Chapter 235: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 235 Honor and pleasure

“To tell you the truth, Mr. Lee of Guoxin Group and I, we were schoolmates, as long as I give him a call, your decision will be cancelled immediately!”

But Mr Jiang did not respond to Wei Reed’s remarks: “Call him now as you wish.”

With everyone looking at him, Wei Reed had no choice but to dial the number of Mr. Lee and put it on speaker.

He still had some faith in his relationship with Mr. Lee; after all, better than these strangers and the Marquis Group, they had been schoolmates and both worked in the financial industry .

Silence prevailed as everyone held their breath and waited for the phone to get through.

Surprisingly, no one answered the phone.

What happened?

Why didn’t his so-called schoolmate answer the phone?

Wei Reed explained awkwardly: “He must be busy.”

Then,he dialed the number once again.

Finally someone answered the phone after several rings.

“Hey, Mr. Lee, it’s me, Wei Reed!” Wei Reed greets Mr. Lee with a smile.

Mr. Lee’s voice came through the loudspeaker, “Oh. Mr. Lee, what’s up!”

“Nothing big, but it concerns your Guoxin Bank; Marquis Group and Tianbei City’s other enterprises have decided to withdraw all their money from our bank. We were still in the middle of negotiation, but the president Jiang of your branch had offered to work with on and provide them with the lowest interest rate of loans…”

“Mr. Lee! What do you think of that?”

There was a brief pause before he replied, “You were talking about the Marquis Group?

The Ward Family?”

“Yes, Mr. Ward’s.” Wei Reed nodded.

Wei Reed did not know the Ward Family mentioned by Mr. Lee was acutally the Ward Family from Jing City.

And, Mr. Lee did not know Colin Ward’s real identity either. But the surname had intimidating enough for him.

After a moment of silence, Mr. Lee said, “I think Jiang handled the matter well, and I support his decision.”


Wei Reed was so surprised to get the answer.

The crowd was shocked, excited and thrilled.

Did they hear it right?

Mr. Lee had supported Jiang’s decision, which meant that their enterprises can continue to survive and thrive with the support of the banks.

Jiang Guotao smiled and admired the courage of Wei Reed; how dared him go against Colin Ward without digging into his identity.

Colin Ward was surprised and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Mr. Lee, I think……”

“Du, du, du…”

Without other words, Mr. Lee hung up the phone.

Wei Reed froze there with his face deadly pale, his hands trembling, “No way…”

“No way?” Colin Ward mocked.

The other bankers had started to regret making the same mistakes as Wei Reed.

“Mr. Ward, about earlier, we were just kidding, we would still like to work with the Marquis.”

“Yes, yes, Mr. Ward, it was a mistake, please do not take it seriously.”

Wei Reed looked extremely awkward as his face glowed; then wearing a obsequious smile, he said: “Mr. Ward, sorry about earlier, it was a misunderstanding between us; a big man like Mr. Ward would definitely take this for real, right?”

Colin Ward sneered, “No, I’m not a big man.”

“You really thought that you are going to get away with it, simply like this? You must think we are a bunch of fools!?”

“If it weren’t for Jiang’s support today, would you still think it was a mistake or a misunderstanding?”

“No! You won’t! You’ll only push your luck!”

Wei Reed felt extremely embarrassed.

Several bankers also lowered their heads to avoid eye contact with Colin Ward.

Colin Ward added: “I will keep in mind what happened today and always remember what Mr. Reed did today.”

Wei Reed knew that he had messed all this up and it was pointless to stay any longer.


With a sniff, Wei Reed fled from the hotel in a panic.

Outside the restaurant, he had expected that the heads of the banks would come out with him, so that they could go back and discuss a solution.

However, no one came out following him.

At this time, those bank heads were busy apologizing to Colin Ward.

After waiting outside for a while and seeing that no one following his lead, Wei Reed got nervous, took out his phone, and rang one of the bankers who was still in the room.

“What’s the matter with you? What are you doing in there?”

The man answered the phone and went to the corner of the hall, whispering, “Mr. Reed, we have to solve this here now, or never!”

“Mr. Reed, come back! Let’s be sincere with them and begging for their forgiveness.”

Wei Reed was very angry, “Fucking coward! He had made it clear that he would count all this on me! Come out and bring them together, we will work out a solution together.”

“Mr. Reed, it is between you and him, nothing mentioned about us, so…”

“I’m asking you for the last time, are you really going to suck up to him?” threatened Wei Reed.

There was a pause: “Mr. Reed, the Marquis Group is something we can’t afford to offend.”

Wei Reed gripped the phone so firmly.

“Good! You go and suck up to him! Let’s see if he could laugh till the end?”

On the second floor of the hotel, even those bank heads had expressed their remorse and regret and made their offers to make it up; but Colin Ward still decided to knock them out.

To the bankers, this was the end of their business.

Those who stayed, on the other hand, were having the best day of their business life.

Colin Ward walked up to Jiang Guotao, raised his glass and toasted, “Thank you very much.”

“Mr. Ward,” Jiang Guotao smiled, “it is my honor and pleasure.”

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