Chapter 238: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 238 No next time!

“Never know he is such a model husband.”

As the heads of the businesses, they all had a tight schedule; and to accompany wife or kids to the amusement park was indeed some deeds that only a model husband would have done.

“But it is good to us.”

They wished to continue to work with Colin Ward; but Colin Ward did not seem intrigued or moved by their sincerity any more; that was why they did everything trying to find out the weakness of Colin Ward that they could used.

“If he cares so much about his wife, we’ll go after her.”

“Yes, we can, but do not harm her by any means; otherwise we are truly screwed if he ever finds out.”

“Don’t worry! We’re not fools!”

“We could only try to please his wife and ask her to speak for us!”


Doris Lee was upset not to see Colin Ward when she woke up, but reassured by the note he had left behind.

Although at her five or six years old, everything she had learned was still in her head, so she could read the note from Colin Ward, and there were some things she knew, but she just couldn’t understand it.

After waking up, Doris Lee simply sat in the bed and played.

After a while, the doorbell rang downstairs.

Doris Lee trotted downstairs with her shoes on and opened the door.

Several men stood at the door, all dressed in suits, with a gift box in their hands.

“You…Who do you want?” Asked Doris Lee in a low voice.

These men bowed their heads and handed the gift boxes to Doris Lee, smiling obsequiously. “Hello, Mrs. Ward. We are bosses of several banks and we are here to visit you today.”

“Yes, yes, these are some small gifts for you, Mrs. Ward.”

“Mrs. Ward, please accept it.”

Doris Lee recoiled. “I don’t know you.”

These men did not even notice the unusualness of Doris Lee with their heads down.

“Sorry, we have showed up here so abruptly.”

“It doesn’t matter. Isn’t this an opportunity for us to get to know each other?”

“Yes, Mrs. Ward. Could we come inside and have a word with you?”

Doris Lee shook her head. “No.”


They had never felt so helpless.

Why didn’t she even show some social courtesy to her by rejecting their polite requests? They had been very polite, aren’t they?

Doris Lee was so nervous that she slammed the door shut directly.

After Doris Lee closed her door, she remembered Colin Ward’s words and immediately called him.

“Uncle, there are some people outside with gift boxes; they said they have come here to see me.”

Colin Ward was shocked and worried, thinking that she was in danger; frowning, he asked in fear, “Did they hurt you?”

“No.” Doris Lee replied: “They said those gifts are for me and they said they wish to get to know me.”

“Wait for me, I’ll be right back.”

Outside the door, those gentlemen looked at each others, not knowing what to do.

“What shall we do?

“Mrs. Ward seems harder to deal with.”

“Could she have done it on purpose?”

“Maybe, maybe Colin Ward told his wife.”

“What then? Are we really going to sit by and watch him withdraw all the money?”


When Colin Ward arrived, he saw from far away these bankers standing outside of the door, with gift boxes in their hands, their brows deeply furrowed.

They should have left, but they didn’t want to, so they waited at the door and tried to get Doris Lee to open the door again.

But after Doris Lee called Colin Ward, she never answered the door again.

“What a coincidence!”

Colin Ward’s voice came like a thunder to these men.

“Mr. Ward…”

“Mr. Ward…”

Colin Ward walked over, glanced at them and said breezily: “I think I have made myself clear to you all; are there still any misunderstanding?”

“Mr. Ward, the mistakes are ours. And we have realized it; if not for the incitement of Wei Reed, we would never have done such things and say those words; please, give us a second chance.”

“Yes, Mr. Ward, we were wrong, please forgive us and give us another chance to make things right.”

Colin Ward sneered, “A second chance? If I had lost yesterday, would you have given me a second chance?”

“You are, in the end, fence sitters. I can understand; but to bother my wife is the biggest mistake you have ever made.”

They were taken aback by the sudden seriousness of him.

“Mr. Ward, we just want to continue to cooperate with Mr. Ward; we do not mean anything else.”

“Right, Mr. Ward, we mean no harm.”

Colin Ward knew what they meant, but he did not want Doris Lee to get frightened by any means.

“There is no next time!” Colin Ward said, walking straight inside the house and shutting the door.

A bad feeling spread among these men.

At that moment, Nina White called.

“Mr. Ward, Mr. Jiang from Guosen Bank wants to see you.”


Nina White replied, “Ten o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Well, arrange it as you please!”

The next morning, Colin Ward called Flora Lewis and asked her to come over and accompany Doris Lee.

Flora Lewis answered, “I would love to but the company is very busy now. Why don’t you ask Vanessa Liu to accompany Doris?”

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