Chapter 237: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 237 Thrilling amusement facilities!

Ellie Ye, of course, wasn’t here for fun. She was here because she was on an errand and happened to catch Doris Lee and Colin Ward dating.

Colin Ward had bought the tickets back to Doris Lee. “Doris, what are you looking at?”

“There was a sister. I just met her,” said Doris Lee.

“Well, you know her?

Doris Lee nodded then shook her head again, murmuring: “She brought me with her, saying that he was going to take me somewhere with candies and fun, saying that she was going to take me to my parents; but she was a liar…”

Colin Ward’s eyes deepened when he heard this.

What was Ellie Ye doing here? What did want from Doris Lee this time?

Colin Ward looked around, but saw no trace of Ellie Ye; anyway, he needed not to worry about her; Gerd Ward would help him keep an eye on Doris Lee as well.

The two entered the amusement park.

The pirate ships, roller coasters…etc, all the amusement facilities seemed so thrilling to him.

Colin Ward was a bit dumbfounded.

All he wanted to do was play with Doris Lee, but he completely forgot that he couldn’t get on any of these facilities. These exciting, heart-racing facilities would have him faint while sitting on them.

Doris Lee seemed to never feel bored with the fun of this amusement facilities.

Finally, Doris Lee took Colin Ward on the Ferris wheel.

The Ferris wheel was peaceful and Colin Ward didn’t turn it down. Instead, he found it romantic and enjoyable.

Sitting face to face, Colin Ward looked at Doris Lee with a smile on his lips.

As the cart rose higher and higher, Doris Lee laugh grew bigger and bigger.

Stepping off the ferris wheel, Doris Lee said she was hungry for fish.

So Colin Ward decided to take Doris Lee to dinner first.

As they walked out of the amusement park together, there were flashes of camera following their lead.

After the meal, Doris Lee seemed sleepy already, Colin Ward took her home directly.

As soon as Doris Lee hit the bed, she was in a sound sleep; Colin Ward looked at her smiling and left her a note before leaving for the Marquis.

In a conference room of a bank, several bank chiefs sat together.

“Well? What did you get?”

Then, a man took out a stack of photos, handing out to them.

“Who is this woman?”

“His wife.”

“Mr. Ward has to mood to accompany his wife to the amusement park?”

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