Chapter 237: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 237 Searching For Venus (1)
“What happened last time was only an accident. If we go one-on-one, I’ll beat the shit out of you!” Tianye said.

“You think I’m afraid of you? Bring it on!”

The tension built up. They both rolled up their sleeves and a fight was about to happen. All of a sudden, they heard a sharp crack and they startled. They turned their heads and found Xiran was looking at them with undisguised contempt. A cup shattered into pieces on the floor.

Xiran put a smile on her face and said: “What are you looking at? Fight! Let’s see who will be the winner. The loser will buy me some food because I am starving.”

Tianye and Kerry looked at each other. They could hear the strong sarcasm in her voice.

“Come on. Please fight. I really want to enjoy this little show.” Xiran said. She then laughed and said: “Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? You are both adults and each of you runs a company! What will Venus think when she learns that when she and the baby are in danger, the two men she loves the most are fighting each other bitterly?”

Tianye and Kerry soon calmed down. They went back to their seats quietly. A minute ago, they were like two tigers, and now, they were like two rabbits.

Xiran continued: “You sure you don’t want to keep fighting? Fine. Then let’s talk about how should we save Venus. Kerry, this morning you said you don’t need my help. What about now? Have you changed your mind?”

Kerry said: “The reason why I didn’t want you to get involved in this is because I didn’t want you to know that Venus is Yan. Venus is always worried about that. She thought you will be angry with her when you find out. But now, you know it and of course I want you to help me. After all, Venus is not only your friend. She is also your….” Kerry looked at Tianye and said: “your sister-in-law.”

Kerry believes it was Xiran who saved Tianye, or Tianye wouldn’t be so obedient to her. Kerry wanted to make Xiran happy with him because she is the only woman who can bring Tianye under control.

Xiran smiled after hearing what he said. Tianye also nodded. He was determined to marry Xiran, so Venus would be her sister-in-law soon.

Tianye then asked: “So, you just said that Venus is now in the south-west?”

Kerry nodded. “Yes. According to the treasure map, the treasure is hidden in the south-west. So they are must there.”

“That place has many forests and many mountains. It will not be easy to find them.” Tianye said. “But they will have to eat and stay in hotels, so they will leave trails. We need to send many people to search for them based on these trails.”

Kerry wore a serious expression. He said: “That is what I thought. I have sent most of my people to search for them but there are just too many mountains and there are still not enough people.”

“Do you know who is their leader?” Tianye asked.

“I saw him once, but he was wearing a mask so I have no idea who he is. Now the only thing that I can do is to wait for Xuan Chu to wake up and try to get some information from him.”

“That man is wearing a mask?” Tianye sunk into deep thoughts. He had never met anyone who wears a mask.

Suddenly, Kerry’s phone rang. It was Henry calling. Kerry picked it up and said: “What’s the matter?”

“Sir, Xuan Chu escaped.”

Kerry stood up from his chair and shouted: “What the hell? Isn’t he still in a coma?”

Henry explained: “Half an hour ago, Xuan was taken to a hospital to do a physical examination. Our people were waiting outside. But when he was pushed out, we found it was already a different person.”

“What a bunch of losers!” Kerry shouted angrily. He knew he’d better refrain his anger because both Xiran and Tianye were present. So he took a deep breath and said: “Where is Zhenyun Chu?”

“Eh…he is also missing.” Henry mumbled.

Kerry was so angry. Xuan was his only bargaining chip. And without him, Kerry couldn’t even have a negotiation with the man wearing the mask.

He suddenly realized Zhenyun had planned everything beforehand. “He is indeed a cunning fox.” Kerry thought.

“Go and find him! The highway, airport, train station and bus station! Don’t miss any point!” Kerry said.

“But, sir, we don’t have enough people. Eighty percent of our people are now in the mountains.” Henry said carefully.

Kerry took a deep breath and said: “Wait a second.” He then turned to Tianye and said: “Xuan Chu escaped. Can you lend me some people to chase him?”

“Sure.” Tianye said. “Send me the pictures of Xuan Chu and Zhenyun Chu. I’ll ask my people to wait at the airport and the train station. You ask your people to wait at the high way and bus station. Oh, don’t forget about the wharf.”

“I know.” Kerry felt reassured now he had Tianye’s help. He knows how powerful Tianye is.

Tianye then left the room with Xiran.


After everything was arranged, Tianye looked at Xiran and said: “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

Xiran leaned against him and said tired: “I’m fine. Venus’s matter is more urgent.”

Tianye stroked her nose and said: “You are also very important. Let’s have some food.”

Xiran was overcome with a wave of happiness.

There is a noodle restaurant nearby, and Xiran knows Tianye loves spaghetti dearly so she took him to that restaurant and ordered two spaghetti, even though she is not that interested in spaghetti.

“I remember Venus learned how to make spaghetti just for me. She is a bad cook, but I always tell her that her spaghetti is the best in the world. She is very simple. If you say something nice about her, she will be happy for a whole day.” Tianye said.

Xiran knew Tianye was worried about Venus. After all, Venus is his only family. She grabbed his hand and said: “Don’t worry. She will be fine.”

Tianye took her hand into his and said: “Now we can only pray.”

Many people were sent out to search for Xuan and Zhenyun, but they couldn’t find them anywhere. Kerry was so angry and he wanted to go to Hong Kong to find them, but Tianye said: “Hong Kong is Zhenyun’s place. You will never come back alive if you go there.”

“Then what should we do?” Kerry said.

“Now we should find Venus first. That is what truly matters. We will set off tomorrow.”

Then Tianye went back to his place. He was exhausted. When he got back, he found Xiran had already fallen asleep on a sofa. He then held her up and took her to the bedroom.

Tianye didn’t want Xiran to go with them. Because this journey would be full of uncertainties and dangers, and he didn’t want Xiran to take any risk. But Xiran insisted that she should go.

Xiran said: “Don’t worry about me. I’ve been around, you know. I was already in the society when you were still in college. Besides, I will be worrying about you all the time if you leave me alone in this city. So I must go with you.”


Before Tianye said anything, Xiran put her finger in front of his mouth and said: “It’s settled. I’ll go with you.”

Tianye finally agreed reluctantly. He held her in his arms and said: “I will protect you.”

“Sure. You will. I’m your woman.”

The next day, they all arrived at the airport. Kerry was very surprised when he saw Xiran. He couldn’t believe she was also going with them. But he didn’t say anything. He knew Xiran would be angry if he displayed distrust of her ability.

They boarded. And they talked about what should they do when they get there.

Xiran said: “When we get there, we should tell the local police about Venus’s missing. They have very sophisticated security cameras and maybe they can help.”

Tianye nodded and said: “That’s right. We need their help. We don’t know that place very well and we don’t even know where to start.”

“But, we don’t have any connections there. Will they help us?” Kerry said.

“That is a problem.” Tianye said.

Xiran looked at them and said: “I know someone in the police station.”

Kerry and Tianye looked at her in surprise.

“But he is not working in F city.”

Kerry sighed with disappointment. “Then how can he help us?”

Xiran glared at him and said: “He is working in the police station of F province.”

“Really?” Kerry’ s eyes widened in surprise. “Why can’t you make yourself clear the first time.”

“You didn’t let me finish!” Xiran frowned at him.

“Fine. I was wrong. I’m sorry.” Kerry apologized sincerely.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 237 Searching For Venus (2)
Xiran ignored Kerry. Tianye was looking at Xiran curiously. Obviously he wanted to know how did Xiran get to know that man working in the police station. So Xiran said: “Once I joined a team to explore the wilderness, and this man I mentioned was our leader. He is a super tough guy. I remember one night when we were out in the wilderness, we met a wolf, and we were so scared but he fought the wolf bravely and the wolf finally ran away. We would be dead without him. Later I learned that he is working in F province, and he is a criminal police officer.”

“Do you have his contact information?” Tianye asked.

“Sure. We are still in touch. A few days ago, me and my friends were still talking about our next destination to explore.”

Tianye felt very jealous when he heard Xiran praising that man. Xiran had never praised any man before, so obviously that police officer is truly an amazing person.

Tianye knew Xiran has no feelings for that police officer or Xiran would get together with that man, instead of him. And he knew there was no need to feel jealous, but he just couldn’t help.

Xiran is not a sensitive woman, and she didn’t notice that Tianye was feeling jealous. She said: “I’ll call him later. But where are we going when we get off the plane?”

“We will meet Nighthawk first. Maybe he has some new developments.” Kerry said.

“I see.”

Kerry looked out the window. He was in low spirits. He knew there was no development, because Nighthawk would tell him immediately if anything new happened.

Two hours later, they arrived at F city.

There were a few cars waiting for them at the airport. They attracted many people’s attention. Especially Kerry, Tianye and Xiran. People were staring at them because they thought these three people are some kind of celebrities.

Xiran called her friend immediately and told him what happened. She then hung up the phone and said to Kerry and Tianye: “My friend agreed to help. He will call me when he has clues.”

“Great.” They said.

Surprisingly, only a few minutes later, Xiran got her friend’s call.

“Hello? Officer Bai, do you have any clues?” Xiran asked surprisingly.

“On 28th September, a middle-aged woman called us and told us a young woman and a baby went to her home and asked for help. That young woman said she and the baby were kidnapped here, and she found an opportunity and escaped. But later that day, according to that middle-aged woman, that young woman and her baby were taken away by a group of people. We sent out some police and tried to find them, but we can’t find them anywhere.” Officer Bai said.

“Did she tell you what’s the name of that young woman?”

“No. She didn’t mention that. But she mentioned something about the baby.”

“What is it?”

“She said the baby has very strange eyes. One of his eyes is blue, and the other is purple.”

“Really? That’s the baby we are looking for!” Xiran exclaimed. “Thank you very much. Can you give me that woman’s address? We need to ask her about something.”

“Sure. Do you need some police to protect you? That is not a safe place.” Officer Bai said.

Xiran looked at the two men sitting beside her and said: “That’s not necessary. I’m with my friends. Thank you.”

“Good. Be careful. Call me if you need help.”

“Thank you. I will.” Xi hung up the phone. Kerry heaved a deep sigh of relief. Finally, there was a clue.

Xiran got the address. And Kerry found Nighthawk was a hundred kilometers away from that place. No wonder he didn’t find anything. He thought.

They didn’t need to take too many people to meet that middle-aged woman. So Kerry just asked three men to follow them and he told the other people to meet Nighthawk.

It was afternoon when they finally arrived at that middle-aged woman’s place. But there was no one at home. So they waited. Kerry looked around the place, and found there are many mountains and it is basically separated from the outside world. No wonder it is so hard to find a person at this place. Kerry thought.

Henry took out some water and bread from the car. They hadn’t time to eat anything since they arrived at this place. But Kerry only drank some water. He was too worried to eat anything.

The sun was setting. And finally, a woman and a young boy appeared in their view. There was dirt on their shoes. Obviously, they were just working in the filed.

They seemed very happy. But when they saw the two cars at the front of their home, they became very nervous, and they stopped walking.

“Mom, who are these people?” The boy asked.

“I don’t know. Be quiet. Don’t talk.” The woman said. She looked at Xiran warily, who was walking towards them.

Xiran walked to the woman. She put on a disarming smile and said: “Hello. Please don’t be afraid. We are here to ask you something.”

The woman grabbed the boy’s hand tightly and said: “What do you want to know? I don’t know anything.”

“A few days ago, you called the police and you said a young woman and a baby were hiding in your home. Is that right? I am that woman’s sister. We are here to look for her.”

That woman was obviously very surprised. She put her guard down a little bit and she said: “Really?”

“Sure.” Xiran then showed her a picture and said: “Here. This is a picture of that baby.”

The woman looked at the picture and nodded. “Yes. This is the baby.”

Kerry then walked to the woman and said: “This baby is my son. That young woman is my wife.”

The woman looked at Kerry and said: “There is indeed a resemblance between you and the baby. I remember that baby very well because I have never seen such a cute baby before.”

“We have been looking for them for a long time. Can you tell us what happened that day?” Kerry said.

The woman’s expression softened. She invited everybody into her home.

“My home is very shabby. Sorry about that. Take a seat. I’ll go wash my hands.”

But they were too worried to sit. They just stood there and waited. The woman washed her hands and came back. She knew they were very worried, so she began telling the story immediately.

“It was a couple nights ago. I was patching my son’s school bag. And all of a sudden, I heard someone was knocking the door…….”

The woman told them what happened in great details. She told them when that group of people came to take Venus away, they slapped her very hard. And Kerry, Xiran, and Tianye felt furious when they learned this.

“That young woman is very good looking. I know she is a good girl so I called the police the next day and hope they can help her. But she was taken away by a group of people later that day. I’m sorry. I didn’t protect her.”

Xiran grabbed her hands and said: “Please don’t say so. We need to thank you for what you did.”

Tears brimmed her eyes, and she felt very guilty for failing to hide her well. Xiran hugged her and said: “It’s not your fault. Please don’t feel bad.”

The woman is willing to take a strange woman in and protect her, and she still feels guilty for failing to hide her. So Xiran was very moved by the woman’s kindness.

“Don’t worry. We will save Venus!” Kerry said.

The woman wiped her tears and said: “Oh, right. Her name is Venus. I heard a man calling her by that name.”

“Do you know that man’s name?”

The woman thought about it and said: “It is probably Heng Zhang. I can’t remember clearly.”

“Heng Zhang. I see.” Kerry’s eyes were looking murderous. He said angrily: “I should have killed him the last time.”

“Do you know him?” Tianye asked.

“Sure. I know him very well……” Kerry said. He suddenly remembered he once treated Heng very badly, and he was afraid that Heng would vent his anger on Venus and the baby.

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