Chapter 238: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 238 Saving Venus (1)
Tianye shot an angry glance at him. It was all Kerry’s fault that his poor sister Venus and his nephew were kidnapped.

“Madam, did they say where they were going?” Xiran continued to ask.

“No, they didn’t.”

Kerry came up to the front of Henry and whispered some words to him. Henry nodded to him and went out.

As they had known all they should know and there was no more useful message, they were going to leave.

It was getting dark. They had to find a hotel to stay. Kerry asked the madam, “Is there any big hotel nearby?”

“There is no hotel nearby, as it is quite remote here. If you want to find a hotel to stay, you can drive to the town ahead. It will spend about an hour.”

“Thank you and sorry to have bothered you. Goodbye.” Kerry turned his step to the outside and was then stopped the madam.

“Sir, you and your companions must save that girl out, otherwise I will feel guilty in my whole life.” the madam said apologetically.

Kerry seldom showed kind face to any women except Venus. However, he smiled to this simple peasant woman at this moment, “Madam, don’t worry. I will save Venus out, and after I save her out, I will take her to come to visit you.”

The madam hastily waved her hand, “No, no, no, you needn’t to visit me. You needn’t have to dedicatedly come to this remote place. What I only hope is that girl will be safe, and that’s enough.”

“Yes, she will.”

The madam sent Terry and his companions out the yard and watched their cars leaving. She sighed and turned her step back to the house when her son shouted loudly in the kitchen, “Come here, mother. Hurry up.”

The madam was startled and hurried to the kitchen, ” What happened?”


Along where her son pointed, she saw three neat piles of cash placed on the kitchen table. Each pile contained 10,000 RMB, a total of 30,000 RMB. It was almost equivalent to the revenue of their family for one year.

The madam was really simple and pure, so she wanted to gave the money back to Kerry and his companions. However, this was obviously impossible.

As it was deep autumn in the mountain in October, the air was cool everywhere. Fearing that Xiran would feel cold, Tianye wrapped her with his coat, which was accepted by Xiran joyfully.

This scene was noticed by Kerry on the passenger seat. He gave them a scornful glance and thought. This woman is as strong as a man. She must not need Tianye’s coat. However, if he is put in Tianye’s position, he will probably wrap Venus with thicker clothes if she is beside him.

It was all dark when the car arrived at the town and they found the only hotel in the town.

Since it was the second day of the National Day, there were few empty rooms in the hotel. After all the rooms booked, they still needed one room, and the price was extraordinarily high. A simple standard room in the hotel was as expensive as the standard room in a five-star hotel.

In that case, Henry was going to stay a night in the car. Then he heard Kerry saying, “I can share a room with you, Henry.”

Henry felt flattered as he knew that Kerry never shared room with others in his previous trips.

“ID Cards, please.” The host reached out his hand with a smile.

“Of all?” Henry asked.

The host nodded and explained, “Since it is during the National Day, all people need to be registered.”

Then a pile of ID Cards was handed to the host for registration. When the host saw the ID Card of Kerry, he couldn’t help to read out his name softly, “Kerry Ye?”

Kerry was sensitive to voice and heard his name. He turned his sight to the host and asked, “Anything wrong?”

The host was stunned by his eyes and quickly said, “Nothing, I just feel a little familiar with this name.” At that same time, the tissue reading the name and phone number of Kerry was quietly lying in the trash can.

“Is there any good restaurant in your town, host?” Henry asked. He acted as a butler in this trip to arrange the accommodation of the group of persons.

The host answered while making registration, “You can walk along this road to the north for about 500 meters and can find a delicious local restaurant.”

“Thank you.”

With all things arranged, they were going out to have meals. When Tianye passed by the checkout counter and saw the thick register, a thought came out of his mind and he stopped his step.

Xiran followed him and also stopped. Kerry and Henry just went out of the hotel. After finding this, they also turned back to the hotel.

The host was just watching a hit TV series on the computer. Then, from the corner of his eye, he saw someone was staring at him. He turned to look at the group of persons just registered.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Will anyone staying at your hotel be registered?” Tianye asked impassively.

“Not exactly, only during holiday will everyone be registered. So what’s wrong?” the host felt a little nervous for some unknown reason.

“Did someone named Heng Zhang ever come to your hotel?”

As soon as hearing the question, all the other persons understood what Tianye meant.

They were certain that Venus was kidnapped by Heng Zhang and the members of his gang. However, it was also possible that they used fake identity information as the face mask they made could even look like the real face, not to say a few ID Cards.

Even so, Tianye still didn’t want to miss any key messages.

“Wait a moment. I’ll look it up.” The host opened the register, turned a few pages and said, “No one’s name is Heng Zhang. This place is remote. People seldom come here in the usual time. Only during holidays will some citizens like you come.”

Tianye was a little disappointed. He couldn’t help asking more, “Then did you see any group of persons, among whom there was one person wearing a silver mask and a 20-year-old girl holding a a-half-year-old baby?”

As soon as hearing what he said, the host was shocked. That group of persons had left a deep impression on him. He nodded, “Yes, I did.”

“Really?” Not only Tianye, the other companions also became excited at once. They asked, “Are you sure?”

The host was scared by their excitement. He flinched back and asked, “Of course, they stayed here for a night several days ago. But why do you ask this?”

“We are families of that girl and we are looking for her.” Tian said vaguely.

Suddenly, the host remembered that tissue for help and where he had seen Kerry’s name. He turned to look at Kerry and said, “Ah, you are Kerry Ye?”

“Yes, I am.”

“No wonder I was thinking this name familiar, I remember it now. When the girl was leaving, she gave me a tissue and asked me to call police for her. And your name and phone number were on the tissue.”

Kerry was unbelievably shocked. He stared at the host straightly and asked, “Why didn’t you call me?”

“I called you,” the host explained, “And you answered the call, but the signal disappeared before I could even speak a complete sentence.”

“How could it be possible? Why didn’t I know?” Kerry said and took out his phone, “Which day?”

The host looked up the register and said, “It was on September 29th. They checked out in that morning.”

Kerry found the call records of that day and there was indeed a call from f Province in the morning of the day. In his memories, he just sent Zhenyun Chu away at that time. Then a phone call came in and was quickly hung up before I could hear the words clearly. He thought it was a fraud call and didn’t call back.”

It turned to…it was a call for help from Venus.

Annoyance, regret…all of these emotions came to his mind for one time. Kerry was too guilty to say anything.

Xiran glanced over at him and asked the host, “Did you call him again later?”

The host was embarrassed and whispered, “I was interrupted by some other thing and then I just forgot it.”

“You!” Tianye almost wanted to give him a punch.

At the moment, none of the three persons had mood to eat. Xiran said to Henry, “You can take the other persons to eat and packed some food for us.”

Henry looked at Kerry for his idea, who certainly did not object. What was full of his mind at the moment was all that call.

Tianye took out a pile of cash from his wallet and threw it on the counter. He curled his finger to the host and said, “Come on, let’s find a room to talk more details of this thing.”

The host was scared by them and didn’t dare to receive his money. He meekly push the cash to Tianye and said, “You can ask me any question and needn’t give me money.”

“Don’t lie to us!” Tianye threatened to him.

The host immediately straightened his back and swore, “Of course not, I’m an honest businessman. I will not lie to you. What’s more, I have nothing to do with that group of persons. Why should I help them?”

“That would be best. Let’s go.”

“But this money…” The host pointed to the cash on the counter hesitantly.

“It’s for tomorrow’s breakfast. Remember to prepare enough food.”

Hearing this reason, the host was assured to receive the money and said, “My office is next to us. Let’s talk inside.”

Kerry looked better after all four persons sat down, although no one knew how sad he was at the moment.

“That group of persons checked in at our hotel in the evening of 28th…”

After the host told them what he knew, there was long time of depressing silence. They almost guessed what happened that night.

Venus had escaped with her baby on her hand, and on the way of escaping, they hid in the house of the madam whom Kerry and his companions visited a few hours ago. Unexpectedly, Venus was caught by Heng Zhang and his gang members again later. But from what they heard from the host, a person wearing a mask was not crude to Venus. At least he didn’t make her feel hard.

“Do you know the name of that masked man?” Kerry asked.

“No, he seldom spoke. All the talks and communications were done by the person who was called Heng Zhang.”

“How many persons of them in total?” Tianye asked.

The host counted with his fingers and said, “Including your friend, they have 10 adults and a baby.”

“Where did they go the next day?”

“They went into the mountain.”

Unsurprisingly they went into the mountain, as their purpose coming here was to find the treasure in the mountain.

“Host, is there any legend in this place, like where there is some treasure in the mountain?”

The host laughed out, “Miss, if any there is a treasure in the mountain, do you think it will remain to today? It would have been dug out long before.”

Kerry stayed silent for a while and said, “Can you find a guide for us? We will go into the mountain tomorrow.

Chapter 238 Saving Venus (2)

“No problem,” the hotel owner agreed immediately while looking at them suspiciously. “But are you here to find friends or the treasure?”

“Friends. But those bringing Venus are here to find the treasure.” Kerry explained briefly.

The owner was confused. “That’s weird. I have lived here since my childhood. I haven’t heard of any treasure here. How do those outsiders know?”

“They’re probably deceived.” Kerry said impassively. But what he didn’t say was, well, he was actually the one who deceived them.

At this moment, Henry happened to come back, carrying plastic bags in both hands. There were several lunch boxes in the bags.

Tianye Mu got up first, “Let’s eat first, and we’ll discuss after dinner.”

Kerry and Xiran Xiao didn’t oppose.

In fact, the current situation was much better than what Kerry had in mind before he came here. He had thought that it would take a couple of days to find some clues to Venus’s whereabouts. He didn’t expect to find so much information in just one day.

He believed that as long as he followed this clue, he would definitely find Venus and her baby.

As for Venus’s situation, under the guidance of Mr. Cai, Gavin and his team came to a cave halfway up the mountain. The baby already fell asleep on Venus’s back. Completely wrapped in mud, Venus’s shoes were unrecognizable in style and color.

After a long trek in the mountains, she was exhausted and sat on the big rock beside her panting. Since the unsuccessful escape that day, she must follow Gavin wherever he went. There was no time or opportunity to rest.

Moreover, Alisa was very unfriendly towards her, which, of course, she could totally understand. She knew that if not for Gavin’s strict order, let alone Heng Zhang, Alisa would have wiped her neck with a dagger for many times.

Not far away, Mr. Cai and Gavin were talking quietly.

“How likely do you think this cave houses the treasure?” Gavin asked.

Mr. Cai’s replied looking serious, “I don’t know, but now that we are here, why not go in and take a look?”

Gavin glanced at the big black cave. He was about to let his subordinates in when he saw Venus rubbing legs from the corner of his eye. He raised his eyebrows slightly and uttered, “Venus, come here.”

Venus raised her head and looked at him warily, “Why?”

Gavin answered bluntly, “You go in and see what’s inside.”

“You are crazy!” She blurted out, “How can I get in?”

“Of course by walk. I do want to see you fly in, but unfortunately you don’t have wings.” Gavin sneered and teased her. People standing around them were rubber-necking.

Venus knew that Gavin was setting her up. It was such a black cave. Who knew what was inside?

“I’m not going.” She refused.

Gavin smiled eerily and said, “Venus, I think you have mistaken your identity. You are a hostage, not a guest. You have no right to refuse.”

Venus was irritated, “But, with so many men around, you are letting a women go in?”

“Right. What’s the problem?” Gavin asked, knowing full well what she meant.

“Of course there is a problem. I, I don’t have any experience at all, and I don’t know kung fu. In case there is something in it…”

“That’s why I let you go.” Gavin gave a sinister smile.

“You…” Venus finally understood his sinister intentions. This guy wanted her to be the guinea pig. How could she said yes?

Gavin saw Venus looking around, knowing she was up to something again. He smiled, “Venus, I suggest you save some energy. You can’t run away. Now I give you two choices. One, carry the baby on your back and go in together. Two, leave the baby outside the cave and you go in alone.”

“Gavin, you are way out of line…” Before Venus finished speaking, she found Heng Zhang standing behind her. She was so scared that she stood up immediately and glowered at him, “What do you want to do?”

“Venus, hurry up and choose. I don’t have so much patience.” Gavin’s tone became cold.

Venus gritted her teeth and stared at Gavin. She had to make the choice that was most beneficial to the baby. How could she let the baby go in and suffer with her?

“Okay, I’ll go in alone.” After saying that, she loosened the straps before her chest and took off her shoulder bag. The baby was sleeping soundly in it just like last time she was trying to escape. However, Heng Zhang grabbed the bag very rudely and the baby almost fell out of it.

Venus almost fainted from rage, “Heng Zhang, can’t you fucking take it lightly?”

“I won’t.” Heng Zhang also replied viciously.

Venus was driven crazy. She sat down on the rock again, stared at Gavin and said, “I’m not going. You can kill me if you want to.”

“Are you sure?”

Venus looked indifferent, “Yes, I’ll die anyway. It’s just a matter of time. I don’t want to be bullied by this asshole anymore. You might as well kill me and my baby now. We can also keep each other company in the underworld.”

“You are such a good hostage, how can I let you die?” Gavin sneered, and took the baby over from Heng Zhang. “He’s with me. No one can hurt him. You can feel reassured and go in now.”

Venus raised her eyebrows, “Why do I sense from your tone that you’re sending me to death?”

“No, I’m just letting you go in to explore. Okay, enough of this nonsense. If there is treasure in it, you and your baby can have complete freedom then.”

Venus didn’t really want to die. She was only in her twenties and her baby was only half a year old. They still have a long life ahead. Why should she die in the hands of these people? What she worried about was the baby. What if Heng Zhang wanted to hurt the baby after she entered the cave alone? So she must make sure the baby would be safe.

She subconsciously thought that although Gavin was a bad guy, he was really nice to the baby, so the baby should have no problems in his hands.

Venus took a few deep breaths, plucked up the courage, and walked to the cave alone.


Venus was delighted and stopped abruptly. Could it be that Gavin got a guilty conscience and decided not to let her go? But then she heard him say, “Heng Zhang, give her a flashlight and a candle.”

Heng Zhang did not refute, took out a flashlight and a candle from the bag and handed them to her.

“Light it up.” Venus said, holding the candle. After following them for so many days, she also learned a lot. A cave like this where no one had set foot for a long time had very thin air. The candle was used to tell whether there was oxygen. Once the candle went out, one shouldn’t go any further.

Venus went across the lush weeds into the cave.

This old cave was like being pulled out of a huge boulder and was surrounded by stones. One or two meters from the entrance of the cave was a moss-covered place where the sun could shine on. When Venus stepped on it, it felt slippery and soft. Going further, it got darker and darker. Venus turned on the flashlight, and the candle in another hand was burning normally.

By flashlight, she saw sharp stalagmites. The road beneath her feet became more and more difficult to walk, and she became more and more scared.

Darkness means countless possibilities, and people always fear the unknown darkness.

At this moment, Venus suddenly thought of Xiao Xiran, for she was so adventurous that she must be extremely excited if she were here.

A chilly wind came from the depths of the cave, and the air was mixed with a rotten smell. Venus couldn’t help shivering, and said to herself, “How deep is this cave?”

Just then there were fluttering sounds one after another. After shining the flashlight into the surroundings, Venus was scared to death, her scalp was numb, and her legs almost knelt on the ground.

She saw countless bats clinging to the top of the cave, looking at her with green eyes. There were also several bats that seemed to find no place to stay, hovering in midair and making squeaky sounds.

Venus had never seen real bats before. Most of the times she would see them in movies and TV dramas. They were generally symbols of evil and blood and always came with dead bodies and blood stains.

Venus mustered up her courage to shine the light onto the ground. Fortunately, there was nothing terrifying except for the dark stains.

She didn’t dare to gasp, because she was afraid that she would breathe in some strange gas. She glanced at the candle in her hand. Fortunately, it still emitted warm orange light despite smaller flame.

Venus swallowed hard to calm herself down. She tried to put her hands together and muttered, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I’m sorry.”

The bats didn’t seem to show much interest in her. They did not make any attacks except for staring at her. Venus continued to move forward.

“Ding Dong Ding Dong…”

The faint sound of water came from the darkness, just like water dripping. Such sounds appeared clear and loud in this silent cave. Venus followed the sound curiously and walked over. A few meters away, a green pool with a diameter of over one meter appeared in front of her. The water was clear, but she didn’t know how deep the pool was. The mountain on the top of the pool was very moist. Water drops dripped down the pointed stalagmites into the pool.

It was unclear it took how many years for the water drops to form such a small pool.

Venus looked around and found that compared with the previous walls, the wall here was no different except that it was wetter.

Venus bypassed the pool and continued to move forward. Just when she stepped on the edge of the pool, a loud bang made Venus so frightened that she screamed uncontrollably “Ah–“.

The cry of horror travelled through the loose air to the outside of the cave. Gavin frowned when he heard it. What did she encounter that made her so terrified?

Heng Zhang and Alisa were standing together and they looked at each other smiling. They hoped that Venus would be scared to death in the cave, thus saving them some work.

After a wave of panic, Venus shone the flashlight into the pool. As far as she could see, a huge fish was swimming in the pool. It swished its big tail, splashing water from time to time.

Venus has never seen such a fish. How to describe it? It looked very casual as if it had been in the dark for so long time that it didn’t care about its image at all.

The fish had a big head yet two small eyes. Maybe it’s because it had been in the dark for a long time and its vision had deteriorated. Nevertheless, it had many tentacles on the top of its head.

Venus was a little curious. What did it live on? There were no other fishes in the pool. Just when she was wondering, the big ugly fish quickly sank under the water and disappeared in an instant.

The pool may be connected to an underground river. Here was the place where the fish came to take in oxygen and it just happened to meet her.

Venus muttered in her heart what kind of cave this was.

She really wanted to go out and tell Gavin that there was nothing in the cave, but she was really curious about what else to see. She couldn’t control her feet and continued moving on.

The flame of the candle began to sway, and Venus had more difficulty in breathing. Her reason kept telling her don’t go further, but she couldn’t stop her feet.

A corner was lying ahead. Venus stopped and thought whether to go in or return.

After a fierce struggle in her mind, she finally made up her mind to turn this corner to see what was there. She would just take a look, and then went back the same way she came.

After making up her mind, Venus walked forward cautiously. She just arrived at the corner when she tripped over something under her feet and fell. The candle in her hand fell onto the ground and, after a few rolls, went out. Fortunately, she held the flashlight very firmly.

“Ouch, it hurts.” Venus tried to get up with her hands on the ground, but she seemed to have touched something. She shone the flashlight, but she was scared out of wits.

“Ahhhh-” Venus screamed loudly at the skull in her hand. At this time, only screams could ease her horror.

She quickly threw the skull away, and shone the flashlight around. Venus was so frightened that she was about to faint, because the beam of the flashlight revealed skeletons everywhere.

She couldn’t stay there any longer. She ran towards the entrance desperately despite her weak legs, as if chased by many ghosts. The loud footsteps awakened many bats which spread their wings and flew out of the cave.

This scene also shocked the people outside. No one had seen so many bats before.

Gavin was holding the sleeping baby. There was a hint of worries in addition to surprise in his eyes. Venus wouldn’t really be scared to death, would she?

As he was worrying, a familiar figure ran out of the cave, with a large group of bats overhead…

The moment Venus came out of the cave, she slumped on the ground and gasped heavily. Her small face was extremely pale, her hair was messed up, and her eyes move nervously without focus. The candled was gone. Only the flashlight was held tightly in her hand.

All eyes were on her. Some are out of inquiry, some ridicule, and others inexplicable concern.

“Venus, what did you see inside the cave?” asked Gavin.

Venus didn’t replied. She just looked up at him blankly, as if she didn’t understand him.

Gavin wanted to ask again, but was stopped by Mr. Cai, “Stop asking. We are not going to get any useful information now. She is probably scared. Give her a break.”

Mr. Cai was right. Venus was really frightened.

She probably wouldn’t forget the horrible scene all her life.

The panting gradually weakened, replaced by sobbing. But the sobbing became louder and louder, and finally turned into howling.

In the silent mountains, a woman was crying bitterly, but not a single onlooker went up to gave her a tissue or hugged and comforted her.

Venus felt extraordinarily sad.

Gavin looked at her quite surprisingly. Last time in the hospital, she just gritted her teeth and wept silently even in great pain. He thought this woman was very strong and did not expect her to be this fragile.

No one knew how long Venus had cried. Gavin did not step forward to disturb her. Crying is a way to soothe people’s emotions when they are really scared. If strong feelings are not given vent to, they will become a kind of heart disease.

Venus had finally cried enough. She wiped away tears with her sleeves, panting lightly to calm herself down.

“Okay, now you can talk about what happened to you that was so terrifying.” Gavin asked calmly.

Venus looked up at him, eyes wet. She looked just like an injured deer in the deep forest, making Gavin’s heart skip a beat.

She said in a trembling voice, “There are many corpses inside, no, not corpses, but skeletons. There are so, so many.”

Everyone’s face changed. No wonder Venus was so frightened.

“Are you sure they’re human skeletons, not animals’?” Gavin asked.

Venus shook her head vigorously, “They are not animals’. They’re humans’. I, I also picked a skull. His eyes are looking at me…” Venus’s tears streamed down her face.

Gavin looked at her, then turned to Mr. Cai, “What do you think?”

Mr. Cai frowned, “This cave is so far from the village at the foot of the mountain, how can anyone die inside? And if there are skeletons, it means that people have died for a long time.”

“Should we send others to go in again?” Gavin asked Mr. Cai.

Mr. Cai looked at Venus, hesitated for a while and said, “Then let the two bold people go in to see if there is anything behind the bones.”

Gavin turned his head and looked around. The subordinates all bowed their heads. Even Heng Zhang and Alisa are no exception. After seeing Venus’s reactions, how could they not be afraid? After all, they were flesh and blood.

“Heng Zhang, you take two people in.” Gavin ordered coldly.

Heng Zhang’s scalp was numb, but he couldn’t refuse. He nodded, called two people, took what they needed and walked towards the cave.

“Wait a minute.” Venus stood up from the ground. Although her legs were still weak, she was happy to cast shadow on Heng Zhang’s heart. The three looked back and Venus said, “There is a pool in the cave. In the pool are several big fishes. They are cannibalistic. I was almost dragged down by them just now.”

Before Heng Zhang and the other two subordinates entered, their fear had already increased exponentially.

Seeing the three of them disappear into the entrance of the cave, Venus was secretly happy for successfully frightening them.

“Are you telling the truth or lying to them?” Gavin asked coldly.

Venus sneered, “Why would I lie to them?”

“To make a prank, or to frighten them.”

“Right, yeah, like I haven’t got more important things to think about.” Venus was relieved at this time, and even had the strengthen to mock Gavin. When she came up to Gavin to take the baby over, he took two steps back in disgust.

“You don’t smell good. Don’t bring ominous things to the baby.”

Venus suddenly realized that she just touched the human bone. How could she hold the baby?

“I’m going to wash my hands nearby.” Venus remembered that there was a stream nearby which was flowing when she came by.

Alisa watched Venus leave, walked to Gavin and asked, “Boss, should I go over and watch her?”

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