Chapter 235: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 235 I Was Kidnapped Here (1)
Seeing that she kept silent, Heng Zhang was out of patience and said, “So you are not convinced until I give you some punishment, I’ll ask someone to chop off one of your son’s hands.”

“Ah-” the woman jumped and held her son in her arms, then she stared at Heng angrily, “Don’t touch my son, or I’ll try my best to hit you.”

“I can let go of your son as long as you tell me that woman’s location.”

“Fine, I’ll tell you.” Hearing this, people were all stunned and she continued, “There was indeed a woman who knocked my door at about 10 p.m, but I didn’t open the door and then she left, I don’t know her trace.”

Of course, Heng didn’t believe her words, judging from the texture and cut, that pant was definitely from the brand Versace. Although the woman was also thin, it should still be impossible for her to wear.

Heng informed his sidekicks and then they dragged the boy out of the woman’s hands.

“Mother, I’m afraid.” The boy cried loudly.

“Don’t touch my son,” the woman tried to dashed there to save her son, but was grabbed by two sidekicks.

Heng took out a dagger from his waist and played with it in his hand, then he smiled, “I advise you to tell me the truth or it will be impossible to set a broken bone.”

That woman was crying with tears on her face, she wanted to say but when the face of Venus and the child appeared in her mind, she couldn’t do that. So she cried and begged, “I beg you please, I haven’t see them, it’s true.”

“Humph! It seems that you took my words as a joke.” After saying this, he was about to cut the boy’s finger when suddenly a stern shout came behind, “Stop!”

Heng slightly moved his direction and the boy wasn’t hurt.

He smiled arrogantly and turned to look at Venus who came out of the storeroom covered in a mess, “Venus, you are too soft-hearted. You can escape if you don’t come out.”

Venus was indifferent with her eyes filled with disgust, “I’m not you, and I won’t do such disgusting things.”

Heng put the dagger back in his waist, then walked to Venus and said, “I really want to kill you with the knife here, and I can just tell my boss that you’ve escaped. Then I can finish my revenge and you’re nominally escaped. What do you think?”

“Heng, you are so mean, you can simply go to Kerry to take your revenge. Bullying a woman is so mean and disgusting.” Venus had nothing to afraid of, since she had been reduced to such situation, leaving with him was not a big deal.

Heng was enraged by her words, and slapped her, then her white face swelled up immediately.

“Clap” another slap. This time, however, it was Venus who slap Heng.

“How do you feel? Is it nice?” Venus kept saying provoking words, she had already changed and would not bear any suffer.

Heng grabbed her neck and fiercely threatened, “Venus, do you want to die?”

“Fine, just kill me and see if Gavin will punish you.” Venus looked at him indifferently.

The baby woke up and was very anxious when seeing this. He used his finger to pull Heng’s hands.

However, Heng didn’t let Venus go but instead increased his strength. Seeing that his mother’s face turned red, the baby simply bit on Heng’s hands.

The baby only had three or four teeth and didn’t have strength at all. But Venus was moved by his action.

Of course she didn’t want to die, and didn’t want to die at the hands of this man, so she looked at those sidekicks and said, “So you just stand by and watch? Aren’t you afraid that your boss will punish you?”

This really convinced some people, and one of them came up and held Heng’s arm and said, “Heng, calm down please, this woman is useful for boss. Don’t make it a trouble for us.”

His words could show that how harsh Gavin had treated his subordinates. Then, Heng stared at her and let her go. The baby then stopped biting.

“Venus, I will definitely take revenge on you.”

Venus was not afraid and she said, “You can do as you want, but you’d better find the right person, it’s not good to vent your hatred on others.”

Seeing another quarrel was about to start, the man next to him persuaded, “Miss Mu, stop talking, you can say anything you want in front of boss.”

Venus snorted and then turned to the woman who was holding her son, “Madam, thank you for helping me.”

“You really don’t need to come out, I don’t believe that he dare to chop off my son’s hand.” The woman said innocently.

Venus smiled, and the whole room seemed to brighten up, “Madam, he’s a devil, he will definitely do that. I’m leaving, I intend to call my relatives tomorrow, but it looks like I won’t get the chance.”

Hearing this, the woman felt sorrow and she said, “Sorry, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have kept that pant, I wish I have thrown it away!”

“No, it’s not your fault, I’m just unlucky.”

The two women were talking with each other, however, Heng felt very unpleasant, so he pushed Venus and said, “Leave now.”

Venus pulled a few steps over and then shouted at Heng, “Don’t push me, I can walk myself.”


It was the midnight when they returned to the hotel, but Gavin was still awake. He looked at Venus and her swollen face, and knew that Heng had hit her.

“Venus, is it because that I treat you too nice, you even dare to escape?” Gavin said softly.

Venus replied indifferently, “Seeking to live is the basic skill for everyone. Why can’t I run since you can catch me?”

Gavin stared at her for a moment and said, “It’s too late, we’re all tired, just go to sleep.”

As soon as the words came out, people in the room were stunned.

“Boss, so you don’t even give her a lesson?” Heng was surprised and a little bit angry.

Gavin raised his eyebrows and said impatiently, “What do you want? Killed her? Or break her legs?”

“But, at least we should give her a lesson.”

Gavin said seriously, “Heng, remember our purpose, we need to find the treasure as soon as possible. If you hurt her, our trace will be exposed and our arrangement will be delayed, do you think it’s a good idea?”

Heng was very unpleasant but could say nothing.

“Why are you still standing? Do you want me to send you back?” Gavin said to Venus.

When Venus realized what happened, she held the child and left the room.

On the other bed, Alisa was sleeping soundly. However, Venus was sitting on the bed and felt somewhat upset. She didn’t regret for at least she had tried, she would be more careful the next time and then she wouldn’t be caught by Heng.

Lying on the bed with no sleep at all, Venus was thinking about the ways to escape, suddenly a feasible way appeared in her mind.

As the day dawned, Alisa was still sleeping, probably because that she had taken too much sleeping pills.

As for Venus, she was sent to the same car with Gavin, and thus had no chance to escape.

“Since you are good at escaping, don’t stay in the hotel anymore, follow us to the mountains.” Gavin cast a glance at her.

“What about the baby?”

“It’s your business, if you don’t want to leave him, just take him yourself.”

Venus gritted her teeth, she had to put on more clothes for the baby for the area was so humid.

The inn servant went to clean up the room and found some toilet paper under a sheet with words on them. He immediately handed it to the innkeeper.

“Where do you find this?” The innkeeper asked with a stern expression.

“In the standard room where the two women live.”

The innkeeper looked at the words on the toilet paper which wrote in lipsticks: My name is Venus from Sky City, I’m kidnapped by them, please help me to call the police, thank you very much.”

The other piece wrote, “This is my husband’s phone number, his name is Kerry.”

Venus wrote it with Alisa’s lipsticks last night. She knew the servant would definitely come to clean the room, so what he wrote would be found.

“What should we do? Should we call the police?”

“No wonder I feel very strange, someone came to ask me if I had seen a woman last night, it turns out that she is kidnapped.” The innkeeper whispered.

The servant was anxious and he asked again, “Should we call the police or not?”

The innkeeper frowned and said, “Just mind your own business, I’ll deal it myself. The day after tomorrow is the National Day, many people will come to this area, clean the guest room carefully.”

“Fine.” The waiter slumped his head and left.

Looking at the words in the paper for a while, the innkeeper finally decided to call the police, it was very desolate here, the girl would be painful if been sold to strangers. He couldn’t do such bad things. Then he called the number on it.

The phone rang for a long time before it was connected, a deep male voice came over, which was a little bit noisy.

“Hello, is that Kerry?” The innkeeper asked.

“It’s me, who are you?”

“I’m a owner of a small hotel, I’m calling for, beep beep beep beep.” Their conversation was cut off for lack of signal.

“It is always be cut off at critical moment” After waiting a while, there was still no signal, then the innkeeper continued to work and forgot about it.

In Sky City, the amusement park of Yehuang Group.

When Tianye and Xiran got off from the ferris wheel, they saw Henry was walking around. It seemed that he was looking for something, so they quickly hid behind a tree.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 235 I Was Kidnapped Here (2)
“Are they looking for you?” Xiran Xiao raised her head and asked.

“Probably yes.” Tianye nodded, “He is very sensitive, and must have sensed something different.”

“Oh, no wonder he is so enthusiastic to invite us to dinner, he won’t treat me like that normally.” Xiran prodded a finger in Tianye’s chest and said with a smile, “Just show up and ask him about the whereabouts of Venus directly since you’ve found nothing in these days.” Tianye didn’t answer her words.

“Since Kerry is skeptical now, he will definitely strengthen the checks at the entrance of the amusement park, then it will be difficult to get out. I’d better control the situation rather than revealed by him.”

Tianye hesitated for a while and then confessed, “Actually, there’s no grudge between us, I hurt his brother and he hurt me, we’ve evened. I only worry that Venus will forgive him for she is soft-hearted. What about she still choose to stay with Kerry?”

“Well.” Xiran caressed his cheek, “Venus is an adult, it’s her own choice, you can’t take care of her forever. “

Tianye turned his face away, like a disgruntled child and said, “But this is too good for Kerry.”

“You just don’t want him to be forgiven so easily right?” Xiran said directly to the point and an idea appeared in her minds, “I have a suggestion.”


In the monitoring room, Kerry fixed his eyes on dozens of the screens, he wanted to find the person that he was looking for. Suddenly, the phone rang, and it was from Xiran.

Feeling confused, he answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Kerry, are you looking for someone?” Xiran asked with a faint smile.

Kerry’s eyelids jumped and he subconsciously denied, “No, I’m not looking for someone.”

“Okay, that’s fine.” Then she was about to hung up the phone when Kerry suddenly asked, “Wait …… How do you know that I’m looking for someone?”

Xiran said with a smile, “That’s just my speculation, I can tell you where the person is, but you have to promise me a thing.”

“What do you want me to do?” Kerry had a very bad premonition.

Then he heard Xiran saying, “Play all the entertainment facilities in the amusement park first, except the ferris wheel, and then I’ll tell you.”

Kerry blurted out, “Are you crazy?”

“So you don’t want? Then just find him yourself.”

“Xiran!” Kerry shouted and suppressed the anger in his heart, “How do I know that the person you are saying is the one that I’m looking for? What if he is not?”

“What if he is?” Xiran rebutted, “Kerry, I just give you a suggestion, and I’m not forcing you, it is your choice to accept it or not.”

Kerry was so angry that he wanted to curse, what could he do? Obviously, he was forced.

“Do you accept it or not? Don’t waste my time if you don’t want. Or is it that the safety of these facilities in your amusement park is not guaranteed, so you don’t even dare to try yourself?” Xiran said provocatively.

Most of the men hate to hear that!

At this point, even though Kerry knew that it would be difficult for him to do it, he agreed for he really wanted to know whether that friend of hers was Tianye or not.

“Fine, I promise you, but where can I find you after I’ve played all the facilities?”

“I’ll call you. Kerry, don’t try to cheat, I’ll be watching you.”

Kerry said angrily, “Hmph! I’ll keep my words.”

“Fine, then start from the Pirate Ship.”

After saying that, Xiran hung up the phone. Kerry was very angry and thought that, “Xiran is good at playing tricks.”

Although he was angry, he had to keep his promise. Then he took off the handmade Italian suit, removed the delicate cufflinks on his shirt, walked out form the office and headed towards the playing area.

Henry followed Kerry and asked with concern, “Boss, so you accept her suggestion? “

Kerry stared at him and then said, “Or you think I’m kidding?”

Henry didn’t know how to reply.

“Young Master……”

“Stop talking nonsense, remember to search around when I am on the Pirate Ship, try to find them.” Kerry commanded.

“Yes, young master.”

There were many people in line for the Pirate Ship, but Kerry had the privilege since he was the owner of the amusement park. However, his appearance still caused a disturbance.

“Wow, Kerry is playing the Pirate Ship.”

A beautiful woman in the front of the line boldly asked, “Mr. Ye, do you want to try?”

Kerry squeezed a smile and said, “Well, it’s interesting, I want to have a try.” He was a public figure, it was just a publicity work.

Half a minute later after he got on the ship and worn the belt, the boat started moving, and then the sound of shouts rang out around his ears.

Before playing, Kerry thought it was easy, but then he found it was quite exciting.

Since childhood, Kerry seldom went to amusement parks, the equipment was not modern at that time. Even bumper cars could be boasted for a while, so this was his first time on a Pirate Ship.

A few minutes later, Kerry began to feel dizzy, his heart was also beating intensively, he could barely got off form the ship, however, he stopped Henry who intended to help.

He was a man, how could he be defeated by those energetic women?

After taking a break on a nearby chair, he asked Henry for water.

Henry said hesitantly, “Young Master, you’d better not drink, the next one is the Roller Coaster.” He said in an obscure manner, but Kerry understood, this guy was afraid that he would vomit after playing.

Never mind, he should listen to Henry’s suggestion.

After resting for a while, Kerry walked towards the Roller Coaster, where the screams could be heard far away.

“Do you find Xiran?” Kerry asked as he walked.


“Rubbish.” Kerry cursed.

Henry lower his head and kept silent, he knew Kerry was angry.

The high-speed Roller Coaster was the highlight of their amusement park. It was 1,500 meters long with five dives in the middle, like a circle.

Kerry once stood below when it was in the testing phrase, people either vomit or directly sit on the ground. At that time, he thought he would never try. That was too frightening, although he could bear excitement, but that didn’t mean he liked it.

He didn’t expect that……

“Boss, are you okay?” Seeing Kerry’s pale face, Henry said worriedly.

Kerry said sternly, “I’m fine.”

After taking a few deep breaths, Kerry sat down in the seat, then a pretty woman sat next to him.

The staff enthusiastically taught the tourists how to fasten the seat belt, and then check them one by one. After the work was completed, he notified the control room to get started.

Kerry felt nothing when climbing, however, the woman next to him kept screaming. After stopping at the highest point for two seconds, it began to fell.

Kerry felt a sense of weightlessness and gritted his teeth so that he wouldn’t scream, but he couldn’t bear from the third dive, and just screamed with the crowd regardless of his image.

As soon as he shouted, Kerry felt less frightened.

Kerry felt that he had experienced death within the two minutes. After the Roller Coaster stopped, Henry helped Kerry to get off, he couldn’t refuse him this time.

“Young master, why is your neck red, like stripes. Do you have allergies?” Henry asked nervously.

Kerry said, “There is a woman sitting beside me, and she doesn’t bind her hair. She is too reckless.”

Hearing this, Henry just laughed, he could imagine how disgusted Kerry felt just now.

“How many amusement facilities are left?” Kerry asked with his hands covered the chest.

Henry snapped his fingers and said, “Mega Drop, Fire Ball, Trapeze, Hot Wheels, and Flume Ride, there are altogether five projects.”

Each time Henry said one, Kerry’s face turned whiter, and by the time he finished, Kerry had no expression. He was so impulsive to agree Xiran’s suggestion.

However, he could only kept his words or he would be mocked by her the whole life.

“Henry, what about you knocking me out and tie me up?” Kerry was depressive, hearing the screams far away, he felt very frightened.

Henry just smiled and said, “young master, you are kidding.”

Kerry cast a glance at him, and then continued.

Kerry almost closed his eyes to finish the rest parts regardless of his image, only thinking that he would never play these things again.

On the rooftop of the hotel far from the amusement park, Xiran saw him with a telescope, then she murmured, “The telescope sold in the amusement park is quite useful. Look at Kerry, I think he is about to faint.”

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