Chapter 236: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 236 The Truth Is Revealed To All (1)
Tianye leaned against the rail and asked: “What happened?”

Xiran looked at him and her face contorted. “The guy sitting beside Kerry just……threw up.”

Tianye’s eyes widened. He looked at Xiran in disbelief, and a few seconds later, they both burst into laughter.

“Kerry will hate me so much. He will go crazy!” Xiran laughed so hard that her stomach began aching and she grabbed Tianye’s arm for support.

Tianye also laughed uncontrollably. He couldn’t remember when was the last time he laughed so hard. “It is indeed a great pleasure to see other people suffer.” He said jokingly.

When the young man threw up, the Ferris Wheel was still revolving, and the wind was rather strong and his puke was blown directly onto Kerry’ s clothes. Kerry was shocked to the core. The smell was so strong and he thought he would faint. He wanted to get off but the wheel was still revolving. “Why is this bloody game so damn long! Why do I have to pick this guy to sit beside me!” He thought to himself.

Time seemed to be dragging. After what seemed like forever, the wheel finally stopped. Kerry unbuckled the belt with shaking hands. He then removed his T-shirt carefully, which was stained terribly by puke, and threw it on the ground.

His image is finally ruined. He thought.

When Henry saw that guy puked on Kerry, he took off his coat and waited. So the moment Kerry got off and removed his shirt, Henry rushed over and gave his coat to Kerry. Many girls exclaimed in delight when they saw Kerry’ s perfect upper body.

Kerry put Henry’s coat on and said in a low and angry voice: “I need to take a shower!”

Henry’s coat was just a regular one but it brought out Kerry’ s perfect shape. Many people looked Kerry admiringly and some people even took out their cameras to take pictures.

Kerry knew he would be on the news the next day. After all, he was thrown up upon in his own amusement park on the first day of it’s opening.

Kerry walked ahead with his head drooped, and Henry followed him closely. He said to Kerry in a low voice: “Sir, there is a water park right in the front, and you can take a shower there and play another game.”

Kerry glared at him. He couldn’t believe Henry was still thinking about the games.

Henry noticed Kerry was angry. He smiled apologetically and said: “Sorry, sir. I have asked someone to bring a new shirt for you.”

Kerry was so angry, but he managed to refrain his anger because there were too many people. He took a few deep breaths and said to Henry: “Just shut up.”

Henry stopped talking. He was actually trying very hard to refrain his laughter because he had never seen Kerry in such a state.

Kerry arrived at the water park and walked into a shower room. Henry then asked someone to bring Kerry’s new clothes to him. In the amusement park, there is a room specially built for Kerry, and there are Kerry’s clothes in that room. So the clothes were soon brought to him.

Kerry thumped the wall angrily, but his anger didn’t subside at all. He spent a long time in the shower. He cleaned his body with a soap for three times, and he washed his hair two times. He didn’t come out until he was sure there was no smell on his body.

He put the new clothes on and asked Henry: “Do I still smell bad?”

Henry sniffed at him and said: “You smell like soap and shampoo.”

Kerry sighed with relief. He decided to take a rest first and then continue the next game. At that moment, Xiran called.

His anger flared up again when he saw Xiran’s number. He picked it up, and the first thing he heard was Xiran’s happy laughter. Xiran then said: “Kerry, how does it smell?”

That horrible smell seemed to be rushing back to his nostrils again when he heard what she said. He answered: “Xiran Xiao! This isn’t over!”

Xiran laughed again. She said: “Kerry, don’t be so angry. Take a rest. There is another game to play. I have been waiting to watch you play that game for so long and I am now starving. After playing that game, we can eat together.”

Kerry said angrily: “Didn’t you just say you don’t want to eat with me?”

“Now I changed my mind.” Xiran said frankly.

“You are so shameless.” Kerry answered.

“Why do you talk so much? Can you still play the next game? Are you afraid?”

Kerry looked at his legs, which were shaking uncontrollable, and said: “It’s just a stupid game. Why would I be afraid of a game?”

“Are you sure?”

Kerry was afraid that this woman would add some more games, so he said quickly: “Xiran, we are not enemies. Why do you have to punish me like this.”

“Because I am enjoying it so much.” Xianran said directly.

Kerry was speechless. He said: “I see. I see. Xiran, I will forever remember what happened today, and I swear to take revenge someday.”

“Kerry, just shut up and go playing the last game. Or I will leave and our deal will be broken.” Xiran said impatiently. She is richer and much more powerful than Kerry so she is not afraid of him at all.

“Xiran Xiao!” Kerry roared. He really didn’t know what could he do with this woman.

“Stop shouting at me! I’ll give you two minutes to go to the game. Or, I will leave.”

Kerry hung up the phone and threw it aside. He walked out and said to himself: “Bloody woman. Just wait. This isn’t over!”

But he knew he could do nothing against Xiran. Both Venus and Tianye are very protective of Xiran and he would be destroyed by them if he dared to touch Xiran.

The last game is roller coaster on water, and it is no easier than normal roller coaster. Kerry put on his equipment and took a seat. He shut his eyes, and then the roller coaster zoomed away.

Although he was wearing a raincoat, but when the game was over, his trousers were still soaked.

“Do I have new trousers?” Kerry walked out of the pool and asked Henry.

“I…I forgot bring it here. They are in your room.” Henry stammered.

“Oh, I see. Isn’t that nice?” Kerry said with strong sarcasm. He then said: “Where is my phone?”

Henry gave it to him.

Kerry called Xiran and asked: “Xiran, where are you?”

“Have you played the game?”

“Where are you? Xiran, you’d better keep your promise! Or I won’t let the matter rest easily.” Kerry said and dried himself with a towel.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 236 The Truth Is Revealed To All (2)
“Don’t worry. I am a woman of my word. Look to your left. Do you see the hotel? I am on the rooftop of the hotel.”

Kerry looked up and said: “Where is the man I want to see?”

“You will see him when you get here.”

Kerry clenched his teeth and said: “Don’t let me down.”

But Xiran had already hung up the phone.

Kerry threw the towel to Henry and walked towards the hotel. Henry followed and asked: “Sir, should we take more people with us?”

“No.” Kerry said. He thought it would be better to go there and meet the man privately.

Kerry squeezed his way through the tourists and arrived at the hotel. All of a sudden, he felt rather nervous as if he was going to a job interview. What if that man was not Tianye Mu? He thought to himself.

He took the elevator and arrived at the top floor. He then climbed a set of stairs and now, the roof is just behind a door. He grabbed the handle nervously, and he didn’t even dare to push the door open.

So many evidences indicated that Tianye is still alive. First, Mu’s Group is competing for the market with him, and then, Venus told him that she saw Tianye, and then, he saw someone who bears a huge resemblance with Tianye. But still, there is a slim chance that his guess was wrong, and Tianye is really died.

He would accept it if Tianye is really died, but what about Venus? How would she take it? Kerry thought.

He took a deep breath and summoned up all his courage and opened the door.

The rooftop was rather empty. Only Xiran was there. She looked at Kerry and smiled slyly.

Kerry felt disappointed.

“You look so sad. You don’t want to see me?” Xiran raised her eyebrows and asked.

Kerry’s anger flared up. He rushed to Xiran and roared: “Where is him?”

“Who?” Xiran joked with him.

Kerry was about to grab her arms. But all of a sudden, a deep and commanding voice was heard from behind.

“Don’t you dare to touch her!”

Kerry’s mind went blank. He froze, and he wasn’t even breathing.

This voice is so familiar to him. He can never forget this voice in his lifetime.

“Stay away from her.” Tianye said.

Kerry recovered himself. He turned around slowly and found the man was standing right behind him. Tianye was dressed in a black shirt and a pair of black trousers. He looked exactly like the way he looked a year ago. Even his eyes were still filled with hatred and disgust when he looked at Kerry.

“You are still alive.” Kerry said in a hoarse voice.

Tianye stared at him coldly and said: “Yeah. Are you disappointed?”

“Yes, I am. I thought you were eaten by a shark.” Kerry said jokingly. Of course he couldn’t say his real feelings considering how proud he is.

Tianye gave a cold laugh, He said: “Wouldn’t you celebrate if I really died?”

“You are right. You are my only enemy in A city. I will be so lonely without you.” Kerry said.

Tianye then said seriously: “Kerry, where is Venus?”

“She is always around us. You met her.” Kerry smiled.

Tianye was confused. “Nonsense. I haven’t met her since I came back to A city.”

Kerry sighed. He shook his head and said: “Obviously you are not a good brother. You can’t recognize her even when she is right in front of you.”

Tianye was more puzzled. “Kerry, what the hell are you talking about? I am very serious and you’d better tell me where is my sister right now!”

“Calm down.” Kerry glanced at Xiran, who was standing beside them, watching. He continued: “You have really met each other. She is Xiran’s best friend.”

“My best friend? I have only one friend in this city and she is Yan Chu……”

Xiran suddenly stopped talking and her eyes widened in disbelief. She looked at Tianye and found he was also so shocked. “Yan Chu is Venus?”

“Kerry, what the hell? Yan looks so different from Venus! How is that possible? I am not a three year old!” Tianye said.

Kerry spread his hands and said: “Actually, Yan Chu is indeed Venus. She looks different from Venus but their behaviors are exactly the same. Didn’t you even notice that?”

Tianye said: “Nonsense. I only met Yan a few times. How am I supposed to know what she is like in life. Do you have any evidence to prove that Yan is Venus?”

Kerry knew he couldn’t convince them simply by talking. He took out his phone and found his baby’s picture. He showed the picture to Tianye and said: “Now look at this kid. He is my son. He is also your nephew.”

Tianye’s chin dropped. He looked at the picture. The baby is smilingly so brightly. His features are exactly like Kerry’s and he also has Venus’s eyebrows. His eyes are his most striking feature. One is blue and the other is purple. So this is obviously Kerry’s son.

Tianye’s heart was filled with joy when he saw this baby.

“Now do you believe me?” Kerry took his phone and said. But Xiran snatched the phone from him and looked at the picture curiously.

“Wow!” Xiran exclaimed. “This baby is so cute! I can’t believe Kerry can have such a beautiful baby. That’s unreasonable.”

Kerry shot her a sideways glance and said: “You are saying I am ugly?”

Xiran nodded and said: “Yes, that is what I was saying.”

Kerry was angry. “Hey, in which way am I ugly?”

“In every way.” Xiran said jokingly and gave the phone back to him.

“You are blind.” Kerry said.

“Is that how you talk to her?” Tianye also joined in.

Kerry chose to be silent. He knew he couldn’t win against the both of them.

Tianye still couldn’t believe it. Why would his sister change her face and her identity? That sounds so surreal. He thought.

“I believe that baby is your son. But you can’t prove Venus is his mother.”

“Tianye, you are such a damn fool! Why would I be so nice to Yan if she wasn’t Venus? Did Xiran tell you that Yan was kidnapped? If you are interested, I’ll tell you more about it. Let’s find another place.”

Tianye and Xiran looked at each other. They decided to trust Kerry for once.

“Fine. Let’s see what kind of stories will you make.”

The three of them left the rooftop and went downstairs. Henry and a few body guards were waiting at the gate of the hotel.

Everyone was so shocked when they saw Tianye. Henry’s jaw dropped.

“Henry. It’s been so long. You want to go up there and catch me?” Tianye smiled. And Henry recovered himself.

“Mr Mu….You are….”

“I am not dead. Sorry.”

“That’s not what I think…” Henry said. He couldn’t believe Tianye is still alive. Because a year ago he saw with his own eyes that Tianye was severely injured and fell into the sea. How could he possibly survive that. But now Tianye was right in front of him and he still looks so energetic and young.

Henry suddenly realized that Venus wouldn’t hate Kerry since Tianye is still alive.

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