Chuck twisted the door lock, and the door lock was unlocked.
Chuck smiled and quietly opened the door to enter. When he saw a bumpy figure in the bathroom, where could Chuck bear it?
What about Susan Sun at home? She came here, and she had just returned to the room by herself just now, that is to say, she could avoid any movements she made.

Chuck took off his clothes lightly and then opened the bathroom curtains.
Painful hum.
Chuck’s embarrassment, because the back view near him was trembling, afraid, afraid to speak, turned his back to himself, and dared not turn around.
this is……
“Huh, my husband is back?” Yvette’s voice was outside the bathroom.
Yvette heard the opening of the door just now, so he came out of the room.
Chuck will be scared away. Yvette is not in front of him. Who is this?
what’s up?
Chuck’s voice trembled, “You are.”
The back figure turned his head, Chuck was shocked, Queenie, my mother!
Why is she here?
Chuck was forced, looking down at the bathroom with blood, and the bathroom was so deadly silent.
Queenie blushed with tears in his eyes, “Chuck, it’s me…”

When she took a bath just now, she suddenly felt very painful.
That’s right, when she got off work today, she saw Yvette moving things, so she said to help and help Yvette move things back.
Yvette got coffee for her, but when she moved her things, she had no energy and used up all her strength, and she wasn’t stable, the coffee was splashed on herself, a little hot, but it’s okay, just the clothes are dirty, and Still chest, she must not be able to go back like this.
Yvette was very sorry. She asked Queenie to take a shower. Anyway, she had clothes and asked Queenie to put it on.

But when Queenie just came in to take off his clothes and take a bath, Chuck came in when Yvette went to the room to find clothes for Queenie…
Chuck was shocked.
Yvette was puzzled. Hearing the sound of opening the door, wasn’t Chuck back? She asked Susan Sun in doubt, “Is my husband back just now?”
In the bathroom, Chuck’s heartbeat would stop. If Yvette knew it, it would be unclear. Yvette would definitely be disappointed, but how does Chuck know that Queenie is here?
Otherwise, he will not be killed, and Queenie will not be in the place where Yvette lives!
Susan Sun came out and did not see Chuck. Where did she not understand where Chuck went? This man would not ask who was in it?
She glanced at the bathroom, “No, I just went out and dumped the garbage.”
Yvette nodded, no wonder there was a sound of opening the door.
Yvette took the clothes to the door, “Qingqing, I brought the clothes in.”

“Don’t, Teacher Yvette, don’t come in.” Queenie was also frightened.
Chuck just heard Susan Sun say that She was too late to be surprised, but when he was just relieved, Yvette actually wanted to come in. This bathroom is a curtain. Will he be seen if he comes in?
“Shy? It’s okay. The teacher is also a woman. I opened the door and put my clothes on.” Yvette smiled as she twisted the door lock.
Chuck’s heart jumped out, squatted in the bathtub, looked down at the blood under Queenie’s feet, Chuck suddenly felt guilty to the extreme, she was still a girl, but just now, she became a woman.

“Don’t, teacher, you put your clothes at the door, can I take it myself?” Queenie saw Chuck’s clothes on the ground. Didn’t Yvette see it when he came in?
“Okay, I won’t come in, let go of the door, you take it yourself.” Yvette smiled and stopped opening the door, and she put her clothes at the door.
Queenie turned off the shower head and pulled Chuck squatting down. Seeing that Chuck was full of guilt, Queenie shook his head, “It’s fine.”
“But this is your first time,” Chuck sighed. Alas, what did you do just now?
“It’s okay, don’t make a noise. It’s not good for Teacher Yvette to hear it. I went out to get the clothes,” Queenie said, went out, opened the door, and reached out to take the clothes in the door.

The restroom was extremely quiet, and the atmosphere filled it.
Queenie hesitated. She put down her clothes and walked to Chuck. “You are my first man, but it’s okay. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. You took me as teacher Yvette.”
In fact, Queenie was also lost in her heart. If Chuck asked her to be fair and upright, then she wouldn’t be too bad, but Chuck just took herself as teacher Yvette just now, so she touched herself.
“I’m sorry.” Chuck felt guilty to the extreme. When he last stayed at the place where Queenie lived, Queenie said that he wanted to help himself. Chuck later thought that if Yvette didn’t knock on the door at the time, maybe Chuck agreed…
But Yvette suddenly appeared, Chuck knew that he could not go on like this, and decided in his heart, absolutely nothing could happen with Queenie, because it would hurt her, but today actually…

“It’s okay, you don’t need to say sorry.” Queenie shook her head. She turned on the faucet herself, washed the blood, and then was ready to wear clothes. But when she saw Chuck still standing beside her, she walked over, “It’s not over today…It’s ok, If it’s wrong, it’s intact…”

Susan Sun was surprised, why didn’t he come out yet? Isn’t it the one inside? Susan Sun struggled to tell Yvette, but she could see that Yvette liked Chuck. That said, she didn’t want to make her sad?
“Yvette, you come in, I will tell you something.” Susan Sun said, it should be Yvette still sitting on the sofa to design the decoration of the restaurant, so Chuck did not dare to come out.
“Okay.” Yvette got up from the sofa. She walked into the room. Susan Sun glanced at the toilet and closed the door. Is that all right?…

Both Queenie and Chuck put on their clothes. Chuck was totally ignorant. Just now he and Queenie continued. Alas, Chuck sighed. I made a mistake today. When I met Zelda just now, I shouldn’t be thinking wildly. If you calm down a little, you won’t open the door and come in, hurting Queenie.
And it was time for Chuck to collapse. He felt that he should have grown, but just now… Chuck was puzzled and felt that his body was hollowed out. What is going on?

He did not know that Aunt Logan’s bloodletting method reduced Chuck’s energy in a short period of time. The previous exercise effect was lost, but it was more virtual. Of course, it was impossible to produce an effect. This is not possible when people have a cold. Queenie is the same.
“Chuck, I’m going out first,” Queenie whispered, and Chuck came over, “Am I just…”
“What?” Queenie didn’t understand what Chuck meant.
Chuck said embarrassedly, Queenie smiled with her mouth covered, “It’s okay, I don’t know.”

She actually knows, but she is not disappointed, because when she was staying at school, she heard the people in the same bedroom say that, she knew about the time, Chuck was normal, Queenie suspected that she took Chuck once a man.
That’s why it’s like that.
Chuck sighed, what’s going on? I also want to give Yvette the strongest self.
“Don’t think about it, you know? You are so powerful, I will go out,” Queenie said, opened the door, and saw Yvette was not in the living room. She was relieved and looked back at Chuck.
Of course Chuck came out immediately.
Queenie took his clothes, Chuck crept to the door, Queenie opened the door, “Mr. Yvette, I will go back.”
Chuck ran out.

At this time, Yvette came out of the room, “Everyone said to eat supper, why did you go back so early?”
“My sister is at home.”
“Then I’ll drive to pick up your sister and go out for supper together. If it weren’t for you today, I would be exhausted,” Yvette said.
“No teacher, I will go back myself.”
“This girl, I will send you.” Yvette took the key and walked out, she saw Chuck, she was surprised, “Her husband, are you back?”
Chuck was guilty and nodded, “Well, came back,”
I really couldn’t face Yvette. I did that kind of thing in her room last time, and I did it again today, and it broke through the bottom line in the end.
“Husband, you come first, I will send Queenie back,” Yvette came out.
Chuck said, “My wife, I’ll give it away.”

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