opportunity.

“President Jiang, what you just said is true?”Someone asked.

Jiang Guotao nodded, “Of course, Guoxin Bank has this strength, and all this is for the sake of Mr. Ward.”

Guoxin Bank’s coming forward had solved all the problems for them all; they had seemed to retain their “dignity” while keeping the interests they had been reluctant to give up.

Everyone was happy and began to compliment Colin Ward.

Jiang Guotao had credited Colin Ward for the great concession their bank would have made.

Colin Ward, on the other hand, was a bit surprised by the good will of him; why would a stranger like him would help them out under such circumstance?

Wei Reed gritted his teeth and said, “President Jiang, your decision is too hasty. What’s more, you are only a president of the brance. I think such a decision could only be made by Mr. Lee, isn’t it?

Jiang Guotao snorted and said, “I believe Mr. Lee would agree on this decision.”

Mr. Lee had known about the identity of Colin Ward; he would die for such chance to curry favor with Colin Ward.

“OK, I’ll call Mr. Lee and see if he supports your decision.”

The crowd looked expectantly.

What would this Mr. Lee do?

Jiang Guotao didn’t care at all. “Yes, feel free to do so.”

His resolution made Wei Reed hesitate whether he should call Mr. Lee or not. What if his answer was not what he had expected?

Other bankers were anxious like ants running on a hot pan.

“Mr. Reed, what are we supposed to do?”

“Do you really know Mr. Lee?”

“You are not bluffing, are you?”

Wei Reed thought for a moment and made up his mind.

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