Chapter 236: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 236 Please accept my apology!

Colin Ward didn’t ask Jiang why he would come forward for him; he won’t get the real answer on occasion like this, either.

It was not until about nine o’clock that everyone dispersed.

Colin Ward returned home in Lanbo Port and raised an eyebrow when he spotted a man waiting in front of his villa.

Wei Reed stood with a large gift box in his hand; it must have been a long wait.

After seeing Colin Ward, Wei Reed smiled obsequiously, “Mr. Ward, it’s all my fault. Please accept my apology.” He bowed and handed over the gift box.

Colin Ward laughed at Wei Reed. “Mr. Reed, I thought I have made myself clear? I don’t want to repeat what I said.”

Wei Reed’s face stiffened, and then with an awkward smile on his face, he said: “Mr. Ward, what happened in the hotel was my fault. I hope that you could forgive me.”

“I don’t think we have much to say upon this issue.”

Colin Ward pressed his finger on the door handle and unlock the fingerprint lock.

Wei Reed followed, “Mr. Ward, this gift was chosen by myself. I am pretty sure you would like it.”

Colin Ward looked at the gift again, thought for a moment and said, “OK, the gift is accepted, as for other things, no way.”

Colin Ward took over the gift box and locked the door again.

Flora Lewis was also there when he entered.

“Uncle’s back!” After seeing Colin Ward, Doris Lee was the happiest.

Colin Ward put the gift box on the coffee table, attracting the attention of the two.

“Yo, what’s this?” Asked Flora Lewis.

“A gift from Wei Reed.”

Neither Flora Lewis nor Doris Lee knew about him.

“Why is he giving you a gift?” Flora Lewis asked. “Kissing your ass?”

“No.” Colin Ward sat down on the sofa and said to Doris Lee, “Open it, Doris. If you like it, it’s yours.”

Doris Lee did not care so much. She was very curious and excited about the gift. After all, she was a child.

She cannot wait to open the gift box.

“This is…”

“A Jade Ruyi?”

A Jade Ruyi about 30 or 40 centimeters in length is lying in the middle of the gift box, and the color of it was pure green while its texture was so fine like that of water.

Colin Ward was really surprised by the generosity of Wei Reed.

“That would be worth a lot of money!” Sighed Flora Lewis.

Doris Lee blinked her eyes and felt a bit scared while curious.

Colin Ward was a bit amused by her reaction; he handed her the Jade Ruyi and said casually: “Touch it, take it, it is your toy from now on!”

The first thing Colin Ward did on the second morning was take Doris Lee out for fun as he had promised.

After breakfast, Colin Ward asked Doris Lee, “Where do you want to go the most?”

“Amusement park. Is that OK?” Doris Lee did not hesitate to speak up her mind.

“Yes. Amusement park it is!” Colin Ward nodded, then started his car and set off for Tianbei City’s largest amusement park.

More than half an hour later, the two stood at the entrance of the amusement park.

Colin Ward told Doris Lee to stay where she was because he had to buy tickets.

But the amusement park was crowded with people on the weekend, so it was a very long queue.

While Colin Ward was waiting in the queue, a voice caught the attention of Doris Lee.


Doris Lee turned to look. “Sister?”

“You came here alone?”

No sooner had Ellie Ye finished asking her question than her eyes darkened as she spotted Colin Ward at the ticket window.

Colin Ward and Doris Lee were at the amusement park together; they were dating!

That made Ellie Ye uncomfortable.

She had been lying to Doris Lee in order to get Colin Ward; but she did not know that Colin Ward had such a obsession with Doris Lee that she had no choice but to let go of Doris Lee.

And now Doris Lee was dating Colin Ward!

Did Doris Lee recover?

No, Doris Lee just called her sister.

“I came with uncle.”

As innocent as Doris Lee was, she had no way to know that Ellie Ye had been taking advantage of her; Ellie Ye was but someone who take her out for fun and for delicious food.

“Oh, have fun.”

With that, Ellie Ye turned around and walked away after seeing that Colin Ward was coming back.

Doris Lee blinked, wondering why Ellie Ye left so soon. Didn’t she come to have fun in the amusement park?

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