Chapter 235 – 236: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 235: Let’s face it

Jianguo Lu walked up to Feng Lu with a joyful face. He held his hand and said, “Come on. Dad will take you to toast the big wig and behave yourself later!”

Feng Lu was unwilling to go, but he couldn’t refuse his father.

The next moment, he was taken to Kris.

“Sub-Branch Leader, this is my son, Feng Lu!” Jianguo urged Feng Lu, “Son, toast to Kris.”

Kris looked up, and he found that Feng Lu was the man he had just met.

At this time, Feng Lu was about to cry, and his hands kept shaking, and the wine in his cup was spilled onto the floor.

“Bastard, how did you toast? It’s all spilled on the floor!” Jianguo slapped Feng Lu. He wondered that his son was quite eloquent, but why he was so nervous that his hands shook like a Parkinson’s disease.

People in the Holy Dragon Cult were murderous. This young man could control these ruthless people, so he must be a devil. If the wine was spilled on him, wouldn’t he kill Feng Lu?

Feng Lu Lu was his only son. He couldn’t lose him.

After a slap, Feng Lu stammered, “Sub-Branch Leader…I’m sorry, what happened just now… It’s my fault… My dad had nothing to do with it… Please, don’t blame him…”

Hearing this, Kris was a bit impressed with this man. He didn’t see this dude was actually quite filial, fearing that he would implicate Jianguo because of what had just happened.

“Well, what happened just now in the past.” Saying so, Kris clinked his glass with him, “Remember, it’s better to be low-key!”

“Yes, yes, I remember…” Feng Lu kept nodding.

Jianguo was a bit confused. What had happened? From Kris’s tone, it seemed that Feng Lu had done something wrong.

Since Kris was here, it was not proper to ask.

After the meal, Kris said to Kuizi, “I’m leaving first. You pay the bill later.”

Then Kris explained to Kuizi about the Golden Scale Society and told him to get it on the right track as soon as possible.

Kuizi nodded, “Sub-Branch Leader, don’t worry. I will definitely not let you down.”

Kris nodded and stood up to leave. Kuizi stood up, towards the direction that Kuizi left, and greeted, “Sub-Branch Leader, take care. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Sub-Branch Leader.”

At this instant, all people in the Holy Dragon Cult stood up together and greeted respectfully.

People here all respected Kris. Seeing this, all people who had come with Feng Lu couldn’t believe what they saw. Especially Qiaoqiao Liu, who was too shocked to speak.

Kris, who the hell was he? These people are actually under his command. That’s amazing!


It was already ten o’clock at night when Kris returned home. At this time, Mary was already asleep. After taking a shower, Kris didn’t go to Mary’s room, but to the second bedroom.

As soon as he lay on the bed, his phone rang. It was a strange number. Kris frowned; who called so late?

“Hello… Is it Kris?” A woman’s voice came out of the phone.

“May I have your name?”

“I… I’m Lan Xia!” Lan Xia said so, but the atmosphere became awkward.

“Miss Xia?” Kris was stunned. It was a call from Lan Xia.

“Miss Xia, what can I do for you?”

“Kris, can you… can you come over to my house?” Lan Xia blushed. Seriously, if it wasn’t urgent, she really didn’t want to turn to Kris for help.

“Your house?” Kris was confused. Was it really good to go to her house at night?

It was a bit embarrassing, but she had fallen to the early period of the acquired stage. By tomorrow, she would completely be back to an ordinary person.

“Well…” With hesitation, Lan Xia said, “Come to the school teacher’s dormitory, and I’m living in the 8th building!”

Then she hung up the phone.

Hearing the busy signals, Kris smiled wryly and shook his head.

However, after hanging up the phone, Lan Xia couldn’t calm down for a long time.

She had no choice but to put her hopes on Kris. In fact, during this time, she had asked many people, such as Rou Wen, who was an alchemist. She had asked her many times.

However, the reply she received made her despair, as there was simply no alchemist who could concoct a soup that could restore the stage.

If she had listened to Kris’s words, she would not have put herself into this situation.

Over twenty years of hard work had been lost in just a few days, which made her very uncomfortable.

Just at this time, Lan Xia suddenly smelled a fragrance and the window on the second floor opened, and a shadow appeared from the outside through the window.

“Who is it?” Lan Xia instantly stood up from the couch and took a fighting stance, staring at the darkness of the stairway, “Get out or I’ll kill you!” As soon as she said so, she heard footsteps. Someone is coming down.

“Lan Xia, why are you so angry? We’re good friends for a long time. Why kill me?” The shadow went downstairs as he spoke.

“Qiang Xiang, how did you get in?” Lan Xia was shocked, looking coldly at Qiang Xiang, who came down the stairs.

“I surely jumped in through the window!” He laughed as he walked, “Miss Xia, are you not happy for my coming?”

“Get out of here, or I’ll force you to leave.”

“Ha, ha, ha, force me?” Hearing Lan Xia’s words, Qiang Xiang couldn’t help but laugh, “Are you joking? I’ll just stand here. What can you do? I’ll see it.”

“I’ll give you three seconds. If you don’t get out, I’ll kill you with one slap…” Before she could finish, Qiang Xiang interrupted, “Bluffing? Don’t say three seconds. Three minutes. You can’t make me leave.”

“You’re only at the innate-power stage, but I’m a practitioner at the return-to-nature stage. How dare you to be my opponent?”

“Pfft, ha, ha, ha, that was before. You can’t beat me now, am I right? Miss Xia…”

Saying so, Qiang Xiang grinned, and the way he looked at Lan Xia was greedy.

At night, what Lan Xia wore was quite casual. She wore a white short-sleeved and a pair of shorts that did not cover the thighs, with bare feet. Those ten toes were like jade, with nice pink nail polish.

This made Qiang Xiang longing for her body. Fuck, this woman was so beautiful that he even wanted to suck her toes.

“You… How do you know?” Lan Xia was shocked, and she covered her breast and retreated backward.

“You’ve been so odd the whole time, for you asked many people about everything. And your energy is so weak, so I think you must have some trouble.” Qiang Xiang said arrogantly, “Besides, if it was in the past, how could I have the chance to jump in from the second-floor window? I’m afraid that you would have found out as soon as I got close to your house…”

Then he added, “Miss Xia, I like you so much, so why don’t you be my girlfriend?”

“No way! I’d rather die.” Lan Xia looked at Qiang Xiang, feeling disgusted.

“Hmph, why refuse me? I wonder if you would still say so after the medicine worked out.”

“What? What did you say? You drugged me?” Lan Xia was first stunned, then she remembered the strange fragrance she had just smelled, and she looked at Qiang Xiang in disbelief, “You bastard. you use the fascination incense!”

“You are really smart. No wonder I like you so much.” Qiang Xiang walked towards Lan Xia, “But that’s not fasciation incense. It’s a joyful incense.”


Joyful incense!

Hearing the two words, Lan Xia was dumbfounded. The joyful fragrance was an aphrodisiac.

“Don’t come over. If you come over again, I’ll call for help. This is a teacher’s dormitory, if others find you, you’ll be over!”

Lan Xia thought she would be able to make him leave, but he was even more. He shrugged his shoulders, “Just call. The louder is better, but when they come, the drug has taken effect. How do you think they will feel when they see you in a lascivious manner with the clothes off your body?”

“I’ll tell them that it’s you who asked me to come over at night, and you can never explain clearly.” Qiang Xiang stepped forward closer, “Are you feeling hotter and hotter now? Do you want to fuck with a man? Come on, come to me, I’ll be gentle…”

Saying so, Qiang Xiang licked his dry lips. He even breathed harder.


Just then, Lan Xia screamed as she tripped over the couch. At this moment, Qiang Xiang took the opportunity to get closer to her.

The drug had already taken effect, and Lan Xia felt a thousand ants crawling all over her body. The itch was from her bones, making her want to tear her clothes.

Lan Xia closed her eyes in despair. If she let such a man fuck her, she might choose to die.

She was ready to bite her tongue to kill herself once he came over.

When Lan Xia was ready to die, a voice suddenly came, “What’s going on here? What are you going to do? Rape a good girl?”

“Who is it?” The moment this voice came, Qiang Xiang was alert. He turned around to follow the voice, which was coming from the upstairs.

“Qiang Xiang, don’t you remember me? I’m Kris. Come and suck my dick.” As soon as his voice fell, Kris walked down from the second floor.

The moment he appeared, Lan Xia seemed to see some hope!

“Kris, run, ask someone for help!” Lan Xia gasped and shouted at Kris. At the moment, the medicine took effect, and her sanity was disappearing bit by bit.

Although Qiang Xiang was not a good man, but he was indeed a practitioner at the return-to-nature stage. Kris was just a student, and how could he be his opponent?

So, the best way was to let Kris escape, and then he could call someone over so that she would be saved.

“Miss Xia, don’t worry. I’ll deal with it!” Kris laughed and walked down from the second floor.

“Ha, ha, ha… nerd, there’s a way to heaven, but you choose the hell.” Qiang Xiang shouted at Kris, “today, let’s face it. I’ll kill you first and then fuck Lan Xia!”

Chapter 236: Get divorced from her

Hearing Kris’s words, Lan Xia was in despair. It’s such a dangerous moment while Kris was still trying to put on a brave face.

Is she going to die out here today?

Tears streamed down Lan Xia’s face as she thought of it.

Right then, Qiang Xiang suddenly exploded and used his Shaolin Dragon-like Scratch to grab Kris’s throat.

What he needed was just a scratch, then he could easily crush the bones of his throat and suffocate him to death.

Before Kris dies, Qiang Xiang even had the chance to see a live porn show for free.

Qiang Xiang felt so excited at the thought of the scene.

“Go to hell!”

Qiang Xiang shouted and rushed towards Kris..

When he was close to succeeding, Kris suddenly dodged and let out the Mayfly Power. Instantly, Kris was out of sight.

After Qiang Xiang failed, his face looked even more gloomy. This time he changed the original move into King-Kong punch, which was looked down by Seventy-two Top Kungfu.

This punch could even break the steel. He just needed one punch to crunch Kris’s chest.

This move showed the real killing desire of Qiang Xiang.

Kris eyes became cold, he concentrated his genuine energy and then launched the most powerful move of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult-Sun and Moon Rotation!


Their hands crashed into each other, a strong wave of genuine energy collided.



Both men flew out and smashed on the ground, each of them vomited a mouthful of blood. The moment he fell to the ground, Kris felt like his hands had been broken. But it was worse for Qiang Xiang. Half of Qiang Xiang’s hand was frozen after vomiting the blood, and a half was roasted.

A wave of genuine gas was flowing everywhere in his body.


Another mouthful of blood came out of his mouth, now he felt half of his body was on fire, half was in the cold North Pole.

It’s a good chance!

Kris gritted his teeth and stood up. He clapped directly on the top of the Qiang Xiang’s skull.

Instantly, Qiang Xiang’s head became hollow pits. He just died there silently.

After killing Qiang Xiang, Kris’s knees gave out, and he kneeled on the ground.

He has learned the Marrow-clearing Scripture and was in the later period of the innate-power stage, but his genuine energy could even compare to the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage.

Although Qiang Xiang has already reached the innate-power stage’s fulfilled period, he didn’t know anything about the Marrow-clearing Scripture.

Besides, Kris also practiced the most powerful move of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, which is Sun and Moon Rotation, so Kris was not surprised to see this.

Technically speaking, Kris was lack of fighting experience, he was also injured during the battle.

At this moment, the drug effect of roofie started to work on Lan Xia, she didn’t know anything about the battle just happened.

“Hot, so hot…”

With the sound of “Rip”, Lan Xia ripped her top, revealing the sexy lace underwear inside.


Seeing the sexy object, Kris’s breathing became fast in an instant.

“Ah… Kris, come here quickly…” Lan Xia was biting her finger, making a meaningful eye contact with Kris, and crooked her little finger at him. She looked so sexy and seductive.

“Shit, Miss. Xia has been drugged…”

“But, why did I feel so hot…”

Kris’s suddenly felt his mouth was so dry and hot.

“Kris…” Lan Xia slowly crawled to him and held his feet..

“Miss.Xia… Wake up, please…”

Kris didn’t even finish his words when Lan Xia gagged his mouth with hers, then she put her small tongue into his mouth.


Kris felt like the beast inside his body has been released.

He subconsciously hugged Lan Xia tightly, and then he gradually lost his sanity…

“Ouch…” With a slight cry of pain, Kris felt like he’s entered a brand new world, he was hungrily exploring Lan Xia’s body.

It was like finding an oasis in the desert, and every cell of his body was cheering.

Suddenly, he felt as if he’s been back to that night in Sun-Moon Holy Cult, he almost saw Quan Mu was waving to him.

Her smile made him crazy.


The next day in the morning, Kris was awakened by the sound of a woman crying.

When he saw Lan Xia who’s crying with bruises all over his body, Kris woke up completely.

Shit! Did I sleep with Miss Xia last night? At this moment, a few scenes came across Kris’s minds.

Damn it, he had fucked Lan Xia for seven times yesterday! No wonder his back ached and his shoulder raw.

Pooh, pooh, pooh. How could he think of that at this time? Kris hurriedly picked up the clothes on the ground and put them on.

He looked at Lan Xia awkwardly: “Miss Xia… you should… put your clothes on first.” Then Kris picked up the pieces on the ground, well, it suddenly occurred to him, last night he had torn the clothes of Lan Xia into pieces.

Thinking of this, he gave a sad smile, he had to run to the bedroom and find a blanket to cover Lan Xia’s body.

However, Lan Xia was still crying, and she’s indifferent to Kris.

“Miss. Xia, you can hit me, scold me…” Kris also had no idea what to do now. And he couldn’t believe that Lan Xia was a virgin. Last night he was rough to her. She must have been hurt by him.

“Go away! Keep away from me!” Lan Xia roared at Kris.

“Ok, fine. I’ll go away.” Kris nodded with a bitter face. When he reached the door, he suddenly thought of something.

He couldn’t just walk away like this, this place is the teachers’ dormitory. If someone saw him walking out of Lan Xia’s room early in the morning, how could he explain to others?

Thinking of this, Kris let go of the door handle.

Besides, Qiang Xiang’s dead body was still there, it’s a big trouble.

“Miss.Xia… Can I stay here a little longer?” Kris felt that he’s like a scum. But if he couldn’t deal with all of this properly and let The Academy of Six Major Schools know what happened here, then he’d be in big trouble.

“Just a few minutes later, when all the teachers leave for class, I’ll drag Qiang Xiang’s dead body out and bury him, is that okay?”

Honestly speaking, when Lan Xia woke up in the morning, she really wanted to kill him.

Especially the bruises and pains in her body, all of this reminded her that what happened last night was real. But somehow, she couldn’t do that.

Is it helpful even if she kills him?

Can he give her virgin body back?

By this time, she had stopped crying and looked at Kris with red eyes. Kris was scared by her look, he couldn’t help but look away: “Miss Xia, I…”

“You don’t have to say anything.” Lan Xia said in a hoarse voice, then she stood up, wrapped herself in a blanket, and went into the bedroom.

A few minutes later, Lan Xia changed into long sleeve shirts and long pants to cover up her bruises.

However, there are some hickeys on her neck that can’t be covered unless she uses foundation.

Holding a small porcelain jar in her hand, Lan Xia walked over to Qiang Xiang’s body and poured some powder out of the jar.


As soon as powder reached his body, the body instantly melted, with a puff of white smoke rising.

After a few minutes, Qiang Xiang’s body melted into a pool of blood.


Seeing this, Kris could not help but inhale, this… Is this the Melting Powder recorded in the Thousand Golden Prescriptions?

After doing this, Lan Xia opened a window to ventilate the room, then she used a tub of water and washed away all traces on the ground.

This powder is so cool. It’s really a treasure for killers.

“Kris, come here!” Lan Xia was sitting on the sofa and called Kris.

“Miss… Miss.Xia, if you have something to say, just say it, I can hear you!”

“Come here, now!” Lan Xia said in a sweet voice.

“Fine.” Kris grudgingly walked over.

“So, what’s your plan?” Lan Xia said coldly.

“I don’t know…” Kris shook his head, to be honest, his head was really in a mess now.

“I’ll give you two months to get divorced with your wife and marry me.”

“It’s impossible!” Kris stood up. How could he get divorced with Mary Su!

“Well, if you don’t want to get divorced, I’ll give you two choices, either you kill me, or I kill you.” When Lan Xia said this, she was so calm.

“Miss Xia… Please don’t be so extreme…” Kris laughed bitterly, he had never expected that things would end up like this.

If only he expected this kind of situation last night… Well, he would do the same anyway. If it was Qiang Xiang who slept with Lan Xia, she must have committed suicide.

“I’ll give you two months. After two months, I hope all this to be over!” After saying this, Lan Xia stood up and went out.

Kris froze and remained speechless for a long time.


Kris didn’t leave the dormitory until 10 o’clock when all the teachers left for class.

Kris didn’t attend the class or go home. Instead, he went to work.

He didn’t know how to deal with Lan Xia or Mary.

So he had to paralyze himself with work. For the next two days, Kris never left his office. During two days, Mary, Tianba Li, Xiaorou Xu made dozens of phone calls and sent hundreds of texts, but Kris didn’t answer any of them.

Until the third night, Kris quietly slipped into the teachers’ dormitory of the Academy of Six Major Schools. He knocked on Lan Xia’s dormitory door, put down a box by the door, and then disappeared in the dark.

“Who are you?” Lan Xia opened the door and looked out.

There’s no one outside the door. Just when she was about to close the door, she saw the small box by the door.

Lan Xia bent and picked up the box, then she turned and closed the door.

After opening the box, Lan Xia froze. There was a magical purple pill inside the box, with a note beside the pill.

The note read: Take the magical pill, and your power will be back. As soon as she saw it, Lan Xia recognized the handwriting.

“Well, thankfully, you’ve got a conscience, bastard!” Thinking of this, Lan Xia took out the pill and swallowed it.

At the moment of the pill entering her abdomen, a force of power swept over the whole body, and the logged artery also started to flow freely.

Lan Xia hurriedly cross-knee meditation. After an hour, she opened her eyes and pointed her finger at the wall.

With a “Clatter”, she stitched a hole of thumb-sized on the wall.

At this moment, all her power came back, and it became even stronger.

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