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Chapter 237 – 238: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 237: Drawing the eyebrow

The pill Kris Chen made for Lan Xia was called “Pure Essence Pill”, an advanced antidote pill. He had already picked up the materials he needed the first time he was sent to Ice Fire Island. He hadn’t trained too many, just two, and he kept one of them.

When he was about to go back to the company, a figure jumped from the tree aside as he walked out of the dorm of Six-major schools College.

Kris Chen was scared, but he smiled bitterly when he saw the figure clearly, “The Lean Monk, why are you here?”

“Under the command of Madam, I’m here to take you back to our school.” And then, The Lean Monk grabbed Kris’s collar and flew up quickly.

“The…The Lean Monk…can you put me down? I can walk by myself!” The wind kept pulling into Kris’s mouth, which was really miserable.

“I can’t take this. I’m gonna puke…” Before he finished speaking, he felt a prick on his neck, and blacked out, and then fell into a coma.


When Kris wok up, he found himself already in the room of the bBishop’swife.

What a familiar scene!

“Wake up?”

Quan Mu sitting in front of the dresser, with a thin lipstick in her hand, and rouged her lips.

Kris Chen stood up from the ground quickly, “Dear Madam!”

“You wake up. Come, help me draw the eyebrows!” And then Quan Mu turned around, with an eyebrow pencil in her hand.

Young and tender hands, tight and resilient skin, white and sexy neck, beautiful forehead and thin eyebrow, attractive smile and shining eyes. Somehow, this sentence appeared in his mind the moment he saw Quan Mu. With red robe on her body and crown on her head. She was really attractive, noble, and elegant.

“What are you waiting for? Come here!”

“Oh, coming!” When Kris came to himself, he walked to Quan Mu and picked up the eyebrow pencil in a rush. Honestly speaking, it was his time to draw an eyebrow for a lady.

Though he was still a little nervous, he had learned that after a long marriage with Mary Su.


They were face to face. The fragrance Quan Mu breathed out went into Kris’s nose directly, and made Kris’s heart itchy.

This woman smelt so fragrant, and Kris couldn’t help looking at her.

Somehow, he always felt an illusion.

It seemed that the bBishop’swife was very happy after he was grabbed back.

A faint smile was still around her mouth. Drawing eyebrow was originally intimate. In ancient times, only the husband could draw an eyebrow for his wife.

May Madam like him?

Thinking about this, Kris couldn’t help praising her, “Madam, you’re so beautiful today!”


Kris nodded, “That’s for sure. You are the prettiest woman in my heart!”

“So, glib!” Quan Mu seemed to punish him, but actually, she was quite happy.

Kris felt obvious that Madam’s face became delighted, so he was more confident, “Madam, my heart is a hundred percent to you. My words are all true.”

He got closer to Quan Mu while drawing her eyebrow.


The man’s breath touched her face softly, Quan Mu’s heart beat harder.

An ambiguous feeling spread between these two people. Now Kris became bold, held her immediately, and smiled, “Ma’am, it’s better to draw eyebrow in this way.”

Till now, Kris was quite sure that Madam liked him, and impossible to feel angry about his behavior.

Quan Mu couldn’t help panting faintly. She wanted to struggle, but now she had no strength.

“Kris, let me go…” Quan Mu was shy and offended. But Kris didn’t let go but held her more tightly.

“Ma’am, don’t move. If my handshakes, then your eyebrow will be ruined!” Kris Chen hugged Quan Mu tightly and whispered beside her ear.

Man’s breath spurted on her beautiful neck, and a blush spread over it instantly.

This woman was really sensitive.

Kris held his impulsion and kept drawing eyebrow for Quan Mu.

Quan Mu became totally soft and leaned on Kris directly.

When he finished drawing, Kris couldn’t resist anymore, and he was about to kiss Quan Mu.

Quan Mu closed her eyes subconsciously. Since she couldn’t resist, neither, then just let it happen. But after a while, Kris didn’t take any movement further.

She opened her eyes and looked at Kris, whose face was full of complex emotions.

“What..what happened?” Quan Mu asked. “Ma’am, I…” Kris Chen was in a huge struggle. He just hurt Lan Xia two days ago, now it was Quan Mu’s turn today?

Sure enough, did all men have the same inferiority, that was lust for a woman.

“Am I ugly?”

“No…You’re like an angel. Even god will fall in love with you.”

“Then why… why don’t you…” She couldn’t speak the last two words out, and she had already closed her eyes.

Why didn’t he kiss her?

Did he mind my marriage or maybe my age?

Thinking about this, Quan Mu smiled bitterly, “Do you mind my status…”

Hearing what Quan said, Kris was shocked instantly.

When he was about to explain, outside the door came loud laughter.

“Haha, honey, I’m coming…”


It was the bBishop

Quan Mu rushed to get down from Kris Chen, arranged her clothes in a hurry, and looked at Kris worriedly, “Come on, the bishop is coming…”

Damn, the bBishop

At this late-night, if the bBishopsees his wife staying with me, he will definitely kill me! Kris thought.

What to do now?

Kris looked around the room and pointed to the bed, “I…I’ll hide under the bed!”

“No! He’ll find you!”

Quan Mu grabbed Kris’s hands instantly. Considering the bBishop’sstate, he would notice any little move.

Thinking about this, Quan Mu bit her lips and pointed to her lower body, “Come! Get into my dress.”

“Damn! Get into a woman’s dress. This was…”

The sound of footsteps outside was getting closer and closer. Kris took a deep breath, raised Quan Mu’s dress, and went into it.

A real man should adjust himself to the environment but survive first.

The door opened as Kris went into the dress. Bishop of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult came in at this moment.

Though the Bishop was in his seventies, he was tall and had a sonorous voice.

Quan Mu was in a huge panic as the Bishop went in, but she pretended to be calm and showed a sweet smile, “Bishop, I’m preparing for tomorrow’s big day. Please forgive me for bad manners.”

The bBishoplaughed, and sat beside Quan Mu, “Thanks for that. I’m extremely happy, how can I blame you?”

“Thanks, bishop!” And then, Quan Mu looked at the Bishop with confusion, “Bishop, it’s very late. Why do you have time to come here?”

In the normal time, he would be training himself or reading books.

Why did he have time to come here today?

Shentong Wang waved his sleeve, walked to Quan Mu, and smiled, “Tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m happy…”

Since Quan Mu married him and got to Ice Fire Island, Shentong Wang was always nice to her.

Except for making love, Shentong Wang would do whatever Quan Mu wanted!

It could be said that in The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, she was superior to everyone except the Bishop

Nevertheless, Quan Mu had been indifferent to Shentong Wang, which made him sad and worried. But now, Shentong Wang saw Quan Mu particularly dressed well for his birthday, and he was overjoyed.

Thinking about this, Shentong Wang smiled, “Honey, I want to show you an interesting thing this time!” And then he took a human skin mask from behind, just like playing tricks.

Quan Mu was shocked and then picked up the human skin mask. This mask was cold and thin, and it must be very comfortable sticking it to the face.

“Honey, I came across this trick called Transfiguration while reading books. Transfiguration is magical. Not only can it make human skin mask, but it also changes our face by special methods.” And then Shentong Wang put the mask on his face and pinched his face.

Ten seconds later, the bBishop’shead changed into the shape of The Lean Monk’s. And at this time, “The Lean Monk” looked at Quan Mu with smile, “Honey, how do you like it?” But then Quan Mu’s body became stiff suddenly. She felt that Kris Chen was moving his body down her dress, and his warm breath sprinkled on her thigh, which was itchy but comfortable.

Damn, Kris was too bold. They were over if found by the Bishop. But seriously speaking, she didn’t listen at all when the Bishop performed Transfiguration. Her attention was on Kris. But she had to pretend an interesting look in order to cover Kris.

At this moment, Kris felt his hands and feet numb and neck sore after lying on the ground for a long time. Especially those two white tender thighs, which sandwiched his head in the middle, almost suffocated him to death.

No way. Without the punishment of the Bishop he would still die in this way. Thinking about this, his head couldn’t help pushing forward, which made Quan Mu screamed.

Hearing that, Shentong Wang asked quickly, “Honey, what’s up to you…”

“Nothing…I’m fine, Bishop” Quan Mu smiled bitterly and said, “I was shocked by this magical Transfiguration, and couldn’t help shouting.” And then, Quan Mu looked at Shentong Wang, “Bishop, how do you make it?”

Shentong Wang was quite certain, and he laughed, “Well, since you’re interested, then let me teach you. First, about this human skin mask, we need high-rank flour, and then add the magic water…”

Shentong spoke out the method of making human skin mask, and then he said, “Next, we press the 36 acupoints of Touwei, Yangbai, Yintang, Yangbai, Yuyao, Taiyang, Chengqi and the others, and stimulate the acupoints with genuine energy, and then you can change your face at will.

Kris Chen, hidden under Quan Mu’s dress, frowned. Was it that magical? If only he could try by himself. But he dared not to make a sound.

No kidding, he would die definitely if he was found. Right now, Quan Mu couldn’t resist anymore. Now she just wants Shentong Wang to leave, and she pondered for a while.

She smiled and asked, “Bishop, it’s very late now. Why not just sleep here?”

She knew that Shentong Wang didn’t lust for women, and he didn’t have that capability. So every time she said this, Shentong Wang would leave. But Kris didn’t know that.

Hearing Quan Mu’s words, he was worried and anxious like an ant in the hot pot. Why did she ask the Bishop to stay here?

Was she asking for trouble?

No, have to remind her!

Thinking about this, Kris couldn’t help pushing his head forward, and he was stopped by Quan Mu’s hands.

His face was stuck to Quan Mu’s inside thigh, and a fantastic smell went into his nose.

Damn… This woman was insane!

Now her most private part was clung to Kris, and Quan Mu’s face turned red suddenly, with a rapid breath.

Shentong Wang didn’t recognize the change of her expression, and he smiled bitterly, “I have books to read. I’ll sleep somewhere else.” And then he stood up and walked towards the door.

At this moment, both Quan Mu and Kris Chen sighed with relief. When Kris thought he could get out, Shentong Wu, who had already walked to the door, returned suddenly, “Well, Honey, I want to ask you about something!”


Why did the Bishop return again? Did he find me? Thinking about this, Kris’s heart nearly jumped out of his throat.

Chapter 238: Sending magic medicine

Quan Mu pressed Kris Chen’s head and pretended to be calm, “Please tell me, bishop!”

Shentong Wang said, “Honey, what does The Holy Dragon Cult want for sending gifts to me?”

The Holy Dragon Cult sent gifts to him?

Hearing about this, Quan Mu sighed with relief. It turned out that Shentong Wang really just wanted to ask her questions.

It was not a big deal. Shentong Wang would negotiate with her when he met big or small issues.

So she had the name of Female Zhuge (A brilliant person owns foresight in Chinese history) in The Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

“The relationship between our cults has always been bad. Why do they suddenly send gifts to us?” Quan Mu knitted her beautiful eyebrows, “I’m afraid there is a conspiracy.”

The Bishop nodded and said, “I agree with you. I doubt it, too. But there could be another possibility.”

What possibility?

Shentong Wang smiled, “The Holy Dragon Cult has been suffering slaughter from the six schools, and I think they can’t hold on anymore. They send the gifts to ask for my support.”

Quan Mu nodded, “We may consider that possibility. Though we don’t fear anyone of the six schools, they’re still a huge threat when they unite together. We must be careful!”

“Honey, you have a point!” Shentong Wang laughed and said, “Honey, guess what do they send us?”

Quan Mu shook her head, “I don’t know. Don’t keep me guessing. Go on.”

Shentong Wang smiled and said, “Taiyin Scripture.”


Taiyin Scripture?

What was that?

But Quan Mu shook her beautiful body and said in amazement, “What? They send us Taiyin Scripture?”

There were eight magic books in the world, four Taiji Scriptures, and four Taiyin Scriptures. It was said that there was a huge secret contained in these eight scriptures. But no one had found it in over hundreds of years. But it was said that one could live forever if he could comprehend the secret in them.

The higher stage a practitioner was at, the longer life he would have. Practitioner of The innate-power stage like Kris could live up to at least a hundred years with no sickness.

To those in the Kungfu world, the older they were, the more afraid of death.

Especially to those well-trained and high-rank practitioners, longevity was extremely tempting.

Even legend like The First Emperor of Qin still asked Fu Xu with three thousand fairy boys to go to sea and find the elixir (a magic medicine that can make human immortal).

“Bishop, The Holy Dragon Cult must have bad intentions.” Quan Mu pretended to be angry.

“Whatever they want, we’re fully prepared anyway. Since they already send the scripture to us, I will be laughed at if I don’t take it.”

Quan Mu nodded her head, saying nothing!

“Honey, to tell you the truth. I’ve found two Taiji Scriptures and one Taiyin Scripture, adding the Taiyin Scripture from The Holy Dragon Cult, then we have already collected half of the magic books. At this speed, I’ll have a great achievement sooner or later. We’ll be immortal after comprehending the secret.”

“Congratulations in advance.”

Till now did Kris realize that there existed Taiyin Scripture besides Taiji Scripture.

The bBishopalready owned two Taiji Scriptures and one Taiyin Scripture, adding the Taiyin Scripture from The Holy Dragon Cult, then he had four in all.

There was another Taiji Scripture in Yuanqiao Zhang’s hand.

If he got that one, then they would have five books.

Awesome! No one had gathered the eight scriptures together for over hundreds of years. But now the Bishop was about to achieve it!

At this time, Shentong Wang pondered for a while, and took two Taiji Scriptures with a yellow cover and two Taiyin Scriptures with cyan cover from his body, and handed them to Quan Mu, “Honey, please help me keep these four scriptures.”

“Bishop, you can’t do this… They’re so precious, it’s not proper for me to keep them…”

Before she finished speaking, Shentong Wang waved his hand and said, “Honey, I’ve read these scriptures for thousands of times and still can’t comprehend the secret. You’re very clever. Maybe you can figure it out.”

Then Shentong paused for a while and then kept speaking, “And these scriptures are inconvenient to carry, and I’m worried about putting them in my training room. You’re the best choice to keep them.”

“Well…OK!” Quan, Mu just nodded.

“Then, I’m leaving. Rest early!” Shentong Wang sighed with relief after Quan Mu took those books. And then, he left the room.

Waiting for the footstep sound to go far, Chen Yang hurriedly crawled out from Quan Mu’s dress. And he took a deep breath of fresh air.

Damn, he was almost suffocated to death. It was surely exciting to hide under the dress, but it was also frightening.

He saw Quan Mu with blushing face as he got out. “Well, Ma’am…Thank you…” Kris said awkwardly.

Thinking about what Kris had done under her dress, Quan Mu felt she couldn’t face Kris anymore.

“You…just go, in case the bishop might turn back.”

Hearing Quan Mu’s words, Kris Chen was frightened, and constantly nodded, “Ma’am, rest early. I…I’m leaving right away.” And then, Kris left Quan Mu’s room.

Looking at Kris’s receding figure, Quan Mu couldn’t help sighing, and smiled bitterly. He… still minds my age and status. Quan Mu thought.

Thinking about this, Quan Mu shrugged and sobbed faintly.


The next day, Ice Fire Island was decorated with lanterns and festoons, which was rather noisy and bustling.

Today, all the followers who were normally outside returned to the cult to celebrate the bBishop’sbirthday. Many small families and small forces attached to The Sun-Moon Holy Cult also sent some people to celebrate the birthday.

On such a significant day, The Sun and Moon guardians from The Sun-Moon Holy Cult and the four-star lords would never be absent.

At this time, all the guests sat down.

The BishopShentong Wang sat in the main hall, with his wife Quan Mu beside him.

He looked majestic and powerful.

Today, Quan Mu still wore the red robe of yesterday, and her eyebrows were drawn by Kris.

As the saint of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, Kris sat beneath the Bishop and his wife. And then sat the Sun and Moon guardians and four-star lords.

This was the first time Kris had seen the Sun and Moon, guardians. They weren’t absent when Kris was titled to be the saint.

These two guardians wore masks, and one wore sun clothes, another wore moon clothes. One was tall like a pole. While another was fat like a ball.

Damn, Is that fatty The Lean Monk?

Kris recognized The Lean Monk with a mask for one glance. He wondered about the status of The Lean Monk in The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and it was out of his imagination that The Lean Monk was one of the two guardians.

No wonder he said he could protect me. He was not boasting. Thinking about this, Kris reminded himself to be careful later.

As the four-star lords, he only knew Lord of Xuanwu Star Weiwu Zhao among them. Last time Ma’am made him the saint, this guy was extremely against it.

As Lord of Canglong Star, Lord of Baihu Star, and Lord of Zhuque Star, he knew nothing about them.

Lord of Canglong Star was handsome and calm. He was sitting there with no movements, just like a sculpture.

Lord of Baihu Star was around thirty years old. Especially his big-haired head was rather attractive. Lord of Zhuque Star shocked Kris most. She had blonde hair and shining eyes, a foreigner.

According to the clothes she wore, it was obviously Persian clothes. It was quite interesting for The Sun-Moon Holy Cult to make a foreigner be the star lord.

When Kris was sizing up them, they were doing the same thing to Kris.

At this time, Lord of Xuanwu Star Weiwu Zhao stood up, and knelt down with one knee and said, “Bishop, Kris is young and incapable. He doesn’t deserve to be a saint. Please consider carefully!”

And then Lord of Baihu Star walked aside and bowed his hands, “Bishop, Lord of Xuanwu Star is right. It’s really an inappropriate choice to make such a young man be the saint.”

It was also the first time for Shentong Wang to meet Kris. Honestly speaking, he didn’t consider Kris’s stage when he planned to push Kris out.

The later period of The innate-power stage was excellent to normal people, but it was too weak in Shentong Wang’s eyes, and even the four-star lords were all at the later period of The return-to-nature stage.

Thinking about this, Shentong Wang said to Quan Mu in genuine energy, “Honey, Kris Chen’s stage is too low. He can’t even protect his life, not mention to be the leader.”

The first time Kris arrived at Ice Fire Island, Shentong Wang was closing himself in the room and training. He wouldn’t let Kris be the saint if he had known his stage was that low.

Honestly speaking, Quan Mu had regretted it now. She wouldn’t let Kris come to The Sun-Moon Holy Cult if she had known she would lose herself to him. But since it had already happened, now the only thing she should do was keep Kris’s status.

Staring at Lord of Xuanwu Star and Lord of Baihu Star, Quan Mu became a little furious, “How dare you say these words in this big day? You guys just ignore the Bishop” And then, she said to Shentong Wang, “Bishop, though Kris’s stage is low, he is young, which means he can have a bright future. And Kris is truly loyal to our cult. He is the best one to be the saint.”

She said this to Lord of Xuanwu Star and Lord of Baihu Star, but also to Shentong Wang.

It was true that Shentong Wang was invincible and the most powerful, but he was 70 years old now. And many people were eager to take his place.

So in order to consolidate his status, Shentong Wang wanted to promote a saint to attract them.

The Bishop pondered for a while, and then said, “I agree with Ma’am. We have many elites in our cult. Kris Chen is loyal and devoted, and he can improve himself quickly under your help.”

Though it was not good to stay at a low stage, but it was easy to control Kris. After that, the four-star lords looked at Kris in a different way. They thought the Bishop would remove Kris’s position, but unexpectedly, he asked them to help Kris.

Was the Bishop training Kris to the next Bishop? Thinking about this, their faces turned sour immediately. But the Bishop always kept his words.

Since he had made commands, then no one dared to disobey. Lord of Xuanwu Star and Lord of Baihu Star sat back reluctantly.

At this time, Shentong Wang said suddenly, “Last time Ma’am entitle Kris as the saint, I was training. Now today is my birthday, and I am about to give you a gift.”

Then he clapped his hands, “Bring the magic medicine!” And then, a female follower went up with a plate in her hands. Seeing this, everyone was shocked!

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